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Letters to the Editor Friday, Oct. 1


Power line project not enviro-friendly

The Gazette reported in the Sept. 23 article (“Power line project to pay county $85M over 30 years”) the proposed Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) transmission corridor (powerline) would provide millions of dollars in revenues to local governments over 30 years.
CHPE would traverse eastern New York state from Quebec to New York City, with a terrestrial section passing through the Capital District.
The news story followed New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Sept. 20 CHPE endorsement. She did so during Climate Week while falsely asserting CHPE would be clean energy despite vast scientific and historical evidence to the contrary.
The North American Megadam Resistance Alliance website has reports on the considerable damage hydroelectric development causes in Canada and worldwide.
CHPE has generated opposition in Quebec and Labrador from Native Peoples due to decades of past, ongoing and irreversible environmental, health, social and cultural damages from giant river-destroying power stations, flooded valleys, and enormous reservoirs, and fears CHPE construction would stimulate additional devastation.
CHPE construction would perpetuate the myth that all hydroelectricity is clean, safe and renewable.
New York state already is an accessory to Canada’s longstanding natural resource wars on Indians and Inuits, their lands, waters, traditions and future.
CHPE would also damage the Hudson River. About 100 miles would be dredged for shallow burial of two cables. Poisons buried in the sediment would be dislodged into the water, damaging aquatic life and polluting drinking water for downstate residents. Ship anchors could snag on the cables.
Installing solar equipment atop New York City buildings is far better than CHPE.
Tom Ellis

Eviction moratorium is disastrous policy

The Democrats’ eviction moratorium is a deluded disaster.
Their hearts may have been in the right place, but their brains were not.
They cooked up this scheme of hardship declarations that tenants sign attesting to their financial difficulties or health maladies due to covid. And just like that, they are relieved of their duties to pay rent.
Technically, their rent is still due, but I have yet to see a single tenant cough up any rental arrears. Rather, tenants are living free, for over a year, and landlords can do nothing but watch while their properties are destroyed and tenants thumb their noses at their duty to pay rent.
It’s a total sham.
I have landlord clients who come to court in tears. Some live in their cars while tenants occupy their homes, helpless to remove them.
Once that box on the hardship is checked, tenants do not even have to come to court. They have no duty to show actual hardship, and the evidentiary bar to refute the declarations is so high as to be a fruitless endeavor.
I am a Democrat, and I could not be more embarrassed.
They have wholesale wrecked the lives of small property owners, and it did not have to be this way.
Landlords do not have the best of reputations, but they did not deserve the wrecking ball sent their way courtesy of the Democrats in Albany.
For shame, for shame.
Lora Como
Ballston Lake


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William Marincic

Lora Como If nothing else this administration not only in the White House but in New York State is showing people what they are really about and it’s not about the working man and woman in the state. It’s all about socialist policies and only socialist policies nothing else matters. The next election both state and federal will show these people hopefully in America and New York State does not agree with their policies and send these want to be communists on their way.

I’m a working man, and under Trump I saw a nominal reduction in my taxes, and under this administration I’m receiving monthly child tax credit checks to help offset the insane cost of childcare. So here’s one working man’s vote for this administration.

I received a nominal tax cut under 45, then for the first time had to pay MORE at tax time. William, the majority of Americans WANT these new programs that focus on the middle/lower classes instead of the rich getting disgustingly richer. The gop constantly subsidize the richest corporations and Americans.

William Marincic

Matt right now you are receiving a child tax credit, when tax time comes that child tax credit that you used to offset your taxes and maybe get a check back will be gone, it may cause you to pay or pay more. Not a fan.


Was a total bait and switch under the last guy. Got a little more each month in my paycheck, did not change one thing in my withholdings that were constant for last several years, and surprise, I owed over $3K last year in additional taxes. I take 15% out for 401K and 0 deductions, but apparently still not enough to simply break even. I don’t want any big refund if possible, as that’s simply a loan to the Feds for the year. Yeah, total BS tax cut.

Democrats have won 7 of the last 8 Presidential popular votes.
What’s the Republican strategy to reverse that, Bill?
You can game the Electoral College and think you’ve “won”, but how does it work when most of the country actually prefers someone else? Do you think that’s a sustainable strategy? Maybe once you get your king in place it doesn’t matter?

Have ANY of you thought that through?

William Marincic

Chuck it’s a simple concept, people in large urban areas usually vote femocrat because of handouts, just like this 3.5 trillion dollar bill Biden is pushing. That’s why there is an electoral college, our founding fathers did not want a few populated states picking the leader, they wanted free and fair elections. There will always be more democrats, look at how many undocumented democrats Biden is bringing across the border, five million since he was in office, and guess who pays for them, we all do.

This doesn’t matter to those who already have their mental programming in place. They will define socialism, and racism, and leftist as they wish and share in their excitement thinking they’ve got the opposition pinned down now. They know what the real deal is!

But as anyone can see by the statistics, it’s them now choking our medical services and mortuaries, defiantly thinking they are the heroes and know best how to handle a pandemic (‘if there REALLY is one!’). The “Great Awakening” may come as something of a surprise to them. It surely was to the tens of thousands who found it on their deathbeds.

Socialism (Merriam-Webster)
1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.

3 : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done.


Number 3 sounds like capitalism. Suppose you decide to go into the pot business. When New York State puts you in jail you will realize that the state controls the means of production

For the less educated who believe BLM are fomenting violence around the country…

Texas man, 24, admits shooting at Minneapolis police station during riot

A man who had been part of a far-right group that wants to foment a civil war admitted in federal court Thursday he traveled to Minneapolis from the San Antonio area to sow chaos after the police murder of George Floyd.
Ivan Harrison Hunter, 24, of Boerne, Texas, pleaded guilty to a single count of rioting. The charge carries a maximum prison term of five years. Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Winter said sentencing guidelines call for Hunter to serve between 37 and 46 months in federal prison. U.S. District Judge Michael Davis said he would schedule a sentencing hearing following a standard pre-sentence investigation.
Hunter admitted that he fired 13 rounds from an AK-47-style rifle into the 3rd precinct police station on May 28, 2020, as other rioters looted and set fire to the building after police evacuated. No one was struck by the gunfire. After shooting at the building, Hunter was recorded on video high-fiving another person and yelling “Justice for Floyd!” Investigators matched the skull mask Hunter was wearing in the video to a photo on his Facebook page.

(see also: Minneapolis umbrella man)


One example can be used to dis prove a universal assertion assertion. it con not be used to disprove a general trend!

Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter

RICHMOND, Va. – Riots in downtown Richmond over the weekend were instigated by white supremacists under the guise of Black Lives Matter, according to law enforcement officials.

Six people were arrested. The mayor of Richmond thanked the Black Lives Matter protesters he said tried to stop the white supremacists from spearheading the violence.

How many do you need? I bet I can find more. So can you.


William Marincic, Do have any idea what these couples with children pay for child care?
Interviewing young man 31 year’s old a few weeks ago to service our pool (starting his own business because of the low wages working for a company) with two children and they pay $800.00 a month, so I’m guessing they are not to worried about a tax refund if they can get monthly help paying that bill.
Buy the way starting Oct 1st here minimum wage has gone up to $10.00 per hour and scheduled to reach $15 in 2026 how about that for progress. And it had to happen with voter referendum not from the legislators in Tallahassee.
Any of you coming here please tip your hospitality servers good because they went way up to $6.99 per hour plus your tips of coarse.


Under Biden’s plan I get part of the responsibilities of parenthood without the emotional benefits. That sounds like a deal that only will appeal to the exploitive

William Marincic

jclark yes I do know how much child care costs. If you’re making minimum wage the last thing you should be doing is making babies. That’s the problem with you liberals you don’t hold anyone accountable for their terrible life choices. You continue to operate failing schools, you fight against charter schools and BOCES which would give a lot of these kids a trade and a chance at higher earnings. Minimum wage is for kids starting out in the job market to learn what it’s like to have a job and to get life experience, its not a career choice. You lefties use the same old Complaint over and over again that people can’t live on minimum wage, newsflash they’re not supposed to.

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