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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Sep. 29


Biden plays politics with refugees’ lives

Haiti is again in the news.
No, it’s not because of its recent earthquake or the evacuation to the United States required by thousands of injured Haitians for treatment. No, it’s the mass deportations of Haitians who had expected asylum hearings on the Texas border.
They are being herded into planes and flown to Haiti. There will be no one to pick them up at the airport. They cannot go back to their destroyed homes.
Months, sometimes years, before President Trump’s Title 42 injunction in March 2020 to deport refugees, presumably to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Haitians began the trek from their island to Latin America with the expectation that they would be granted asylum hearings when they reached the U.S. border.
Instead, President Biden, in violation of the UN Protocol on Refugees, is doubling down on Trump’s inhumane practice, which did nothing to slow the coronavirus. He has chosen to play politics by sacrificing human beings.
Is this so different from the thousands of asylum seekers fleeing threats to their lives and freedom in Afghanistan, a majority of whom have arrived without vaccinations or visas? Does Trump’s Title 42 apply only to persons in the Western Hemisphere? Does it apply only to persons who are Black or Brown? Where is our common decency?
Eloise Brière

Ease traffic with changes in pick-ups

Instead of using money to alter a parking lot (monies that I’m sure could be used for student needs) as reported in the Sept. 12 Gazette (“District proposes bus loop for elementary school”), my first thought was: Why not just change the parents’ pick-up time by 15 or 20 minutes and alleviate the traffic congestion that way?
Sandra Sankowski

Nisky board should investigate itself

There have been several letters to the editor and comments recently in articles from Niskayuna town residents concerning problems in the town government.
Many other residents are also upset with the current climate in town hall.
The mishandling of personnel matters has ruined the lives of long-time employees. Matters that should have been handled in executive session have been leaked, ruining reputations.
Accountability and transparency have been severely lacking. The sudden move to all virtual meetings and then the sudden reversal when residents protested; the state Comptroller’s report citing the town’s budget practices was NEVER released to the public as required by municipal law; endless investigations wasting tax dollars; the dismissal of Stevens’ public hearing. The charges were suddenly dropped and then in a press release,  the charges were listed. Stevens was not afforded a public hearing where he could defend himself. He was ambushed — no due process. Who is the town protecting by canceling the hearing? We deserve to know the truth.
The hiring of the new police chief was done with fanfare. In other municipalities, this is a normal occurrence. There was a great deal of negative drama surrounding this event.
We hear more about the dog park separating big dogs from small dogs than we do vital town issues. I am a dog aficionado, but this is not a pressing issue. These things are political fluff.
If our town government wants another investigation, I suggest they investigate themselves under a microscope.
Linda Rizzo


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The entire Niskayuna Town Board needs to go, they are an embarrassment and reckless with the decisions they are making. Obviously, there is a lot more than they are telling us…Wall, Sebesta, Stevens, etc. – way too much drama and negative headlines for such a tiny town. The supervisor has been pulled into the spider web and she is controlled by the Democrats; I am told even the press releases she offers are authored by other board members. The Democrats running for supervisor and the board seats are nothing more than hand selected minions that will be dictated to…but if you’re lucky, there will be a doggy day at the splash pad and more sipping wine on facebook live.

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