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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Nov. 7


We need a governor to represent all of us

To no one’s surprise, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that she’s running for governor. While James has done a good job as AG in holding former Gov. Andrew Cuomo accountable for his personal and public behavior, I believe the last thing our state needs is another New York City politician as our governor.
After seeing countless politicians from New York City and its boroughs convicted on corruption charges, do we really need another as the state’s chief executive? In the last decade alone a veritable “rogue’s gallery” of New York City politicians from both political parties have been convicted of corruption charges.
Silver, Skelos, Huntley, Espada, Boyland, Rosa, Lopez, etc. The list goes on and on. All convicted and all from New York City.
Those of us who live north of the Mario Cuomo bridge are viewed as “hicks from the sticks” by both the people and politicians in New York City. We aren’t ignorant here in upstate, just much more adept at recognizing a crook when we see one.
It speaks volumes that Cuomo failed to carry a single upstate county in the last two gubernatorial primaries. I’d like our next governor to be someone who recognizes the needs and concerns of all New Yorker’s and not just those who live in Manhattan and someone who will enact real ethics reform.
Letitia James is just not the person who I believe will change things, just give us more of the same old New York City-style of politics.
John Angilletta

Republicans must stand up to Trump

The 78% of Republicans who still believe Trump’s “Big Lie” about a stolen election, which instigated the insurrection on Jan. 6, are buttressing the party leadership’s attempt to create a one-party autocracy. Because so many rank and file Republicans accept his bald-faced lie, Trump is able to crush any Republican who challenges his “stop the steal” nonsense by supporting a primary opponent more to his liking. Evidently, many Republicans would rather end democracy than stand up to Donald Trump. Ask Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger.
Democracy relies on the integrity of elections accompanied by a peaceful transfer of power. Every generation of Americans since the founding of our republic has accepted that principle — until now. Are today’s Republican voters so gullible (or cowardly) that they are willing to accept everything Trump says about the election — without a sliver of evidence — but overlook everything Trump’s biggest lackey, Attorney General Billy Barr, the F.B.I director and his own election security director said about the absence of fraud; a conclusion that was supported, furthermore, in some sixty lawsuits, including one before the Republican-dominated Supreme Court?
Absent any hard evidence of significant voter fraud, I assume Republican leaders are playing dumb because they want to use Trump’s “Big Lie” as an excuse to pass laws that restrict voting among Democratic constituencies. Republican voters can easily stop this partisan charade by boldly facing up to Trump’s threat to our democracy, but apparently too many of them accept everything the “Dear Leader” says as God-given truth.
Fred Como
Burnt Hills


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DIANE & ARTH HOMBACH November 8, 2021
| |

We saw the traitors on 1/6/21.

William Marincic November 8, 2021
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William Marincic November 8, 2021
| |

It seems like me the traders are those Democrats that wouldn’t vote for Biden’s infrastructure bill, you know the progressives.

William Marincic November 8, 2021
| |

If that’s true Ray why did the Republicans pass Biden’s infrastructure bill when the Democrats wouldn’t?

William Marincic November 7, 2021
| |

Trump couldn’t get it done because unlike the Republicans the Democrats refused to get it done and give President Trump the win for it, in this case Republicans know what’s best for this country and don’t care about giving Biden the win, they care about doing what’s right for the country. That is the difference between Republicans and Democrats, thanks for pointing it out.

RAYMOND HARRIS November 7, 2021
| |

Big congrats to Biden and the Democrats for getting the infrastructure bill completed, something that Trump couldn’t get done in his four years with a GOP in control of congress. While the bill was touted as bi-partisan, only 32 out of 250+ republicans voted for it. That vote did not include Stefanik who obviously doesn’t care about the roads, bridges, broadband, etc. for her district. But mark my words, Stefanik and the other republicans will campaign next year as if they voted for it and take credit for the improvements.

ChuckD November 7, 2021
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John Angilletta gets a big +1 from me, for his endorsement of Ms. James as AG and not Governor. And I add my endorsement of Ms. Hochul as Governor. In a previous lifetime I worked and lived for over a decade in the NY Metropolitan area. But having been raised in this area, I never got used to the cultural difference. Upstate needs downstate and vice-versa, and we very much need a Governor who recognizes and is empathetic to the differences.

DIANE & ARTH HOMBACH November 7, 2021
| |

Thank you Fred Como…… truth and facts.

Florida2015 November 7, 2021
| |

This is about the national political establishment and puts all the thoughts you might have had how all of us are being played in one place. The link is from a online local published every Wednesday and Sunday here . Read the author’s bio and his first few paragraphs before you dismiss him and stop reading. It’s spot on in my opinion.

I think this links into Raymond Harris’s letter that was published yesterday,about truth in information that is needed.

FRED BARNEY November 7, 2021
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“If in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border — whether it was legal or illegal — and you lost your child,” Biden said, raising his voice and pointing his finger. “You lost your child, he’s gone, you deserve some kind of compensation no matter what the circumstances.”

I think that it is bad public policy to reward people for criminal behavior, but then I am not a democrat

FRED BARNEY November 7, 2021
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Democrats keep telling us about Trump. Ever consider why they do not extol the virtues of their man Biden? I like they way we secretly distributes immigration criminals across the country without filling up prisons. Then of course there is the stimulus that he is providing to the electric heating industry by phasing out fossil fuels. Just think of the economic stimulus provided by the need to retrofit millions of heating systems!