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Letters to the Editor Friday, Oct. 8


Don’t let country be ruled by force

For more than four years, all we heard from the Democrats and the leftists was President Trump is a fascist dictator. I am not and never have been a Trump supporter. But from my view, he was the furthest thing ever from a fascist dictator.
All we heard last year during the election campaign was Joe Biden was a kind old grandfather who would bring calm and togetherness back to our country. Nothing could be further from the truth.
He is called the president, but he is not actually in charge.
Whoever is calling his shots, and I have my informed thoughts, is leading this nation into a totalitarian fascist-like dictatorship with Biden as the temporary figurehead. It is called projection.
Two recent developments clearly show it. First is Biden ordering Attorney General Merrick Garland to order the FBI to investigate so-called threats by concerned parents to school boards across the country. These are people exercising the God-given rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.
Second, is Biden ordering the post office to spy on “suspicious” or “terroristic” mail. These developments are on top of the COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates — which by the way only apply to U. S. citizens, not so-called migrants. Add to that the forbidding of using any other medication that has shown to be effective in treating COVID-19. Yes, Biden is bringing back calm and togetherness all right. By force! Please don’t let it happen.
John A. Gaetani

DeSantis’ team is getting things done

We are writing to ask the people of Gloversville to vote for DeSantis for Mayor, Simonds for alderman-at-large, and Batchelor for Third Ward alderman.
Mr. DeSantis and his team have worked hard to make our city a better place to live.
The new garbage system makes our city look and smell better. Many more of our streets are being paved. Many of our sewers and corner sidewalks are being repaired. Our parks are in better shape, with many old and dangerous trees removed and new trees will be planted. We are also on the verge of a new major project across from the senior center, which will be a great asset to our community.
We are now in a much better position to receive money from the state in the next round of grants.
In the short time he has been mayor, he and his team have done all this and more. We ask that you vote for the continuation of this progress. Thank you!
John H. Quinn
Patricia Walker Quinn

Coward addressed writer at her home

I wrote a letter to The Gazette on Sept. 4 (“Black lives need everyone’s help now”) explaining the protection Black lives needed. I also said in my letter that all lives matter. The coward must have missed that part.
This coward apparently looked up my home address and sent me a hateful, unsigned, no-return-address, disgusting letter a few days after my letter was published.
Dear coward, you need help. Check out your mental health insurance coverage and use it.
Diane Sanders Hombach

Niskayuna Co-Op must get rid of tape

To the Niskayuna Co-Op: stop with the tape. Stop with the masks; 98 or 99% of people survive this virus and Israel (with the highest vaccination rate) is at the highest level of covid than before the shot.
Live life. Move on. Turn off your TV. And get rid of that idiotic tape.
Angela Midgley


America needs people to work

When Pete Seeger sang, “Where have all the flowers gone?” he might have been making reference to those long forgotten or those lost in war.
Who knows?
But there is, in this strange time of contagion, something else missing — the American worker.
Is it the pandemic and the maniacal fear of the disease, or is it the overwhelming response by Congress to flood the country with stimulant checks that has produced a reluctance of Americans to seek employment?
School bus drivers, long-haul truckers, healthcare workers, substitute teachers, small business employees —where have they gone?
Like Seeger’s flowers, nobody seems to know. What we do know is this: Thousands of people from all over the world are crossing our borders in record numbers seeking the brass ring in the merry-go-round of life in the United States. Those people are, we hope, trainable.
Why not say to these ‘newcomers,’ “Welcome, but be ready to be trained, and be ready to work for a living.” You know, I might even apply for a position as a substitute teacher. Just kidding! “Hey, guys, who’s the old guy in front of the classroom?”
Allen R. Remaley
Saratoga Springs


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Kudos to Ms. Hombach for calling her anonymous letter writer a “coward”.
As a recipient of a few of those letters myself in my time as an elected official, that title fits the bill perfectly, since their courage comes from not identifying themselves for rebuttal. A lesson I learned is to put any unidentified communications right where it belongs, in my ” circular file”


Many Americans have concerns about the future loss of democracy that our our country is facing. We’ll, I’ve got news for you, the loss is already here as far as I’m concerned.

Trump, his corrupt appointed officials as well as many lying, hypocritical, elected congressman and governors, the vast majority being the “new republicans”, are having their way with grossly abusing their power. Why isn’t the democratic process working? Why aren’t these criminals in prison? I’ll tell you why, it’s because they’re dealing from the bottom of the deck, manipulating every aspect of the law by having their lying corrupt attorneys and colleagues, not unlike foxes guarding the chicken coop, either saying everything is the way it should be and there’s no problem, or blaming the loss of chickens on the rabbits. Yes there’s always been corruption, but certainly not to the most obvious explosive extent of the past five years.

So again I say, where has the truth and justice of the American democratic process been for these blatantly obvious treasonous criminals, including and especially trump, been in the recent past years?

And since when has paying taxes become voluntary for the very richest?
Perhaps trump has the answer for that one. ~ Yes I’m angry.

I’m also angry because so many trump loyalists don’t realize how badly they’re being played. Why are they backing and following him when he’s attempting to lead them, as well as the rest of us, over a cliff? Today’s letter from John A. Gaetani is a perfect example of this. What planet is he living on when he says “he (Trump) was The farthest thing ever from a fascist dictator.”? Then following up by saying;“Whoever is calling his shots, and I have my informed thoughts, is leading this nation into a totalitarian fascist-like dictatorship with Biden as the temporary figurehead.” ~ Help!


Didn’t mean to post that as a response to Vince Riggi. By the way, I totally agree with his take on the Diane Sanders Hombach letter.


Biden is bringing back calm and togetherness all right. By force! Please don’t let it happen.
John A. Gaetani

You might want to read john’s letter after you accept the fact that Biden rather than Trump is president.

Doug Hampton

Holy Cow! Stealing a famous saying by the legendary Phil Rizzuto! Now I think I have seen it all. Biden is a fascist dictator and Trump is not!!! You can’t be serious! I would be okay if one complained about the Afghanistan withdrawal or the excessive money the gov’t gave out or even the rising inflation under Biden. We could at least have a discussion but not recognizing what Trump has done with regards to Jan 6th or the constant denial of the election results and blatantly telling Governors and State Secretaries to lie about the votes! That is just beyond comprehension by any President! How can ANYBODY tolerate that….without fair and honest elections we are no better than any Banana Republic you want to choose. How far we have sunk as a nation! I will never understand how so many people can simply overlook all that has taken place. Again, you want to say that Biden isn’t the greatest President so far, I won’t push back too hard other than to say…. it’s only 10 months or so but how one can call him a dictator is truly absurd!

It’s upside down…no coincidence that Faux Entertainment just celebrated 25 years of spewing misinformation and out-right lies, contributing to partisan politics. They promoted 45 and he still goes on there to continue his inversion of morals and truth. So here we are…unfortunately.

John A. Gaetani–Concerned parents are not the same thing as this spike in violence. It’s the government’s job to protect the people. Are you unaware of all the violence against flight attendants, teachers, store employees? How about poll workers being harassed and attacked just for counting votes? Or Gov Whitmer almost being kidnapped or the Proud Boys in TX purposely trying to run Biden busses off the road with 45 urging them on? Then of course 45s grand finale of the Insurrection? The First Amendment does NOT protect against violence, intimidation or harassment!

William Marincic

Why are Conservatives called the right and liberals the left?

By chance I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible: Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV) – “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”
Thus sayeth the Lord. Amen.

Doug Hampton

But America is actually a centrist nation. The majority is in the middle but in a 2 party system, they have no real home.


Great defense. Make sure you tell that to the judge and jury when trump is hopefully held accountable for his crimes.

Yes, that’s what Solomon was referring to 2200 years ago, William. Talk about a perversion of a BIble quote, smh. Here is the actual reason, which is exactly on point for us:
“The split dates to the summer of 1789, when members of the French National Assembly met to begin drafting a constitution. The delegates were deeply divided over the issue of how much authority King Louis XVI should have, and as the debate raged, the two main factions each staked out territory in the assembly hall. The ANTI-ROYALIST revolutionaries seated themselves to the presiding officer’s LEFT, while the more conservative, aristocratic supporters of the monarchy gathered to the RIGHT.” lol, HISTORY.COM

Doug Hampton

Ouch! You just dealt a major body blow there! I love history and did not know that. Excellent research and reply there jclark!

Joseph Vendetti

There is a great article about how schdy sheriffs removed ghost guns off the streets in todays paper.

I would suggest this read for anyone that is for defunding the police (or moving money into community development- which we have enough of).

Guy in Fultonville – using 3D printer & parts from internet to manufacture silencers, fully automatic M-16’s to gangs.

These weapons would & could be used against police. Thats why they need expensive body armor, vehicles, etc.

With the amount of new inhabitants of our country from South America, Haiti and god knows where else and the amount of illicit drugs – our police, border agents, and investigative agencies need more funds not less.

The NRA and many Republican lawmakers are opposed to legislation addressing ghost guns. The so-called Blue Lives Matter crowd does nothing to pass legislation that would make situations safer for police. Red flags laws, ghost gun laws, longer wait times, universal background checks, would all help keep guns out of the hands of people that would do harm to police.

Please stop with the demonization of “new inhabitants” when there are homegrown white supremacists, terrorists, school shooters and militia members right here in our own country.

Joseph Vendetti


I have multiple hand guns and long guns. Hold a concealed carry in 31 states as well as all 5 boroughs of NYC. Also have federal explosive license in 48 states. I am all for background checks.

But homegrown white supremacists, terrorists, school shooters and militia don’t hold a candle to the a** of the gang bangers, drug cartels, and other bad guys/gals in the US when it comes to committing violent acts with illegal guns. Just look at Chicago, NYC, and Los Angles shootings & gun deaths between June 2020-June 2021 complied by FBI & DOJ.

Yeah, you keep up the vigilance and obsession over our border, Joe. Glad you’re well-armed.
Global takeover conspiracy theories.
Christian pastors and local sheriffs still pissed that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.
And the head of a group that even the reserved Facebook censors labeled a “violent social militia.”

Few Americans are even aware that the gun company Kahr and a rural Pennsylvania doomsday church—both run by the same ultra-rich Korean family—hold an annual “Freedom Festival” that attracts gun enthusiasts and the type of people who attach “Don’t Tread on Me” flags to the back of their trucks. But in the wake of the failed Jan. 6 insurrection, the event’s amalgamation of sovereign citizens and alt-truthers has taken on a new meaning. And now, it’s even got an all-star lineup.

This year’s top speakers include Steve Bannon, once the chief strategist for President Trump, Dana Loesch, the former aggressively vocal National Rifle Association spokeswoman who made millions while achieving celebrity status in the gun industry, and a smattering of alt-right figures known for championing Trump and the Second Amendment.

Ryan Busse, a former gun industry executive turned self-described whistleblower, told The Daily Beast that the presence of such high-profile speakers lends a dangerous credibility to the armed American fringe that is increasingly angry, vocal, and demanding of government policies that cater to their politics.

“It’s going to send a message across the country that this is normal, that this is OK. This is American fascism being developed right before our eyes,” Busse said. “This is like 1936 Germany in a symposium.”

Do you support Texas’ “constitutional carry” law that just went into effect that allows anyone to carry a handgun in public without a permit? Do you think that will make LEOs jobs easier or more dangerous?


So more guns make us safer? I don’t think so. As guns flood the market, so do murders and mass shootings. This part of American history and current events should be taught in schools so we can begin to rid ourselves with this obsession that the only way to protect yourself is to shoot first in self-defense. Now that is an oxymoron.

Joseph Vendetti


Any home pressure cooker can be used for mass killing & maming! So can 2 lbs of nails and other supplies (i won’t name) from pharmacy & hardware store. More mass killers – alcohol, tobacco, automobiles- when will it end with things we will ban for safety? The hell with technology, personal enjoyment, building materials, cooking devices and really personal responsibilities.

I can agree with you on many things – but not this one.


News Alert: Trump DC hotel incurred more than $70 million in losses while Trump was president, documents show

Former President Donald Trump racked up more than $70 million in losses over a four-year period from his Washington, DC, hotel, while publicly claiming that the hotel was making more than tens of millions of dollars, according to documents released by the House Oversight Committee.
It’s the first time that congressional investigators have reviewed and released details of the former president’s financial information. The Manhattan district attorney and New York attorney general investigators have reviewed Trump’s financials, but none of that has been made public.

So is he just lying to us AGAIN and claiming losses for tax purposes? Looking forward to the results of the NYC and NYS investigations.


Angela Midgley, I guess you and I have a different opinion. The one or two percent you talk about is NOT the one or two percent I would rather be a part of. The Bill or Jeff crowd is more like what I would like
Be safe. And if you’d like to test your no mask no tape theorizes come on down and you can replace some of the 50,000 plus residents we have lost. Can’t be vacated though as you can’t properly test your no mask no tape requests if you are. Never mind If your not vacated I take that back, we have enough visitors already who fill that requirement.


News Alert: Biden refuses to assert privilege over Trump documents sought by January 6 committee

The White House has informed the National Archives they are not asserting executive privilege on behalf of former President Donald Trump, paving the way for the Archives to share documents with the House committee investigating the January 6 violence at the US Capitol, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Sweet music.


FRED STRNISA, Jared and Ivanka reportedly made $640 million while Daddy was president. No report available about Uday and Qusey at this time. You remember them right the spawn of Saddam’s? Also known as Jr and what’s his name brother.
I,m not to buy any of any of Hunters art suggest you do the same. Hear it’s not that good.

I am not, nor have I ever been, a meat-eater!

Writer spends rest of letter discussing favorite cuts of steak and how much he hates vegetarians. (Excuse me, hippie-commie vegetarians.)

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