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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Oct. 6


Merger threatens end-of-life comfort

This proposed merger between Ellis Medicine and St. Peter’s Health Partners greatly concerns New Yorkers like me who advocate for improving and expanding end-of-life care options.
As your Sept. 17 article (“One woman denied is unacceptable”) notes: “St. Peter’s Health is part of Michigan-based Trinity Health, which … conforms to the U.S. Conference of Bishops’ Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.”
These directives specify: “In principle, there is an obligation to provide patients with food and water, including medically assisted nutrition and hydration for those who cannot take food orally.
“This obligation extends to patients in chronic and presumably irreversible conditions (e.g., the ‘persistent vegetative state’) who can reasonably be expected to live indefinitely if given such care.”
In direct contrast, studies show most people want to die at home, without pain, and surrounded by loved ones, not kept alive indefinitely by artificial means.
In my experience advocating for terminally ill New Yorkers, they are desperate for end-of-life care that eases their suffering and allows them a more peaceful, natural death.
Denying these legal options —like voluntarily stopping eating and drinking, palliative sedation, and withdrawal of care — will prolong the dying process and cause incredible suffering.
The proposed new Ellis/St. Peter’s Health Partners System would put physicians and other healthcare providers in the untenable position of having to explain to patients why they are being denied care that would give them comfort and peace.
It is not only alarming — it’s nothing short of unconscionable.
Corinne Carey, Esq.
The writer is New York State director of Compassion & Choices.

Vote for Spa Dems to move city ahead

How important is it to vote on Nov. 2? Local elections have a huge impact on your day-to-day life affecting your local schools, roads, land-use, environment, and businesses.
They resonate towards the entire nation and in return, your local officials have affected them.
Local candidates often rise to state, even national office. In January, some of the local Saratoga County Republican committee went to the Jan. 6 protest in Washington, in which insurrectionists attempted to disrupt the certification of our national election process. Five people were killed.
Recently, they attempted to locally sponsor Scott Presler, an anti-Muslim speaker and “insurrectionist” who is being investigated by the U.S. Select Committee on the Jan. 6th Insurrection.
Mr. Presler promotes the big lie about the election being stolen. By inviting Mr. Presler, our Saratoga County Republican Committee has condoned this dangerous rhetoric.
Local mayoral candidates claiming to be independent, but endorsed by the Republican committee, are too close to this activity.
I believe a two-party system as healthy discourse on local issues moves us forward. This isn’t happening right now.
Row A Democratic slate of experienced candidates include Ron Kim, Jim Montagnino, Minita Sanghvi, Dillon Moran, Domenique Yermolayev, Tara Gaston, and Shaun Wiggins. Learn more at
Pat Tuz
Saratoga Springs
The writer is chairperson of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee.


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Joseph Vendetti

Totally off any topic – but I’m just leaving Portland OR (had to visit for large demolition project).

Extremely scary what this once beautiful vibrant city & outskirts have become. I don’t know the dynamics but last time I visited (6 yrs ago) we could do craft beer crawl, shop, etc – that is all gone, replaced w/tents, occupied by I don’t know what.

Pretty scary


Great disparity in American wealth only getting worse. The declining middle class bearing the brunt of taxation is becoming unsustainable. The controlling wealthy, through legal as well as illegal maneuvering, avoid and evade paying taxes. That as well as America’s seeming complacency to navigating in a way necessary to wisely compete in an ever changing global market are contributing to the deterioration/decline of many aspects of the good old USA. -The current political discourse is only exacerbating are perilous situation. – Yes, scary times as far as I’m concerned.

Joseph Vendetti


61% of US citizens paid zero Federal taxes as well. Thats up from 47% under President Obama.

I have said this many times before – our democracy can’t maintain this fiscal equation.

There needs to be an overhaul in our tax code – close the many loopholes that allows for corporations to hold wealth off shore and pay little to no taxes, stop the loopholes that allow 61% of US citizens to pay zero federal taxes!!

It’s been a couple decades since I was in Portland, and loved it then. Arguably the home of the craft brew industry (while others like myself were already doing it in our kitchens!). Also a short drive to Mt. St. Helen’s, which everyone should see.

Just a pointer to the $79b allotment in the Democrats’ reconciliation package to go to the IRS (like the rest of the package, over 10 years).
Dispersed from 2022 to 2031, the $78.94 billion in funding would allow the IRS to strengthen tax enforcement initiatives, conduct more audits and modernize its technology, according to the bill’s text. An additional $410 million is earmarked for oversight of the tax agency, including for the protection of “taxpayer privacy” and to see “that no undue burden is imposed on small businesses.”

“The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated an expanded IRS would yield an additional $200 billion in revenue over the next decade, or net income of $120 billion given the expansion’s cost. ”

William Marincic

Joe, If you remember Trump brought billions of dollars back to the United States with low taxes to those corporations that brought it back.


Not enough to offset $8+ TRILLION in net debt under Trump.


The sub-headline to the Facebook whistleblower lead story in the Gazette today is a metaphor that reflects the difference between Democrats and republicans. “Company puts profits over people, whistleblower says”. While republicans care only about companies making profits (which will eventually trickle down to the people, a failed GOP concept), Democrats care about people first since if they are well cared for, they will spend the money they earn and everybody prospers, especially businesses. So when I listen to republicans all of sudden denounce Biden’s Build Back Better investment that they assume will increase the national debt, despite the proposed tax increase on those making over $400,000 and large corporations that will offset the cost, I shake my head in disbelief. Trump and the GOP increased the national debt $8 TRILLION over his four years due to the tax cuts for the rich and overspending on nothing tangible for the general public. For 96% of us, voting republican is against your own interest. Be a Dem and prosper.

Raymond–agreed. Yesterday William kept spouting off how the gop don’t like the dems policies. Well the majority of Americans DO! Most Americans want the infrastructure bill and the human infrastructure. We are sick of the wealthy becoming even more disgustingly wealthy–which is exactly what 45 did (including himself and his family), and want the richest to pay their fair share. Most Americans want Roe v Wade kept in place, want DACA, want action on climate change, etc. I am so sick of the minority ruling this country! The Supreme Court was severely damaged under the gop–we are NOT a 2-1 conservative country.

Doug Hampton

Some really good posts today. Yes the damage that Trump inflicted over his long 4 years continue to haunt us all in a big way. I agree jclark that the 3 Supreme Court Justices that Trump put on the court are going to be around for a long time. The Republicans continue to get away with spending yet maintaining the reputation as the fiscally conservative party. I don’t know how they get away with this as history clearly proves over and over that Republicans create far more debt mainly through excessive tax cuts for the rich. The Dems come along and clean up their financial mess each and every time (See Clinton cleaning up after Reagan or if that’s not enough Obama cleaning up GWB) This is indisputable yet perception is reality in America.
The Republicans are better at staying on message and defending their brand even if it is at the expense of hypocrisy. The Dems need to do better in this arena.

Doug, guess what the Bush tax cuts together with 45s tax cut amounted to–about 3.5 TRILLION, lol. So the gop refuse to get on board with Biden’s Build Back Better plan of 3.5 trillion (SOCIALISM!), but will drive up the debt to enrich the fat cats that were already obese. Biden’s plan is over 10 years to make us competitive with the rest of the world, and will be offset, but the gop’s plan allows the rich to pay even less. It’s unbelievable!

Doug Hampton

Yes indeed and how they get away with is through a very cooperative media, mainly FOX, and they all keep reciting the same mantra. They really stay on topic and don’t deviate. Their base is largely non college educated, the rich, and the pro life folks (who are extremely loyal and devout). It borders on a cult.


The supreme court is supposed to decide if a law is consistent with the constitution.
This is done by asking if the law is consistent with the intent expressed in the document. Thus it cannot be fairly said that the court is either liberal or conservative.

Then why did 45 come right out and say he would put pro-life conservatives on the Supreme Court? Everyone has biases, so get real!


The Republican Party does a superb job of convincing it’s constituency to believe their warped self serving agendas are in the best interest of the people.

Doug Hampton

I think what has happened is that now that the R’s have gotten rid of most of the moderates in the party that they can stay on topic in an even more cohesive manner. Their party has shrunk but it is far more unified. The Dems have a far bigger tent and with that comes both pros and cons. While having multiple opinions and perspectives are certainly a good thing ,it also brings internal conflict and consequently the messages get somewhat diluted. The R’s assimilate and conform to the almighty party where Dem’s tend to be more free spirited and independent.


The supreme court is supposed to decide if a law is consistent with the constitution.
This is done by asking if the law is consistent with the intent expressed in the document. Thus it cannot be fairly said that the court is either liberal or conservative.


The Democrats with their desire to tax corporations are promoting a considerable waste of money. Corporate taxation involves a considerable public cost of collection. It also involves a considerable expense in trying to avoid paying it. This social waste could be avoided by facing the fact that in the end all taxation falls and individuals, and thus, with great transparency, the equivalent of corporate taxation could be collected via the federal income tax.


Fred, I’m going out on a limb here not having exact numbers. Are you trying to tell us a understaffed IRS should try and collect and process taxes from individuals in the millions? Sometimes individuals owing or needing refunds for a few hundred or less dollars?
Your theory is right that taxes corporations pay are passed down to the consumer of there goods. But lets say you buy a $50,000 dollar boat or car, and I don’t.
Yes you will help or should help pay that company tax burden with your purchase. By your reasoning they should not have to pay taxes, but me who didn’t make any purchase from them should pay taxes so they don’t have to? And companies who report profits in the millions and billions would not have to pay? What???
Lastly for people let’s say here in Florida who make $10.00 per hour(our new minimum wage) and have just basic expenses like food, rent and car expenses to cover, what amount do you think they should pay so these big corporations don’t have to? Stop posting this theory. we already have the biggest corporations not paying taxes, lets try and go the other way so they do pay there fair share at least.


Corporations are legal constructs constructs do not pay taxes individuals do! Your comment about 10.00 minimum wage ignores the fact that the federal income tax can have its progressivity altered to accommodate the change to transparency in taxation!

Corporations are people, too…according to Mitt Romney. Corporations thru Citizens United can give as much to candidates as they want, so they can “buy” our political system.


Hmm, not one response to the two letters submitted to the Editor today, just same old tiresome arguments each day from usual suspects.

Timed nicely, Bill. I’ve had something stewing in my head all morning about the Pat Tuz letter, but I don’t sit here long enough at a time to get all my thoughts down, and in any case, a response to her dips into those “old tiresome arguments…from the usual suspects”. Maybe you should look elsewhere for entertainment?

I’ve been a lifelong unaffiliated voter most of my 40+ years of voting, until I found I needed to register Dem to support Sanders in the Primary. That said, I feel strongly that anyone who went to the trouble of traveling to Washington to support and participate in that now infamous rally should be disqualified from running for office. Obviously that’s not a practical wish, but by supporting a man who is quite willing to try to force himself into power in this country is, like him, a traitor.

I am not a Saratoga resident and have no opinion on the Dem candidates, except they are likely much more qualified for public office.

Doug Hampton

I find it interesting that you took the time to point out that nobody replied to the 2 letters from today yet you never offered any opinion of your own! hmmmm borders on hypocrisy don’t you think! But anyway, I will ignore all that and contribute what I can. The letter on end of life options really stirs up a very emotional and potentially controversial discussion. I support her belief that we should expand end of life options as long as it is done carefully and with direct and strict supervision from the medical community. This is a delicate issue and a very slippery slope. Any time we are talking death as in abortion, the religious community gets involved and there comes the battle.


I try to listen more than just post my opinion. I’m kind of done with the Catholic hierarchy these days. They have lost any real moral authority in my view currently and that’s all I’ll say about it right now. Would’ve liked to hear viewpoints on the Letters written, not the repetitive arguments on who was the worst president, which party is to blame for our current woes, ad-infinitum. Thx


Okay, Bill! Excellent letter from Corinne Carey regarding end of life issues and the proposed hospital merger. I have no use for Catholic bishops deciding health issues!

Joseph Vendetti


I don’t believe these men and women are any party. They appear to be drug addicted, jobless, showerless, – I don’t know their cause besides stumbling and begging and if you don’t offer some money – they get violent and agitated.

Frankly looks like videos and pictures I saw from Woodstock.

All the craft beer places we used to hit are closed with bars & wires across windows.

I hope other cities aren’t experiencing that!


I would bet a lot of the French would agree with you about now, and a few other things Catholic Bishops should have no opinion on to boot.

Fred, As always you missed my point about the people making $10 per hour. Please tell me how much you think they should have to pay in federal taxes after rent,food and a few other basics. What world do you live in?

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