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Letters to the Editor Friday, Oct. 15


Writer trivialized soldiers’ deaths

In regard to Richard W. Lewis Jr.’s Oct. 13 letter (“Lies, propaganda keep covid war alive”), I’m sure most readers totally understand your letter outlining the comparison of military deaths versus covid deaths. You stated that “only” 2,218 were killed in Afghanistan. ONLY, really?
ONLY 2,218 fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, they were all real people who had real families that still mourn the loss of their loved ones. Don’t trivialize the number of deaths our military occurs during a time of war, the loss of one is too many.
Rick Splawnik

Progressives have selective memories

The selective memory of the progressive collective is stunning as Ms. Newton wrote in her Oct. 7 letter (“It won’t be easy to undo Trump impact.”)
Parents have begun to hold schools accountable for what they teach.
The pandemic and its closed classrooms for the first time revealed the process of institutionalization that begins in grade school and as parents have become aware they have begun taking action.
As a result, a very few have overstepped but no more frequently than those of the left.
Other than temporary custodial duty to protect, it’s not a school’s place to protect children; they aren’t our children but rather the parent’s children.
It really doesn’t take a village, just parents.
As for rude behavior, certainly you remember the multi-million-dollars in damage at the left wing “block parties” across America, or the incident at Saratoga restaurants last year, or more recently the action of a few in an Arizona bathroom. Well, perhaps not, what with the selective memory of the left.
And do you forget those police precincts torched in Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis, to name a few? Or how about the cathedral in Washington, D.C., or the multitude of businesses looted and burned.
No, the progressive mind shuts down when presented with those images.
Those fires pale in comparison to the firestorm at the southern border, the tragedy of those left behind in Afghanistan or the ever increasing tax of inflation.
I wish I had one of those selective memories. It would go well with rose colored glasses, or maybe even blinders.
Carl Tucker


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William Marincic

The lefties on this site are going to bring up January 6 because that’s all they have even though it’s really a non-issue you will hear it over and over again in today’s comment section.


“Non-issue”? Want to explain that one? Would you rather talk about what Texas, Florida and other red states are doing to deny voting and women’s reproductive rights? How about the 17 subpoenas issued to Trump associates regarding the insurrection and other undemocratic efforts? We could discuss the republican and Fox led pandemic or how the GOP doesn’t understand that the debt ceiling deals with expenses incurred mostly by Trump this past fiscal year, not future expenditures. There are countless republican issues we don’t know where to begin!

So if Trump wins in 2024 and Antifa storms the Capitol to overturn the election and a few police officers die, we now have Bill on record that it should be treated as a non-issue.

Armed and violent insurrection against the people of the United States.
Sure, a “non-issue”.
You continue to impress with your attempts to play down your sedition. You don’t fool anyone and the courts will have their say in the matter(s).

William Aiken

None of the investigations into Jan. 6th found any evidence that the rioters were armed. You have to resort to exaggeration to create the illusion that Jan. 6th was something it never was. To Bill’s point, you have crushing inflation, soaring energy prices and a humanitarian crisis at the Southern border, all of which were created by Biden’s policies.

These policies have real consequences for every day citizens. Jan. 6th doesn’t make a difference. It’s merely a vehicle to tarnish 45’s image, with the desperate hope that he wont run in 2024. It’s also the ultimate shiny object to distract the public from Biden’s self made disasters as the country implodes.


One question I would like to get answered from the two hit and run Williams regarding 1/6/21 would be; What would you be saying if the storming of the Capital was exactly as it was with the exception of all the insurrectionist being Black, their cause was regarding racial injustice and the President watching it all play out for three hours, relishing the event, was Barack Obama? I’m sure they would refer to it as a “non-issue”. Right William? Right William?

Make sure you two stick with your modus operandi and don’t answer.

The letter writer put the word “only” in quotation marks when referring to the number of deaths in Afghanistan. This is typically done to put emphasis on a word when the author doesn’t agree with its use in that context. I did not take that sentence at all to be minimize or trivialize the deaths of our troops in Afghanistan.

Doug Hampton

Carl Tucker’s letter is no more than a regurgitation of FOX news. First he starts off talking about parents and schools and how it doesn’t take a village and then goes right on to all the typical laundry list of criticisms from the right. First of all, of course the primary role of raising children falls with the parents. Nobody disputes that, but schools do play a key role in helping our kids grow and develop. Furthermore , sadly too many households don’t have 2 parents and/or a great deal of stability so the schools become even more important. That’s all “It takes a village” means but of course the right with their ideology being what it is has to make what should be a fair and simple comment all political. It didn’t take long for the writer to be revealed as just another FOX viewer who just got done watching an hour of Hannity.


What a joke when Carl Tucker claims the left to have selective memory regarding overstepping and rude behavior, as stated in part of his all over the place letter. All need be said is why no mention of January 6, 2021 and and petty much everything else associated with 45. – Selective memory from the alt-right? Never.

As a footnote to the gazette: I’ve been busted and had to edit letters over 250 words, this was a poor choice to let slide over that mark.

Well it’s about time you woke up to the sad truth, Lou. The DG has a radical right wing agenda, catering to the most diehard Q-Trumper. It’s even in their very name: Daily Gazette. Well what if we don’t want a “gazette” (whatever THAT is) daily? Commies! Socialists! Or something…

/s, of course.


At least the “Commies! Socialists! Or something…” part

This has become so predictable. Is there anyone on the right who has ideas that aren’t just a recitation of something they heard somewhere? Who has actually taken some time to think through these issues? The overwhelming majority of the griping we see here and elsewhere are just a simplistic regurgitation of some influencer’s well-paid dog-whistles. Followed up by not rebuttal, but deflection (yes, actual deflection. Not the co-opted term they themselves toss around).

“Parents have begun to hold schools accountable for what they teach.
The pandemic and its closed classrooms for the first time revealed the process of institutionalization that begins in grade school and as parents have become aware they have begun taking action.”

Carl Tucker (seriously?), aside from your social media echo groups, which parents are doing the accounting and what are their credentials to be educators? Based on what we’ve seen and heard from you people who are so “concerned” about what’s being taught in school, you clearly understand very little of the subject matter. And I think what you consider “institutionalized” is what we in the mainstreams of life consider civil behavior, another vital trait you all seem to not understand.

Maybe if one of you could present an argument against this Critical Race Theory that’s really got you all triggered, showing that you actually read into it, we could engage in civil debates on the subject and come to some kind of agreement. Until then all you seem to add to our kids’ education is lessons in how not to behave.

With regards to your “block parties” (which I’ve never heard anyone refer to civil disorder as), again, your jigsaw puzzle picture of reality is missing a bunch of pieces. The mainstream media, and left-wing media, and leaders of the BLM movement, and leaders in the Democratic Party, and commenters here in this forum, and myself, a Sanders Progressive, have been outspoken in our criticism of the violence of the BLM movement. But we’ve also been critical of law enforcement’s many documented abuses of citizens’ civil rights, often exacerbating tense situations, and we’re also cognizant of agitators from antagonistic movements who are documented to have instigated much of the violence as part of their game plan. And like most of the world, we see the influence Donald Trump’s hate speech has had on a certain demographic just dying (often literally) to express their own hate and insecurities.

Sadly all you people’s grievances all seem to boil down to racism. You blast those defending civil justice and you deify those defending the Whites’ dominance and entitlements. Thanks, at least, for the transparency.


“It’s not the school’s place to protect children,” whines Carl Tucker. The Latin phrase ‘in loco parentis’ applies specifically to schools and teachers, meaning it is most definitely their job to protect children when parents are not present.

Carl, stop parroting Fox noise. It’s quite boring.

William Marincic

Cynthia Swanson, how would you know if Fox News is boring if you don’t watch it? I listen to CNN more than I do Fox, you know, keep your enemies closer.


William, if you watch CNN and MSNBC as I do, you will know that we see the nonsense spewed on a regular basis by the likes of Hannity and Carlson. Don’t need to expose myself to their swill.

Joseph Vendetti

Cynthia – you are far too intelligent not to know that CNN is just left bias as Fox and those goofs are bias too far right!!!

In days when I was younger there was actual journalism where we the ppl could make a choice, now we have news groups that create the news.

Let’s get this out of the way, for the benefit of the more gullible:
Fauci ‘plotting’ for a new flu virus to force vaccinations? Pants on Fire

Social media users are sharing a claim that — in a C-SPAN video of a public presentation — Dr. Anthony Fauci and other federal Health and Human Services Department officials plotted for a new flu virus.
The conservative Gateway Pundit website made the claim with this headline:

“EXPLOSIVE VIDEO Emerges of Fauci and HHS Officials Plotting for ‘A New Avian Flu Virus’ to Enforce Universal Flu Vaccination.”

The article was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.)
The claim is a gross misrepresentation of what the officials were talking about.
Similar claims were made by the conservative One America News network in reporting on the video, and by social media users who shared clips of the video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Gateway Pundit’s article cited an Oct. 4 “emergency broadcast” by Alex Jones’ InfoWars, a website known to air false news and conspiracy theories, which in turn cited the video.
politifact DOT com/factchecks/2021/oct/14/gateway-pundit/fauci-plotting-new-flu-virus-force-vaccinations-pa/

What is happening, as PolitiFact explains, is the misuse of the panel’s description of “universal”. Many seem bound and determined to uncover a vast dark conspiracy somehow, somewhere. There is none here (either).

“As the panelists explained, ongoing research toward a universal flu vaccine is aimed at creating a vaccine with long-lasting protection against multiple flu strains that would eliminate the need for annual flu shots.”

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