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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Oct. 7


Dems undermining our democracy

Raymond Harris’ Sept. 25 letter (“Republican positions are anti-democratic”) must be a joke.
Let’s start with vaccinations. Trump got them and encouraged them while Democrats openly said they would not take a “Trump” vaccine.
He says the GOP wants to control women’s bodies and health care simply because they want to stop legal murder. This while they are forcing you to get vaccinated. Is that not controlling your health care?
As for the pandemic, the Democrats used it to violate voter laws, control all media, suppress free speech and shut down state economies all to hurt Trump.
Republicans never supported the made-up insurrection, while Democrats supported year-long riots, looting and burning of cities all to hurt Trump.
Voter ID is suppressive in the liberal world where undocumented immigrants, and really, the entire world, should get to vote.
He vilifies the GOP for being overwhelmingly White while brutally attacking any non-White for joining the party. You want real history taught, then educate our kids on the racist history of Democrats. Every day, Democrats are in power they erode your freedoms and yet they want you to believe the GOP is anti-democratic. Ask yourself why the one party that hates the Constitution, and believes in socialism, is pro-democracy!
The Democrats only need democracy long enough for you to vote it out. Sadly you probably will.
Dave Dankanich

It won’t be easy to undo Trump impact

Health care workers we called heroes are being harassed and attacked.
Elected school board members screamed at and threatened for trying to protect our children.
Obscene signage is placed on cars and lawns in the name of free speech. We shake our heads and wonder how did we get to this low place?
The obvious answer is Donald Trump. He made rude, obnoxious behavior acceptable when he made fun of the disabled, and his disciples all laughed.
Trump made harassment acceptable when he bragged about his treatment of women, and again his disciples all laughed.
He downplayed the seriousness of the deadly pandemic, belittling the science trying to help, and his disciples nodded in bovine agreement.
Trump reversed years of effort to protect our environment, and his rich, greedy disciples applauded.
He personally encouraged the violent overthrow of honestly elected officials, not just in our Capitol but everywhere, and his disciples then felt entitled to intimidate everyone else to their way of thinking.
America has struggled for decades to end hate and bigotry, and yet in only a few short years, one man has empowered these dogs of war to attack the current administration which inherited his hot mess.
It will take hard work and perseverance to diminish the harmful effects of the Donald Trump legacy.
We can only hope it’s somehow possible and pray it’s not too late.
Virginia Newton
Burnt Hills


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Dave Dankanich – You forgot to explain why the republican party is losing so many supporters to the Dems. Must be that the Dems are stealing not only their votes, but changing their registrations.

Doug Hampton

What universe does this guy live in? Trump encouraged vaccinations? Really….then why do most analysts believe that his handling of the Corona virus was the # 1 reason why he didn’t get re elected? Why did Trump basically keep it quiet that he got vaccinated himself? hmmm…..Furthermore, here we go again with the racist history of the Democratic party… about we teach American History in totality showing how things began ,changed , and then developed over time and leaving nothing out. This point always bothers me because this is how the right argues (by leaving out very important details). This letter was just so full of holes “made up insurrection”…..seriously! You must not have been watching and “Democrats supporting riots”…..nobody I know of either party agrees with that. Last but not least ,stop with the Socialism thing….we as a nation are already somewhat Socialistic and it’s just used as a scare tactic by the right. Just a ridiculous letter full of lies and inaccuracies!


Just a ridiculous letter full of lies and inaccuracies!

Doug Hampton

If that is so why have you not provided some enlightenment?

Doug Hampton

I provided you with a lot already. Do you always deflect? Starting to see a pattern here with you. Why don’t you challenge me on the points I already made. And for those that think that we are over the top with our hate for Trump….First of all ,yes a 2nd term with this guy in power scares the c…. out of me, secondly despite all that he has said and done including Jan 6th roughly 30 to 35 % of Americans still support this guy and despite 2 impeachments ,last I looked he was the front runner for the R nomination in 2024,and last but not least, the majority of R’s, despite numerous audits and recounts, believe the 2020 election was stolen. Enough said.


Please clarify for me how the left does not do the very same thing you accuse the right of in reference to “This point always bothers me because this is how the right argues (by leaving out very important details).”
Also please clarify for me how the democratic party is not almost entirely at fault for the awful predicament of many Blacks today?
I am very willing to listen.

William Aiken

For all the Trump haters who post your daily contempt for the former President, you won the election. So why not act like it? Your view of Donald J. Trump is entirely emotional. So it’s hard to imagine any of you changing your opinion, regardless of how far Biden plunges the country into decline.


When the majority of Trump supporters admit that Biden won the election, we’ll turn the temperature down a little.

Let’s review, William:
First a letter was posted here reciting the usual Trumpian disinformation,
Second, commenters reacted to it.

This cycle will continue as long as you and your people refuse to admit you lost, and continue to drain this country’s resources with your mindless, tonedeaf and ill-fated campaign. Your campaign looks more and more like the Black Knight in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Rage on as more and more of you are indicted, charged and convicted, or simply pass away thanks to your superior medical knowledge.
Who’s behaving badly, William?

Real patriotic Americans are right now working overtime to produce an historic economic package to restore this country’s integrity; to make America great again. And they’re doing this in spite of the Trumpian movement which offers very little outside of temper tantrums. All your points about the tremendous Trump accomplishments have already been shown to be at best hollow so there’s no need to start with the “what about this…”

William Aiken

Chuck D Biden’s approval rating on every issue from foreign policy, to the economy to the Southern border have been in free fall since July. What is causing such buyer’s remorse?

To address just one of these points, Trump handed Biden a secure border. He threatened Mexico with tariffs to get them to agree the in policy where immigrants stay in Mexico while awaiting for their case to heard. This significantly cut down on illegals crossing the border.

Once in office, Biden tore up that policy and now he has no leverage with Mexico to negotiate what Trump had put in place. Biden sought to reverse all of Trump’s policies that helped to secure the border for the sake of politics, nothing to do with securing the border.

Chuck can you name one Biden policy that has improved the quality of life for our citizens? All the criticism of 45 is focussed on Jan 6th. Nothing regarding 45’s policies, which led to peace in the middle east and prosperity with the most robust economy in our history..

Just one, William, because we know very well by now all you really have in your arsenal is a lot of “yeah, but about…”. His $1.9 trillion coronavirus and economic relief bill, his “American Rescue Plan” came at a time when the economy and American people needed financial relief and support.
And Republicans fought it all the way, and not because they had a better, or any, idea. Just because Trump wanted them to.

William Aiken

Biden’s policies give the unemployed incentives not to go back to work. Thus stalling the return of the economy. Now that Biden(or his shadow handlers)! is running the country we are seeing the results when you vote for a candidate merely because they’re not Trump. The country was much better off with 45’s policies. There’s no comparison.


Re. your “Biden’s policies give the unemployed incentives not to go back to work. Thus stalling the return of the economy.” The bi-partisan unemployment extension was over last month. Workers are not returning as fast as we would all hope because of various reasons: they want to be paid more; they need child care support; etc. You really need to change the channel from Fox and learn what is going on.


“Real patriotic Americans are right now working overtime to produce an historic economic package to restore this country’s integrity; to make America great again.”
This is the funniest thing I have seen here in a long time.

William, because 45 just came out and said the “real” insurrection was on election day, not Jan 6th! He lost by 7 million votes, but refuses to face that TRUTH and is the leader of the republican insurrectionist party. He will never stop promoting the Big Lie and domestic terrorism. I don’t care what policies you liked, or what you dislike about Biden’s. None of that matters if we continue down his road of authoritarianism. (He envies Putin and does not give a damn about our democratic republic).
As far a Biden “plunging this country into decline,” that’s the opposite of what he’s doing. 45 said every week there’d be a plan on infrastructure and health care, but Biden is going to get it done. Biden is pushing for voting rights, real plans for climate change, and forcing us to compromise on our differences and demonstrate that we can, once again, have a functioning government.

William Aiken

I stand by first comment. Your view of Trump is entirely based on your emotions. Policies, JClark, not bluster or tweets are what matter to most people. You see chants of F*** Biden erupting at sporting events across the country.

All your hatred of Trump isn’t going to stop Biden’s decline. It might have gotten him elected. It won’t do anything to get him to govern.


Since you appear to like sports references, Biden is in the second inning of his presidency and you’re ready to call the game over? Relax and read a book. I suggest “Peril” by Woodward and Costa and read how Trump tried 9 times to get DOJ to lie that he won the election because of fraud. They refused. Trump also wanted to pull all the troops out of Afghanistan by Jan. 15 so he could take credit. No plan, just remove U.S. troops. Luckily he was talked off the ledge. Other great insider stuff in the book.

My emotions are based on his traitorous, appalling and dangerous behaviors! I stand by my statement that NONE of 45s policies matter since he would be an American Putin. Is that what you want? The demise of our almost 250 year experiment? He is the epitome of greed, and will never honor guard rails, checks and balances, so necessary in our form of government. He is a destroyer, a classic abuser.

2 Americas: Thank you Virginia Newton vs. scares the crap out of me, Dave Dankanich.
45 told so many lies about the vaccine (and 30,000 other lies), that dems clearly stated they would trust the experts, not 45. 45 came close to dying of covid–then immediately went out and said, “Don’t be scared of the virus.” Easy for him to say receiving the best healthcare in the world!

Over 70% of Americans do not believe abortion is legal “murder,” and/or believe the safety of females is more important than an embryo–which is why Roe v Wade is accepted by so many. Individual liberty? Yet the gop want females to have to undergo a vaginal probe with ultrasound in order to get an abortion. Can you think of anything MORE invasive?

You are NOT forced to take the vaccine–you will just have to accept the consequences of your decision. The gop are all about “individual freedoms” and could care less about the greater good of our society.

The dems did not violate voter laws, and the leader on 45s team, Chris Krebs, stated this was THEE most secure election (due to threats from 2016 and paper ballots that back up the machines).

Nobody supports the BLM riots, but we understand their anger and frustration after 400 years of oppression. “Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose…you ain’t nothin if you ain’t free.” Joplin
BTW–the majority were arrested on the spot, unlike at the Insurrection (yes, it was an attempt to overthrow a free and fair election. UNDEMOCRATIC, Dave!
Now 45 is spouting off that the real insurrection was Election Day, not Jan 6th and Pence and Haley are back on their knees, pitifully begging to get back in 45s good graces.

We reacted to 45s disgraceful, disgusting, and dangerous behaviors–not “just to hurt trump.” He has stoked mistrust in journalism, mistrust in our form of gov’t, mistrust in our Institutions, mistrust in fellow Americans…and is plotting with Steve Bannon to overtake the gov’t. They said from the beginning that they believed in “scorched earth” policies, and that’s exactly what they continue to do…because people like Dave defend this traitor.

William Marincic

Dave Dankanich, a great letter full of truth, truth that the lefties on here will say is untrue without any facts, just deflection and opinion. The lefties accuse Trump of lying, Biden has not told the truth about anything since he has been in office, actually since he started his campaign, everything he said was a lie. jclark blames Trump for mistrust in journalism yet we the people see that the mainstream media is just another arm of the democrat party. Journalists no longer just report the news, they like Jake Tapper want to be the news, they have an agenda. Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite. A judge today sentenced a participant in the Jan. 6 case to 45 days in jail on a misdemeanor when the prosecution did not ask for jail time while rioters all over the country are having charges dropped. An Obama-appointed judge who said the BLM riots were peaceful, hmm, I wonder if the police that had Molotov cocktails thrown at them say they were peaceful.


Trump supports ~ Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

Doug Hampton

I actually get why they don’t listen to us local posters but what I would love to hear (never will) is how the Trumpsters can overlook all the many insiders talking about their time working with Trump….(Bolton,Kelly,Grisham,Milley,Mattis,Cohn,Comey,Tillerson,McMaster and many more) These are key people who worked very closely with the guy and are all basically said the same thing…..moron ,dope , idiot etc. and I am leaving out the heavy duty words! How does one rationalize that!

“My people came to me, (Director of National Intelligence) Dan Coats came to me and some others saying they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin, he just said it’s not Russia,” Trump said. “I will say this, I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

The same way they “rationalize” that.
Or the same way they rationalize the Doha Agreement, arguably one of the greatest diplomatic and military eff-ups in a generation.

How so many seem able to accept those and the many more travesties committed will possibly top the Jonestown mass suicide as subjects of cult research for years to come.

Regarding Virginia Newton’s thorough assessment of the here and now:
I think it’s worth considering how hot a topic vaccination and health precaution mandates would be if we’d had a leader at the outset who didn’t ‘downplay the seriousness of the deadly pandemic, belittling the science trying to help’, or saying utterly stupid things like:

“I’m feeling good. I just don’t want to be doing — somehow sitting in the Oval Office behind that beautiful resolute desk, the great resolute desk, I think wearing a face mask as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens, I don’t know, somehow I don’t see it for myself. I just don’t. Maybe I’ll change my mind.”(4/20)

Maybe if we’d hadn’t had a President so engaged in himself and his ratings, who spoke the truth as science knew it then, we wouldn’t have to resort to mandates and restrictions. We as a nation could have come together, recognized the danger and taken the necessary precautions, and 700,000 would not have died.

Instead we have to suffer the fools who can’t (won’t) understand what contagious means, and how we are all part of the chain of transmission; who think it’s simply a matter of “personal choice”. As President Donald Trump did.

Conservative media sometimes blame the problem of the unvaccinated on people of color, but the data show vaccine resistance is mostly about red America and younger adults now.

Why it matters: The numbers show a much different story about where we still need to be focusing our vaccination efforts.

By the numbers: 59% of the unvaccinated are Republicans, 64% are white and 46% have a high school education or less. More than half of the unvaccinated live in suburbs with another 27% living in rural areas.
By contrast, 14% are Black, 16% are Hispanic, and 27% live in cities.

Between the lines: These unvaccinated adults tend towards COVID denialism and often see their decision not to get the vaccination as an expression of their personal freedom.
When they do get vaccinated, persuasion and information are not moving them nearly as much as seeing family members, friends and neighbors get sick, go to the hospital, and die, and seeing local news reports about their local hospitals overwhelmed with COVID patients.
Employer mandates are another reality influencing their behavior as companies who have instituted them report their employees are choosing paychecks over their vaccine resistance.

We can’t know what vaccine resistance in red America would look like today were it not for the efforts of former President Trump to deny the seriousness of the pandemic and of several Republican governors to echo similar views and stand in the way of public health measures like mask orders or mandates.

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