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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Oct. 28


Our information must be protected

Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy has again declared he will sell the information vacuumed up by his Smart City gadgets to folks who will make money with the massaged data. Don’t believe the data is anonymous.
Purchasers will be able to cross-reference databases to identify who we are and bombard us with their pitches.
Nonetheless, City Council members have apparently not done preparation like the Smart City Homework I tried to assign them two years ago, to make sure they (and the public) know what information is being swept up and how our privacy and security are being protected. (See:
It’s not just those streetlight spy hubs turning our lives into digital money-makers. The Parking Passport program forced upon us last year knows where we are and has our credit information. Similarly, “free” Wi-Fi is keeping records of our internet usage and more. Which “permissions” have we unknowingly granted them and consented to?
The Parking Passport software requires permission to read, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, know your exact location, receive internet data and prevent your device from sleeping.
There are many important questions, such as: Can our smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices be monitored when we just drive-by or sit at home near the new 5-G hives? I believe so. Also, why are tech giants like Cisco and Amazon pulling out of Smart City projects?
We should demand to know how council members and candidates plan to inform and protect us and our tax dollars.
David Giacalone

Schenectady starts at Gateway Park

To Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy: The entrance to the city of Schenectady is not at the corner of Union Street and Erie Boulevard, in case you didn’t know that.
The entrance of Schenectady is at Gateway Park where Lady Liberty has always been. Put her where she belongs, not where you want her.
That’s where Schenectady started, not on your beloved Union Street.
Rita Smith

Declining Milton needs new leaders

The past few years I’ve been more out of Milton than in town. But the home I’ve raised my boys in, the community I’ve worked and volunteered for, hasn’t exactly been in the rear view mirror. Just set to the side for a bit.
It’s with open eyes and absence I can see the demise in my hometown. from graffiti to a broken down town hall. The lack of smiles and spark. No laughter and regular “noise” from kids outside or dog walkers.
A deeper look was like lifting the lid of a trash can not emptied in a long while. Sneaky back-door leadership with spew from non-resident operatives who blame and cry wolf for the very things they are doing themselves, on Milton taxpayer time and with their funds.
It’s irresponsible and disheartening, and I’m personally ashamed by what I’m seeing from the current leadership in the town of Milton.
While I have opted to vote elsewhere this election season, my youngest son is able to vote for the second time. I’m still waiting to hear anything from the third party running, but guiding him away from the local Democrats will be an easy decision to help him make.
Angela McFarland
Ballston Spa


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POLLY WINDELS October 28, 2021
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One has to wonder what rock Angela has been living under this past year. Surely she doesn’t blame the lack of public gatherings on the politics in Milton. I mean most of us have been living through a pandemic but I guess Angela slept through it. Milton is doing just fine and will continue to do so by keeping the bullies at bay.

fredsmith October 28, 2021
| |

It’s all Trump’s fault :}

RAYMOND HARRIS October 28, 2021
| |

For those living in Glenville, are you as sick as I am of the daily political litter that Supervisor Koetzle sends us? He must have a lot of campaign funds to burn. Ten years in office is long enough. Time for him to move on, maybe run for the County Legislature or Congress against Tonko. He may sound like a centrist, but in fact he’s a Trump/Stefanik/Joy supporter.

ChuckD October 28, 2021
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“Beware of geeks bearing gifts” was a popular phrase going back before 2000, and it’s just as true now as then. The Notorious David G. reminds us by way of his letter why internet companies should not be trusted, and neither should their clients, like the City of Schenectady.

I did not know the mayor had entered into a deal to sell citizens’ data, but it doesn’t surprise me. ANY TIME you see “Smart(whatever shiny geegaw)”, or “rich content”, or “Cloud solution”, or similar, back away. These are technologies that have one purpose, and it’s not to enrich the buyer’s life. It’s to make money on collected data on people to better sell ad space. Or just for the value of the data they’ve harvested, and there’s usually very little control over who buys that data, and what they may do with it.

The mayor owes it, and the Daily Gazette should demand to know what data is being harvested and how it’s being used. Much was made of the “Smart city” thing as if it was one thing, when those of us familiar with the technologies know that was a cover, or a lie.

Florida2015 October 28, 2021
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A parting comment from William yesterday.
William Marincic
October 28th, 2021
Today’s comment section is the gazettes version of the Emmys. A bunch of lefties patting themselves on the back and telling each other how great and smart they are.

If you consider smart and great as in telling the TRUTH I agree with you William 100%. You have proof anything they said isn’t please present it.

RAYMOND HARRIS October 28, 2021
| |

Another excellent reprint of a St. Louis Post Dispatch editorial in the Gazette today. This one recommends expelling any member of Congress who participated in the planning or execution of the Jan. 6 insurrection which is spelled out in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Helps explain why the GOP was against the Jan. 6 bi-partisan committee from the start since it may involve several of their congressional members.

FRED BARNEY October 28, 2021
| |

Why does my body my my choice not apply to sex for pay?