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Letters to the editor Friday, Sep. 24.


Make workplaces harassment-free

It seems like every time you turn on the news these days, another powerful person has made the headlines for alleged sexual harassment. Recent media attention to workplace sexual harassment in New York state government serves as a clarion call for employers to review and abide by legislation and their organization’s policy.
It is recommended that workplaces should exercise “reasonable care” as preventative measures to ensure a sexual harassment-free and a retaliatory-free environment for all employees. Workplaces should:
Establish and disseminate an effective anti-sexual harassment policy.
Establish and disseminate an effective investigatory procedure.
Facilitate training on sexual harassment.
Research indicates that individuals will feel more encouraged to file a complaint when they understand the process.
Thus, all parties to the complaint must be given accurate and adequate information about the complaint procedure, written in understandable language.
A vital part of the policy statement informs individuals what sanctions will be imposed if they violate the policy.
Discipline should be designed to end the misconduct and prevent recurrence.
Workplaces must respond promptly and reasonably in addressing sexual harassment.
Furthermore, workplaces must promptly investigate sexual harassment even if an employee does not want to file a complaint.
Training programs must address the procedures to be followed so all employees know their responsibilities.
A transparent policy and procedure and informed employees can help change the tides one workplace at a time.
Michele Paludi, PhD

Errors show that we can’t trust Biden

As it turns out, our drone strike in Afghanistan on Aug. 29, characterized by Gen. Milley as “righteous,” apparently killed ten innocent civilians and is just another example of Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal of our military forces from that sink hole of military misadventures.
Biden had touted that maintaining even a moderate cadre of quick-strike and intelligence-gathering forces there was unnecessary because of our over the rainbow capability to use drones to strike anywhere we wanted.
Well on Aug. 29, he proved that yes, we could launch a drone and hit almost anything we wanted. But even in the waning days of the withdrawal, apparently, we no longer had the intelligence to know what should be hit.
After we lost 13 of our valiant troops to a terrorist bomb near the perimeter of Kabul’s airport on Aug. 26, apparently somebody we trusted told us that there was a new security threat on Aug. 29, another bomb in another van.
So we launched an over-the-rainbow drone to take it out with pinpoint precision. Later that day, somebody we trusted even told us that there were secondary explosions from our target, confirming that the strike had indeed been righteous.
Recently, however, we found out from somebody we trust that we made a mistake, that the target was carrying water and 10 civilians, including seven children, not bombs.
So whom can we trust? Well, certainly not Joe Biden.
Jim Moorhead

Win the covid war with vaccinations

We are not good at war.
We lost Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan
We are losing the war on climate change. The Earth will win and wipe out the virus (emphasis on “us”) that is killing it unless we act.
We are losing the war on COVID-19, but we don’t have to.
It’s the easiest war to win just by getting vaccinated.
Sandra J. Natale
Saratoga Springs


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Joseph Vendetti

Catch All:

Dr Paludi – great informative letter!! We use a 3rd party trainer which allows our HR dept to also participate in harassment training. We do paid training in December & June – current workers get updated training on health, safety, cpr/first aid, harassment, etc – hand out awards, certificates, scholarships, allowances, & bonuses. Company is actually shut completely down (except emergency response) to allow our teams to focus on this very important topic.

Mr Moorhead –

While the president is commander an chief he isn’t out there (in the field) collecting information and analyzing it – we have multiple groups (CIA, NSA, etc) that give probability & monte carlo risk analysis on situations. No president gets into the weeds on these calls and aren’t to blame or commend when they are successful.

Don’t pile on to our President unjustly.

Dear Sandra:

The wars in question- did we really “lose”? I would word that our overall objective was met in many of the cases you mentioned. The war on global warming is just starting to be fought correctly- we are vigorously going after Co2. Car companies are finally on board and that will make a huge impact. As far as Covid goes – we will win this war as well. It is frustrating to see people, especially “influencers” making false statements about the vaccines, as well as news outlets, but we will win. I saw two recent polls from Gallup and Marist that the African American vaccine rate is in the mid 20% range. We need to do better, especially because of the co morbidity in this group.

Be well all

Mr. Vendetti, In the 20% range that can’t be true because the lefties on this website say that it is the Republicans that are causing this problem and we all know that most African-Americans are Democrats.


You guys don’t understand the math!

Of the TOTAL population of vaccinated Americans here are the TOTAL percentage by race as per the CDC on 9/21 21:

The key word being TOTAL.

“The CDC reports demographic characteristics, including race/ethnicity, of people receiving COVID-19 vaccinations at the national level. As of September 21, 2021, CDC reported that race/ethnicity was known for 59% of people who had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Among this group, nearly two thirds were White (60%), 10% were Black, 17% were Hispanic, 6% were Asian, 1% were American Indian or Alaska Native, and <1% were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, while 5% reported multiple or other race. However, CDC data also show that recent vaccinations are reaching larger shares of Hispanic, and Black populations compared to overall vaccinations. Among vaccines administered in the past 14 days, 23% have gone to Hispanic people and 14% to Black people (Figure 1). These recent patterns suggest a narrowing of racial gaps in vaccinations at the national level, particularly for Hispanic and Black people, who account for a larger share of recent vaccinations compared to their share of the total population (23% vs. 17% and 14% vs. 12%, respectively).”

10 % of the TOTAL vaccines were given to Black People. THAT DOES NOT MEAN ONLY 10 % OF ALL BALCKS HAVE BEEN VACCINATED!


Consider Black people Account for 13% of the TOTAL population.

10 (% of TOTAL population of vaccinated people that are Black only) divided by 13( TOTAL % of Black people in U.S.) = .77 – That equates to Black people getting vaccinated at a rate of 77% compared to all cimbined races in the U.S.

Yes, it’s lower than most, but it is only 23% lower than total average and they’re gaining ground.

“I do agree youth you Zachary that “most African Americans are Democrats.” And that’s why red states are trying to suppress their vote.

Joseph Vendetti


I don’t know why you are taking these facts so personal. Maybe because it doesn’t fall into the Democrat/Republican narrative who is more or less vaccinated – to me its not about that.

Frankly if its one thing I know its Math.

The same data is on the CDC but these tables are easier to read on

Vaccine rates for AA is no where near 50% – it is in the mid 20% nationwide.

Not to gang up on you, Joe, (and also in response to Lou) but shouldn’t the following statement be given more gravitas?

“As of September 21, 2021, CDC reported that race/ethnicity was known for 59% of people who had received at least one dose of the vaccine”

59% of the total is known. A bit more than half. I don’t remember if I even finished Statistics in college, but if half the quantity is unknown it seems to me a bit of a stretch to present statistics as reality.

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck – good to know.

My two AA sons – both vaccinated. But they also have a mother and sister who pestered them to get fully vaccinated. As I keep in touch and really pester all my old players from Schenectady. 90% are AA – less then 30% are vaccinated. The school my son teaches at in NYC teaches at he said there is a huge push back from AA teacher aides and teachers between 25-40 that don’t trust the vaccine.

With that personal knowledge- I have to believe what the & cdc reports.


Joe, I’m not taking these “facts” so personally, but when someone says only 20 percent of Black people are getting vaccinated that’s totally inaccurate. – If the vaccine was available to 100 people, 20 Black and 80 white and the twenty black Black people got the vaccination.that means 100 percent of the black people in that group got vaccinated, not 20 percent. Get it?

Chuck I think I What you’re saying, but the bottom line is that that of all the people vaccinated the CDC is providing race-ethnicity statistics on only 59 percent of the total. In that 59 percent, Black people are at the approximate 77 percentile compared all the people in that 59 percent segment. No we don’t where they stand on the 41 percent of vaccinated people not in that statistic, but I would it’s about the same. -Who’s on first?


Terrible grammar, missing words , extra words Black and White not capitalized. Did that fast on my phone and got bounced around….Sorry

Joseph Vendetti

Further –

The violation of the open court rule in Saratoga is unacceptable!!! While I don’t agree with the tactics the BLM protesters have used to get them into trouble, I am & we all should be against this blatant trampling of the open court law.

An investigation by the NYS Attorney General is warranted & if it is found out to be a systemic problem with the police force – they should be terminated.

Jim Moorhead–President Biden deserves criticism, and he can take it–he is man enough to own any mistakes…unlike our last president. I support Biden, but don’t agree with all his decisions…also have to wait and see how they work out long term. But I am so relieved that Biden is trying to pull this country back from the brink of an authoritarian dictatorship, trying to save our democratic republic that 45 is still hell bent on destroying. Nothing else matters if we don’t nurture and maintain what our Founders set up for us–WE THE PEOPLE trying to form a more perfect union.

Joseph Vendetti


Since African Americans (AA) only make up 14% of our US population- that would be roughly 11-12 million AA are vaccinated. While that number does pull our overall vaccine numbers down it is the combination of all Caucasian, AA, Latinos, etc that have our numbers below herd immunity levels. Certainly Conservative Republicans, Liberal Democrats and Moderates that aren’t vaccinated hurt all of us.

As the tRump ship continues it’s slow, but loud, descent into irrelevance and insanity, an AM radio within the Captain’s quarters plays a discordant tune of defiance for a diminishing audience:

“Huge findings in Arizona!” Trump announced through a spokeswoman, since he’s still banned from Twitter for spreading election lies. “However, the Fake News Media is already trying to ‘call it’ again for Biden before actually looking at the facts — just like they did in November! The audit has uncovered significant and undeniable evidence of FRAUD!”

“Until we know how and why this happened, our Elections will never be secure,” he added. “This is a major criminal event and should be investigated by the Attorney General immediately.”

The final report will be released Friday afternoon, and Trump cited unsubstantiated rumors to support his claims

“I have heard it is far different than that being reported by the Fake News Media,” he said.

Chuck–I hate 45s guts for what he’s doing to our country! This is such BS, but we have millions of Americans that believe his crap…and at the same time believe he loves America. If he loved America, he would STOP telling lies and conspiracy theories. We may not recover from this.

I hear ya, jclark.
I think we’ll recover, the accountability is starting to pick up and hopefully there will be a day of reckoning. But clearly we’ll always have the followers, some you see right here, never willing to accept responsibility, always pointing their fingers at anyone else for their leader’s failures, and most bizarrely, picking up those criticisms and simply accusing everyone else – of the very things they are demonstrably guilty of.
The accounting for this catastrophe, and there’s no other word the Trump Presidential experiment, is complicated but in motion. Chin up!

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