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Letters to the Editor Monday, Sep. 27


Visit a hospital to understand covid

My opinion is that every governor and spokesman in charge who does not believe that COVID-19 is serious enough to follow CDC guidelines go to their local hospital ICU and see what COVID-19 can do to a person.
Talk to the person, if the person can talk, and ask “Why are you here?”
It may break your heart and change your mind.
Peg Lapo

God is solution to emotional turmoil

The world is becoming a terrorized place to inhabit.
The stress and strain are taking a toll on people’s mental and emotional health. Just think of the medley of problems, troubles and heartaches of Jan. 6.
Some officials who defended the Capitol from a coup committed suicide. Then of course, there is COVID-19.
Families are bereft over their loved ones succumbing to this ravaging disease. Moreover, the murder of George Floyd has the Black community still enraged.
Also, 100 Americans are at the mercy of the Taliban in Afghanistan.
The conflagrations in Greece and California have people, who lost their homes — burned to a cinder — worrying if government funding to rebuild will come through. Homes and property were decimated.
So, what is the solution to the mental and emotional turmoil over adversity?
Though it is an unpopular topic which causes the ire of people, God is the solution to every conflict.
As you seek Him, remember He loves you. As you delve in Scripture, you will experience
His peace and you will be victorious over a terrifying world.
John A. Sirtoli

Display yellow ribbons for troops

If you see yellow bows or ribbons, they mean to remember our troops. We should never forget our military. They are there 24/7 to take care of you and me.
Freedom is not free. We put them out so whoever goes by will remember our troops and these families. Pray for them, also do something special for them.
At the Halfmoon Town Hall, Blue Star Mothers have a collection box year-round for donations to send in freedom boxes to deployed military.
Blue Star Mothers are mothers who have a child currently serving or have honorably served in the military.
New York State Yellow Ribbon Day is April 9 to remember current troops. April 9, 2004. is the capture date in Iraq of Staff Sgt. Matt Maupin from Batavia, Ohio.
Matt’s remains were found March 21, 2008.
I have been making yellow bows since Desert Storm. Please put out yellow ribbons and American flags so people can see them when they drive by.
The Yellow Ribbon Day Resolution (H. Res. 263, 116th Congress) co-sponsored by Rep. Paul Tonko and Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), has been sitting in Congress since May 2019 awaiting approval.
The Yellow Ribbon Day Resolution is a bipartisan effort to express support from Congress for the designation of April 9 as National Yellow Ribbon Day, a day for all Americans to honor and celebrate our active duty troops and their families.
Save the date: Remember our Troops at 11 a.m. April 9, 2022, at the Halfmoon Town Hall.
Carol Pingelski Hotaling
Clifton Park

Black people’s rage is from experiences

I’m dismayed over Carl Strock’s (“Lost in translation”) Sep. 19 guest column. I was a fan of Strock’s previously regular column, greatly appreciating his wit and reasoning. And for the record, I agree that leaders should attempt to rise above the type of behavior they are routinely faced with.
I, too, wish they would refrain from insults and vulgarities. I, too, wish they would minimize inconvenience to those not in public office or law enforcement if only because their actions not only risk giving ammunition to opponents, but can also chill support from possible allies.
I am reminded, however, of a Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote that can be adapted/applied here: “Well-behaved activists seldom effect change.”
The fact is that police have been murdering and incarcerating Black people in America for little to no reason since the first Black man set foot on U.S. soil.
It persists.
The fact is that our laws, social constructs and personal prejudices keep people of color in poverty. You can bank on it.
The fact is our governments, at every level, have been criminally slow to take real action except when they have felt threatened.
The fact is that this is all horrifyingly personal for a great many people.
It is not an abstract cause.
If you saw members of your loved ones routinely brutalized or slain, would you not be filled with rage?
Would you not insist on justice this very minute?
Would you not refuse to sit quietly while the business of your oppression is ignored?
Paul Kazee


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“If you saw members of your loved ones routinely brutalized or slain, would you not be filled with rage? ”

I would wander why my advice that resisting arrest will cause sever pain to your family was not taken.


“If you saw members of your loved ones routinely brutalized or slain, would you not be filled with rage?”

Fred, perhaps that sentence will help you understand why BLM Exists.

William Marincic

Paul Kazee Answer this, Rhianna was accused of allowing cultural appropriation because White people had braids in their hair at her fashion show. Why are Black women like Saweety not accused of cultural appropriation for wearing light blonde hair on a Black woman? That is the double standard that angers many people of all races. It’s time to let this racism die the death that it deserves, I have seen more racism aimed at Whites from Blacks in my life than the opposite. Most families today are blended and there has never been less racism in this country. Racism is being used by the left to divide us, let’s not play their game.

William Aiken

The point of unity William M. is an important one. He rightly identifies how the charges of racism divide our nation. Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign using the Charlottesville Fine People Hoax, which has caused untold damage in race relations in our the nation.

Biden’s message was a complete lie and a complicit media played along. Chris Wallace knew Trump had clarified his fine people comment by condemning white nationalists and Nazi, totally. Yet, he hammered 45 in the first debate, demanding he condemn racism.

Wallace ignored (intentionally) the dozens of occasions where 45 clearly denounced white supremely. A real journalist would have called out Biden for the divisive lie, his campaign was based on. .

Fox should have fired Wallace for his disgraceful performance as debate moderator. He aided getting Biden elected and payed no price.

As president you shouldn’t have to clarify comments about white supremacists and Nazis. Your statement should be clear and unwavering in your denouncement of it. Instead Trump decided to tell the Proud Boys to stand by and stand down in a nationally televised presidential debate. Probably why he lost the election, dozens of court challenges, and a recent Republican-led recount in Arizona. Twice-impeached, one-term, lost the House, Senate and Presidency in four short years, loser.

Stop the gaslighting Bill. The left isn’t using racism to divided the country, they’re just calling out the racism that has existed and continues to exist everywhere. If the folks that stormed the Capitol with Confederate Flags and Proud Boy insignias weren’t proudly displaying their racism, there wouldn’t be a need to call it out. If there weren’t videos of white people popping up on my social media feed every day (new videos mind you, occurring daily) calling black people the “n” word IN PUBLIC, then there wouldn’t be a need to call it out. Just because talking about racism makes you uncomfortable, doesn’t mean we should ignore it when it happens. Silence is complicity.

William Aiken

President Obama excellerated the strategy of identity politics, separating people into different categories. He interjected race into local criminal cases from Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown that fueled racial tensions nationwide.

Obama could have championed the American dream. Yet he’s chosen to focus on racism and everything that’s wrong with American. The Democrat party has embraced identity political and hasn’t looked back.

The US has the most diverse population and the biggest black middle class on the planet. It’s never been less racist than it is now. The left who claim the US is systematically racist have a divide and conquer agenda.

I’ve never benefited from a “diversity program”, but I don’t think so. I like to think that I, like most people, have a conscience and self-respect.

Are you actually accusing an entire demographic of abusing the system? Sure sounds like it.

Given your expressed views you have benefited greatly from diversity programs. People do not bite the hand that feeds them. If you doubt this contention try explaining why so many civil servant were quite about the behavior of the last governor.

And with that the reasoned discussion ends.
I do not benefit from “diversity programs” and not everyone’s a crook gaming the system.
And you fail again trying to redefine “racism”.

Welfare demographics:

The number of SNAP households who were headed by a white person was 75.8 percent in 2019, compared to 12.5 headed by a black person and 13.6 headed by a Hispanic person. [Source: United States Census Bureau]

56 percent of all people living in poverty in 2018 were women. [Source: United States Census Bureau for American Progress]

More women lived in poverty in the United States than men in 2018, totaling 21.4 million. [Source: United States Census Bureau for American Progress]

In 2019, 29.9 percent of households receiving SNAP benefits had at least one child aged 18 or younger. [Source: United States Census Bureau]

In 2019, 12.3 percent of households receiving SNAP benefits were headed by a female without a spouse. [Source: United States Census Bureau]

Nonfamily households—those whose members aren’t related—accounted for 35.2 percent of SNAP recipients in 2019. [Source: United States Census Bureau]

25.6 percent of SNAP households included a disabled person in 2019. [Source: United States Census Bureau]

Mr Aiken, Link is to a good accounting of what and when FG said and when. Oh and you forgot to mention the Proud Boys comment from FG from the first debate. “Stand back and stand by” which we do know the “stand by” came to fruition on 1/6/21 by the number of them in custody facing felony charges. Is FG using some of his 100 million $ he has scammed from the “stop the steal” campaign or so to help defend them? Just asking. How about you, sent in your donation? Don’t forget to un check the recurring box.
And yet you accuse the Left of reporting bias.

William Aiken

The Fine people hoax was created by a rupar video, where a segment of a video is omitted and that omission completely changes the meaning and context of the message.

At the president’s Charlottesville press conference, 90 seconds after Trump uttered his fine people’s comment he without prompting, he clarified his remarks by saying “I’m not talking about white nationalists or neo Nazis because they should be condemned totally.”

There! I just quoted the words that came out of 45’s mouth. So I can’t spell it out any clearer for you. The sources who continue to insist he called Nazis fine people are guilty of relying on the same rupar video, that omitted 45’s clarifier and thus the Fine People’s Hoax was born
It NEVER happened!

The Fine Peoples Hoax has been the most widely debunked lie of the Trump Presidency. Yet, it still has an audience. People who see the first part of 45’s statement without seeing the clarifying words that provide the correct will continue to be fooled.

Mr. Aiken, Donald Trump built his 2016 campaign on the lie that he had damning evidence Barack Obama was not an American citizen, and of the Muslim faith.
Whether he disavowed it later is of zero importance. He found this is what stirred the racist rage simmering in this country, and he ran on it, going as far as attempting in a real way to ban all people of the Muslim faith from entering our country.

That’s as far as I’ll go with your overused, impotent and futile Whack-a-Mole game. Give it it up and grow some thoughts of your own. You have nothing on Joe Biden to match the depths Trump and the rest of the weak-kneed Republicans continue to dive to.

William Aiken

That was wrong of Trump to feed the birther conspiracy. He made a false statement but he didn’t It base his entire campaign on it as Biden did with using the Fine Peoples Hoax to launch his presidential bid. In no way does Trump’s lie excuse what Biden did.

Another big difference is how the media covered for Biden’s lie. The media confronted Trump with his birther conspiracy regularly during the 2016 campaign trail.


Boy oh boy, do I wish William, William and Fred were Black for a bit of time in a deep red state while in the middle of a Proud Boys or White Supremest rally. Actually, for that matter pretty much anywhere in America as long as they’re amongst a bunch of staunch trump supporters.

I also wonder if Fred, being the open minded individual he is, wishes he was Black, so as to take advantage of all these racially mandated diversity programs that he endlessly brings up.


We’ll, Mr Sirtoli, if you believe… “God is the solution to every conflict, perhaps you should pray to this God requesting “His” putting in some overtime.


Trump wanted to known as a law and order president. Well, the FBI released its annual Uniform Crime Report for 2020 on Monday, showing that the number of homicides increased nearly 30% from 2019, the largest single-year increase the agency has recorded since it began tracking these crimes in the 1960s.

The report, which is on par with preliminary numbers that were reported over the summer, also shows a 5% increase in violent crime between 2019 and 2020.

More guns on the street, more death. Getting used to it yet?


For the Trumpsters who love it when Donnie lies, here he goes again in his fantasy mind:

Former President Donald Trump falsely claimed during a rally in Georgia on Saturday night that the results of the Arizona election “audit” concluded that President Joe Biden lost in Maricopa County, despite the report clearly stating that Biden won with 1,040,873 votes—99 more votes than shown in the certified ballots.

“We won at the Arizona forensic audit yesterday at a level that you wouldn’t believe,” Trump told the crowd. “They had headlines that Biden wins in Arizona, when they know it’s not true. He didn’t win in Arizona. He lost in Arizona based on the forensic audit.”

The review of results by Trump’s GOP allies affirmed Biden’s 2020 presidential election win in Arizona’s most populous county. “Truth is truth, numbers are numbers,” said Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, the Republican who pushed for the review of more than two million ballots, adding that the “numbers were very close, within a few hundred.”

William Aiken

All you Trump haters can do is deflect, never defend the points I’ve outlined regarding Biden’s flawed character.. Your own comments are proof you are afflicted with TDS.


Flawed character? If you cared about character, why did you vote for Trump? Biden is considered a breathe of fresh air – he’s honest, empathetic and is trying to make life better for most Americans, not the 1%ers that Trump and the GOP care about. All Trump does is lie daily and he cares only about himself. Keep sending him your money, sucker.

For what, the 23rd time?
Trump is the leader of one half of the political system, and is STILL trying to undo the election he lost. That’s a coup, and that’s treasonous.
And you are trying to ignore and deflect from that by bringing up petty issues with the duly elected President. You are a liar and a deflector.

I’ll leave it to the moderator to decide whether I’m insulting, or just calling you out for what anyone with an elementary education can plainly see.
It’s not a “different POV”. It’s flat out lying.
You would be right to assume I have little respect for those who would try to intentionally misrepresent the truth.

William Marincic

ChuckD, if Trump believes he was cheated and when you add the media covering for Biden with the Hunter emails etc he was cheated and he had every right to say he was cheated and he has every right to ask for a court remedy or a recount. That’s only considered treasonous to lefties, that’s the way our system works. deal with it.

William Aiken

Really? Chuck D you require the word of someone in authority in order for you to heed a civil tone? You need to get out and get more fresh air.

Conservatives think the left has bad ideas. Your side thinks conservatives are bad people and you’ve stated so in your posts. That’s a big difference. It’s more than having little respect for us, your posts presume conservative TRump supporters are the worst human beings, possible. Your party is more tolerant of the Taliban than they are of the GOP.

I clearly denounced Trump for feeding into the birther conspiracy and rather than agreeing with me, you called me a liar for claiming 45 made a false statement. And then you call me a liar again citing Trump’s travel ban, which I never mentioned. Your hatred of Trump supporters is making this platform toxic and unwelcoming of debate. You can do better, Chuck D.

Doug Hampton

I will take a kind hearted ,well intended older gentleman who misspeaks and has senior moments over a self serving ,narcisistic serial liar and delusional con artist every day of the week. Sadly this was our choice last go round. I am no lefty, actually a former Republican who saw his party abandon it’s principles. And there are many more just like me. Hating Trump doesn’t automatically mean that one loves Biden but for now that’s what we seem to have.

Joseph Vendetti

Mr Kazee:

Racism, Sexism, Agism, etc exist in this country & pretty much every country in the world.

In the US for the better part of the last 5 decades we the people have been trying to end discrimination and the putrid hatred that comes along with it. As I have said before, women & others around the world are still enslaved, covered up, not allowed to read. So we are making great strides.

“The fact is that our laws, social constructs and personal prejudices keep people of color in poverty.”

There are millions more whites in poverty then African Americans – what would be the reasons behind that?

There are more whites killed by police officers per year then African Americans- but even that overall percentage is drastically low compared to overall police to civilian interactions, African American deaths are much lower still.

Police are not hunting down or randomly killing anyone- but there are bad officers just like every profession.

Mr Aiken, You obviously didn’t read the fact check I posted. This is how FG disclaimer came about a FEW days later that is explained in the fact check.
FROM The fact check.
“The claims in the post have been rated PARTLY FALSE. Following the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Trump did say that there were “very fine people on both sides,” when speaking about those who attended the rally in support, and those who demonstrated against it. But the meme misrepresents Trump’s statements, because he did not say directly, “There were very fine people on both sides, & I’m not talking about the Neo-nazis and white supremacists because they should be condemned totally.” The two statements were separate, the second part coming later, after further questioning from reporters. During the first presidential debate, both Wallace and Biden referenced Trump’s “very fine people” comment but did not say he applied it to neo-Nazis.”

Also you didn’t respond to my question about his Proud Boys statement or will you do like FG just did at Georgia rally and just say it didn’t happen that way. You didn’t let us know either if you unchecked your recurring contribution box to Stop the Steal scam.

As to defending Biden flawed character I don’t defend it because he usually owns up to his flaws and if I don’t like those flaws I wouldn’t defend them because he’s President and may even agree with the criticism if warranted.

Agree or not be like Joseph Vendetti. If it needs criticism or defending he does it, no matter which side it is.

William Aiken

With inflation, a border crisis, the drone killing seven children, hundreds of Americans left behind in Afghanistan, etc, there are bigger fish to fry than fretting over the Proud Boys. You can stick your heads in the sand. But these issues aren’t being addressed, there only getting worse and no one has been fired or held accountable for the many disasters Biden and his administration have caused. Yet, Biden’s approval rating in the polls tell us the American people are paying attention, not distracted by shiny objects.

William Aiken

Really? Chuck D you require the word of someone in authority in order for you to heed a civil tone? You need to get out and get more fresh air.

Conservatives think the left has bad ideas. Your side thinks conservatives are bad people and you’ve stated so in your posts. That’s a big difference. It’s more than having little respect for us, your posts presume conservative TRump supporters are the worst human beings, possible. Your party is more tolerant of the Taliban than they are of the GOP.

I clearly denounced Trump and rather than agreeing with me, you called me a liar for claiming 45 made a false statement. And then you call me a liar again citing Trump’s travel ban, which I never mentioned. Your hatred of Trump supporters is making this platform toxic and unwelcoming of debate. You can do better, Chuck D.

Doug Hampton

So I have been reading your posts and you seem more offended by all the “meanies” on this forum than you do of either Biden or Trump. So you owned up to Trumps lie of saying Obama was not born in America! Yesterday’s news and thanks for finally coming around to what everyone knew long ago. I am curious Where do you stand on Trump saying that the “forensic audit” in Arizona went his way, which we know that it did not. Is he delusional or just another blatant lie from Donald? Please explain so we are all clear as to where you stand now.

Mr Aiken, I do not hate you any FG supporters. You are my fellow Americans. Our correcting of you, Fred and other FG supporters statements with fact based reply’s just make you think we do. I try not to post on here very much, but because and you and others keep putting disinformation, half truths and outright lies it needs to be corrected, then you don’t agree with facts and post more of the same (the circular firing squad, many think is part of Democrats strategy within the party) around and around it goes. Have a good evening.


Chuck and crew, what you’re attempting is like trying to convince a vampire that biting someone’s neck is not a good thing to do. It ain’t gonna happen.

Trump is evil, not unlike the devil or Adolf Hitler. He is the antithesis of of good. Those that do not see this are his blind loyal disciples. Their children and grandchildren will read about how their loyalty to the orange serpent put them on the wrong side of history. There will be absolutely no denying that. – I’m done!

Joseph Vendetti

Lou – yes very dangerous especially the recent stuff about AZ audit?? Trying to figure out if he was always this nutty, crazy, spoiled, or if he just is delusional.

I am praying that we get a handle on social media and reality TV. Of the 75 million ppl that voted for this maniac – hoping that around 80-85% did it because they were just anti establishment, Hard Core Republican & Conservatives. The scary group is that 15-20% (up to 15 million) my pillow guy types that just bury their heads in the sand, believe this maniac & are hoping for some gov’t over throw.

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