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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Oct. 5


Division, mistrust are hurting America

The recent remembrances of 9/11 reminded us to be aware.
I’m sure there’s no chance a terrorist or criminal could cross the borders. The thing that worries me more is the division that this country has undergone.
The Democrats don’t trust the Republicans and vice versa. The hatred shown during the Trump term hasn’t abated.
We’ve always disagreed, but we could discuss our differences in the past. Now I see friends turn on one another. The government is backing agendas that fuel this division.
From what I’ve read, the CRT teaches students how racism never ended with the Civil War. The Whites are using systematic racism to deny Blacks of their opportunities. What’s going to happen when a Black child goes home and is ashamed of his surroundings?
Given the choice of working hard to get a better life or hating the Whites for his life, would either choice surprise you?
We also have sexual, religious and nationality opposition. Bipartisan is just a word. Perhaps if there were term limits then the politicians, rather than worrying about their image in order to get reelected, they may work together to bring America back together again.
I don’t want to make America great; I want to see it unified with a future for all.
Pete Pidgeon


Press, clergy must step up on climate

Gadzooks! Hurricane Sandy in 2011 was a 100-year storm, and this past summer, three more 100-year rain storms have hit New York City.
The West is on fire, and Miami floods almost daily. We can thank global warming for this.
But really, where is the press in all this?
They should be hammering home the fact that global warming is the cause of all these disasters. The press can change the course of history. Labor laws were changed after the press reported on the dangerous conditions that caused the tragedy of the Triangle Shirt Factory fire.
We need them now.
And where are the clergy? The clergy of all denominations are well-respected. They should be out in the streets, in clerical garb, with their parishioners marching and demonstrating, for the future of this planet.
This is God’s creation. A few degrees either way, and there goes life as we know it.
Until the press and the churches get involved, and a public uprising occurs due to their influence, big money will continue to win, and your grandchildren will die.
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson

Gazette must bring back movie listings

I miss the movie theater listings in The Daily Gazette. When the theaters’ offerings were discontinued, The Gazette printed no explanation about it. But from this subscriber’s point of view, the theater listings have always been useful.
Learning on one page what’s showing where and when each day is much more convenient than checking every theater’s website. I managed to see one movie recently only because I happened to drive by the theater and notice the sign.
I know this isn’t the greatest problem we all face. But at least it’s one we can fix. And it’s not trivial. From the theater owner’s point of view, the printed listings would surely boost ticket sales.
Local businesses need whatever help they can get these days. The successful regional newspaper is one that fills needs in its community. Restoring the movie theater listings is a small and yet valuable example of that. Please do it, or please explain to your readership why not.
David Gerhan


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Pete Pidgeon–Agreed that the USA is rotting from the inside out. Our top agencies have identified domestic terrorism as a #1 threat (even stated under 45s administration). There are a number of reasons…some being Facebook, cable news, and social media sites that put profit over patriotism and safety.
I lived thru Nixon, but would never have believed we would get to the point where obvious truths could be twisted so. Our parents taught us the clear difference between right and wrong, but that doesn’t seem to matter anymore…just stick with your “side” no matter what.
I do put more blame on Republicans and see McConnell as the most unpatriotic obstructionist in Congress. He has caused tremendous division–going back to blocking Obama and continuing with NO good faith…only power. He lied, cheated, and stole 3 Supreme Court positions and now is threatening Biden and making it more difficult to raise the debt ceiling—when HE approved the most spending that our country had ever seen under 45.
45 exacerbated and fueled our divisions making everything political. He’s vile, vulgar, vicious, and vengeful. He’s a Putin wanna-be–a criminal in power that gets away with everything.
This is the first time in my life where I fear we could actually lose our democratic republic. The gop are making it harder to vote and are putting laws in place to be able to throw out votes that they don’t want (targeting dems and people of color)–since they know the dems have over 40 million voters on their side.
Listen to 45’s continued lies about the election and what Steve Bannon is saying–basically that he’ll make a comeback and take over by force, if necessary. Scary times!

William Aiken

45 exacerbated and fueled our divisions making everything political.

It was a corrupt media aligned with Dems, who deceptively edited the video of 45’s Charlottesville Press Conference to put out a knowingly false narrative that the President called Nazis fine people. The media propagated this hoax for months. Then candidate Biden used this divisive lie to launch his presidential bid. It was this evil lie that divided the country along racial lines. Trump was the victim of it, not the perpetrator.

Yet, the media could care less as any story that negatively impact Trump was justified, whether it was true or not. You can make excuses for the media. But the truth is after 2016 election, they lost their way. The Fine People’s hoax exemplifies many of the lies the media reported on Trump. The media became activists. It cost them the public trust with half the nation. They’ll never reclaim their creditability. They’re done!

Did the media also ‘deceptively edit’ a video of Donald Trump standing on the world stage in Helsinki and siding with Vladimir Putin over our own intelligence? Or did they edit the released transcript of Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Zelensky asking for a favor in regard to digging up political dirt on Hunter Biden? Or did they edit the Trump phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Raffensberger asking him to find some more votes for him? The question shouldn’t be whether the media can reclaim their credibility, but rather how you could still believe Trump has any credibility after watching, reading, or listening to any of that evidence of his corruption.

William–glad you brought Charlottesville up again. With all the racist things 45 said and did starting with the Birther Lie that he later admitted “worked for him,” Mexicans are rapists, on and on…the first thing out of his mouth should have been to denounce the KKK and other thugs with torches! But NO, he first DEFENDED them, then had to adjust his statement because he was called out on it. YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT THIS. Name one other recent president that the KKK backed! 45 knew they supported him, so THAT’S why he stuck up for them. Shame on you for defending him. The media reported what came out of his sick mouth. We watch him and listen in real time, so stop making excused for that racist bustard.

William Aiken

Jclark, Again you delve into deflections that have nothing to do with the Press Conference where the media reported Trump called Nazis FIne People. Then you change the narrative to oh well since he didn’t immediately condemn them any condemnation that came afterwards by him doesn’t count. We don’t hold our elected leaders to such an insane standard.

And that’s not what the media reported, That’s not Biden said in announcing his campaign. Finally you engaged in mindreading when you claimed to know what 45 knew about the KKK and that the reason he didn’t immediately condemn them.

I urge anyone who not afflicted with Trump Syndrome Syndrome to take a few minutes to view this 16 minute video. It puts Trump’s word in the correct context. Don’t rely on Jclark’s mindreading to get to the truth, see the evidence yourself.

The media deliberately put out this false narrative and were never held accountable. But they did in fact, pay a price in that they lost the public’s trust with half the country. Considering the damage the Fine People caused with race relations, it’s worth knowing the truth. So you can call out the deception when the media and Jclark try to pass off as the truth.

William Aiken

On a final footnote, if Trump is such a racist, then why did his support increase among all minority groups in 2020? This inconvenient fact belies your claims that 45 is a racist.

There was NO deflection, William. There’s only you not able to accept anything other than total agreement. There’s a problem with that kind of “reasoning”. Maybe if you could stop fixating on this one example and show other examples your argument would carry more weight.

And, what is your source for your claims of Trump’s great gains with the Black voter? You never say. On the other hand, Pew Research (please… try to impugn their integrity.) says this:

“Apart from the small shift among Hispanic voters, Joe Biden’s electoral coalition looked much like Hillary Clinton’s, with Black, Hispanic and Asian voters and those of other races casting about four-in-ten of his votes. Black voters remained overwhelmingly loyal to the Democratic Party, voting 92%-8% for Biden.”

See how that works? Make a claim, back it up with a verifiable source. No emotions, no hurt feelings. Facts. Democrats are not the racist party you wish to make them out to be.


As they said during the campaign, if the racists think Trump is a racist, he must be a racist!

William Aiken

It common knowledge that Trump improved his numbers with minority voters in 2020. But then you require a source to confirm that the sky is blue.

William Aiken

The Democrats are the party of the KKK and Jim Crow. More recently, they have embraced the notion of identity politics that divides people into groups. Identity politics abandons MKL’s premise of judging an individual by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. This regression has been embraced by Dems, one of the reasons I now vote for GOP nationally.

William, 45 got only 12% of minority votes…the lowest of any gop president in a long time. I don’t know why he was even that high. My point was how sick to my stomach I was watching torches & screaming, “Jews will not replace us!” among other horrible things and the president of the US’s first reply was “There are good people, on both sides.” Seriously?! He purposely refused to call out that dangerous. disgusting behavior FIRST. You can’t see how obvious that was? 45 never would have denounced them either if he wasn’t pressed on it.

William Aiken

The point about Trump and the minority vote is he improved from 8% to 12%. That pretty significant for a President we were told by the media, 24/7/365 was a evil racist. It’s true that for decades, Blacks have monolithically voted Democrat. How has that vote worked for them? Failing government schools and high crime neighborhoods have become the trademark of Democrat controlled cities.

Trump was honest with black voters when he asked them, “What the hell do you have to lose?” 45’s policies delivered on school choice, opportunity zones, funding HBCs and created record low black unemployment. Issues that Democrats have continually neglected to address, except when there’s an election year. That’s why 45’s numbers improved among minorities. If they believed your racist narrative, his black support would have declined.

Doug Hampton

Agreed. There is just no doubt that Trump has changed the party in a big way. It’s not even about issues anymore, it’s truly about Democracy surviving. I never thought that I would ever see something as awful as Jan 6th or voting laws being implemented in such a draconian fashion. What is going on in Texas makes me sick. Biden got elected because Bernie and Klobuchar and others threw their support his way when things looked bleak. While I am not in love with him,
I do think he is a decent guy and wants what is best for this country. Anybody but Trump, who is just pure evil in so many ways.

The democrats you are referring to were over a half century ago! Just like the gop calling themselves the party of Lincoln. Nowadays, Lincoln would be a Democrat!
Obama lowered unemployment by 5 points, then 45 swoops in and takes credit for lowest unemployment when it only went down one more point?

Friendly fact-check: The KKK were first established just after the end of the Civil War, sometime in the 1860s.

So whether the Democrats, or the Jesuits established them, we don’t lose sleep nor assign blame over events 150+ years ago. Only an uneducated child would try to make that argument.

William Aiken

A philosophical difference between the GOP and Dems is this, we think Dems subscribe to bad policies. You think Trump and those who support him are bad people.

Heh, it’s pretty clear our young Mr. Aiken doesn’t want to address these points. He’s got that whole “media are liars” rage going that no one wants to agree with him on. It helps justify all his and his peoples’ other ridiculous societal gripes. Everything you hear is a lie, right? Unless you agree with it.

Frankly, if the media is guilty of anything, and I include MSNBC AND Rachel Maddow in this, it was their non-stop Trump coverage leading up to the 2016 election, and I blame them for keeping him in the spotlight and giving him a far bigger audience to spew his garbage to. In particular his Birther crap. For weeks I dreaded turning on the cable news because I knew I’d hear his name in the first 20 seconds.

What happened in Charlottesville was in part media hysteria, but as Biden said, Trump assigned an element of moral equivalency between those wanting to clean up the mess left after the Civil War (the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue) and those who wanted to cling to not only a civil rights crime, but a seditionist plan to split the country. This all occurred 6 months after Trump had signed his executive order banning people from predominantly Muslim countries. A truly discriminatory action, especially in light of a couple decades of our law enforcement warning the greatest threat to our country was from right-wing extremists within our own borders.
No one was (nor still is) in the mood to hear about “the very fine people, on both sides”.

Doug Hampton

Well said jclark. The problem is even worse than the OP states. We can’t even agree on who is to blame! My Trump friends blame Obama and of course the left blames Trump. The one thing we can agree on is that the division is clearly the worst it has ever been. Nixon, as you mentioned, saved us all a lot of time and aggravation by simply resigning, where this elusive con artist continues to twist and turn and despite 2 impeachments is now the front runner for the GOP nomination in 2024! Good grief! I think that with respect to the Republican party, it all comes down to numbers. They are a declining party number wise so they know that the only way to win is to change the rules, thus the new voting laws , political chicanery, extreme partisanship, and constant hypocrisies and misinformation. I used to be a Republican for many years and now I just don’t recognize it anymore. I do wish more than anything that we would have a viable 3rd party.

Doug, the difference with Nixon was we had a patriotic GOP who refused to let Nixon get away with his wrongdoing and forced him to resign. The GOP used to believe in the Constitution and following the rule of law, but no more…it’s now raw power–win at any cost–even if we lose what our Founders set up for us. You are correct that the current GOP is unrecognizable. Look how far they’ve sunk since Reagan. I hope and pray that there are enough Americans to push back on them.
I believe Biden is trying to restore what once was. He also wants to set up a fairer system to invest in the middle/lower classes. I feel it is imperative to make this big societal shift, plus protect voting rights…or we’re done.


If the corporate income tax was replaced by adjusting the Federal income tax considerable sums spent avoiding ,and collecting the tax could be saved. The only problem with this idea is that everyone would see how much Federal aid to their state cost them.


“If the corporate income tax was replaced by adjusting the Federal income tax considerable sums spent avoiding ,and collecting the tax could be saved.” Fred, that’s not even a sentence. Try again.


I don’t want to make America great; I want to see it unified with a future for all.
Pete Pidgeon

1:) The two sentences are contradictory.

2:) The second sentence begs the question as to what basis the country is to be united.


Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. What a crock!

Always has been, and certainly is now, a situation of very few independent thinkers in the world. We’re all being controlled and manipulated. Problem being the vast majority people pulling these manipulative strings are greedy and indifferent. Look at what’s happening on Facebook and, for that matter, all aspects of the internet. Search anything and you’ll get pop-ups for months for what you were searching. Our information is being sold for profits.

Jim Jones convinced over 900 people to willingly commit suicide. That was extreme, but we’re all capable of being controlled, it’s just to what extent.

Many people are dissatisfied with their lives and the world they live in, then promised a better life. One example is MAGA. It’s a changing world and 1956 is gone forever. No one is capable of being back the past, and empty promises of regained prosperity are only a means of manipulation.

Social media, misinformation news outlets and the likes reinforce these lies and false promises only because, we, the gullible eat it up and generate huge profits for these large tax evading corporations. More profits for them with what seems to be completely indifference to the rest of us. We’re learning American division brings anger and anger induces engagement. Just look at what’s happening on this forum. Families are splitting up, in raged with anger. The anger engagement means more people on their sites, which increases profits. There bottom line is there main concern. The more discord between Americans the better for them. We’re all being played for suckers.

Pete Pidgeon:
Your moving pleas for unity are what’s become known as “both-siderism”; a transparent, pathetic, and now entirely predictable attempt to gloss over the reality.
We are a country of laws, and one political party has made no secret they lack respect for our laws. Only one. That’s what’s “dividing” our country.

Only one party fosters the disinformation that there was a problem with our elections, and only because they lost.

Only one party is lying to the country that they’ll now try to “secure our election”, when we already know, thanks to disclosure of the “Southern Strategy” document that they know they can’t win fairly, which helps us understand what they mean by “securing”.

Only one party supported a President who apparently was attempting to follow through with the documented 6 steps to nullify the election. A party who, when their man was convicted in the House of Representatives for his crime, then voted in support of him anyway, and against the decision of the House.

This is a country of laws and a hard-fought for Constitution, and only one political party is currently, actively trying to make that theirs. This is also a country of freedom of thought and speech which, like the Democratic Party now, has to go through a healthy debate to reach consensus. The Republican Party feels they don’t have to do that and grab power any way they can, and if you’re not with them, you’re against them. That’s undemocratic and unAmerican. That’s what’s dividing our country, Mr. Pidgeon.
Nice try.


Need another example of how the republicans are the primary cause of the pandemic continuing (not illegal immigrants that the GOP is pedaling), check out this exchange in South Carolina:

A Republican senator was booed and catcalled when he told a party audience in South Carolina to think about getting a vaccine against Covid-19.

Lindsey Graham was speaking at the Summerville Country Club in Dorchester county. Video of his remarks was first published by the Daily Beast.

“If you haven’t had the vaccine,” the 66-year-old said, “you ought to think about getting it because if you’re my age …

“No!” yelled audience members.

“I didn’t tell you to get it,” Graham said. “You ought to think about it.”

“No!” people in the crowd yelled again.

Graham said he was glad he got the vaccine, and said 92% of people hospitalized in South Carolina with Covid-19 were not vaccinated.

“False!” the crowd cried. “Not true!”

The overwhelming majority of hospitalizations and deaths from the coronavirus in the US are among unvaccinated people. The US death toll recently passed 700,000.

Graham has been vaccinated. Other Republican senators, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin prominent among them, have not, and continue to spread misinformation. The GOP is fighting vaccine mandates, issued by government bodies and businesses, on the grounds that they violate individual freedoms and as an attack line against the Biden administration.


Here’s more:

We’ve reached the ‘Red Covid’ phase of the pandemic.
The effort to vaccinate America against Covid-19 has now become so politically divided that a state’s political affiliation can generally predict vaccination rates. Data shows traditionally blue states are succeeding in curbing the virus while red-leaning states are continuing to feel the detrimental effects of vaccine hesitancy. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how the partisan rhetoric over vaccines has threatened America’s effort to eliminate Covid-19.
Read in CNN Politics:

“Red Covid”; I love it.

Welp, it’s certainly not hard to see when our Republican/Trump friends’ rationalizations for their bad behavior hits a dead-end. Fall back and resort to the always effective “Democrats started the KKK!” thing, or “Lincoln was a Republican!”, or “identity politics!”, or “CRT!”, or “I don’t need to provide proof! It’s common knowledge!” when it’s clearly not “common knowledge”.

What is common knowledge, and verifiable by credible sources, is that these are lame distortions and would never hold up in a court of law which, they don’t want to believe, is the gold standard for making one’s point. So clearly this is just a place for them to vent their spleens, kinda like a cry pillow.

It must really suck to be a Republican right now; a dark place in our society.

I urge all to watch Biden’s speech from Michigan he gave this afternoon. So refreshing to hear actual well thought out plans with confidence and pride in the American people.


Mr Aiken, I have watched the whole video you provided. At the 11:48 FG says they (after describing the Neo Nazis and white nationalists being there) says they were treated very unfairly by the press. If you stop lisening there you will come away with he said the Neo and Nationalists were treated unfairly by the press. AFTER a female reporter then yells out ‘do you mean the press is treating the Neo’s and Nationalists unfairly?” Then FG clarifies his answer, that he was talking about the fine people on both sides.
Point is both sides could prosecute or defend him if you review what and how the few minutes were handled. You presented it as proof, I would say he should have thanked that reporter so you and others could present your case the way you have.
The rest of video he tries to tell us health care is one the way and infrastructure and that was when the Republicans had the whole goverment what happened? Tax cuts that was it?


This forum is a microcosm that perfectly exemplifies the exact reasons for so much of the political discord in America and around the world.

There are at least six articulate, intelligent, reasonable individuals, attempting to debate one person.

Regardless of the six bombarding the one, with fact, reason, as well as constantly disproving his misinformation or pointing out hypocritical or very selective closed minded views, their opponent deflects, denies, disregards and digs in harder with erroneous rebuttal.

There’s no getting through to people like this. As I said before, it’s like trying to convince a duck that it’s dog then expecting the duck to bark, it ain’t gonna happen.

Doug Hampton

Right on Lou! I am relatively new to this forum and try to give him and others the benefit of the doubt. Don’t worry, I am learning who the sharpies are and who the pills are and will try not to duplicate my errors. I see a pattern now and will not persist. I can recognize a dead end when I see it! Be well! Hey I am making a little progress….he quoted me 3 times:)

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