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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Oct. 14


Kim, Montagnino back safe Saratoga

Saratoga Springs, like all American communities, must improve police transparency and accountability.
Under the governor’s executive order, our city’s Police Reform Task Force made significant evidence-based recommendations.
First, “defunding the police” wasn’t advised and is totally unacceptable. Democratic Mayoral candidate Ron Kim (a former Public Safety commissioner who resisted police cutbacks) and Public Safety candidate Jim Montagnino, know this better than anyone.
They understand how important it is to have a fully funded professional police force that everybody can be proud of, regardless of color or ethnicity.
Second, no more “Darryl Mount”-type incidents. It’s unknown if there was police misconduct in this case. Yet, the defensive response to Darryl’s injury and death opened the door to all sorts of theories. Nothing erodes faith in our police more than such confusion.
At minimum, we are entitled to transparency, especially when human life is involved.
Ron Kim and Jim Montagnino favor what the task force recommended, a civilian police review board whose mission is to look objectively at controversial situations. Independent review means accountability, credibility. Kim and Montagnino are committed to a safe Saratoga Springs for everyone.
Sharon Boyd
Saratoga Springs

Niskayuna board lacking credibility

With respect to John Della Ratta’s Oct. 2 letter (“Niskayuna delivering transparent gov’t,”) I have to ask: how gullible does he think we are?
No one has suggested that the town’s “plan” to cut 4% from the budget was a secret. The state  comptroller said that it was improper and resulted in the board adopting an unbalanced budget.
And Mr. Della Ratta’s assertion that the town cannot release details of investigations in violation of HR policies or law to satisfy “prurient” interests is the most absurd of all. The town has done so twice this year.
Most recently, the town released the contents of an anonymous email accusing the deputy chief of police of misconduct without holding a hearing to determine whether those allegations had any basis.
Finally, we just learned that for more than a week, Mr. Della Ratta attempted to conceal the fact that he was arrested for DWI.
Transparency in government?
The hypocrisy is palpable.
This board’s mismanagement has already cost Niskayuna in terms of its credibility, reputation, and actual dollars. I don’t know how much of the town can be salvaged or restored, but neither is possible with this town board.
Barbara Pidgeon
The writer is a retired Niskayuna Justice Court clerk.

Freight train crews are unsung heroes

To the unsung heroes of the pandemic: not once during the pandemic have I read or watched or listened to a story where a nod to or an ode to or a thank you was given to our freight train system and its rail workers.
While truckers (essential, thank you) can haul one to four shipping containers, freight trains are capable of hauling hundreds of shipping containers in one run or the equivalent of miles of shipping containers.
Like truckers, freight trains and rail workers didn’t stop moving during the pandemic, there was no working from home, they did what they always do: delivered! They, too, have been front-line workers, essential to our survival, essential in keeping the country moving.
Next time as you watch those rail cars pass you by or when you hear that train whistle, remember how lucky you are and take a moment to imagine the goods that freight train is hauling — toilet paper, lumber, fuel, corn, auto parts — the essentials of everyday life. I am thankful for our freight trains and their rail workers, may God bless them and keep them safe.
Stephanie Harris



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Again not on topic with today’s letter, but certainly ongoing top news. ~ The House select committee’s investigation of the Jan. 6 attack.

I am absolutely repulsed by ANYONE defending, or even being complacent regarding Donald John Trump’s egregious coup attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election.

My God people, let’s all as Americans, stop this nonsense, accept the fact that that trump LOST the election and realize by not acknowledging that fact you are a part of an effort to destroy American democracy.

The committee better put handcuffs on anyone that refuses to testify. If we want to keep our Republic, then NO person is above the law. Hope they start with Steve Bannon, the repulsive traitor who claims he has 20,000 shock troops ready and “they” control this country. REALLY?

Stephanie Harris–yes, freight train crews are among so many unsung heroes during this turbulent time! I’m alarmed at the rise of violence against scientists, teachers, board members, store employees, and nurses…to name just a few of our heroes.

Doug Hampton

The support for doing the right thing should be 100%! The saving of the Democracy should be the most important thing! Period….then we can move on and perhaps the R party can put forth another candidate so we can get back to debating issues not whether or not there will be another coup attempt!


The people on social security are getting a 5.9% to help them deal with the effects of the Biden prosperity. This should help them, in an attempt to maintain their standard of living, to afford enough gas to get to the food pantry and the salvation army.

Social Security entitlements haven’t gotten a decent boost in decades and the program barely kept up with the cost of living, but Fred has to make it negative since it happened under Biden. Fred acts like the pandemic has no effect on the economy.

A Republican means a commitment of substance and not insults?! You mean like your dear leader, 45? LOL!


Printing money has a strong effect on the price level. It also greatly inhibits the transparency of of government. By obscuring the cost of government it greatly inhibits the ability of citizens to cast an informed vote. Now you see why Democrats favor the printing of money


October 10th, 2021
If you were a Republican you would substitute work for the wish to live at another’s expense.

October 14th, 2021
As for snide remark I am a Republican not a Democrat.

So Fred you never answered, as a Republican, are you going to stop accepting Social Security and Medicare benefits and substitute work, as you suggest for others? Plenty of available jobs that pay, as apposition to antagonizing people for nothing more than some sort of depraved self satisfaction.


“My God people, let’s all as Americans, stop this nonsense…”

Given the Democrats’ critical race theory I find it to be unreasonable for one of them support the notion of the racial libel notion of Americans.

Didn’t think so, Fred. You can’t even give one sentence demonstrating that you have any idea what you’re talking about.

What are you afraid of Fred?
You’ve made all manner of noise about how wrong it is, yet most Americans don’t have a problem with it. Surely you can point to the parts that bother you the most.


Critical Race Theory to Fred…He has a Theory the world would be a better place if all were Critical of any Race other than White.

William Marincic

A couple days ago the usual lefties, ChuckD and Lou attacked Joe Vendetti because he has guns. Joe V stated that if people want to kill they will find a way. Well, in today’s headlines on Fox was this.

The deadly bow-and-arrow attack carried out by a Danish suspect in a small Norwegian town yesterday that claimed the lives of five people “currently appear[s] to be an act of terrorism,” Norway’s national security agency announced Thursday.

The suspect – a Muslim convert who was previously flagged as having been radicalized, according to police – is accused of having shot at people in a number of locations in the town of Kongsberg on Wednesday evening. Several of the victims were in a supermarket, police said.

Imagine if he’d had a gun, how much more “successful” he’d have been? And then he could’ve offed himself too. Guns do amazing things to amplify the carnage.
That’s what you’re for?

Doug Hampton

I couldn’t let that go by without a major LOL!

Furthermore, he is ALWAYS the first guy to give folks a hard time for not explaining oneself ! CRT like Socialism is almost always misunderstood by the right yet it’s used as a deadly weapon by them quite often.

Joseph Vendetti


Don’t know if you saw the bow and arrow attack news from Norway that left 5 dead & 3 seriously wounded. Attacker had 45 arrows.


News Brief: Five people were killed and two were injured in a bow and arrow attack yesterday in Norway. A 37-year-old man has been arrested and charged, and he is believed to have acted alone. Authorities said it’s too early in the investigation to have figured out the suspect’s motive. The attack came on the eve of a new government after last month’s parliamentary elections unseated the long-ruling Conservative Party. Police officers across Norway have now been ordered to carry firearms as a precaution — a rarity for the country.

What really caught my eye was the very last sentence (“firearms as a precaution – a rarity for the country”). Just envision if we outlawed guns in the U.S. like Norway and other civilized countries around the world, we would only have to worry about bows and arrows and not hi-powered arms that Americans tote around all the time killing each other over parking spots, noisy neighbors, etc.

Joseph Vendetti


You don’t think if we prohibited firearms like we prohibited alcohol from 1920-1933 we would see the same thing happen.

Guns illegally coming from all over the globe, criminals having all the weapons??

To me it doesn’t sound like a great plan. Especially since technology allows me to print 3D parts for weapons. So what I envision is large established companies like Remington and Winchester being forced out of business and weapons (handguns, machine guns, etc) being made in mass underground factories with 3D printers. Very similar to meth, cocaine and heroin labs that have those individuals working.

I look forward to at least one idea from those who squawk about losing their alleged “second amendment rights” that addresses one of the greatest failures of this country; keeping its citizens from being shot.

Joseph Vendetti


We would all like to live in utopia with no violence especially needless gun violence but just as I stated -organized crime never flourished more then those prohibition years.

Surely the people that would benefit most by removing guns from permitted individuals and shutting down legal companies would be the criminals.

Joe, I’m not against guns, and I’m not a gun expert.
I’m on the side of making them safer, and still look forward to someone who is an expert making some noise on how to make us all safer. Selling more guns is not a solution.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew G. McCabe, fired by the Trump Dept. of Justice after a Trump temper tantrum, has been made whole having had this pension restored, with $200,000 back pay, and the idiotic firing expunged from his record. In addition he will receive the cuff links given to senior executives and a plaque with his mounted F.B.I. credentials and badge,
The emperor-wannabe continues to be exposed as a fraud and broken individual.

“If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ’22 and ’24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”


I bet Fred won’t be sending back his ss increase.

PS……as a result of 2 of my recent letters to the Gazette opinion page:

To the COWARD who continues to send unsigned, zero return address, nasty racist letters to my home about my letters…… I’m taking all your letters to the Schdy Police Dept tomorrow.

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