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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Nov. 2


Mankind will get what it deserves

As I follow climate change dialog and witness environmental destruction, beginning in the greater Capital Region, I can’t help but trust surviving species will fertilize and irrigate the grave of mankind in a style befitting the legacy of the most savage creature ever to walk the earth.
If history is any indicator, the odds are great that greed, hubris and politics will run out the clock ahead of noble efforts and good intentions.
Mark Rahn

Anti-Biden cartoon went over the top

The Oct. 27 Gazette printed a Gary Varvel “cartoon” with a character saying, “Let’s Go Brandon.” Do you have any idea what that phrase means? Look it up….it is a popular euphemism for “F…Joe Biden.” This is even more disgusting than Varvel’s past work. What is wrong with The Gazette editors that this profane garbage is given space in our newspaper? It is past time to dump Varvel’s work for good.
Jane Capello
Saratoga Springs

America’s only hope is Republicans

We are presently experiencing a crossroads. One of the roads is the one President Biden, his fellow Democrats and his administration are traveling. That road leads to socialism.
The other road is the one that we, as Americans, have traveled for the last 240 years. That road is paved with the Constitution — freedom, capitalism, limited government, etc. That road is being stopped with a “road closed” sign.
The road is being closed due to Biden’s critical race theory, cancel culture, out-of-control inflation and gas prices making everyone poorer, people being paid not to work, people losing their jobs for refusing the vaccine mandate, and increasing the tax burden. Our only hope is that the Republican Party wins control of Congress in 2022.
Richard and Wanda Colyer

High River will be good for everyone

Agriculture has played a major role in the town of Florida’s economic well-being.
It goes without saying these are challenging times for our economy and rural lifestyle. That is why our family farm, Dabar Farm, LLC, has signed on to be part of the High River Energy solar project.
Since we inherited our property twelve years ago, we struggle to hold on to it. NextEra offers a way to let us keep our property, keep the land base sustained for farmland, and provide opportunity for future generations.
We need to reach 100% clean energy within the decade or Earth’s temperature will rise resulting in horrifying costs to humans, animal life and economic security.
Regarding complaints about views from the homes being disrupted, the project will have vegetation planted and maintained by NextEra. As a landowner, we have the right to develop our property as we choose. I am sure back in the day when power and phone lines were strung across the countryside, there was the same reaction.
In closing, High River is expected to provide millions in revenue to the county, town and school district to invest in infrastructure, additional service and resources for the residents.
There will be opportunities for local businesses to supply materials, employment for jobs during construction, and three or four positions for over 20 years.
High River will allow us to sustain our land and keep it in our family for generations to come.
Diane Kutnicki



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Florida2015 November 2, 2021
| |

Zachery, Thank you for the links. As your links point out for ALL media there is a difference between opinion and facts. For any one to say a commentator or reporter today is truth to power is missing CRT skills (Can’t Really Think)
No one should expect especially in the partisan politics of today there favorite network to be broadcasting the absolute truth. Lets not forget all the talking heads on the night time prime time shows (and they are shows) are paid very highly for the viewers they bring in. That does not guarantee truth to power for any one host. Anyone who believes that of any of them on any network is being grossly mislead and it shows with statements William made about Carlson. He is a lot of things but a truth teller he is not as the lawyers stated. It’s like believing what you see on twitter or fb without facts to verify it. I believe you certainly are not in that category nor am I. Have a good evening.

ChuckD November 2, 2021
| |

I imagine Republicans are issued laminated wallet cards with the list of Liberal grievances that they can whip out and recite whenever things get tough in their worldview (such as it is).
Laminated of course because of the spittle that inevitably flies as they intone their mantra.
Certainly the Colyers of Schoharie have theirs at the ready!

Florida2015 November 2, 2021
| |

William Aiken,
To save you some embarrassment, (if that’s possible) I’m letting you know anytime you reference Tucker Carlson as your source or a statement you think is the truth and him as the source I am going to re post what I posted above. It took longer to type the request in than google to bring it up. It was the top of the page followed my many more references to the same law suit where Fox lawyers made that statement. Try harder for better sources.

Florida2015 November 2, 2021
| |

William Aiken, Maybe this will help you understand how wrong your STRONG defense of you favorite commentator on Fox at 8 pm. From the company he works for own attorneys. Hardly truth to power. And have you ever watched any of his interviews when guest strays from what he wants to talk truth about and they want to tell the actual truth?

In case you don’t want to read the link here is the head line, and it’s from NPR who has no agenda of being left or right leaning.
You Literally Can’t Believe The Facts Tucker Carlson Tells You. So Say Fox’s Lawyers

Zachary November 2, 2021
| |

Mr. Hampton, I would say that Fox has been more right on every issue than CNN or the MSM. Biden was elected as an alternative to Trump because he told people that he would unite America, he can’t even unite his own party and his party could care less as they continue to embarrass him including the world stage where Biden is touting his Green Deal and the same day as his G20 speech Joe Mancin said he is not supporting it. Biden like Obama is on an apology tour while everything he touches turns to crap. Biden is the epitome of a dumpster fire.

DIANE & ARTH HOMBACH November 2, 2021
| |

Thank you Louis…..

“they” have no idea what “they” are talking about. Critical Race Theory is not taught in any elem, middle or high school in our USA, period.

If people attacked White Supremacy like they are attacking CRT there would be no need for Critical Race Theory.

LOUIS RESTIFO November 2, 2021
| |

“Our only hope is that the Republican Party wins control of Congress in 2022.” ~ Richard and Wanda Colyer, I agree, as long as you’re hoping for the demise of America and democracy as we have known it for the past 234 years.

Greed, racism, power, lack of compassion and indifference to fellow humans with total disregard of consequence to everyone and everything, including Mother Earth (climate change) is what the new world order of the alt-right is pushing for, and the saddest part is the vast majority don’t realize what they are being brainwashed into backing.

All are children will be paying the price for this insane movement. 😢

William Aiken November 2, 2021
| |

“They don’t know that CRT is not even taught in their state!”

Really jclark? this link is proof that leftists Dems will lie for political gain and never pay a penalty for it. You may want to fact check any claim by a Dem before you parrot it.

A leaked document appears to show the Virginia Department of Education encouraged public schools to “embrace” critical race theory (CRT) while Democrat Terry McAuliffe was governor.

McAuliffe, who is running for Virginia governor again this year, recently claimed critical race theory has “never been taught in Virginia,” and criticized those concerned about critical race theory for promoting a divisive “dog-whistle.”

Joseph Vendetti November 2, 2021
| |

Vote on issues & candidates responses not by a particular party