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Letters to the Editor Friday, Oct. 29


Biden’s climate efforts falling short

President Biden will attend the big climate summit soon. He’s in trouble already. In fact, his team is now in crisis mode.
The president wanted to go to Glasgow with a big emissions-cutting program in his back pocket. Something to show the world.
Joe Manchin just vetoed that program. He says “no” to the $150 billion plan to help utilities switch from fossil fuels, like coal.
Inside the president’s team, there is sharp disagreement on how to handle China.
Climate czar John Kerry wants to concentrate only on climate. Security adviser Jake Sullivan wants to bring Taiwan, Hong Kong, and human rights into the negotiations. Xi Jinping will not be there.
Then there’s the demand for money. Poor countries want rich countries to give them almost $1 trillion a year to help them ditch fossil fuels. It’s hard to see American voters approving such huge payments when we are running a gigantic deficit of our own.
And please, don’t forget the weather. There’d better not be a cold snap. It turns out that utilities around the world just couldn’t generate enough electricity to meet the post pandemic demand. The price of fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal has skyrocketed, and President Biden was reduced to begging oil companies to pump more oil.
The irony here: A “green” president attends the ultra-green climate conference and asks for more oil and coal because renewables didn’t work. Irony and crisis. Another crisis. They’re piling up.
Sherrill Smith

Treat kids with candy for the mind

Give brain candy this year for Halloween. Talk to the kids who ring your bell. And give them something valuable to take home that will outlast any sugar rush.
Several years ago, I read about “Books for Treats,” a program to encourage people to give books for Halloween.
We had shelves of books from kids who had grown up. Plus, when I was a reading teacher, I built up quite a personal collection of books for my students.
Frankly, I was dubious about kids wanting books rather than sugar in its various forms for Halloween, so I did books AND candy.
I bought basic candy, sorted out a range of books and put them in a couple of boxes, vaguely grouped by age level.
I expected the candy to disappear and a couple of books to find new homes. I was astonished.
Kids took some candy, but their eyes really sparkled when I told them they could pick a book.
Helping kids pick out a book changed the whole night. I had great conversations with them, I had candy left, and the boxes of books were almost empty.
Regardless of age, most of my trick-or-treaters lit up as they looked for the perfect book.
I had a good time, and most kids went home with a special book. Halloween has been a good night ever since.
So go through your books, find some boxes to sort them, dress warm, and bring out the candy — and the books!
Catherine Winter


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Joseph Vendetti

Dear Sherrill:

I tore down one of our 1st coal plants dating back almost 20 yrs ago. Since that time I’ve done another 49.

My point – coal and oil have been going away regardless of what you call “green” regulations. The low price of natural gas and the low efficiency of oil & coal has led to the closure & decommissioning of over 250 plants with another 250 to go in the lower 48.

The improvements in renewables will eventually lead to the elimination of carbon fuels by 2050.

William Aiken

The movement to convert our energy sources to renewables has nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with control. Who controls our energy production controls the economy. Renewables have to be artificially propped up with government subsidies in order to complete with fossil fuels.

Solar panels and wind turbines production require fossil fuels. Also, once their use has expired, the materials left behind are a unrecyclable bio hazzard. Climate change is a religion, not a science. The non-believers are to shunned and silenced.


“The movement to convert our energy sources to renewables has nothing to do with the climate”

Just a brilliant statement, no point in any further commenting.

William Aiken

Typical of lefty Louis to partially quote my statement to take it out of context. Why not provide my full quote, Louis? Its because truth isn’t a left wing value. 40 years of climate alarmists making dire predictions of the earth’s demise and none it has come to pass. Think about it. The alarmists just change the time table for another dooms day event in the future. A 40 year track record of being woefully wrong has no bearing on their credibility with their climate change worshippers.


“truth isn’t a left wing value”, says someone who backs trump who lied over 30,000 times in 4 years, including “The Big Lie” of claiming to have won the presidential election that he LOST, LOST, LOST- Hypocrisy.

“40 years of climate alarmists making dire predictions of the earth’s demise and none it has come to pass.” Really? What planet do you live on William? – Denial

Mr. Restifo, Come on, Man! Freedom? Its not about freedom! I love it when lefties accuse others of ‘hypocrisy’ hahahahaha. Mr. Aiken is correct about alarmists and scientists repeatedly predicting the end of the world. They have been doing it forever and nothing changes. You may, of course, choose your science – some say human activity is causing climate change while others say it is a natural cycle of the earth. Who is right? I don’t know and you certainly don’t either. You probably believe Fraudci too. As an aside, I re-read the comment and did not see where Mr. Aiken was supporting Trump who LOST LOST LOST….sort of…obviously your reading comprehension is superior to mine. Mr. Aiken is also correct in the assertion that liberals and truth have a very distant relationship.

Doug Hampton

Where do you get your information? Just to enlighten you , climate change itself is not even the issue. That is certain and even the right for the most part accepts that as a fact. The debate is whether it is man made or simply natural. You want to say that each industry (gas, coal, solar etc.) has it’s own political interests….okay but to say it is a religion is simply bizarre! Not even hearing that from the talking heads on the right.

Perhaps you should consider the billions of dollars the government spends for fossil fuel production to support activities like exploration, extraction and development, not to mention the generous tax code that allows oil companies to avoid paying taxes, and even ancillary costs such as the amount we spend in overseas military operations protecting our oil assets, and then you may rethink your assertion that renewables is the sector that need subsidies to stay competitive.

Joseph Vendetti

William – what has gone on with coal, oil and natural gas is a result of capitalism and market forces. It has nothing to do with control by the government.

I’ll give you one thing – the older solar panels that we are demolishing from the plants to make way for the newer style ones are considered RCRA material.

William Aiken

I was referring to big legislative initiatives like the green new deal and legislation to ban fossil fuels, which provides 80% of the world’s energy. FF is a cheap, scalable, reliable energy source. It’s the reason America and other developed countries has prospered and expanded a middle class.

Biden cancelled the XL Keystone pipeline then a few months later, he green lights Putin’s pipeline. The US has the cleanest process for converting FF. Shutting FF down here only creates more opportunity for other countries to increase pollution with a more primitive, dirtier process of converting oil. The green new deal is a de-growth agenda for America.

Joseph Vendetti


While I support President Biden I don’t support that decision.

I don’t know if the general public realize that the pipeline isn’t just moving an oil that ends up as a fossil fuel. Oil is used in pharmaceuticals, packaging, cosmetics, etc.

I do hope to still be alive in 2050 when the world may have all solar vehicles. We do need to get away from the battery technologies because if you own an electric car – your electric bill is $400-500 higher per month. If there are 200,000,000 vehicles that are all needing electric instead of carbon based fuel we need much more power on our US grids. Plus the lithium batteries will be in hot demand. That is a natural resource currently only available in certain parts of the world

For the past 8 years we’ve heated at least half our domestic hot water by the sun. In the coming months I will be building a large (20 to 25 kW) solar PV array which will effectively allow us to be independent of the grid, if needed. Both of these projects come under the “control” of government in that I have received, and expect to receive significant financial incentives from them (which hopefully will increase with the Build Back Better bill). The Evil Government (via NYSERDA) does require testing on the structure to see that it doesn’t just need new doors and windows before they throw good money after bad. They’re so draconian that way. So the government is funding people to become less dependent on the government. Tell us how this is a power grab again?

What you refer to as “legislation to ban fossil fuels”, are really mandates to require new construction to not use fossil fuels, which is the trend anyway, with or without mandates.

Fossil fuel consumption has closely followed the global changes here on Earth as plainly documented by scientists. Sorry if you don’t like scientists and science but we in the civilized world rely on them and will continue to.

The fossil fuel industry has benefited GREATLY from government largesse. Obscenely well, in fact. That needs to end.

Talking points awarded for bringing up the Biden Keystone/Putin pipeline tropes. Your people must be proud you were able to slip those now-tired “gotchas” in there. But from here it sounds like more TDS.


Catherine Winter, what a great idea!
Books and reading are a gateway to knowledge, success and enjoyment. The value of getting young minds to realize reading is fun can’t be overstated. – The “AND candy” option is obviously a must on Halloween.


Gov. Hochul signed three gun bills yesterday to address weapons falling through the cracks (i.e., loopholes) even in our tough gun laws. The measures outlawed the sale of ghost guns, possession of so-called “toy guns” (real weapons crafted to look like child’s playthings) and criminalizing the possession of unfinished gun frames and receivers by anyone other than a licensed gunsmith. Why Congress cannot pass these simple fixes is beyond me, though we all know the NRA owns the GOP.

William Aiken


Do you actually believe any criminal will obey Hochul’s gun laws? I favor a mandatory minimum of 5 years for anyone caught with an illegal gun. That would give criminals pause when they seek to illegally obtain a gun. As supporter of gun control, do you support such a law?


Well what do ya know, we finally agree on something. – I’m all for tough illegal weapon possession laws, but I believe they MUST be in conjunction with a national pistol permit licensing program that’s requirements are VERY restrictive with overly scrutinized background checks. – Not a situation where someone from Florida or Texas only needs a bubble gum card to get a pistol permit. I don’t believe tough laws for illegal possession will do any good when pretty much anyone can legally own one. – Now William convince the NRA and your Republican buddies.

William Marincic

The earth has gone through many periods of heating and cooling, we had an ice age, remember? The pollution I’m concerned about is China, India, and other developing countries dumping garbage and plastic into our oceans.

Louis and Raymond: “I don’t believe tough laws for illegal possession will do any good when pretty much anyone can legally own one.” This is pure nonsense. Fourteen states have some sort of license or registration requirement to legally purchase or possess a gun.

If you think “Fourteen states have some sort of license or registration requirement to legally purchase or possess a gun” is an argument that we already have tough gun laws and refuting Lou’s point, you may be part of the problem.

Dylan Roof killed 9 people in a church with a gun he “legally” purchased only because the background check (which would have alerted on a past felony drug conviction) took more than 3 days, and the default in that case is to just give them the permit.

“172,879 background checks were never completed in 2014 because they took longer than 90 days, a legal deadline after which the FBI has to stop researching and purge the background check from its systems.”


Had family living in SC in 2018, my wife and daughter went to a flea market, a large biker type told my wife pick out what you like, she asked about paperwork, everything is for sale was the answer. A flea market. The NRA is suing here to overturn the have to be 21 yrs old rule to purchase put in place after Parkland. We know what Texas just passed. Good luck with any nation wide bans. And yes William something we can agree on.

William Marincic

Florida, a large biker type? What is a large biker type? You mean somebody that rides a motorcycle and does toy runs for kids with cancer? Isn’t it just like a liberal to disparage a whole group of people that you know absolutely nothing about. Outlaw motorcycle clubs wear a 1% patch, they wear that one percent patch because they are only 1% of the motorcycle community. So because of that you’re going to disparage the other 99%. I think you owe an apology.

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