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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Sep. 30


Biden must appeal to independents

Just as the president needs maximum support for his socialist agenda, he is losing the support of the people who put him in the White House in the first place.
He’s losing the independents.
Gallup shows their approval rating down to just 37%. That speaks volumes about some very disappointed voters. Overall, his approval number has fallen to 43%.
All those Democrats who are being asked to support his socialist plan are looking to next year’s elections.
They will not be happy to see the independent voters walking away. They cannot win if centrists desert them.
It would help if the president took some responsibility for the Afghan humiliation: He is the one who ignored the military and insisted on a catastrophic and rushed exit.
It would help if he took some responsibility for the open border and admitted we have lost control.
Also, he should come clean about the economy too.
Look at this very shaky statement: “Real sustained economic growth is something we haven’t realized in this country for decades.”
He is forgetting the tax cutting Reagan years and the tax cutting Trump years.
Does he really think that trillions in tax hikes and trillions in social spending will give us sustained economic growth? That is a stretch. He is trying to push socialism with a tiny majority.
He is not going to get it if he keeps losing independents.
He needs to come clean on what socialism would do to us all.
Domenico Dicaprio


Act to keep country from falling apart

Two thoughts. In a recent letter, a man wrote that President Biden’s withdrawal was the worst event to happen in our history and that our allies will think less of us.
Of course, since allies have watched as we turned from a country that could come together during tough times, like 9/11, but now only fight, our allies might think badly of us already.
There are many situations that represent the “worst” event in our history.
If we go back far enough, there is the problem with Native Americans — we know what happened to them. Slavery wasn’t good.
What about the treatment of African-Americans leading to the burning in Tulsa, Okla., and other Black communities, or the whole era of Jim Crow?
What about the slaughter of innocents in the Vietnam War or the recent Afghanistan War?
Yes, the withdrawal was chaotic — granted. Not sure how you could really stop that. Have you ever seen people rushing out of a burning building, even with police or firemen helping them?
They panic. The other day, I passed an old barn in Glenville.
It had been worth saving a few years ago, but with neglect and no money spent on rebuilding, it is now beyond repair.
The infrastructure of our country is like that barn.
Do we need people to die on a collapsed bridge? Do we need more people poisoned by lead in their water?
Tell your representatives to pass those bills needed to keep our country from falling apart.
Janice Walz



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William Marincic

Janice Walz There is already an infrastructure of $1.9 trillion one. But socialist Democrats want another 3 1/2 trillion dollars for a pet Democrat projects and to again bail out blue states. I am all for an infrastructure bill that doesn’t have a bunch of Democrat or Republican earmarks loaded with pork.

Doug Hampton

Ironically I think that is the most common opinion but both sides insist on talking about the amount rather than the specifics of what’s really in the bill. I think all people, regardless of party, can relate better to knowing what’s in it. Yes the dollar amount is important but what exactly are we getting is more important. It makes me think that they have something to hide.

I trust that when you turn a certain age Domenico, that you will forego your Social Security checks and Medicare benefits so as to not participate in these socialist programs. They’ve been in effect for generations, and look what they’ve done to us all!

Matt, since when is Social Security and Medicare that you pay for your whole life socialism? Most people pay in more than they will ever see.

No because not everyone has paid in to Medicare. You must have a minimum of 10 years of work to collect from social security. Thanks for playing, you lose.

Seems obvious to me Matt didn’t mean “socialist” in actually seeing it as such, but to make a point in the writer’s own context.

But you read what you wanted, and voila! Another Liberal gotcha moment!
(where again, none was)

Doug Hampton

Zachary Medicare and Social Security are by definition forms of Socialism. Medicare beneficiaries do pay a premium and younger folks also contribute also but the federal government pays about a third as well. Furthermore with regards to SS, when one dies ,their payments go with them regardless of how much they collected (depending naturally if married etc.) . This was one of the reasons that R’s wanted to privatize SS and make them personal accounts. That’s why I always laugh when FOX and the right accuse the left of Socialism when we are already somewhat Socialistic. You want to say Medicare for all would be financially irresponsible…. okay andwe would have something to at least debate. I really don’t think most people really understand what Socialism really means. It’s just a buzz word that the right uses to get their base all riled up.

You expect that some people will not participate in “socialistic programs that they have paid taxes for during all of their working life! Your expectations are likely to err.

Two letters, two excellent analogues for the ideological dichotomy we find ourselves in today.
One, a mindful exploration of what happened in Afghanistan and what needs to happen in this country going forward.
The other a mindless, rote recitation of angry keywords and dogwhistles revealing a willful ignorance of the English language and the world around the writer, and all those he parrots.

Commenters here from the right whine and moan about the “liberal bias” of this newspaper and how they’re “censored”. Of course that’s just more of the “do it our way!” foot-stamping frustration with the truth: that most of America rejects their ideas (and cheating and gaming and self-entitlement and cancel culture). I have yet to read one comment or letter from these people that shows they understand the complexity of the world, or the language they struggle to describe it with.
Pro tip: “socialism” does not mean what you think it means.

Chuck, do you have kids or even friends that fought i Afghanistan? Do you have parents or close relatives and friends that died there or Iraq or even Viet Nam? Do you know young people that have committed suicide after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan? I can answer yes on all of that so please don’t give me you don’t understand Afghanistan or the world, I remember the terror on my wife’s face twice when a wrong number called us in the middle of the night.

“Yes, the withdrawal was chaotic — granted. Not sure how you could really stop that.’

We announced that we were out the door. This action led to others running. What should have been done is to begun exiting by keeping our intentions to ourselves. Also we should have destroyed regions that supplied the insurgents

Janice Walz use the term native Americans in error. The group she refers to are immigrants from what used to be called upper and lower Canada. Since the group that she refers to claims treaty rights with the united States they are foreigners not Americans.

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