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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Sep. 21


Stefanik needs to start being honest

According to her neighbor, Elise Stefanik is to be lauded for her role in holding Cuomo accountable.
Funny, where was Elise when Trump was “grabbing them by their ‘p—s’”? Nowhere to be found.
But her shrill voice is all over Cuomo. We used to call that two-faced. Now it’s just being a Republican.
What is really disturbing is that Elise Stefanik has no clue what her job is. She was elected to represent her constituents in Washington, D.C. She is not on the New York state payroll, yet she seems to think that her role is to meddle in state politics or anything that will get her a guest shot on Fox and Friends.
She is so confused about her job that she expects her voters to think that any federal money received is due solely to her advocacy, when she almost always votes against funding. Little do they know that almost all the money they receive is allocated by government formula, not by the hard work of Ms. Stefanik.
She cares little about the needs of those who elected her to office unless it’s getting high praise for “bringing home the bacon.”
Lucky for her, most of her voters don’t read the paper or watch any real news, so her duplicity goes unnoticed.
I just want her to be honest. Is that too much to ask?
Polly Windels
Ballston Spa


Thanks to those who keep us all safe

Thank you for printing the Aug. 24 editorial (“A reminder of the risks they take to serve and protect”) about Trooper James Monda. It was well written the way you described the service that all these public servants provide us. They are all true heroes who deserve respect. Facing each day with no clue of how it will end – that’s penance.
For all of us who truly appreciate what you are doing and what you are sacrificing to keep us all safe – I say thank you, thank you, thank you.
Helen Tatarek

Rotterdam official must live in town

On Dec. 9, 2020, the Rotterdam Town Board hired a financial director, Resolution 318.20, at a salary of $110,000. New York State town law is very specific: Sec 23 (1), all appointed officials must be an elector of the town they work in.
The financial director is an appointed official of the town and lives and votes in Niskayuna.
Current Rotterdam town code only exempts the town assessor, comptroller and town attorney from having to live in the town.
The financial director, by virtue of their responsibilities, is an official of the town. Other hires in the town do not have an official capacity under the law.
I am not an attorney, but I have checked with four attorneys that an elector has to live in the town they work in.
In the end, who is supposed to know and follow the laws? The Town Board of course!
Bob Godlewski
The writer is a former Rotterdam town councilman.

Busy intersection needs a roundabout

Regarding the Ballston Spa intersection at Eastline Road and Route 67. Well, it finally happened: I missed a train in Rensselaer. I got there as it was pulling away.
Sure, should I have left earlier? Yes.
However, the real reason is because of the backup of traffic all the time at that intersection.
It usually goes all the way to Curtis Lumber several times during the day.
Why can’t the engineers and traffic pattern reviewers realize that this intersection, more than any other, needs a roundabout?
There were all those built around the Northway which work great. Why didn’t they put one there?
If any of the New York state brain trust has a reason, or if anyone disagrees, please respond.
James Calkins
Ballston Spa



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James Calkins Let’s spend a couple million dollars on a study then another 15 or $20 million to fix the roundabout so did you make it to the train station on time. How about this, you know that the traffic is bad there because you live there, why not leave earlier just in case? You must be a Democrat, because only a democrat would leave late to catch a train and then blame it on Traffic that he’s late.

Yes, why spend money to improve anything then? People should just deal with their current situation and plan accordingly. New roads to reduce congestion? Nah, just deal with the current roads we have and leave a bit earlier! New flood walls to reduce flooding? Better just get a new pair of rain boots, or move! Satellites to provide GPS and communications? Just use a map and your ol’ home rotary dial!

Have you seen the mess that Biden has created on the southern border, people living in crap, tens of thousands crapping on the ground living in makeshift tents made out of plastic starving, women and children being raped and molested this is all Biden‘s making. And if you voted for Biden it’s you’re making too.

James, a roundabout has been proposed, but is only included in the TIP for informational purposes (meaning no funding allocation), likely because the project did not score well vs. other proposed projects (scoring is based upon economic impact, regional benefit, safety benefit, etc.) It’s possible it could be allocated funding in a subsequent TIP update, or perhaps from an influx of financial resources (read: infrastructure bill). And while I agree that roundabouts vastly improve traffic circulation, many of your neighbors do not share that sentiment as evidenced by the opposition during a public meeting a few years ago regarding this proposal.

Democrats wish to provide a path to citizenship for those that either they or their parents have broken existing immigration laws. I have doubts about the long term viability of a country that choses to reward law breaking. As practical matter l suggest further acts of criminal behavior by noncitizens can be dealt with by exporting them their country of origin rather than having the law abiding assuming the cost of their incarceration
A simple solution to dealing with those who wish to jump the line for legal entry in to the country is for the Democrats to bite the bullet and build Trump’s wall.

I live a few miles from this intersection. It has gotten markedly worse in just last couple years it seems. There is a ton of new development in this part of Saratoga County (fastest growing area in state), and traffic down Route 67 through this intersection is vastly increased. Turning out of Curtis Lumber is becoming more of a nightmare as well. When the Town(s) permitted this build-up, they apparently did not plan too well for the increased traffic. Might first need to tweak the traffic lights to let East-West traffic to go a little longer on Route 67 during peak hours as a first step, but there is a definite problem brewing here and it’s getting worse.

Not from that area, but I’ve got some CivEng in my background and was curious and pulled it up on GMaps.
And there’s your problem, there’s a Stewart’s on that corner. Good luck with that. On a practical side, a traffic circle would likely intrude on their hard-fought territory. Based on the history of Stewart’s behavior (see: Clarksville, Voorheesville, Altamont) and willingness to cooperate with the community, yeah, good luck with that. Don’t let their marketing deceive you. They could care less.

I no longer live in Glenville, but know the intersection you talk about. Just an observation, but both Bill’s and Matt,s answers seem like very neighborly and informative answer to Mr Calkins problem and question.
From Zachery, well you decide. Somehow he knows Mr Calkins is a Democrat and we know they are all meanies and bad neighbors and don’t leave on time for there trains. Grade school bully talk from Mr Zachery?

You hate it when the truth bites you. Only a Democrat would admit to not leaving early enough then blame traffic and the fact there is no roundabout for his being late.


…(Trusted advisor to one-term, twice impeached, big crybaby and ex-president Trump, and discoverer of the My Pillow miracle, ex-drug addict Mike Lindell told Real America's Voice host and Grand Jury indicted for fraud but pardoned by aforementioned ex president, Steve Bannon. "I made a promise to this country that with all the evidence I have that we would get it to the Supreme Court and I predicted they would vote 9-0 to look at the evidence."

"Originally I had hoped for August and September," he continued. "I asked all the lawyers just yesterday. We are taking this case to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. Now maybe Fox [News] will report that today. You heard it here first because our case is ready. We are bringing it to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving."

"This evidence is 100% non-subjective evidence and that the Supreme Court, they're going to vote 9-nothing to take it in," Lindell added. "We will have this before the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. That's my promise to the people of this country. We're all in this together. We worked very hard on this."

Despite failing to overturn the election in August, Lindell said that his so-called cyber symposium was a "home run" and "the best success we could ever ask for."

From a local posting here. Any thoughts?
It occurred to me that it’s kind of strange that so many Haitians suddenly showed up at our southern border in the last few days. What could be the reason for this? Turns out many of them have been in Brazil for years, since the devastating earthquake 10 years ago. Did someone organize this migration to our border? Jair Bolsonaro is a Trump wannabe. He is in political hot water. And it seems some of TFG’s minions have been in Brazil lately. Specifically, TFG’s advisor Jason Miller (yes, that Jason Miller, the one who slipped his pregnant girlfriend an abortion pill and refuses to pay his ex-wife the child support he owes. So much for the pro-life, family values party.) He and his coterie were detained briefly in Brasilia for fomenting “anti-democratic” activities. I think I saw Jr’s name in connection with this too. Speculation is they are trying to organize a 1/6-style event on Bolsonaro’s behalf.
Could there be a connection between this Miller involvement in Brazilian affairs and the sudden surge in Haitians at the border? A way to hurt Biden?

ChucD, Must be the donations dropped so Pillow Guy had to rev up the flock with what he knows works best with them. Zachery, William, Fred get your check books out.

I’m not ready to leap to any theories yet, but these supremely disturbing images we’re seeing are confusing. Did no one see this coming? Over ten thousand non-native to Central America just passing through and appearing on our border, and no one said anything?
Something doesn’t add up. Large parts of this story missing.

Bolsonaro appears to be what would happen if Lindell ever won the Presidency.

Doug Hampton

Thanks Polly for your letter regarding Elise Stefanik. You nailed it! This is what is now required to remain in power in the R party. Once a great party under Ronald Reagan and George Bush the father and now just a big fat joke where one must tip his or her cap to Donald Trump. Stefank and others isn’t are not permitted to criticize Trump for far worse acts than Cuomo did (both were disgraceful). It reminds me of the Clinton era where all my R friends kept telling me….”We need a President with great character”. If I had a nickel for every time I was told that and my reply was always the same….”You are right”….disgusting and disgraceful!….But now you almost never hear about Stormy Daniels or the cheating or the disgusting words that he used. I am told by my Trump friends that it doesn’t matter! The hypocrisy just continues!

You read it here yesterday, that’s his “style”, it’s what makes him so successful.

If anyone needed a definition of “enablers”, they need look no further than tRump supporters (or whomever they latch onto when they finally dispose of him). Tone deaf and short-sighted, they are.

The mocking will continue until the hubris subsides. And that goes for you and all your little lol friends.
You have said nothing to be proud of.

Your people, Republicans:

The largest hospital in Montana’s largest city is in crisis as unvaccinated patients overwhelm the state’s healthcare system.

“The state announced 1,209 new cases on Friday, and Yellowstone County, home to Billings Clinic, is seeing the worst of it. Last week, the county had 2,329 active cases, more than the next two counties combined,” Nick Ehli reported for KHN on Tuesday.

“What’s different from the early scenes of the pandemic is the public’s response. Not so long ago, the cheers of community support could be heard from the hospital parking lot. Now, tensions are so strained that Billings Clinic is printing signs for its hallways, asking that the staff members not be mistreated,” he explained.

Christy Baxter, the hospital’s director of critical care, said the ICU was operating at 160% of capacity.

“Threats have on occasion required a police response. Screaming, profanity-laden insults are a daily occurrence. One patient threw his own feces at a doctor. Some, even in the face of an intubation tube, question the need to be vaccinated or the effectiveness of the medicine being prescribed,” he reported.

Also on Tuesday, Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte announced that he was doubling the number of National Guard troops deployed to the hospital. He also announced deployments to hospitals in Bozeman, Butte, Helena and St. Vincent, the other hospital in Billings. He also deployed troops to Missoula county.

Under Gianforte and the GOP legislature, Montana is the only state to ban vaccine mandates for employees.

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