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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Sep. 12


Are we really better off with Joe Biden?

Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Our emperor hid under the bed at Camp David as the most disgraceful, disgusting event I have ever in my 80 years on Earth have ever, ever seen.
Biden’s exit from Afghanistan is without a doubt one of the most shameful events ever in this country’s history.
Never has a president done so much to destroy our country. One crisis after another – energy, inflation, his handling of covid, our southern border, paying people not to work, etc.
He should join Cuomo in retirement. The only problem with that is that number two is as delusional as he is. Ask her any question and she giggles.
That brings us to number three, Mrs. Pelosi, who doesn’t seem to realize how detached she is from reality.
I wonder if the nice lady who wrote in that we were much better off under Biden still believes it.
Ray Weidman

Trump, GOP want to keep us all in fear

Be careful what you wish for.
You can have democracy or Mr. Trump, but not both.
Mr. Trump’s success is based on fear and controversy, tactics probably learned from his mentor, Mr. Roy M. Cohn.
Don’t know who he is? Find a neutral source (if you dare) and look him up. Cohn’s moral code is simple: Take power and keep it at all costs. Democracy matters little.
Trump first creates and then exploits problems where none exist so that the controversy and attrition instead of the problem becomes vital. He’s like the Real Housewives of wherever. Neither can exist without the endless controversy.
Voter fraud for example: It’s less than 1% generally and that’s nationwide.
Since losing the 2020 election, Trumpers invented a case for voter fraud so complete that we now have stricter voting regulations to combat the evils of non-existent voter fraud in more than a dozen states.
There’s no voter fraud, but the restrictions make sure ‘undesirables’ do not vote.
That’s the beauty of Roy Cohn — bait-and-switch and the truth also matters little.
DeSantis in Florida with the mask ban, Kevin McCarthy’s demand that we not investigate Jan. 6, QAnon keeping us afraid of the COVID-19 vaccine — all are presenting non-existent perils as cover for their real agenda. DeSantis is looking for political capital, McCarthy probably covering his own guilt, and QAnon doing what they do best.
We’re gullible humans and all you need to do is keep us afraid and we’ll follow you anywhere apparently.
Livia Carroll


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Biden, Obama and Clinton respectfully marked 9/11 with unity. 45 disgracefully politicized 9/11 by attacking our President, not attending any official tributes, and having a boxing match.


So much for all the trumpsters saying he loves this country and is a real patriot. He is the most anti-democratic, classless former president in our history. He probably played golf yesterday, too.

Not fair, jclark. The whole story is he was paid for his commentary on the boxing match (an “obscene amount”, by his words) as well as speaking before the esteemed members of the Unification Church at a conference organized by Hak Ja Han Moon, the widow of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the “Church”. He was no doubt compensated for sharing his wisdom there too.

All on what should be a national day of mourning. The leader of the Republican Party.

As a side note, his personal attorney and trusted advisor, Rudy, appeared at his own annual celebration of his heroism that day, drunk as a NY skunk.

So yeah! MAGA!

Joseph Vendetti

Mr Weidman:

Its been a little over 9 months. Every president has had their ups and downs. Yes his popularity is waning currently because of Afghanistan, Southern Border, Covid, and the Economy but he has 3 yrs left on his term. Be american and support our Commander and Chief. Help where you can! If its still poor in 2024 – vote for someone else. Thats whats great about our system.

1>He left our people behind
2> He welcomed the Southern border invasion by immediately undoing the previous president’s efforts to control immigration
3>He wishes to continue inflation by financing
government with printed money
4>He is a strong supporter of race based policies and yet all Americans are to support him!

Joe he did not screw up that is who he is.


I believe there to be two America’s, and you Fred don’t realize you are part of the wrong one.

This and my post below to you are the last responses to your today’s nincompoopery, so go ahead Fred get the last incoherent words in.

The America of the past has evolved in to a series of tribes. You can see the benefits that tribalism will bring us if we consider how it contributed to the fall of Rome.

Redlining of neighborhoods explained
Redlining is the process of denying mortgage loans based on the racial makeup of a neighborhood.

The above is an example of sloppy economics. Money is loaned with an eye at making a profit. If the potential profit is not seen the money is not loaned.


“In the United States, redlining is the systematic denial of various services to residents of specific, often racially associated, neighborhoods or communities, either explicitly or through the selective raising of prices.”

The above is not “sloppy economics”, it’s Racism, but a racist wouldn’t understand that, that’s why you don’t.

You have explained nothing and you complain about my lack of understanding. Through out recorded history we have evidence that people take actions that make them money and avoid those that are not likely to make them money. Do you wish to assert that My reading of Western civilization is in error.

I eagerly await your correction.

Just for the record, and to address FRED’s sloppy understanding of sloppy economics and lending.

Institutional lending and financing is certainly not done only “with an eye at making a profit”, per se. Lending as investment is very important where “making a profit” immediately is not the driver. Ask any farmer.

Stick to your day-trading, FRED. You’re safer there.


Ray Weidman:

“Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Our emperor (Joe Biden) hid under the bed at Camp David”…

Something to consider Mr. Weismann is that on 1/6/21 the other guy lit America on fire then sat in front of a television relishing in watching it burn.

“There’s no fool like an old fool”!

You have argued that the government’s race based policy are not systematic racism. I suggest you drop the old fool comments and accept the fact that it is only ideas can be deemed foolish given one’s unique perspective. I find it more productive not to label the ideas of others and simply put forward my own ideas

Ray muster your pride and put forth your ideas for public scrutiny. After all sooner or latter family and friends will become aware of your use of insults in lieu of substance.

Louis, I’ll never forget 45 hiding in his bunker from BLM protesters, then clearing out peaceful protesters at Lafayette square with flashbangs and rubber bullets…attacking his own citizens…for a photo OP with a bible. The military was coming up with plans to thwart 45s efforts to use them (who are trained to kill) to go after Americans.


Neither will I. 45 is a pathetic man, who epitomizes humanity at its worst. Why the total of America doesn’t realize this is beyond my comprehension.

Ray muster your pride and put forth your ideas for public scrutiny. After all sooner or latter family and friends will become aware of your use of insults in lieu of substance.

Ray apparently misted my earlier post. With so many mistakes to make it is pity to make the same one twice

So YES, Ray Weidman, we are WAY better off! Biden will never go down in history as a domestic terrorist and Insurrectionist like 45. Those issues you’re so concerned about pale in comparison.

William Aiken

Jclark, you can’t help but play the Trump card to prop up a feeble, fumbling, bumbling Biden. When you defend Biden, you never tout any of his own accomplishments, its just all about Trump, Trump Trump. As Fred points out Biden’s taken the country from one disaster to another. What’s unique about Biden is he didn’t worsen bad situations, he created them (the porous border, surrendering our energy independence, and strengthening the Taliban). Biden’s plumentng poll numbers(Gallup) with independents and Democrats reveal buyers remorse on the part of some who voted for him.

Listen up, Aiken:
It’s your side that does the hero-worshipping and grovelling. It’s your side where you’re either the hammer or the nail.
Don’t apply your standards for deifying your leaders to the rest of the human race.

William Aiken

Chuck D
Biden is the president. Trump has been out of the picture for eight months. But your affliction with TDS won’t allow you to let go of him. Trump remains living in your head 24/7/ 365 rent free whether he’s president or not.

Your calling me by my last name is reminiscent of middle school banter. Grow up!

He’s the leader of the Republican Party, one half of our political system. That makes him significantly newsworthy.
I’ll stop insulting you when you stop insulting the collective intelligence of America with your trump nonsense. He’s a traitor by any definition.


And today if 40 percent of the German population acted like the gestapo and praised and followed the old rule of Adolph Hitler would you claim the sane 60 percent to have HDS,(Hitler derangement syndrome), if they continually bashed him and his loyalists? You truly don’t get the depth of 45’s personal demented derangement affliction. God, Guns and glory!


“Your calling me by my last name is reminiscent of middle school banter. Grow up!”

Did you ever once make a comment like that about 45, the greatest name caller of all time. No you didn’t, and that’s why your credibility is zero, it can’t be seen through the hypocrisy.

William, just NOT being an insurrectionist and a stoker of domestic terrorism is enough for me, but I feel that Biden is on the right track with a number of issues. Biden inherited a series of crises and continues to fight for the majority of Americans, while the gop continually get in the way of progress. Biden vowed to end this pandemic and is taking the necessary steps (despite the gop sickening and killing their own constituents). It is not a total mandate since workers can choose to get weekly tests and he has OSHA behind him. The economy will continue to improve as more Americans get vaccinated and the kinks in the chains work themselves out. Losing those 13 Patriots in Afghanistan was horrible, but it was ISIS–who you claimed 45 had defeated–that killed them, not Biden. I believe this will turn out to be as good as can be expected for ending a war.

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