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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 3


Simple solution to Glenville bridge hits

Glenville bridge suggestion: Put a pipe across the road on each side at the same height as the bridge. If the driver strikes the pipe, then the driver will be alerted. Lose a pipe, save a bridge.
Rick Green
Ballston Lake

Taxing billionaires is not the answer

The left is playing tricks to vilify the rich. Democrats believe that 700 billionaires will pay for a big chunk of their multi-trillion-dollar spending spree. Nonsense.
First of all, the seizure of wealth is unconstitutional. And the super-rich will use an army of lawyers to help them avoid it.
The left doesn’t really care about that. They just want to pretend that they are paying for it all, just to get these programs on the books. It’s a trick. Vilify the rich, and then blame them for failing to support “the children.”
There is another desperate tax proposal: a minimum 15% tax on corporate profits as reported to shareholders. Not as reported to the IRS.
So corporations would not be able to use perfectly legal deductions. Those write-offs were swept aside. Corporations have as many lawyers as the billionaires, so there would be a legal challenge. Clearly, the big spending plan will not be paid for. We will have to borrow trillions.
How do you think this looks? A bitterly divided party, scrambling to ram through highly controversial spending. This is no way to govern. And God help us, there’s three more years to go.
Domenico Dicaprio

YMCA not offering its best to the area

Why has the Capital District YMCA all but abandoned the people in the Duanesburg/ Delanson area?
During the pandemic, the Y closed its eight Capital District centers; over time they have slowly reopened. That is all but the Duanesburg Y. This hub of the community — with its gym, pool, exercise rooms, etc. — remains closed. The other seven centers are open for business.
The Y currently offers a few exercise classes and pickleball outdoors as a minimal tip of the hat to the Duanesburg community. Cold weather will soon put an end to this. Then what?
Will the Y offer some snowshoe classes or cross country skiing in the parking lot in front of its abandoned center?
At the conclusion of its emails, the Y states: “BETTER TOGETHER – The Capital District YMCA is the leading Capital Region charity devoted to strengthening our communities.” Try selling that to the people who live in Duanesburg and Delanson.
Thomas Mayer

Democrats are ruining the country

So many things to write about, but here’s a couple to chew on folks.
As I listen to all the news about shipping delays, sky high gas prices, undocumented immigrants just being let in the nation, and the president, and socialist Democrats just laughing and ignoring the Constitution.
Cargo ships sit at the harbors, unable to unload because the unions won’t unload them.
Where is the military? Where is the military on ALL the borders, protecting us, like the oath that Biden took when he was sworn in? Well — his word was never any good anyway. That’s why the Democrats put him in.
Read, study — daily what is going on politically folks. Critical Race Theory is racist in itself. What nonsense.
Parents take back your rights as parents, and love, protect your kids, at any cost. They are a gift, treasure them. The one good thing about the toy shortage, reality sets in — What is truly Christmas all about? Not commercialism.
Albert P. Marvell


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LOUIS RESTIFO November 4, 2021
| |
LOUIS RESTIFO November 3, 2021
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For some reason anything anything I’m attempting to post is not coming up on my iPad. This is a test.

Florida2015 November 3, 2021
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Doug is right, Terry was a retread with one message. Why didn’t progressives run a candidate who is young and not already a millionaire x times over. People want change in politics.
Republicans absolutely know how to deliver the cultural decisive issues in a continuous loop. You would think Democrats would know and expect this and have counter proposals by now. Trump won in 2016 on this, tried again in 20, why did they think this would be different?
Why did the Democrats cram all the stuff into there social infrastructure bill? To me it’s like admitting I know I am going to loose one or both houses in congress in 22.
What would have been wrong with getting a few things thru at lower price tag, worked to keep majority in 22 and do more. People like on here who follow this stuff are frustrated about the “sausage making” process as is evident from the comments.
Biden is trying to make everyone happy all at once and now jeopardizes getting very little if anything . If progressives get some it would make them work harder to be reelected in 22 to get more. Guess they were hoping for all of it then coast to reelection in 22.
Lastly if they don’t get the voting rights done they won’t have to worry about being around anyway after 22.

Doug Hampton November 3, 2021
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Agree with your assessment Joe. I am not at all surprised at Virginia but must admit that I am surpised at NJ. The Dems are in a lot of trouble because they simply don’t know how to deliver a message. This BBB bill looks like hand outs and also the perception is that it’s loaded with goodies that only benefit a certain population. They need to get back to the basics and tell the American public that everyone benefits from clean air and water and safe bridges etc. I don’t think they are conveying that message clearly and coherently. The good news for Dems is hopefully the R’s will see that they are better off without Trump, which I think benefits everyone. Trump endorsed the guy but Youngkin played it smart by not poking the bear but also not campaigning directly with him. Let’s be honest here…..Terry was a terrible candidate….he had 1 play in his playbook….Youngkin and Trump are the same! He really never talked about what he would do when in office. If the D’s don’t learn here….shame on them!

Joseph Vendetti November 3, 2021
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Makes me nervous seeing such close results in NJ and the loss in VA. The poll numbers and trust in this administrations abilities seems shaky at best.

With Senator Joe Manchin sticking hard to his guns, the Progressive block sticking hard to theirs, I don’t see a strong sign that President Biden can bring these two groups together, I was hoping to see a more bi-partisan effort. The Senate has enough votes to pass a pure infrastructure package that got bi-partisan support, I can’t believe with the House so close in numbers they can’t get that voted on? Nancy Pelosi is so fearful of the Progressive block and their ability to successfully knock off incumbents this process seems fruitless.

Doug Hampton November 3, 2021
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Fred…I have no idea what you are even saying. I will say this. I am talking about teaching American History and understanding our countries entire story, a comprehensive approach….the good, the bad, and the ugly. No country is perfect and we shouldn’t try to hide the mistakes just because it might make us look imperfect. To answer your question directly….yes absolutely….the entire slavery story from the beginning to the abolition to the reconstruction and right up to the current day. Why not? What opposition could or should there be? I took a Black History course when I got my Masters degree (in the 80’s) and I learned so much about a subject I knew so little about. I chose that course but I think everyone would benefit by understanding the African American story. It’s all how it’s taught.

Doug Hampton November 3, 2021
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Albert Marvell’s letter plays right into what has been recently discussed on this forum. The open discussion of race should be embraced not feared like Albert and many do. I think this country is overdue on discussing race openly and honestly without pandering and without winners and losers. If it’s positioned as “the good guys” and the “bad guys” then no but just an understanding of what events happened in our country and why. He says “protect” our children but doesn’t specifically say from what. After not too long it appears that his letter is no more than a personal rant as he talks about commercialism in Christmas. There was no real focus in this letter.

BILL WEMPLE November 3, 2021
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Perhaps it’s time for Glenville to start making some money off this stupidity like this group did with their bridge that keeps getting hit: