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Letters to the Editor Monday, Nov. 8


Get facts on COVID, then get vaccinated

Americans continue to seek information about COVID vaccines and their effectiveness. Here are some of the Facebook myths that people are reading about.
Coronavirus vaccines were developed too quickly.
Vaccines alter your DNA.
Fetal cells were used to develop the vaccines.
Covid vaccines affect fertility.
If you have had covid you are protected and don’t need a vaccine.
You can get COVID-19 from the vaccine.
The side effects from the vaccine are dangerous.
The vaccine contains a microchip to control the general population.
None of these myths are true and scientists are debunking them daily.
Here are some true facts about covid.
With over 736,000 U.S. deaths, one in 500 Americans have died from COVID-19. Of the over 46,000 Americans currently hospitalized with COVID-19, 98% are unvaccinated.
Unvaccinated Americans are 11 times more likely to contract covid.
After 369 million vaccinations administered no one has died directly from the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Three people developed blood clots that may or may not be related to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
These are more than just boring statistics. Not being vaccinated puts everyone you love and your fellow Americans at risk.
Most religious leaders and Donald Trump have encouraged their followers to get vaccinated.
COVID can kill you regardless of which political party you support.
As a registered nurse with 40 years of experience, I encourage you to present your questions and concerns to your doctor, who can help you make an informed decision regarding this important choice.
Robert Karandy
Burnt Hills


GOP should focus on problem-solving

As our elected officials tend to the problems private industry will not solve because there is no profit in it, we can take comfort from the fact that although our nearby stream this spring is at a major flood level and our kitchen is under two feet of water, the Republicans have settled the issue of whether transgender girls can play on girls’ sports teams.
Nina Trabona

It’s our democracy or Trump, not both

I’ll say it again — you can have democracy or Trump;  you cannot have both. I’m an old woman now and learning how fragile our democracy is is mind boggling.
How is this happening?
Firstly, for democracy, the disaster is the simultaneous arrival of social media and Trump. Both are dishonest and the speed of social media has trained us not to care.
It’s perfect for the likes of Trumpites, our new third political party and the new home for almost one-half of Congress.
What’s happening in Congress?  Half of our senators — all of one party — have voted against The Voting Rights Act which would have helped insure voting rights for everyone. It didn’t pass.
Why? In the House, hundreds of representatives insist on treating the Jan. 6 attack like nothing more than a walk in the park, instead of being orchestrated by Trump. Why?
Simple — Trumpites cannot win elections if everyone votes.
Also it’s their warped sense of terror that success depends on Trump’s approval. It does not, but he’s trained them well. Fear always works.
Secondly, look to our young people and the replacing of teaching history, civics and government with technology. Both are important, but the former must be the most important.
Kids declare, ‘Who cares if we’re a democracy?’ It means that a dictator can/did become president.
And about our news source(s), and I’ll also say it again — opinion is not news. It’s not easy, but look for neutral sources, if you dare.
Livia Carroll

Governor: Give St. Clare’s 5 minutes

As many people know, for the past three-plus years, the St. Clare’s pensioners have been fighting for their rightful pension with no relief in sight.
There is a lawsuit pending, but the courts remain backed up due to the pandemic. Many of these 1,100-plus wonderful healthcare workers are suffering miserably because they have no other means of income.
I have asked Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office to allow me a 5-minute consultation with her. All I want is some guidance from her as the leader of our state. I have spoken to (former aide) Haley Viccaro only, and now my calls have been answered with a mere, “We will look into the governor’s availability.”
Why aren’t we important enough for a meeting? Many others are granted much more time with this governor who wanted to change things and make a difference.
However, we are being treated as though we do not matter and pushed aside exactly the way the former governor did. What could possibly be the reason that our own governor wants nothing to do with us? We were good enough to be asked to go back to work during the pandemic, but now we, essential workers, are being treated as if we are just a nuisance.
I will continue to call the governor’s office until I get an answer. I pray that it will be a 5-minute appointment and not another “We will see what we can do.”
Mary Hartshorne
Ballston Lake
The writer is chairman of the St. Clare’s Pension Recovery Alliance (SCPRA).

Memorial dedication not well publicized

On Oct. 29, a dedication was held at SCCC for the new Schenectady County Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
As a Vietnam vet, I have been watching the progress of the installation and wondering when it would be unveiled. But I only found out about the dedication the day before from a friend who is with the Patriot Guard Ride.
Nowhere did I see any notice of the event – not on the local news, in social media, in the newspaper or on electronic signs.
Since the memorial honors all Schenectady County Vietnam vets, it would seem to be important to have gotten the word out.
What irked me the most, though, was all the “suits” that got the invitation to attend. They hogged the first eight rows of seats, hugged each other and boasted about what a wonderful job they did, while many of the vets were left standing. After 30 minutes of speeches and no official unveiling, I went home.
I will visit the memorial on my own time.
Bernard Witkowski



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jclark124 November 8, 2021
| |

Hey William, how about 19 gop senators and 13 House members voting for the Infrastructure bill? You were very pessimistic about Biden’s ability to unite our country. Well, this is amazing progress considering what we’ve been thru. Yet the gop are harassing their own members who voted for bettering America.

ChuckD November 8, 2021
| |

No commentary needed (again):

“I got the COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing is feeling a little sore, but it’ll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy,” Big Bird wrote on Twitter over the weekend. “Ms. @EricaRHill even said I’ve been getting vaccines since I was a little bird. I had no idea!”

And that did not go over well with some Republicans. Ted Cruz whined that the iconic Sesame Street character was promoting “government propaganda.” Some Fox News personalities pushed similar lines.
A Republican congressional candidate in Pennsylvania suggested the vaccine might kill Big Bird while a GOP state legislator in Arizona called the Muppet a “communist.”

ChuckD November 8, 2021
| |

The Republicans and their fake-conservative followers continue their brave march to their god’s glory. Or something…


The gap in Covid’s death toll between red and blue America has grown faster over the past month than at any previous point.

In October, 25 out of every 100,000 residents of heavily Trump counties died from Covid, more than three times higher than the rate in heavily Biden counties (7.8 per 100,000). October was the fifth consecutive month that the percentage gap between the death rates in Trump counties and Biden counties widened.

Some conservative writers have tried to claim that the gap may stem from regional differences in weather or age, but those arguments fall apart under scrutiny. (If weather or age were a major reason, the pattern would have begun to appear last year.) The true explanation is straightforward: The vaccines are remarkably effective at preventing severe Covid, and almost 40 percent of Republican adults remain unvaccinated, compared with about 10 percent of Democratic adults.

Joseph Vendetti November 8, 2021
| |


Federally and in some states I had to supply DnA to be a certain type of contractor. I’m not opposed to DNA, extra background, mental health exams for weapons, explosives, etc.

People that have things to hide are nervous about being an open book.

William Marincic November 8, 2021
| |

Ray I have CNN set right next to Fox News in my car. Any Republican that they have on CNN that I have heard, 95% a time is a rhino, more left-wing then Joe Manchin do they have any Republicans as moderators of their major shows like Fox has Chris Wallace? The answer is no.

William Marincic November 8, 2021
| |

RAY that’s funny because you continue to “CN and talking points, the least watched news program in America even though it’s in all of the airports wild disparaging Fox news that’s the most watch news in America. I would say fox is more middle of the road as they have Democrat pundits on TV and news anchors like Geraldo, and Chris Wallace. I don’t know any Republicans or conservatives on CNN.

RAYMOND HARRIS November 8, 2021
| |

Robert Karandy – Great letter. Your list of Covid-19 myths found in social media (and Fox, etc.) are the perfect examples of what my Lies and Misinformation Commission would deal with. Thanks.

FRED BARNEY November 8, 2021
| |

Livia Carroll You might consider the merits of today’s president in lieu of yesterday’s. I like is phasing out of fossil fuels. Consider the effectiveness of a solar powered aircraft carrier. Also the job promoting effects of retrofitting of existing buildings with solar power. The Democrats should begiven full credit for their policies

FRED BARNEY November 8, 2021
| |

We can take comfort from the fact that although our nearby stream this spring is at a major flood level and our kitchen is under two feet of water, the Republicans have settled the issue of whether transgender girls can play on girls’ sports teams.

Nina Trabona

1>Nina it is Fall not Spring
2> It is generally thought that those with extreme delusions should be helped not humored

Joseph Vendetti November 8, 2021
| |


There are several ways to make voting more accessible and give the electorate confidence in the system.

Require identification with each vote cast – picture, fingerprint, eye scans – all of this technology is available at airports, stores, gas stations, etc around the US and world.

To me I wish President Biden included that in infrastructure- because these national voting cards or systems could follow us from state to state, help us purchase alcohol, register for college classes, enter an airport or train station, etc – why if the gov’t is paying for these ID’s there is no barrier or excuse to require IDs to vote.

Them I can picture a system that reads and eye/fingerprint that pulls up your voting ballot (you could be in Las Vegas on vacation but vote in your district in NY), voting machines could be placed in community centers, bus stations, street corners, post offices, etc.

With this type of system we wouldn’t see these wild swings on election night and next days as mail in ballots are recorded. It would be practically real time. For goodness sake we have 50-70 million ppl voting for American Idol, Dancing with the Stars. You can’t tell me with eye & fingerprint technology along with others going to polling places on election days we wouldn’t have better turnout and faith in the ballots cast.

William Marincic November 8, 2021
| |

Livia Carroll The federal voting law did not pass because it went against the constitution, it took voting laws away from the states where the voting laws are supposed to be. It also made voting ripe for fraud.