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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Sep. 18


Lake George car show spoiled by crude political signs

I recently attended the Adirondack Nationals Car Show in Lake George. Lake George has been called The Queen of American Lakes. It has been the vacation destination of many out of state visitors and more importantly the area of choice for families with children.

So why do visitors have to be exposed to large banners on pickup trucks and vendors selling offensive political content? Let’s leave our politics to the wayside for a change.

I get the free speech thing, but what about the right thing to do? There is a right place and a right time for everything including your own political opinions. How about the voting booth?

I wonder how many parents and grandparents had to explain the meanings of the words found on these banners on the way home that weekend? It must have made for a long, uncomfortable ride for some. This is not just a local problem. I have come across the same situation in many other parts of the United States traveling this year. It is sad for,the United States, sad for its citizens and sad for The Queen of American Lakes.


See-through masks help hearing-impaired

Regarding Anthony Carota’s Sept. 15 letter (“Mask mandates hurt deaf community”), he need not be concerned about masks hurting the deaf community. Wearing masks has definitely helped all communities, as evidenced in us seeing practically no flu cases last year, and in the progress we have made in beating this pandemic.

Because I have a niece who is profoundly deaf, I purchased several see-through masks, which I wear all the time, whether I am with her or not. If Mr. Carota is concerned about communicating with the hearing-impaired, he should definitely look for those masks.

They will not only make those who are deaf more comfortable in talking with a hearing person, it will also protect their health.


I’m joining Walk to End Alzheimer’s

On Oct. 2, I am lacing up my shoes and heading to Mohawk Harbor for the Schenectady Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Although dementia hasn’t had a direct impact on me, I’m walking for my best friend whose mother has Alzheimer’s. She and her siblings have been scrambling to rotate caregiving duties and I’ve seen the toll it’s taken on her. Caregiving is mentally, emotionally and physically draining — especially when you’re still working and have your own household to manage.

A lot of people were asking my friend what they could do to help — I feel this is my way. Through the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, I’m raising awareness of this disease, as well as the programs and services offered by our local Alzheimer’s Association. You do not need to walk this journey alone — there are wonderful people who can answer your questions, help you create a care plan and make you feel heard.

This past year, due to the pandemic, there has been less socialization. I think those who have a loved one with dementia, have noticed the impact this has had. That is why I am so eager to gather — safely, of course — and experience the comradery of us all fighting for the same goal. I hope it gives families a boost. And whether you’ve experienced Alzheimer’s firsthand or indirectly, I hope you’ll join me at the walk. This is a community-wide issue that deserves community-wide support. You can register at


U.S. should mandate exercise, not vaccines

A study on the NIH Research Matters site dated March 9 found that almost two-thirds of COVID-19 hospitalizations were attributable to persons who were obese, had type 2 diabetes, hypertension or heart failure. According to the study, obesity was the greatest risk. I note that NIH is Dr. Fauci’s employer. A companion article on the same site also found that potent antibodies were found in recovered COVID patients that lasted up to eight months (up to March 2021).

Instead of making vaccines mandatory, maybe our government should instead mandate exercise, dietary changes and weight loss, which will eliminate the majority of covid hospitalizations over time. This is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated, it’s a pandemic of the unhealthy.


Bearing children is an extraordinary privilege

Here are some thoughts about abortion.

  1. Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment says that a state cannot “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”
  2. It sounds like the basic issue of abortion is whether or not a fetus should be considered a “person.”
  3. In other words, when does personhood begin?
  4. Note that if either the sperm cell or the ovum — at conception — were different, the result would be a different person.
  5. It sounds like a specific “person” begins at conception.
  6. And then, choosing to end a pregnancy must have negative emotional side-effects for most would-be mothers as well as for governments that, by allowing abortion, effectively promote it.
  7. It is argued that since it is the woman who must carry the physical and emotional burdens of the pregnancy (and the coming child), she should have the right to decide whether to continue the pregnancy.
  8. But keep in mind that bearing children is an extraordinary privilege that men do not have.
  9. It seems only appropriate that an extraordinary privilege would assume an extraordinary requirement.


Second-hand clothes can help environment

This fall let’s look closely at our wardrobes before rushing blindly to the stores. Preserving favorites means less washing and drying to prevent fading and wear. Eliminating dry-cleaning is best, as toxic chemicals harm the environment and you.

Next: Donate. Look to worthy organizations like Dress for Success, Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe, and Project Regeneration to help others while reducing harmful textile production.

Instead of buying new, why not try second-hand shops? Search out what speaks to you, including designer and athletic wear, all while saving money and the planet.

When purchasing new clothing, search for hemp, flax, organic cotton and recycled materials. Remember, it takes almost one-third of a pound of chemicals to grow enough cotton for just one T-shirt. Ultimately, think smart to look sharp.


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William Marincic

There is an old joke out there that says the first two words I learned in French class were “I surrender”. It’s pretty telling of Biden’s national security experience when France is walking away from the United States. Maybe you Biden voters should’ve listen to Robert Gates and everyone else, you will never get anything other than deflection from the four or five lefties that continue to post on this page, but the reality is Biden lied about everything, everything. All the things he said he would never do he did within the first 30 days of his presidency. Trust me,!if the Democrats had any faith in Kamala Harris, Biden would be gone by way of the 25th amendment, the only reason he’s not is because they feel that Kamala Harris is even worse than him.

Hey, RICK SAVAGE ya a got that whole ‘how you women should handle those things going on in your bodies’ thing down!

RICK SAVAGE is an embarrassment to millions of men everywhere.

William Marincic

Why do lefties hate the Constitution? Because it gives Americans control over government and lefties like you want government control over people.

Which would explain, of course, why the Texans got smart on their abortion feelings and enabled ordinary citizens to do their work for them, so they couldn’t be called “unconstitutional”.

Or am I lying again?

Gentlemen men do not tolerate threats to their off-spring! I wonder what you two will say to your children when they find out that you would not raised a hand to protect them from your wife should she have found pregnancy an inconvenience she did not wish to deal with.

William Aiken

No need to get nasty, Chuck D. Yet I suppose that happens when you can’t debate an issue on it’s merits. You go for the insults.

And I’ll add, for you and the Fred, and any other “Christian” who thinks they have some god-given right over others, how about a substantial response to my substantial points?
You don’t have the right. Prove me wrong.

I think in most peoples’ minds there’s not much nastier than the Christian zealots, like you apparently, imposing their beliefs on others.
I have a problem with that, and I have a problem with people like you and the Fred thinking you have that right because of your belief that your god is on your side.
I also have a problem with this recurring sentiment from you that when the laws of our country don’t go your way, you get to throw tantrums and try to get your way anyway.

Sorry, but not sorry your petty feelings are hurt.

William Aiken

Chuck gave no argument just insults! As far as yesterday, I have other things going on in my life other than spending my day having a back and forth on this platform.

Fred made a respectful and thought-provoking point on abortion which Chuck D answered by insulting Fred. You call that a victory? I call it lazy and juvenile.


Yeah right, “Chuck gave no argument just insults!” You pay no attention to anyone who factually refutes any of the repetitive inaccuracies you continually post. You then throw out a sucker punch and run. Now you’re using the lame excuse “ I have other things going on in my life other than spending my day having a back and forth on this platform” after someone calls you out for not responding. What happened to…“No need to get nasty, Chuck D. Yet I suppose that happens when you can’t debate an issue on it’s merits. You go for the insults.” So instead of getting “nasty” and going for “insults”, like I said, you punch, run, hide or make a lame excuse for not “debating.” So typical of trumpian hypocrisy! Bottom line, no truthful substance to 95% of what you and Fred post. Just repetitive Fox nincompoopery. Nothing to debate so I completely understand your tactics.

About 500 B.C. Jews came up with the idea of honoring your parents. Today we we continue to honor them for teaching us that expedience Trumps family. Thus when they because an in-convince we can practice what we were taught and separate ourselves from them.
I think that the ancients had it right and that we have been poor students of the past.

William and Fred, Were you boys high school jocks? That’s about what you comments sound like.
This next quote is from a story posted from a Mormon woman with six kids.


Next will be the link to her feelings (you know a female) about abortion, contraption and men’s responsibility in the whole process. Try reading it especially the first few lines of the thread. Should be enlightening for all males to read actually,(some of us may have forgotten how it works) then tell us your thoughts


Perhaps women should have the final say as to whom when and why any man should have a vasectomy as a means of birth control. I’m sure all the old white republican men would be on board with that.

Republicans concern ourselves with the content of statements . What they sound like is of no concern to those us interested in content. You think an abortion at public expense is a substitute for the privately mourning after pill. Say so!


The ONLY “content of statements” that Republicans like you concern yourselves with are the misinformed ones that pinball around from the Fox flippers to the bumpers in your head. In actuality they lack content and are so poorly plaid by you and William that these pinballs statements are all sliding down the gobble hole on the political pinball machine of fact and reason. Your statements keep tilting the machine and, like the emperor with no clothes, you don’t realize you’re fooling no one but yourselves. – My one and only response to you for the day.

Democrats and Biden/Harris supporters aren’t absolved, but we have never seen the amount of uncivil language these tRump supporters have displayed. In signage and in school board meetings, and in front of children at schools.
And no doubt, we can expect one of them to whine about, “Well I saw a Biden poster that said…”. To which I could picture 20 Trump signs and banners and T-shirts for each of their one. I feel comfortable predicting that most of the offensive Lake George banners were Trump related.
But hey! MAGA!

William Marincic

I remember the Anti Trump shirts, F Trump and F you too if you voted for him, funny none of you lefties cared then. The Right will make their point while the left scream and yell and attack and shout you down. I have never seen the right pull the crap that the left does daily, just watch Chris Cuomo and that Black guy attack people, that’s
the democrat way. yell, scream and insult and the DG Editors allow you lefties to get away with it, if you can’t debate or have nothing good to say then exchange phone numbers with your fellow lefties and leave us normal people out of it. I lose brain cells every time I read a comment from you people.

Yes, abortion is a fun time. Women just can’t wait until they skip a period, so they can get one. Thanks to the shame and trauma, it’s truly a memorable experience.

Meanwhile, let’s “keep in mind that bearing children is an extraordinary privilege that men do not have.” Good to know.

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