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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Sep. 19


Interview medical pros who oppose the vaccine

I challenge The Gazette to send a reporter to interview doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who don’t want to take the new COVID-19 drugs. Hear their reasons. Print them.

Your subscribers deserve to hear directly from medical professionals (instead of reading a Gazette editorial penned by a news staff with no medical training, that orders doctors and nurses to take these new drugs). The Gazette’s lack of medical credentials makes this editorial unconvincing, at best.

The doctors and nurses you interview will have many valid reasons why they don’t want to take these drugs. Print them all.

Lastly, a lot of people in government, the media and medicine are guilty of what Upton Sinclair said: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” But always remember: “I was just following orders” is never a legal defense —when the hysteria dies down, the truth always comes out.

Just look at Cuomo. He’s disgraced, out of work, waiting for state and federal charges to be filed and likely facing prison time for his handling of covid. If it can happen to him, it will happen to many more.

I challenge you to send that reporter.


Letter writer wrong about Biden, Harris

Mr. Zanger’s Sept. 15 letter to the editor (“Biden and Harris sowed vaccine doubt”) is an excellent example of either blatant disregard for facts or willful acceptance of deception. Nothing he states is true. He comments that “Blundering” Biden and “Chuckles” Harris (a rude nicknaming tactic he probably learned from Trump) “ran around the country last fall before the election telling people that you can’t trust the vaccine” and that they are to blame for 80 million people being unvaccinated.

Here are the facts (Source PolitFact): President Biden and VP Harris distrusted Trump with COVID-19 vaccines — not the vaccines themselves. A video on social media was selectively edited to take their comments out of context. The parts that are left out make clear that Biden and Harris were raising questions not about the vaccines themselves, but about then-President Trump’s rollout of the vaccines and the risk that the effort would become rushed or politicized.

Harris was asked in a September 2020 interview whether she would take a vaccine if it was approved before the election. “If the public health professionals, if Dr. Fauci, if the doctors tell us that we should take it, I’ll be the first in line to take it. Absolutely. But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I’m not taking it.” Biden’s statements on the campaign trail show that he was concerned that politics would influence the development and deployment of the vaccine, and that Trump could not be trusted, but the vaccine could.


Mandates benefit community’s health

Too many COVID recommendations result in divisive outbursts. I believe it is important to remind ourselves that we have chosen to be part of a community whether it be local, state, or national. Occasionally, being a member of a community means that our individual choices are somewhat limited for the good of the community.

There is endless opportunity to battle over wearing masks or getting vaccinated. When someone does not agree with public health recommendations, they can say no, but they need to understand they are rejecting what is deemed best for the safety of the community. That choice has consequences. It is up to the individual to weigh the possible personal outcomes, make an informed choice and live with it.

This pandemic is serious. We have the right to say no. What we do not have the right to do is expect the public safety regulations to change to accommodate those who choose not to support decisions that are made for the health of the community during a pandemic.


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“I challenge The Gazette to send a reporter to interview doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who don’t want to take the new COVID-19 drugs. Hear their reasons.”

June 11th 2021 (over two months old):
“CHICAGO — The American Medical Association (AMA) today released a new survey among practicing physicians that shows more than 96 percent of surveyed U.S. physicians have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, with no significant difference in vaccination rates across regions. Of the physicians who are not yet vaccinated, an additional 45 percent do plan to get vaccinated.” -That will bring the percentage of practicing doctors being vaccinated to 98.

Point being, ROBERT MCMORRIS, if you have confidence in the reasoning behind medical professionals opinions regarding whether or not to get vaccinated, I say go with the 98 percent of doctors that are vaccinated.

Additionally, I guess the fact that nearly all Covid deaths and the vast majority of hospitalizations are among the unvaccinated is another irrelevant statistic to you. – Keep getting your information from social media sources, but be prepared to pay the consequences.

Joseph Vendetti

Professor MCMORRIS – lou stated facts & stories that date back months, you were a long time tenured professor at Suny Albany I know you are capable of finding that same data!!!

Just get your vaccine

Gentlemen we have a vaccine refusal problem. It has been been suggested that we gather information on this problem. I suggest that with more information a more effective solution to the refusal problem might be found. In any case with the insight we now have we have not handled the refusal problem effectively.


This morning the Mississippi republican governor was called on the carpet for working to undermine Biden’s vaccine mandate. Mississippi has the lowest vaccination rate in the country and has second highest per capita deaths from Covid in the WORLD (Peru is #1), but the governor resists requiring the mandate saying that it should be left to the citizens of his state to decide. Brilliant! Even politically, it’s stupid though the citizens there don’t seem particularly bright to begin with. What makes this obviously political is that Mississippi has the highest rate of immunizations of children in the U.S. because they are mandated. BTW – the governor believes people should get vaccinated, but shouldn’t have to choose between their jobs or “getting a shot in the arm”. You cannot make this up. Emblematic of the republican brain power down south (and other GOP states).

Raymond, Let’s debate (you know how Fred and Bill do), are you saying my Yale educated lawyer and Governor lacks brain power? Really?
He comes up with mandates against mandates, threatens school boards, businesses, local counties, has pop up vaccines clinics in Republican areas (usually wealthy) promotes and sets up Regeron sites vs getting vaccine. Won’t report covid stats only weekly, has changed how the state
reports covid deaths so they appear less than they are on daily basis. One of the last states to take $850 million for child hunger from feds and hasn’t yet. Running out of space so will stop there. I will say he is smart enough NOT to appear on MSNBC or CNN to “promote” his mandates.

Insulting those that behave in a manner that you do not like is rarely an effective form of behavior modification. I suggest that we concentrate on understanding what results in the vaccine aversion behavior. This will aid us in the develop new methods to deal with aversion behavior and guide us to what extent we must protect ourselves from the threat the unvaccinated pose to the larger community.

William Aiken

Trump takes our Solemonie and al Baghdadi and Dems, the media lose their mind. Biden kills innocent aid workers and children and its no big deal from MSM and Dems.

This disgraceful two-tier reporting is the result of a media that’s aligned itself with the Dems. They aren’t journalists, they’ve been partisan activists. They’ll spin Biden’s multi-disasters in a favorable light, downplaying the mayhem he’s created as president. Since 2016, there’s been no freedom of press in America, without it our republic will be gone.


William, you are absolutely unbelievable. – When you criticize democrats and blast them for what you call “partisan activists”, the word that comes to mind regarding you and your posts is hypocrisy. The left leaning bloggers on this forum have consistently called out democrats like Biden and Cuomo when they’ve made a poor decision. – Have you ever once criticize any republican, especially so the orange sociopath, for any wrong doing or poor judgment call? Have you ever once agreed with anything any democrat has posted on this forum. No, you haven’t. You want to see, partisan look in the mirror. – You have no credibility, you may as well be talking to yourself.

William Aiken

Anyone can post a blog. The Dems have CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC & PBS carrying their water. That’s almost a complete monopoly as Fox/OAN are merely outliers. Don’t preassume you know all of my opinions on Trump. I’ve criticized him for when he showed poor judgement with some of his political endorsements( Judge Moore). He was naive and stupid for keeping deep staters on his staff, who then ended up stabbing him in the back. And he engaged in punching down with juvenile, inane twitter battle that were districtions from running the country.

To my point about the state of journalism, for three years, the media peddled the Russia Collusion lie without ever present any evidence of it. (Read the indictment of Michael Sussman:

This lie destroyed the Trump presidency, dragging the country through hell. It never would’ve happen if there was a free press doing its job. This alliance has allowed Biden to govern from one disaster(the Southern Border) to another(Afghan exit) without any accountability for his role in creating them.

William Aiken

Louis it would be productive if you responded to the points made on this platform, rather than psychoanalyzing and berating the people whose posts you disagree with. Don’t kill the messenger. Deal with the message.

They stabbed HIM in the back? Lmao! 45 turns quicker the second you refuse to bow down. As for all your bias crap, I’ve been hearing all the criticism of Biden from a variety of sources. He can take it, unlike poor widdle rich boy. You know you’re getting unbiased reports when you’re hearing things you’d rather not hear.

The internet has opened up a fantastic opportunity for all of us to gather information from a vast reservoir of sources so we can better process the world around us using critical thinking skills we have learned.
You, one the other hand, have clearly squandered that opportunity.

Russia’s influence over Trump and our elections is by now well-documented by sources separate from mainstream commercial media and that information is readily available to anyone.

William Aiken

I don’t agree with your characterization of that there’s well documented sources of Russia collusion. However, the other points you made regarding accessibility and self-research are valid and well articulated.

Welp, William. You’re in the minority. Just because you haven’t encountered any doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Most people know this.

Some people feel the personal choices of others are selfish and need to be regulated what is really selfish is expecting others to surrender their liberties so that you can enjoy a false sense of security.

Are you seriously not aware of contagious diseases, or are you deliberately undermining our recovery from this? It’s one or the other.

Mr. Akin you are absolutely right I remember the press vilifying him when they took out Solomoni who is responsible for killing many of our military and was planning on more military murders. The press and the leftists that post in the Gazette were beside themselves attacking President Trump because of it and again you are correct 10 civilians seven of them children are murdered by Biden and not the word is spoken, and the church bells (media) are all broken.

This is a false statement, there’s been no shortage of Monday morning quarterbacking on the Afghan withdrawal from both sides.
You’re again misrepresenting reality.
The important question is, why?

William Marincic

I love how you folks just disparage people, I’m curious what have you done, you attacked me for speaking at the city council meeting on police reform, I’m also a board member, what do any of you do? Nothing. You attack Bill Aiken but today I found out he has authored three books, have you? Of course not. You just attack and criticize like school girls. Never debating facts or responding to questions, just deflection and character attacks. Mark Mahoney has blocked more than a few conservative commenters for far less.

Mark Mahoney

I don’t block conservative commenters for their views. I block individual commenters for spreading misinformation and nasty conduct toward others. If I blocked conservative views, our readers would never get the pleasure of reading comments from you or Mr. Aiken or others. There’s the proof. Stop distorting our comment-approval process.

CYNDE SCHWARTZ, Unfortunately mandates have different meanings here in the south.
They usually mean mandates to STOP all efforts to even begin to mitigate covid. Check out Florida, Mississippi, and the other southern states what there mandates are about.

William, It’s called the Muller report. Read it not Bill Barr’s version that preceded the real one.
I do remember FG getting lots of kiddo’s for taking out the Iranian, and Biden has taken all kinds of lumps many deserved from the likes of CNN and MSNBC, but you would,t know that watching only OAN, Fox and Newsweek. Richard Engel of NBC been particularity hash in his criticism

William Aiken

I’ll simply asked you what evidence is there that Trump colluded with Putin to sway the election? Adam Schiff repeatedly said (lied); he had seen the evidence with his own eyes and never produced any. Oh?

The sad part is that millions of Democrats actually believe the Russia Collusion Hoax. Having the media peddling lies every day for three years put the country through hell. Yet, no one was fired or had to apologized. The silver lining is the trust in the media sank to an approval rating than that of Congress.

John Durham isn’t done yet.

Why won’t you answer to the Mueller Report?
Or is that a lie too?
Oh right, ‘where, oh where are the indictments?!?’ When you already know he wasn’t allowed to hand up indictments or charges before the investigation began.

What else keeps you from accepting the report?
Have you even read the report?

William Aiken

The only question that matters here is did Trump collude with Putin? Chuck D you’re very persistent with your deflecting. However, the fact is you and lefty pals don’t have the evidence that Trump colluded with Putin and you know it. Otherwise, you’d produce it.

Right, so why won’t you answer to the Mueller report?

That’s not a “deflection”, William. You’re apparently not clear on the definition of “deflection” but I guess you think it makes you sound smart and analytical. You demand evidence and I responded directly.

Do you know what the Mueller investigation was?

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