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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Oct. 3


Ignore conspiracies about masks, vaccine

The advent of an effective and safe vaccine is typically a long and complicated process. For example, following decades of research, an influenza vaccine was finally developed in 1938. However, it was not until 1946 that its use was approved for the general public.
While it took decades to produce an effective and safe influenza vaccine for public use, it has taken only about one year to develop an effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine for public use.
This accomplishment is a tribute to modern science and technology and should be viewed as a lifesaving gift to our generation.
However, even as COVID-19 and its variants continue to infect, hospitalize and kill, there are people who are ignoring the public health benefits provided by COVID-19 vaccines. Instead, they prefer to adhere to conspiracy theories and pursue unproven COVID-19 treatments such as ivermectin, which is typically used to treat or prevent parasites in animals such as horses.
Moreover, the unvaccinated people generally refuse to wear masks, in spite of the evidence that proves that masks are effective deterrents to the spread of viruses. Currently, the majority of covid hospitalizations and deaths are associated with the unvaccinated and unmasked portion of the population.
The proverb that “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” is as true today as it was in the past. Sadly, there will always be “horses” who refuse to drink the water and survive.
Don Steiner

Universe story was not front page news

I do not understand the editorial decision that was made to place an article (“Mystery of the universe? He thinks he’s solved it”) about a local scientist with an alternate view about the origin of the universe on the front page of the Sept. 26 Gazette. This is at best a local human interest story that would be more appropriately placed deep in the local section of the paper — or in Your Niskayuna. Why the front page?
Here are a few ideas of what should have been the front page leading story: “State hospitals prep for staff shortages” (page A4 — vastly more timely and relevant to your readers) or “Turmoil in Haiti, Ethiopia drawing global concern” (page C4 — much more timely and important to the world at large).
I won’t even go down the rabbit hole disputing his theory of emerging energy (although in my household we follow the first law of thermodynamics) but I will point out that you only need two people to give a thumbs up in order to get a paper published in a scientific journal.
Barbara Mancuso

Some issues, people have grown tiresome

I have grown tired of:
1. COVID 19. The national news is always bellyaching about this issue. I am done listening. I got my Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The harder the governmental push for these booster shots, the more I begin to wonder about other less benevolent motives from our leaders.
2. The BLM people. It’s time to practice the peaceful and equal treatment one would expect in free society. Stop your screaming into bullhorns and rally cries for social changes. Do what ordinary people would for social changes: Find viable candidates who share your values and vote them into office.
Your noise is becoming like the old “Peanuts cartoon,” when invisible adults talk in muffed static-like sounds to the cartoon-animated characters.
3. People with hyphenated last names. I learned over the years as a pharmacist that this segment of the population is self-aggrandized fools who like the hear themselves talk but have very little substance to say. The running joke at the pharmacy was if a worthless complaint came down, it likely involved a person with two last names.
4. The United States giving away free, hard-earned taxpayer money to other countries around the world for the privilege of being their friend. There’s too much poverty and hopelessness for American citizens to be giving away resources in aid to untrustworthy countries in the belief they will keep whatever promise was made in the deal.
It’s time to solve U.S. problems with U.S. tax dollars.
Scott Davis


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One should note that their is no evidence that BLM ever made an issue about the debilitating effects of resisting arrest. Their assumption that white cops are expected to put their own lives at risk in an attempt to compensate for Blacks putting their life at risk by resisting arrest is racist! I suggest that Blacks resisting arrest by white cops should be charged with a hate crime

Diane and others–YES, FBarney and Bailey’s Circus will not see that situation as it is–just how he wants to see it–stick up for police no matter what!
It was so obvious that Floyd was not a threat and Diane gave a perfect example of Chauvin’s knee on his neck, leaning back with his hands in his pockets. Chauvin was convicted by a jury of his peers (hardly ever happens to police), but FBarney will ignore all that.
But wait, he’ll start regurgitating again how it was his family’s fault that he had a drug problem and they didn’t do anything about it (which FB knows nothing about), but it can’t possibly be the police’s fault, right Barney?

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