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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Oct. 26


Do what you can to end the covid crisis

Mask not what your country can do for you, mask what you can do for your country! I’m paraphrasing JFK’s inaugural speech. Yes, masks and vaccines are what we can do for our country to try to end this terrible covid scourge.
The sight of over 730,000 white flags on the National Mall commemorating lives lost (each with a pitiful story) makes it heart-breaking, gut-wrenching, tears-inducing and incredibly sad. Let’s please get together and MAKE AMERICA WELL AGAIN.
Carole Anne Frank
Burnt Hills

Firefighters, cops don’t have desk jobs

I’d like to respond to Bill Denison’s Oct. 21 letter (“Police pay should consider taxpayers.”) Mr. Denison is disputing the fact that police and firefighters can get full retirement by working only 20 years. He said that state workers have to be 55 years old or work 30 years. You can’t possibly compare a state worker to firefighters and police. I am a retired state worker. I didn’t have to wear a heavy suit, carry all sorts of equipment on my back and run into a burning building.
I didn’t have to wear a heavy bulletproof vest and chase after criminals while being shot at. I sat at my desk and did my work.
Occasionally, I’d get up to file (just so I didn’t develop a blood clot from sitting). I worked hard at my desk, but my work certainly was not strenuous. My point is this — I can’t see firefighters or police doing the things they do at 55 years old or even late 40’s. I do agree with Mr. Denison about all of the overtime being allowed when determining the amount of pensions. I think this has been changed, but a lot of people are still grandfathered in.
Lorraine VanDerWerken

Return Lady Liberty and clean her up

I frequently pass the local Statue of Liberty where she has been placed by the railroad bridge. I wholeheartedly agree with James Wilson’s Oct. 9 letter (“Mayor should return Liberty to her home”) recommending that she be returned to Gateway Park, and I would add that she needs a thorough cleaning in the process.
In addition, I believe that all candidates for City Council should be asked to support this proposal.
Joyce M. Cockerham

Republicans are hypocrites, cowards

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) will not force the women of Texas to be vaccinated against covid, but he is forcing the women of Texas to carry a pregnancy to term, even if the pregnancy is the result of a rape. What a hero!
The GOP touts itself as the guardian of the freedom and liberty of the individual unless, of course, that individual is a pregnant woman.
Republicans cherish innocent life in the womb, but have total disregard for innocent life when it is collateral damage. Remember Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq?
You are colossal hypocrites worthy of contempt.
Why don’t each of you pro-life Republicans make a genuine commitment to your cause and adopt a child? Just one more question I pose which will go unanswered by the cowards on the right.
Paul Sator

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DIANE & ARTH HOMBACH October 26, 2021
| |

Also, why is the Gazette now using racist, ugly, trash cartoons from the NY Post????

William Marincic October 26, 2021
| |

Bencic and the Patriot Guard Riders which I am a part of block the view from the family of the deceased soldiers from WBC and use our motorcycles to drown out their chants, but we defend their rights to protest, we may not like what they are saying but they have a right to say it.

Martha Bencic October 26, 2021
| |

Once upon a time, a bunch of whackjobs from the Westboro Baptist Church showed up in Albany for one of their stunts. If I recall correctly, EVERY news outlet in the Capital District chose not to cover their antics/ amplify their sick messages.

That was the right stance to take and I wish this paper would take the same stance when someone pulls a political stunt in front of the governor’s mansion in order to get free media exposure.

RAYMOND HARRIS October 26, 2021
| |

Thanks to the Daily Gazette for printing the entire St. Louis Post Dispatch’s editorial on guns confiscated at airports that I referenced yesterday. I forgot to add the link, but seeing the entire article in the newspaper today is better.

Also noted in the newspaper today is Doyle McManus’ excellent column on Trump running for president again to stay out of jail. All Trump’s sucker contributors are just feeding the beast that could care less about them or the country, just himself. But I hope McManus is wrong and that the law will catch up with the crook before 2024.

FRED BARNEY October 26, 2021
| |

Paul Sator you should read a bit about the law you chose to criticize. All the law does is put a premium on not using the mourning after pill!

jclark124 October 26, 2021
| |

Carole Anne Frank–For weeks, I’ve been saying wearing masks and taking the vaccine are our duties as Americans, and thought of JFK just like you mentioned. We need to stop being divisive and come together as Americans! Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve come together for 20 years, since 911…so not sure if it’s possible anymore.