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Letters to the Editor Friday, Sep. 10


Slow down before someone gets killed

A sad but important story: Once upon a time, there was a family of mallard ducks living peacefully on a country lake.
During springtime, residents enjoyed watching the new parents raise their ducklings. Their presence added an indescribable charm to the lake, and a feeling that all was well.
This feeling was violently destroyed last month, when a vehicle ran the family over, killing all but one.
The surviving bird cried out incessantly — whether from grief or loneliness, who will ever know? My question is, what kind of person could do this, and leave the broken bodies in the road?
If they had no regard for animal life, chances are they also have none for people.
This is Mariaville Lake I’m talking about, and there is a speed limit of 40 mph in our community for a good reason: people, pets and wildlife live here and walk this road every day.
Who or what will be the next victim? A dog? A cat? Heaven forbid, someone’s child? Two years ago, a neighbor was nearly killed by a careless driver.
For God’s sake people, your vehicle is equipped with a brake pedal — try using it! Or next time, you might be looking at a multi-million-dollar lawsuit, after you injure or kill a human being.
Think when you drive.
Mariaville Road is not a racetrack.
Bobbi Blood

Democrats abandon reason on abortion

TV viewers will note that ads for medications frequently make a statement such as this: “If you are pregnant or planning to be, consult your doctor before taking Medication X as it may be harmful or fatal to an unborn baby.”
Got that? “UNBORN BABY.”
They do not advise that the medication may be harmful or fatal to “that mass of slowly differentiating cells in your womb.”
And fans of the raunchy comedy “The Big Bang Theory” —hardly fundamentalist religious entertainment — will remember that during Bernadette’s pregnancy, the cast members were enthralled by the sound of the unborn baby’s heartbeat and her movements.
Yet following the adoption of the restrictive law by the Texas legislature, leftist politicians and the great moral authorities in Hollywood are comparing supporters of the law to the Taliban.
Two facts should be remembered: In his book “Dragons of Eden,” the agnostic scientist Carl Sagan described third-trimester abortions as “very close to murder,” and that in issuing its Roe v. Wade ruling, the Supreme Court found something in the Constitution called “a right to privacy” — a concept never mentioned in that document — and asserted that said right guaranteed access to abortion.
Even proponents of abortion understood the shaky nature of that reasoning.
But then reason has apparently nothing to do with the abortion debate if one is a Democrat.
Michael Nardacci


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Texas governor signs bill prohibiting social media giants from blocking users based on viewpoint. The texans should be commended for the work to protect the right of free speech.


Always love your twisted interpretation : Your “right of free speech” to lie is not morally correct, and sometimes illegal.

“The difference between misinformation and disinformation is that disinformation is deliberately misleading, while many people share misinformation while believing that it’s true.” I believe you as well Greg Abbott promote both disinformation and misinformation to coincide with anti-democratic alt-right trumpian thinking .

Because this disinformation cost human lives it is liken to yelling fire in a crowded theater. That is why orange evil was permanently banned from Twitter and suspended from Facebook, Instagram, as well as other sites.

Looking for a twisted reply, go for it Fred.

The right of free speech rests on the assumption that in the market place of ideas the foolish ones will fall by the wayside. For example at one time it was thought that the Democratic party was against racial discrimination . Now with the advent information about their diversity programs that belief has changed.


You’re like the kid that talks to much and blurts out disruptive comments during a class discussion interrupting the flow of conversation. – By saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over does nothing to strengthen, reinforce or validate the broken record, parroted, semi-incoherent, more often than not misinformed statements you post.

One should try to stay focused on the point they’re trying to make in a debate, rather than allowing all their other unrelated mental detritus to spew forth in a kaleidoscope of their anxieties.

And we still await the “market place of ideas” to let the Big Lie of Trump’s Grievances “fall by the wayside”. Right now it shows no sign of abatement. Your theory may be in trouble.

Well, being “very close to murder” is by definition, not actual murder. And yes, forcing women to carry a rapist’s child to term is very much something the Taliban would do.

Doug Hampton

That is your reply….seriously! So you are saying that you believe the only option that a rape victim should have is to take a pill! That is truly outrageous! Just maybe they aren’t able to think rationally, after all they just got raped!!! This bill simply went too far. I have great respect for attempts to protect the unborn but a 6 week limit, no protection for rape and incest, and providing individuals to sue virtually anybody is a bridge too far!


The problem with that is the twisted way you and people like you think think: “Well if she wasn’t doing drugs or drunk she may have been able to avert the rape, therefor she is to blame”, (Kind of like your George Floyd thinking)which means there’s a stigma attached and if she is young and unexperienced in life perhaps she just wants to cry and hide, to embarrassed to figure how to get the pill. – Regardless of pretty much all circumstance she’s the victim and your line of thinking doesn’t seem to understand that.


More responses that coincide with your line of thinking:

I just brought up George Floyd therefore, as you said yesterday “Lou you brought up George Floyd thus you gave me a chance to…..and you said, completely off topic “Lou George Floyd would be alive to day if those who facilitated his drug adduction were held accountable for their lack of civic virtue.”(for probably the 50th rime I might add) Well you post twisted irrational thinking, wonder how you like reading it: If Derek Chauvin‘s mother had an abortion while pregnant for Derek, “George Floyd would be alive today” as well. Sounds pretty sick, Right?

Perhaps “It is good to take time to ponder” how you sound to so many others.

Doug Hampton

I will take your change of specificity as that you have no clue as to what you are saying. Your replies are consistently absurd,ridiculous,and completely out of touch with the specific issues! The other poster has it right….mansplaining rape ! Gimme a break!

He’s not a serious person Doug. Probably a troll. Likely a bot (given the typos and lack of command of the English language). And most definitely lacking intelligence (just look at any comment of his ever). He comments a lot because he craves attention, and writes with an overinflated sense of righteousness and self-importance. It’s best to ignore him in hopes that he finally gives up commenting or is eventually reprimanded by the DG overseers.

Doug Hampton

Yes Matt I am beginning to see your point here. I come on here now and then and am quickly realizing the reasonable and informed posters and those that just want to pontificate. His point of view clearly needs some new blood!

I love it when mansplainers tell women how it is — including being authorities on menstrual cycles, pregnancy, abortion, and decisions to take morning-after pills.


That’s why I try to avoid responding to Fred’s pretzel logic and repetitive nonsense. He reminds me of Gary Larson’s great cartoon of a deer with a large target on him and his fellow deer friend says, “hell of a birthmark Hal!”

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