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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 3


Simple solution to Glenville bridge hits

Glenville bridge suggestion: Put a pipe across the road on each side at the same height as the bridge. If the driver strikes the pipe, then the driver will be alerted. Lose a pipe, save a bridge.
Rick Green
Ballston Lake

Taxing billionaires is not the answer

The left is playing tricks to vilify the rich. Democrats believe that 700 billionaires will pay for a big chunk of their multi-trillion-dollar spending spree. Nonsense.
First of all, the seizure of wealth is unconstitutional. And the super-rich will use an army of lawyers to help them avoid it.
The left doesn’t really care about that. They just want to pretend that they are paying for it all, just to get these programs on the books. It’s a trick. Vilify the rich, and then blame them for failing to support “the children.”
There is another desperate tax proposal: a minimum 15% tax on corporate profits as reported to shareholders. Not as reported to the IRS.
So corporations would not be able to use perfectly legal deductions. Those write-offs were swept aside. Corporations have as many lawyers as the billionaires, so there would be a legal challenge. Clearly, the big spending plan will not be paid for. We will have to borrow trillions.
How do you think this looks? A bitterly divided party, scrambling to ram through highly controversial spending. This is no way to govern. And God help us, there’s three more years to go.
Domenico Dicaprio

YMCA not offering its best to the area

Why has the Capital District YMCA all but abandoned the people in the Duanesburg/ Delanson area?
During the pandemic, the Y closed its eight Capital District centers; over time they have slowly reopened. That is all but the Duanesburg Y. This hub of the community — with its gym, pool, exercise rooms, etc. — remains closed. The other seven centers are open for business.
The Y currently offers a few exercise classes and pickleball outdoors as a minimal tip of the hat to the Duanesburg community. Cold weather will soon put an end to this. Then what?
Will the Y offer some snowshoe classes or cross country skiing in the parking lot in front of its abandoned center?
At the conclusion of its emails, the Y states: “BETTER TOGETHER – The Capital District YMCA is the leading Capital Region charity devoted to strengthening our communities.” Try selling that to the people who live in Duanesburg and Delanson.
Thomas Mayer

Democrats are ruining the country

So many things to write about, but here’s a couple to chew on folks.
As I listen to all the news about shipping delays, sky high gas prices, undocumented immigrants just being let in the nation, and the president, and socialist Democrats just laughing and ignoring the Constitution.
Cargo ships sit at the harbors, unable to unload because the unions won’t unload them.
Where is the military? Where is the military on ALL the borders, protecting us, like the oath that Biden took when he was sworn in? Well — his word was never any good anyway. That’s why the Democrats put him in.
Read, study — daily what is going on politically folks. Critical Race Theory is racist in itself. What nonsense.
Parents take back your rights as parents, and love, protect your kids, at any cost. They are a gift, treasure them. The one good thing about the toy shortage, reality sets in — What is truly Christmas all about? Not commercialism.
Albert P. Marvell


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I understand the largest fine is $450. Big deal. It’s chump change for these companies. Republicans are afraid to stick it to companies. We can avoid this whole scenario by not letting commercial vehicles on Glenridge Rd. According to Koetzle, State DOT won’t do that. I wonder how much he has pushed them. I’ll look into it.

Doug Hampton

Albert Marvell’s letter plays right into what has been recently discussed on this forum. The open discussion of race should be embraced not feared like Albert and many do. I think this country is overdue on discussing race openly and honestly without pandering and without winners and losers. If it’s positioned as “the good guys” and the “bad guys” then no but just an understanding of what events happened in our country and why. He says “protect” our children but doesn’t specifically say from what. After not too long it appears that his letter is no more than a personal rant as he talks about commercialism in Christmas. There was no real focus in this letter.


Do you really think that the country would benefit by telling school children that the Blacks in this country are descended from Africans who were found to be expendable and thus were exported as commodities? What should be discussed is behavior not who you chose for parents. For example what should be discussed is who we can deal with – you fill in what needs to be done to make the country a better place to live.

Yes, the country would benefit by knowing and acknowledging the truth not by shamefully avoiding talking about it or making up lies about the realities of slavery. Also, people don’t choose their parents.


Then what should be of interest is behavior! For example when someone successfully commits suicide by cop we should we should try to understand why the attempt was made and why it was successful. That is to say we should strive to understand why the choice was made to resist arrest and why so many people are able to conclude where the fault lays by knowing the race of the participants.


Fred, what does suicide by cop have to do with race. Please explain.


That doesn’t explain anything. Exclamation point, like those that you pop in to Emphasize nothing


The “fault” of whom, Black cops, White cops? The White people wanting to comment suicide by cop? The Black people wanting to commit suicide by cop? Men wanting to commit suicide, or women wanting to commit suicide by cop?
Racist coming to terms with their prejudices and deciding they want to commit suicide by cop? Please explain, who’s fault for what?
Please further explain!!!!!


“Do you really think that the country would benefit by telling school children that the Blacks in this country are descended from Africans who were found to be expendable and thus were exported as commodities?”

What a ridiculous statement/question. Obviously you’re not a teacher and have no understanding of CRT.
An extreme of what children, and perhaps you, should be taught is that there were and still are White supremacist racist morons who believe Blacks to be inferior human beings and because of this an entire race has been indiscriminately murdered, raped, treated unequally and exploited solely because of the color of their skin. – What they should be taught is that NO one race is superior or inferior to any other and, sadly, that many ignorant people don’t believe or understand that.

How ever slavery came about, it certainly wasn’t a voluntary, “I want to be a slave” situation and there should be absolutely no negative connotation connected to being a descendant of a slave. Quite the opposite, Blacks should be proud for having overcome all suppression and racism.

Doug Hampton

Fred…I have no idea what you are even saying. I will say this. I am talking about teaching American History and understanding our countries entire story, a comprehensive approach….the good, the bad, and the ugly. No country is perfect and we shouldn’t try to hide the mistakes just because it might make us look imperfect. To answer your question directly….yes absolutely….the entire slavery story from the beginning to the abolition to the reconstruction and right up to the current day. Why not? What opposition could or should there be? I took a Black History course when I got my Masters degree (in the 80’s) and I learned so much about a subject I knew so little about. I chose that course but I think everyone would benefit by understanding the African American story. It’s all how it’s taught.

Doug Hampton

I agree that the slavery story should be taught in real time. I refer to them as mistakes because that’s what they were. The more important point is that we as a country need to have a better understanding of our country’s past both good and bad. There should be no judging or shaming , just help people have a more clear understanding of what took place. Who, What,Why,Where,When,and How….the basics….not sure we are doing a very good job of that right now.

“I wish most sincerely there was not a slave in this province. It always appeared the most iniquitous scheme to me–to fight ourselves for what we are daily robbing and plundering from those who have as good a right to freedom as we have.”
Abigail Adams–America’s 1st Second Lady, and our 2nd First Lady. She and John Adams were the first couple to occupy the White House.

Apparently, she also wondered if the American Revolution (all the horrific things that happened) was the result of the sin of slavery.

Slavery was part of the foundation of our country and I believe we must come to terms with it…the oppression of these people still reverberates today.

This is what I understand CRT to be about. It seeks to understand and expose the latent (and not so latent) systemic racism still existing in our social and commercial and political *systems*. Some Whites see that as undermining their place of privilege because it brilliantly steps aside remediation for racism per se, seen as tolerable to them, and gets to the heart of the problem: that racism, and favoritism for White Christian men are built in and sadly is integral to how our country works. CRT is bigger than why a Black can’t buy or rent in a particular neighborhood, but why an entire class of people can’t get mortgages, and even if they could, why realtors won’t show them the homes for sale in those neighborhoods. And how Republican politicians use that to stay in power. That’s part of what I understand Critical Race Theory is.

Anyone who opposes or worse, twists and distorts what this theory is about, reveals their fears and their inner guilt. One has to wonder how Jesus would feel about it, or the so-called Christian leadership that foments the White fear.

Just don’t forget to tithe!


Spot on Chuck. Why expose and explain something that you so dearly embrace, and are in fear of loosing…The idea and promotion of white supremacy.


Today’s standards?! When was slavery EVER moral? It was about $$$ and exporting healthy men, women and children to the US.

Speaking of money, you have, in the past, whined about having to pay for your church’s priests’ behavior regarding molesting children. Sneaky diocesan lawyers have dumped diocesan financial problems onto their various parishes, so this is why you’re paying for their disgusting actions. Look it up! And stop whining!


You are a good Democrat. You believe that the innocent should pay for the sins of the guilty. Given your beliefs is it any surprise that the future for the Biden enablers looks bleak


No, placed the blame on Democrats, when it was the various dioceses who unloaded their financial problems onto the parishes. Stop changing the subject. If you are so upset, then stop contributing to your church.


Cynthia, I’ve got a old bowling ball you may want to talk to for a more reasonable response to your posts.


Cyn the concept at issue is who should pay. I hold the view that criminals should pay for their actions. You hold the view that those who employ criminals who act against their employer’s’ wishes should pay. My view reflects justice yours on the other hand reflects institutionalazation of theft.


“I hold the view that criminals should pay for their actions.” ~ So in essence you’re saying donald trump should be beyond broke. Who do you think he should “pay” ?

Joseph Vendetti

Fred –

I really have a hard time with your statements and responses. Sometimes I think its me – that my reading comprehension is poor – but then I see others just as baffled.

Just tell me this – do you think whites are superior to people of color? Intellectually ? Do you think people of color were abused from the late 1500’s thru 1968? Yes or No?

Please don’t respond with african tribes in power sold other africans into slavery

Joseph Vendetti

Makes me nervous seeing such close results in NJ and the loss in VA. The poll numbers and trust in this administrations abilities seems shaky at best.

With Senator Joe Manchin sticking hard to his guns, the Progressive block sticking hard to theirs, I don’t see a strong sign that President Biden can bring these two groups together, I was hoping to see a more bi-partisan effort. The Senate has enough votes to pass a pure infrastructure package that got bi-partisan support, I can’t believe with the House so close in numbers they can’t get that voted on? Nancy Pelosi is so fearful of the Progressive block and their ability to successfully knock off incumbents this process seems fruitless.


While I don’t disagree Joe, history in VA and NJ seems to be at play too. In VA, the party opposite the current president normally wins these off year elections in part because the incumbent governor cannot run for reelection. In NJ , a Democrat has not won reelection in 40 years, but it appears like it’s going to happen. I’m not sure how much Biden or Trump played a role in these elections. But I’ll give the GOP credit for how they use social issues to rile up voters who listen to lies and misinformation. For the umpteenth time, CRT is not taught in grades 1-12 and parents do have a say in what is taught.

Doug Hampton

Agree with your assessment Joe. I am not at all surprised at Virginia but must admit that I am surpised at NJ. The Dems are in a lot of trouble because they simply don’t know how to deliver a message. This BBB bill looks like hand outs and also the perception is that it’s loaded with goodies that only benefit a certain population. They need to get back to the basics and tell the American public that everyone benefits from clean air and water and safe bridges etc. I don’t think they are conveying that message clearly and coherently. The good news for Dems is hopefully the R’s will see that they are better off without Trump, which I think benefits everyone. Trump endorsed the guy but Youngkin played it smart by not poking the bear but also not campaigning directly with him. Let’s be honest here…..Terry was a terrible candidate….he had 1 play in his playbook….Youngkin and Trump are the same! He really never talked about what he would do when in office. If the D’s don’t learn here….shame on them!

Joseph Vendetti


Agree – I know when President Obama had a large infrastructure package he went into great detail to hold press conferences day after day detailing how roads/bridges/telecommunications etc were crumbling, showed great pictures, took and answered tons of questions. These items were going back in all 50 states and the US territories and had great bi-partisan support. President Biden has been in Washington for over 40 years, he knows how to play the game, I just don’t understand why this isn’t a slam dunk – clean air, clean water, new roads, bridges, solar panels that are constructed in the US. I understand that President Obama was a much younger man and he was extremely articulate on getting his point across and had great responses on the fly. He seemed to know all the details wherever he appeared – what bridge would be 1st in this state, or that road, etc. I don’t get it.


Doug is right, Terry was a retread with one message. Why didn’t progressives run a candidate who is young and not already a millionaire x times over. People want change in politics.
Republicans absolutely know how to deliver the cultural decisive issues in a continuous loop. You would think Democrats would know and expect this and have counter proposals by now. Trump won in 2016 on this, tried again in 20, why did they think this would be different?
Why did the Democrats cram all the stuff into there social infrastructure bill? To me it’s like admitting I know I am going to loose one or both houses in congress in 22.
What would have been wrong with getting a few things thru at lower price tag, worked to keep majority in 22 and do more. People like on here who follow this stuff are frustrated about the “sausage making” process as is evident from the comments.
Biden is trying to make everyone happy all at once and now jeopardizes getting very little if anything . If progressives get some it would make them work harder to be reelected in 22 to get more. Guess they were hoping for all of it then coast to reelection in 22.
Lastly if they don’t get the voting rights done they won’t have to worry about being around anyway after 22.

“Why didn’t progressives run a candidate who is young and not already a millionaire x times over.”
Well that’s an easy one: Progressives can’t make that call. Only Dem royalty can. And if you’re not a Duke or Duchess you wait your turn! No matter what you’re chances are, they’ll always pretend they’re excellent. Trying not to be cynical but that’s the only explanation for Hillary, Rahm, Joe, and now Terry.

I saw similar earlier today.
I have no idea what they’re using for filters, I know for a while it was multiple URLs would trigger it, but lately I’ve seen posts with multiple URLs make it through.
Another thing I’ve seen is if you’re cutting and pasting text from a website there might be hidden code triggering a filter. Greater than/Less than symbols possibly that are used in HTML code. I know for certain they will trigger a filter.

I have had success pasting the text into a bare text editor (I like Notepad++), then cutting that text and pasting into the forum.

It would be nice if they could be more transparent about it.


The above explains a lot. Fred you should read the entire article. Hopefully it can be loaded in its entirety. Sometimes you can’t copy Post articles.

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