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Letters to the Editor Monday, Nov. 1


Biden should fix things, then quit

Hey, Joe Biden – time to go!  Open the oil pipelines “you closed,” build the wall “you stopped,“ close our southern border, refund the police! Then resign from your job. Problems solved.
Beverly Borgeest
Clifton Park

Vaccinations will help revive economy

Reading “Stride Toward Freedom” by Martin Luther King, Jr. about the Montgomery bus boycott for a book study, I was brought to tears reading a passage about an elderly woman.
When asked if she wanted a lift, as the buses were being boycotted and she and others had to walk or be picked up by volunteer drivers, “She waved him on saying, “I am not walking for myself. I am walking for my children and my grandchildren.”
What made me tearful was not this particular quote, but the thought that many of us today seem not to think about our children and grandchildren and what their world will be like as a result of actions we take or don’t take.
There is too much “today” thinking and “me” thinking, rather than what is good for the future and others around us.
I recently returned from a trip to Portugal, where everyone on board was vaccinated and masked and tested each day. No fussin’ and grumblin’. We all felt safe.
Everywhere, people were masked. Why? Their economy is supported by tourists. If tourists do not feel secure in coming to their country, their economy will not begin to stabilize. Just another reason to get vaccinated.
Check it out, Portugal has 80% of their population fully vaccinated.
Let’s help workers and shoppers and travelers to feel safe in our own country. How will your vaccination help our economy?
Help people feel safe participating in our economy again? Think into the future and for your grandchildren.
Janice Walz


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ChuckD November 2, 2021
| |

It’s now been established that there was communication and coordination between the White House, some members of congress and bad actors outside before and during the January 6th violent insurrection by followers of ex-President Trump. It’s the extent and details of that coordination that are now being determined before charges are brought to the court.

Sure, no insurrection, no coup d’état:

Former Vice President Mike Pence was pressed on why he did not overturn the election results at a Young America’s Foundation event at the University of Iowa.

An individual who identified himself as “Jared” prefaced his question by noting it would be “a little long.”

“On January 5th, you were convinced that the election was correctly stolen,” Jared claimed. “You, Trump, Peter Navarro, John Eastman, and others had a plan on the morning of the 6th to send the certification back to the states.”

“On the night of the 5th or the morning of the 6th, someone in the White House convinced you that it would destroy your hopes of becoming president if you sent it back to the states. My question is what is the name of the person who told you to buck President Trump’s plan and certify the votes?” Jared asked.

“James Madison,” Pence responded, referring to the “Father of the Constitution.”

ChuckD November 2, 2021
| |

‘Nuff said, eh?
“What’s the most important issue in the governor’s race here in Virginia?”

“Getting back to the basics of teaching children, not teaching them critical race theory,” he replied.

“And what is critical race theory?”

“Well, I’m not gonna get into the specifics of it because I don’t understand it that much. But it’s something that I don’t–what little bit that I know, I don’t care for it.”

“And what have you heard that you don’t like?”

“I’m not gonna, you know, I don’t uh, I don’t have that much knowledge on it, but it’s something that I’m not, that I don’t care for.”

Doug Hampton November 1, 2021
| |

I was just waiting for someone to take my lob and smash it over the net:)

LOUIS RESTIFO November 1, 2021
| |

“Hey, Joe Biden – time to go!  Open the oil pipelines “you closed,” build the wall “you stopped,“ close our southern border, refund the police! Then resign from your job. Problems solved.”
Beverly Borgeest
Clifton Park

So informed with great new ideas, such insight, such depth regarding resolution of existing and past problems while maintaining in depth consideration of consequences.

jclark124 November 1, 2021
| |

Beverly Borgeest–You may not like Biden’s policies, but he is not, and never will be…an Insurrectionist President like the former guy. Biden is trying his best to save our democratic republic from the autocrat wanna-be and the traitors that support him. Keeping what our Founders set up for us is crucial right now.

Biden is on the edge of passing transformational policies that will finally focus on the lower/middle classes, narrowing the enormous gap between the rich and poor.
Unlike the former guy who inherited a stable, growing economy and with border crossings at a 50 year low, Biden inherited 45s mess! 45 actually caused economic problems with all his lies and disinformation concerning the pandemic, and is responsible for an estimated 130,000 unnecessary deaths. Biden has been doing everything he can to save lives. Isn’t that more important than a stupid wall or the border???….which 45 made worse by cutting funding to those impoverished countries.

RAYMOND HARRIS November 1, 2021
| |

Here’s an interruption of Beverly Borgeest’s letter: screw the environment and climate change, “burn baby burn”; spend billions on an unnecessary border wall that can and is breached daily; close the southern border so those Black and brown Mexicans and Central Americans cannot infuriate our white country; Biden should increase funding for the police more than he is doing in his budget to counter cuts made by Trump in his last budget; and Biden should turn over the presidency to Kamala Harris so we can have the first Black female president. Is that trump’s platform too, Beverly?

Matt November 1, 2021
| |

I thought the Democrats banned hamburgers.

FRED BARNEY November 1, 2021
| |

Enjoy. By the way hamburger is now $6.50 a pound at a local Albany super market!

William Marincic November 1, 2021
| |

I never thought there could be any worse than Obama, yet here we are.