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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Sep. 9


Reopen Niskayuna pool to community

The pool at Niskayuna High School was approved and built as both a school and community resource. From planning back in 1998 to now, Daily Gazette articles and even Niskayuna’s school website refer to the pool as for public use.
In the past four years, the pool has been closed repeatedly. There may have been reasons for temporary closures in the past.
But that does not mean that mismanagement and neglect should allow the pool to remain closed to the public now. Are we to let this resource (the best indoor pool in our area, by far) sit idle when it could be earning revenue, promoting fitness and wellness, and fostering a sense of community?
I implore the school board to reopen the pool immediately, with access for public lap swim, club swim practices and swim lessons.
Stephanie Roberts

Drivers should show respect at funerals

The death of a loved one is painful; a pain that everyone experiences.
One way we cope, unify, and heal is by honoring the dead with a proper funeral and burial.
As an officiant and as a mourner at funerals, I have often experienced the lack of respect by motorists as the funeral director leads the processions from the church to the cemetery.
Each time, all of us have had funeral flags on top of our cars and our flashers on, but many motorists just sped past the funeral processions – did not stop at lights to allow the processions to move ahead – and drove as if getting to their destination was the most important thing in the world.
The lack of respect is disturbing.
If you are reading this, and your parents never taught you proper respect for the dead, here is what you should do:
Pull over and allow a funeral procession to go ahead of you.
If you are stopped at a red light and it turns green while a funeral procession is there – remain stopped and allow the funeral procession to go ahead of you. Most importantly, do not speed past a funeral procession.
Please have some respect for the dead.
Bishop Tony Green
The writer is co-pastor of St. John of God Parish – CACINA.

Do what you can to protect our children

Consider this survey question.
Would you take all actions possible to protect your children or grandchildren from injury, illness  or hospitalization? I am certain that 99% of Americans would answer YES to this question.
I believe this is the question Americans should be asking themselves at this very moment during the covid crises.
Our young children are about to return to schools at a time when they are at greater risk of contracting covid than at any other time during this pandemic.
They will be riding on crowded school buses, walking in packed school hallways, eating lunch in busy cafeterias and studying in full classrooms.
If they are under 12 years of age, they cannot be vaccinated against covid.
If children and their classmates return to schools from home environments where there are unvaccinated adults, they are at a much greater risk of contracting covid and spreading it among their classmates.
The need for adults to get vaccinated is not about politics or their safety. It is about protecting our children.
If you are hesitant due to religious beliefs, God has provided us with brilliant researchers who have developed safe and effective vaccines.
Being vaccinated and wearing a mask is the only way we can keep our kids safe.
If you have any doubts, ask your doctor.
Freedom comes with responsibility, and I can’t think of a more important responsibility than doing everything possible to protect our children.
Robert Karandy
Burnt Hills


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Essentially the Texas abortion law allows the law abiding to benefit at the law breaker’s expense. Just think if the law abiding were to benefit at the expense of those who enable individuals to break the drug laws.

Just think in the decline in crime we would have if we allowed those who turned in criminals to have their assets.

Well Matt, you can’t because gun ownership for all is in the Constitution. Whereas with what a woman does with her body…….oh wait…

Chuck what a woman does with her body in general not ptrotrctrd by law. See laws governing drug use of sex for money. In the case abortion involves the destruction of another’s body

Chuck what a woman does with her body in general not protected by law. See laws governing drug use of sex for money. In the case of abortion this involves the destruction of another’s body

Fine Fred. I’ll play…once.
You and many may believe that’s all there is to it, but many more think it’s not all there is. And since it’s a Constitutionally protected right, neither you, or your passionate friends, nor any state has the right to impinge on that. If you want to campaign and lobby your politicians to argue for that to change, go ahead.
But that’s as far your rights go. You do not have the right to deprive others just because you don’t like it.

What you have forgotten all rights are limited by our obligations to others. For example protesters have no free speech rights to tie up traffic.


Racial injustice laws

The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice enforces federal laws that prohibit discrimination in:
Public Accommodations
Law Enforcement / Police Misconduct

“Just think if the law abiding were to benefit at the expense of those who enable individuals to break the” racial injustice laws.
“Just think in the decline in (racial injustice crimes) we would have if we allowed those who turned in criminals to have their assets.”

I wonder how much money would have been awarded to Darnella Frazier, the teenager who filmed the murder of George Floyd.

Lou George Floyd would be alive to day if those who facilitated his drug adduction were held accountable for their lack of civic virtue.

Lou you brought up George Floyd thus you gave me a chance to point out that even criminals could benefit from the practice of Texian civic virtue.

P.S. giving orders to people that you donot relize that you know is ill mannered


Ok, I’ll change it to a question. WHY DONT YOU STAY ON TOPIC!!!!!

Those who implement racial preferences should be punished for their violation of Federal and State anti-discrimination laws. Good point Lou!


“Nothing leads so straight to futility as literary ambitions without systematic knowledge.” ~ H. G. Wells

Done with “wack a mole” for the day.


Hot off the wires:

“The Biden Justice Department sued the state of Texas on Thursday over its new six-week abortion ban, saying the state law is unconstitutional.

Announcing the lawsuit at a news conference in Washington, Attorney General Merrick Garland said the Texas law’s “unprecedented” design seeks “to prevent women from exercising their constitutional rights by thwarting judicial review for as long as possible.”
“The act is clearly unconstitutional under longstanding Supreme Court precedent” Garland said.
The Texas law was designed specifically with the goal of making it more difficult for clinics to obtain federal court orders blocking enforcement of the law. Instead of creating criminal penalties for abortions conducted after a fetal heartbeat is detected, the Texas Legislature has tasked private citizens with enforcing the law by bringing private litigation against clinics — and anyone else who assists a woman in obtaining an abortion after six weeks.”

You go Joe (and Merrick).

Good citizens should be able to profit from fighting crime. Do you any man who is comfortable with his wife to destroy his unborn chils?

Fred, abortion in the early months is NOT a crime. That’s the point! Not everyone believes an embryo is a child, and you have no right to force your views on others.
You think it’s ok to turn Americans against Americans…that’s 45s cult. We are concerned with females getting back alley abortions, being botched, becoming infertile, etc. THEIR health is the issue. I know 2 teenagers that were going to commit suicide if they couldn’t get an abortion. A “seed” versus a females’ health and life is at stake. Besides, females with means can go out of state. You’re a man, so what the hell say do you have?

You avoided the question. I take that to mean that you do not know one manwh supports is wife’s ablity to kill their unborn child without his permission.

If you mean I support the right of citizens to make money by turning in criminals you are correct. After all why should the law abiding citizens get some of the criminal’s assets for making the country a better place to live?

A female does not need “permission” from her husband to do anything. Those days are over, especially when it’s HER body. That possibility needs to be hashed out before he parks in her garage.
You left out the part where abortion is a right, has been for almost 50 years, so is not a crime….or how pitting us against each other is so hurtful, undemocratic, and wrong. Also, the part where females will be in grave danger without safe, legal abortion.
But I think you get off on your twisted arguments, so won’t bother with you anymore.

So J you believe that your wife has a right to kill your unborn children. Have you ever heard of a father who told his children about their mother’s right?

Joseph Vendetti


A woman can do what she wants with anything in her body. If men could have babies there would never be a law about about this topic because they would be having more abortions then women.

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