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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Oct. 24


Make sure costumes aren’t offensive

As Halloween approaches, please be mindful when choosing a costume.
Recently, there have been many stories in the news of cultural appropriation when it comes to dressing up for the holiday.
From war paint, to grass skirts and coconut shell tops, and of course, blackface, a simple gut check should tell you if you’ve crossed a line.
We often see this time of year celebrities and everyday folks continue to have a tough time with the concept of cultural appropriation.
Since its inception 18 months ago, the Capital Region Antiracism Training Initiative has worked hard to provide the tools and training our community needs to help everyone become antiracists and allies to people of color.
We have provided community forums with Ibram Kendi, the author of “How to be an Antiracist,”,Princeton University Professor and MSNBC contributor Dr. Eddie Glaude, and the founder of the 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge Dr. Eddie Moire, a recent Town Hall on the work of W.E.B. DuBois, more than a dozen training sessions on topics ranging from health disparities to food racism, and hosting the weekly public affairs program community conversations.
At Halloween there’s no better way to be an ally than to model good behavior for our children.
Please do not wear a costume that serves to hurt others.
For more information about the Capital Region Antiracism Training Initiative and Allyship Institute and the free programs we offer, please visit
Hayward D. Horton, PhD
The writer is co-founder of the Capital Region Antiracism Training Initiative.

McGraw led upgrade to Lock 7 access road

Lock 7 is one of the true jewels of Niskayuna. It is a beautiful, interesting, and tranquil setting enjoyed by residents and visitors every day.
When the state road leading to the Lock 7 boat launch and park fell into disrepair, becoming impassable for bicycles and dangerous for cars, residents in town grew concerned.
They contacted many in government, but only one person stepped up to help.
Councilwoman Denise Murphy McGraw went to work to address concerns. She collaborated with the Canal Corp leadership to get the road reconstructed.
I don’t know exactly when this work took place, but I took my kids for a walk there recently and it was beautiful. Today, Lock 7 Road is much safer and looks great thanks to Denise Murphy McGraw’s efforts.
Kaleigh Reid

Stefanik brings home bacon to her district

Elise Stefanik is continuing her efforts in bringing millions of dollars to the North Country.
In just two weeks she has brought funding to a variety of communities and organizations, including for wildlife conservation projects, healthcare, airports, schools, and much more.
Recently, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has been teaming up with local politicians to bring funding to North Country communities.
Millions of dollars have been brought in during the last few weeks including $650,000 for Indian Lake, Long Lake Central Schools.
Stefanik, along with state Senator Jim Tedisco and Assemblyman Robert Smullen, secured this funding after these school districts had been left out of New York’s Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund.
It is important that small North Country schools have necessary funding so they can be properly equipped with resources for the future.
According to the congresswoman “to help prepare and equip members of the tribe to engage in the workforce,” $558,679 has also been allotted for the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe.
Rep. Stefanik has also announced $4.16 million in grant and grant matches to conserve and restore the North Country’s wetlands, especially important with the Adirondacks being located in NY-21.
Other funding in the past two weeks include $600,000 for North Country Health, $2.4 million for Watertown International Airport, and $200,000 for Fort Ticonderoga, just to name a few.
We applaud Elise in her efforts to continue bringing funding to the North Country and all of its citizens.
Claire Pelletier-Hoblock


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Hayward D. Horton, PhD, thank you for writing an absolutely great, informative letter that touches on two topics that will be overlapping in one week; A fun holiday and racism.

Way too many people In America today seem to be concerned only with their own lives and are somewhat oblivious to other’s beliefs and feelings.

It’s sad that so many of us need to be educated on the fact that all people are equal, no one more significant than another. We all start and end in the same place, what’s in between, and should be realized by all is equality.

As being a co-founder of Antiracism Training Initiative, I commend and thank you.


“We often see this time of year celebrities and everyday folks continue to have a tough time with the concept of cultural appropriation.”

Is it cultural appropriation when men masquerade as women?


Regarding today’s Gazette article on the replica Statue of Liberty, I’m in total agreement with the logical prospect of putting her back where she belongs, Liberty Park.
As far as Mayor Gary McCarthy‘s perceiving the current “relocation as a success”, I say, in his own mind only.

If Mayor McCarthy considers this a “success”, then that explains all the other quality of life problems with this city.
I could make a career out of just driving around with my trusty weed whacker cleaning up all the weeds growing up in traffic islands, medians, sidewalks, other empty spaces the mayor apparently doesn’t see.
The placement of the statue is an abomination and a clear act of desperation. But then this is the same mayor who thought a casino was a good idea (sold on the promise, and payment for, a tree museum there. How’s that coming?)

A+ for Lou and the group organizing the rally, and the DG for giving them airtime.
F+ for the mayor.

Ah Ms. Pelletier-Hoblock, back again but doing a better job hiding your interning for the fake-patriot Stefanik, aren’t you?

But you are, (or were) and being dishonest doesn’t look good for a politician who’s already under scrutiny for her treason and sedition (and probably should be under investigation for more).

Let me fix your letter for you:
Thanks Democrats for making the rescue funds available to all states so even Republicans could glom on and try to grab undeserved credit where none is due!

You’re welcome Ms. Pelletier-Hoblock. Come again, it’s always fun swatting down Republican lies here, and so easy too!

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