UAlbany will put new logos on Casey Stadium field once turf has ‘run its life’

The turf at UAlbany's Bob Ford Field at Tom & Mary Casey Stadium currently sports the university's old "split A" logo.

The turf at UAlbany's Bob Ford Field at Tom & Mary Casey Stadium currently sports the university's old "split A" logo.

UAlbany unveiled its new athletics logo and “refreshed brand identity” in July 2020, and while many of the university’s facilities still prominently feature the Great Danes’ old “legacy” logos — including the turf field at Tom & Mary Casey Stadium — that look could be changing in the relatively near future.

UAlbany deputy athletic director Vic Cegles said Wednesday that UAlbany does plan to replace the Casey Stadium turf — which currently features the university’s former “split A” logo at midfield — with a surface that displays the Great Danes’ new branding, including the redesigned look of Damien, the Great Danes’ mascot, as the midfield logo.

That won’t happen, however, until the FieldTurf service reaches the end of its service life.

“We’re waiting for the turf to run its life,” Cegles said. “It normally has a 10-year lifespan.”

Casey Stadium opened in September 2013, which would mean the turf will reach the prospective end of its service life in 2023. However, Cegles noted that when the stadium opened, it was originally intended to be used only for football, men’s soccer and women’s soccer. With UAlbany’s men’s and women’s lacrosse teams also moving into the facility, that could mean a shorter service life and an earlier need to put in a new surface featuring the school’s current branding.

That will be dependent, Cegles said, on a number of tests that have to be performed on the field to determine its level of wear-and-tear.

“It’s getting a lot of wear-and-tear. I think the lifespan is coming to an end,” Cegles said. “There’s a bunch of tests that have to be done to determine if the life of the FieldTurf is over. There’s a concussion test, they go in and test the seams . . . once they go in and determine it’s run its life, it’s not, quote-unquote, safe for play, we’d redo and put in a new logo.”

Similar tests resulted in the replacement of the turf at the adjacent John Fallon Field, though that renovation occurred prior to UAlbany’s branding change, meaning that field will feature the “legacy” logo for several years to come.

“Fallon’s going to sit with the ‘split A’ until it runs its term,” Cegles said. “It’s a lot of money just to put into a new logo.”

Some changes have already been made at UAlbany facilities to reflect the refreshed look. The basketball court at SEFCU Arena was redesigned to highlight the new logo, while earlier this week the back panel of the Casey Stadium scoreboard was replaced with a design that features the school’s current branding.

However, the “split A” will have a place at UAlbany in many areas.

The old logo is still at the top level of the south tower at the entrance to Casey Stadium, and seats in both Casey and SEFCU Arena still feature the design, which UAlbany in its brand guide considers a “legacy” logo that has not been officially retired.

“We kept it as a ‘legacy’ mark,” Cegles said. “This way, it can still live on campus and in our venues, but anything new that we create is going to have the Damien head on it.”

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