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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Nov. 4


Best site for Liberty is original location

I read The Gazette Oct. 29 editorial (“Compromise on statue’s location?”) with great concern.
When one reads the Gateway Plaza Implementation Plan and walks the current renovated site, in my humble opinion, the enlarging/opening up of the space in Liberty Park/Gateway Plaza and having made the area more “walkable” only reinforces the call of the Plan to return Lady Liberty to her rightful original location, it is the best and right thing to do. State Street may be wide but not unwalkable, I see SCCC students doing it all the time.
It became clear to me that when the mayor gave away the Lady Liberty Boy Scouts plaque, he intended to scrap our Lady.
This was mentioned in a prior Gazette article or editorial saying that a former Boy Scout agreed to take the plaque and save it.
I, however, do not recall the article date, author or name of the Scout. I’m sure a little searching will uncover the article.
There is no better site in Schenectady for our Lady Liberty — City Council, return our Lady Liberty to her proper and rightful location back in Liberty Park!
I am a former Scout who raised money for Lady Liberty and was at the dedication in 1950.
Lance R. Jackson

Find alternatives to leaf blowers

One of the things I do not love about the fall season is the sight and sound of gas powered leaf blowers.
In addition to the noise they create, they are so bad for the environment that some towns have banned their use.
Because they have a two-stroke motor, all of the emissions go directly into the air, including particulate matter. It’s hard to believe, but using a leaf blower for just 30 minutes is equivalent to driving 3,900 miles in a pickup truck.
But there are alternatives. the obvious one is to use an old fashioned rake. It’s great exercise for those who have the stamina and time. Or don’t rake at all — use a mulching lawn mower and allow the mulched leaves to fertilize the grass. If one absolutely has to use a leaf blower, electric and battery-operated versions are much better options.
Vicki Michela

Need help dealing with CPAP company

Pandemic news has obscured other significant news stories including the recall of millions of CPAP machines and respiratory medical devices by the manufacturer, Phillips Resperonics.
I’m one of over 25 million Americans suffering from sleep apnea who use a CPAP machine to get a restful and safe night of sleep.
The problem with over 4 million medical devices made by Phillips was only publicly identified by company press release in mid-June. I learned about my dangerous machine accidentally in July from an independent CPAP supplies dealer. In August, an undated letter from Phillips detailed the dangers of certain of their devices and promised to resolve the problem.
The company said it would either replace or repair the affected devices within one year. That leaves hundreds of thousands of users hung out to dry.
It’s been five months that users have struggled with sleep and/or the decision about continuing usage of their dangerous devices. Neither Medicare nor local private health insurance companies have been prominent in advocating for a speedy resolution.
Media outlets have made passing mention of the problem.
I have gone from being initially alarmed to being very angry. The only entities that seem to be active are a handful of law firms developing several class action lawsuits. I am tired of dealing with a serious health problem without any real assistance from the responsible parties. I am just plain tired; it happens when you have untreated sleep apnea!
John Kucij


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Florida2015 November 4, 2021
| |

ChuckD, It, amazing how alleged smart people like Ms Ryan think what they did was ok? Her statement could cover millions of people in this county, no one is responsible for there actions anymore. Thought Republicans valued personal responsibility and freedom? Wasn’t it her choice to be on twitter and go to DC and then be on twitter again? Did I miss something?

Why would someone post a question of who is Jena Ryan and I don’t care, just because they stormed the Capitol to stop a election. Goes to my first statement.

fredsmith November 4, 2021
| |

Who is Jenna Ryan, and who cares? Chuck, you have too much time on your hands.

Annie November 4, 2021
| |

What fairytale world do you live in? I actually do not know anyone who believes what you and your friends are spewing. Every demographic has their splinter groups, but to blame everyone even if they knew nothing, well, that just doesn’t feel right to me. And, of course, you had to throw in Trump. He’s gone. Biden is President. People think for themselves and if they don’t like the way things are going, the only way to change it is by voting. And they did.

ChuckD November 4, 2021
| |

“Definitely not going to jail. Sorry I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I’m not going to jail. Sorry to rain on your hater parade. I did nothing wrong,”

Sadly, the proud and confident Jenna Ryan, who flew to the insurrection on a private plane, and once a part of the mob violently breaking into the Capitol intending to disrupt the election certification in support of the loser Trump, seized the opportunity to promote herself as a ‘Realtor who’ll fight like hell for you’, sadly Ms. Ryan will be sent to jail, for 60 days.
It’s hoped she gets a better understanding of what freedom really means.

RAYMOND HARRIS November 4, 2021
| |

The Opinion page today has some great stuff. Both Gazette editorials were excellent, especially removing political signs which I’ve always found to be lawn litter. Who cares who you are supporting. I don’t decide on my selections based on others’ preference. Do you really think it influences others? The repost of the Charlotte Observer’s call for airlines to pay for mass cancellations that can screw up taxpayer’s and business travel plans after receiving $50 billion government extra subsidies. Howard French’s call to replace confederate statues with Black heroes is a great idea, too.

But my favorite letter today was Vicki Michela’s call to ban gas powered leaf blowers which are one of the most annoying pollution toys used by homeowners and landscaping companies. She mentioned that some towns have banned them. I’d love to know where so I could try to get them banned in Glenville. Leaf blowers and the Air National Guard’s routine low flying planes every four minutes in a go-cart pattern that are not only very loud, but are polluting our environment, too.

ChuckD November 4, 2021
| |

Did you hear that?

That silence…
– so?

I guess Republicans did well in the elections, otherwise the news and blogs and social media and eventually the courts would be filled with the shrieks of “no fair!!!” and “We’re suing!!!” and “It’s a conspiracy!!!” and “recount the votes!!!”

Democrats know how to be grown-up about it.

LOUIS RESTIFO November 4, 2021
| |

Mr. Jackson, thank you for your letter.

To date there must have been 15 to 20 Gazette editorial letters written, ALL complaining about Lady Liberty’s current location and strongly recommending her being moved back to where she belongs…Liberty Park.

There have been scores of comments on this forum, again ALL calling for her to be moved back to her original home. Other than Gary McCarthy I know of no one who approves of her current, Inappropriate location.

Mayor McCarthy being so stubborn in regards to not returning Lady Liberty to her original and appropriate location certainly does bode well with the people of Schenectady that he is serving.