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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Oct. 13


Lies, propaganda keep covid war alive
America is at war, the deadliest war in our history against the most determined enemy.
And it’s not a war we can just call off like Afghanistan where “only” 2,218 have been killed.
Most recent data shows that over 703,000 of our fellow Americans have died so far in this war, and the numbers keep growing.
World War II, with about 405,000 dead, doesn’t even come close, although it hasn’t yet approached the 945,000 deaths between the North and South, most from non-combat causes, in the Civil War.
It even outstrips the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, which took the lives of 655,000 Americans.
Like our Civil War, this one pits Americans against Americans.
But, unlike other wars, this one could be ended (and might already have been ended) without a bullet fired.
All we have to do to win this war is to get vaccinated and wear a mask. What is stopping us are the co-conspirators from within — the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers who are aiding and abetting the enemy.
Promulgating misinformation, claiming false religious concerns, selfishly asserting their “right” of personal freedom — these people are putting the rest of us at risk and prolonging this horrible war unnecessarily.
They tweet, march with signs and write letters to the editor which, if published, further spread the misinformation and fear.
Yes, we all have freedom of speech. But spreading proven falsehoods is not guaranteed in our Constitution.
Lies are not opinions. They are the propaganda of the enemy.
Richard W. Lewis, Jr.

Editorial on Niskayuna audit went too far
When I stepped up to volunteer as the president of the Niskayuna School Board, I knew that my new role would open my actions up for greater scrutiny.
Yet I, and many of your readers who called me over the long holiday weekend, were horrified to see your Oct. 10 Sunday editorial (“Niskayuna school audit should be released”) compare me to a fictional pathological liar, Joe Isuzu, from 1980’s car commercials.
The visceral reaction of many to your disreputable editorial was very comforting.
Furthermore, the casual tone of your editorial demanding records that need to be reviewed and possibly redacted by our legal team be released “just for kicks” on a “Friday evening” before a long holiday weekend surprised me.
Niskayuna Board of Education Policy 3310 provides guidance for obtaining public records, and to be fair and equitable, I am insisting your newspaper, like everybody else, follow that policy.
To be fair, if we give your newspaper special treatment then we must give everybody special treatment thus, our policies mean nothing because the exception becomes larger than the rule.
I am always glad to see members of the media in the audience at our meetings and welcome media attention to our work, thoughtful analysis of our decisions and honest reporting.
I just ask that we be allowed to follow the law and our policy and not be maligned in your editorials for doing our job.
Kimberly Tully
Editor’s Note: On Wednesday morning, the district acknowledged receipt of our FOIL request and said it would decide by Oct. 22 whether it would release or not release the audit to the public. 


Wondering who can now legally vote
I just read that voters can register online for the upcoming November election with a valid ID or New York state driver’s license. With undocumented immigrants being able to get a state driver’s license, what is to prevent them from voting?
John Morhous

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ChuckD October 13, 2021
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Gosh Lou, when the truth rains, the truth pours, don’t it?

Zachary October 13, 2021
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Richard W. Lewis, Jr. I’m kind of curious why the government doesn’t release the data on natural immunity we’re every study I’ve seen out of Israel says that natural immunity is better immunity than the vaccination.

Doug Hampton that’s funny because it’s the Democrats that put everyone in a box, they put them in boxes by color, they put them in boxes by income, they put them in boxes by religion and politics that’s the Democrat wait divide and conquer.

Matt October 13, 2021
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FRED BARNEY October 13, 2021
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“… 945,000 deaths between the North and South, most from non-combat causes, in the Civil War.”

It seems that the decedents of the victims of our war of liberation are owed reparations

LOUIS RESTIFO October 13, 2021
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Richard W. Lewis, Jr., Thank you for your letter. ~ I’m in total agreement with you that we are fighting a war against a killer pandemic. This is a war that can be won. As you said; “All we have to do to win this war is to get vaccinated and wear a mask.”

Thank you Republicans, especially so Trump loyalists, for being the main enemy in winning this war:

Excerpt from an article in today’s Washington Post…
“The nationwide fight over coronavirus vaccine mandates gained intensity this week as top Republicans and their conservative allies escalated attacks on public health strategies aimed at curbing the pandemic…”

“The anti-mandate cause is becoming increasingly central to pro-Trump Republicans, with figures such as Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis loudly promoting it, a development that complicates President Biden’s efforts to fight the pandemic.”

BILL WEMPLE October 13, 2021
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You Cannot register to vote unless you are a US Citizen. Go online to NYS DMV Voter Registration and read the form yourself for voting requirements instead of posting BS Propaganda.