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Letters to the Editor Monday, Oct. 25


Who’s watching the books in Rotterdam

Under New York state town law, the finance director/comptroller must submit a monthly report of all receipts and disbursements to the town board for approval before payment.
These must be approved by the town board and filed with the town clerk.
Over the last 10 months, only three reports have been issued for approval by the Rotterdam Town Board for the 2021 budget.
Resolution 154.2, for police disbursement and 192.2 and 242.2 for diesel and gas disbursements.
There were no other detailed reports issued for town receipts and disbursement for the 2021 budget.
In addition, the finance director issued a letter in July to all current town employees that gave them the option of getting paid for any unused sick or vacation time. Previously this was a benefit only when leaving employment.
This agreement, or MOA, with the four unions was signed by the supervisor in August. Per the union contract, the town board has to approve any changes/MOA with a resolution at an open forum. To date, no such resolution exists.
I filed a Freedom of Information Law request and discovered that 57 employees took advantage of this option, at a cost to the taxpayers of over $430,000.
Who’s guarding the town checkbook? Not the town board.
Robert Godlewski

Limo task force has much work to do

Just over three years ago, a stretch limousine crashed in Schoharie County, claiming the lives of 20 people.
The October 2018 crash was the nation’s deadliest transportation accident in nearly a decade.
Our community still aches for the tremendous loss experienced by our families, friends and neighbors. My thoughts are with all those who have been forever hurt by this tragic loss.
Since then, I’ve been working to overhaul our state’s transportation regulations, including the recently appointed Stretch Limousine Passenger Safety Task Force.
The task force will prepare a comprehensive report on the safety of limousines in our state and make additional recommendations for improvement.
While Gov. Kathy Hochul only recently took action to make the needed appointments for the task force to begin its work, something that the previous governor had put off for nearly two years, it’s important that this work move forward expeditiously.
This task force will go a long way towards protecting passengers and drivers alike and help prevent future tragedies.
I look forward to seeing their report soon and continuing my work to protect our communities.
Angelo Santabarbara
The writer is a state Assemblyman for the 111th district representing areas of Albany, Schenectady and Montgomery counties.

Moskowitz offers necessary change

It seems that the town of Niskayuna has been in the news quite frequently lately, and not for anything good.
And it also seems that all of the negative publicity comes back to one common root — our current Town Board.
Perhaps this Election Day, voters should remember that we need change. We need someone in office who will listen to and address our concerns, even if it doesn’t personally or politically benefit them, their family or their friends.
I hope you’ll join me on Nov. 2 in voting for Jason Moskowitz. His career in public safety shows his dedication to our community, and with no political experience, he will hear our voice, not the voice of corruption. According to his website, he has campaigned on the platform of separating politics from small town government and his campaign efforts have been refreshing to say the least. He’s exactly the change we need to put Niskayuna on the right track.
Robin Battista


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The news that a bunch of conservatives rallying against vaccine mandates at the governor’s mansion yesterday just shows how self-centered and politically ignorant they are. Even Liz Joy, Stefanik’s understudy and anti-democratic Trumpian, couldn’t garner a decent sized crowd. Cannot wait to see her pummeled again by Tonko next year.

But the best quote came from John Nicholson of Clifton Park: “Why do I need to be vaccinated for you to be safe, if you’re vaccinated? Surely, that’s not how vaccines worked in the past.” Well John, let me tell you a short story about my 81 year old conservative neighbor. He got fully vaccinated earlier this year (smart), but after a while stopped wearing a mask when he went to a restaurant or store. “I’m vaccinated, so why should I need a mask?” he would say like many more conservatives. Well, he got Covid-19 two weeks ago and is just now coming out of isolation. The FDA recently approved booster shots because the vaccines we were given were only so effective against the delta variant, which we might have avoided had more people (like the idiots at yesterday’s rally) been vaccinated in the Spring.

Joseph Vendetti


Did you see the protesters at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn yesterday? Dollar to donuts- 90% registered Democrats.

My point – don’t this idiocy falls all in the lap of one group.

Doug Hampton

Not sure your exact point but Kyrie is an outstanding player and Nets fans want to win a championship so that’s a natural conflict. The interesting thing about Kyrie is that he has said that he is not against being vaccinated, he just doesn’t like to be told that he must comply to the mandates. Kyrie loses 426,000 per GAME!! How long do you think he will sit out? Furthermore, I have played a lot of hoops in the day, I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t be comfortable playing that close to a non vaccinated player.

Joseph Vendetti

Point being – Ray is pointing out conservatives and Republicans against the vaccine. I consider myself a moderate that leans conservative and I had both my shots in February and have my booster even though I was covid positive in August of this year.

Kyrie is also a “flat earther” – I listened to his pod cast and was amazed that anyone thinks the world is flat and somehow he got into Duke??


I doubt Duke recruited him for his brain.

I didn’t see the protesters at Barclay Center. Was it about Kyrie or vaccine mandates? If it was the latter, I doubt very much it was 90% Dems. Of the 65 million or so still unvaccinated, I bet at least 2/3 to 3/4 are republicans.

Doug Hampton

That’s about what I figured. My point is that I don’t really think using the protest in Brooklyn is a great example to prove that R’s or D’s are for or against mandates. I think the motivation there is simply that they want their great guard back on the team. I don’t see this demonstration as party oriented. For the record, Kyrie is a very intelligent guy,but he is very committed to his political and religious beliefs. If I am to be labeled as anything ,it would be a pragmatist, and I just see getting the COVID vaccine as a common sense practical thing that is good for the individual and the community. It never should have gotten so political.

The numbers have been posted here, and are available on the web if you’re honestly interested. The facts are, the vast majority of COVID patients choking our emergency rooms and ICU’s and mortuaries are registered Republican or Republican-leaning.

Man, people like you p1$$ me off with your fake honesty and half-baked assertions.
As I’ve told the other fake conservatives here thinking they can blurt out whatever their fantasies tell them: this isn’t Facebook, it’s not Parlor, it’s not the neighborhood bar or your Sunday Mahjong get-together. This is the public square and you won’t get away with that nonsense here.

And to think, you handle explosives…


We can help you out by sending some of your anti vaxers here and they can even get paid.

Florida aims to pay $5,000 to out-of-state police who resist vaccine mandates


Guns and more guns. Here is an excerpt from the St. Louis Dispatch that should get your attention: “Transportation Security Administration officers stopped 4,495 passengers trying to carry guns through security at 248 different airports during the first nine months of this year, the TSA reported recently. That’s the highest number in at least 20 years. More than 80 percent of the guns were loaded. In context, the number is concerning. It represents an average of 11 firearms discovered per 1 million passengers, a rate that’s more than twice that of 2019, the next-highest year of
overall firearms confiscation.” Happy flying on your Russian Roulette airlines.


What bothers me most about # of guns confiscated is that there were 4K+ flyers carrying guns that did not realize they brought them into an airport screening area, or even more so that they may be trying to actually bring one onto a plane. Last thing anyone would want at 37,000 feet of altitude is some wannabe sheriff or delusional moron punching a bullet hole through the fuselage.


Sorry Bill, I don’t buy it that they forgot that they packed a gun. And that number was only those caught. How many ghost guns made it without being identified? But I agree with your last sentence.


Deaths by gun violence in America are beyond out of control. From Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas Strip massacre of 61 people, to the 2-year-old child that found a loaded handgun, which went off killing her mother as she was on a work video call. Those as well as the vast majority of so many other shootings in between those two extremes are mostly preventable.

I wrote this editorial a few years back:
Along with every US birth certificate let’s issue an AR 15 assault rifle. After all we’re just a bunch of expendable, disposable, replaceable creatures with no lasting significance, so let’s have some fun pulling triggers if we so desire. “Long live the Second Amendment!” I can only shake my head head in disbelief.
Also if using the logic that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, let’s give anyone who wants a nuclear weapon his own personal bomb, because nuclear weapons won’t kill people either.

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