9/11 20 years later: Gerald Bubniak, Northville – Mesmerized | Readers remember

Gerald Bubniak
Gerald Bubniak

It started out as a normal teaching day at Northville Central School. My first-period class was 11th-grade history and government.

In the middle of the lesson plan, the high school principal opened the door and he suggested that I put on the TV.

In doing so, the class and I witnessed the replay of the first plane hitting the tower. We were all stunned!

Needless to say, the remainder of the class period was fixed on the viewing of the outside world’s impact on us as a nation.

For the remainder of the day and especially when the second plane hit, we were mesmerized at the viciousness of the attack and the audacity of an outside force thrust upon the USA.

-Gerald Bubniak, Northville

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