9/11 20 years later: Faith Gifford, Schenectady – ‘All those people’ | Readers remember

Faith Gifford inside her home in Schenectady
Faith Gifford inside her home in Schenectady

I remember Sept. 11, 2001, very well.

I was at work at the Jardine Insurance Co. when someone came in the room (I don’t know who, though) and said that an airplane just crashed into the World Trade Center in NYC. Everyone around me, including me, said “Oh my God, all those people.”

I remember calling my mother-in-law and saying to her to turn on the TV. I then call my mom and she also turned on the TV. While we were talking, she said, “Oh my God, Faith, another plane just hit the other tower.”

We were all in shock with tears in our eyes.

They had a TV in the office and we watched it over and over again.

By noon, they sent us all home because we were near the Albany airport. When I got home, we all watched it on TV. Then another plane hit the Pentagon. As we watched, another plane went down in Pennsylvania. It was just awful.

I am retired now and I don’t think that anyone, including me, will ever forget it. It was the worst thing that I experienced in this world’s history.

-Faith Gifford, Schenectady

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