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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Nov. 9


Put neighborhoods’ future over politics

My wife and I have lived in Duanesburg for 46 years. For 22 years, I was chairman of the town’s Parks and Recreation Commission.
My political views as a registered Democrat never outwardly affected my relationships with neighbors or town officials, despite political differences.
There seemed to be an unwritten rule to separate personal relations from political or religious differences. This past year, I’ve had some experiences that make me wonder if that rule is breaking down.
I don’t know if such a breakdown is widespread, but I think in this time of extreme rancor in our national politics it is important to consider the value of neighborliness.
We all want to live in communities where we feel safe and have cordial relations with neighbors. I, also, value having good relations with neighbors with different ideas and beliefs.
I think these relationships can be an important way of avoiding villainizing “the other side.”
If we let political differences infect our communities, it will be very difficult to build back trust and a sense of shared community in the future. For this reason, I think this is an important time for us all to go out of our way to minimize political differences with neighbors and actively find ways to strengthen our neighborhood relations.
Most of us have very limited power over which president or governor we have, but we have a lot of influence over the kind of neighborhood we live in.
Peter Watrous

Winners and losers: Take down signs

To all the successful candidates in last Tuesday’s election, congratulations. Take down your signs.
To those who were defeated at the polls, sorry for your loss. Take down your signs.
Judd Staley

Offer a birthday toast to the Marines

On Nov. 10, the United States Marine Corps will celebrate the 246th anniversary of its founding.
I still remember my first Marine Corps birthday celebration. I was a recruit at Parris Island, and we had a “holiday routine.” For us privates, this meant an extra hour of sleep. But the evening meal — wow — we had large portions of ham, turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, squash and cranberries, topped off with cake and ice cream. I thought, I LIKE this outfit. My next Marine Corps birthday was in Vietnam. We had hot chow and cold beer.
God bless that C.O., wherever he is now.
Over the next 20 years of my active service, we celebrated with birthday balls while stateside. These balls gave us an opportunity to show off our lovely “eye candy” ladies, dressed in all their finery, who we were currently courting and often marrying. And our female Marines, not to be outdone, had their handsome, studly escorts, who, quite possibly, were not aware if they were the pursuers or the pursued.
While deployed overseas, we would gather and celebrate with the Marines in our unit and reminisce about past exploits.
Again this year, I will be celebrating the Marine Corps’ birthday and dining with some of the finest men and women this country has ever produced: United States Marines. Offer a toast to them all — Here’s health to you and to our Corps. Semper Fidelis.
Sgt. Maj. James P. Kirby
USMC (retired)

We must teach the evils of slavery

Critical Race Theory: Not teaching that slavery is evil is akin to not teaching boys that rape is wrong.
Michael Boehm


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Florida2015 November 9, 2021
| |

fredsmith,Of course to benefit from the Trump tax cut you had to pay income tax.

Not for everybody.
If your big business it doesn’t work that way. You get refunds with out paying
Didn’t Warren Buffet say his Secretary pays a higher tax rate then him?
Blame both parties, Democrats have been in charge and changed nothing and probably gave more breaks.
I believe the number is three lobbyists for EVERY member of Congress in DC, and we wonder why nothing gets fixed.

Florida2015 November 9, 2021
| |

Joe, I am mostly the same page as you but something has to give. You cite your increased costs to do business, but is your business losing business or money? Aren’t your competitors doing the same?
How about the Feds just cut the subsidies and tax breaks they already gave and then increased in Trumps tax cuts. How about the special breaks real estate developers get on and on. How many companies pay no tax yet return billions to investors?
Healthcare? Please check what Schenectady county gives to Ellis Hospital to cover treatment for the uninsured. In 2013 or 14 it was 46% of county budget was to cover Medicaid and the uninsured. Any suggestions how to fix that? Someone has to pay for that, why don’t we have universal coverage that the sick and healthy pay for? That’s why Social Security and Medicare work isn’t it?

fredsmith November 9, 2021
| |

Chuck: Under the Trump tax cut the standard deduction for a married couple went from $12,700 to $24,000. That certainly made it easier for me to do my taxes. Didn’t need to spend all that effort trying to itemize deductions. Also, the tax changes increased the child tax credit to $2,000 per child under age 17. Of course to benefit from the Trump tax cut you had to pay income tax.

Joseph Vendetti November 9, 2021
| |


I wrote a piece of demand pull inflation – too much money chasing too few goods vs cost-push inflation – where materials to make goods are rising so C-suite executives have a few options to maintain profit – raise prices or cut costs.

So while we did push trillions into the economy to buy stuff I don’t believe that to be the main driver in this inflation.

Our business – we have heard this administrations drum beat that businesses need to pay more. They are hell bent on raising taxes on businesses. So what we are doing is charging more for our services now to put some equity reserve in for the next four years. We aren’t the only ones – my trucking to move equipment are charging more, my job trailers, port o poties, my workers uniforms, paying more for our coffee service, our company lunches.

So as all these policies that effect pricing of raw materials increases so does the end product.

The administrations position on closing pipe lines is effecting natural gas prices, if its about climate? We are wanting opec to increase production to meet our demands? Will that make climate better? The same carbon will go into their air, travel into atmosphere and same effects correct? Whether its russian oil or our oil – that argument holds zero water.

Further businesses know that if Healthcare or other benefits are forced on them – their costs of business increase prices increase.

So the president and the administration do cause inflation

Florida2015 November 9, 2021
| |

Mr Watrous, You are absolutely right in your letter. It was actually asked by some here why being from liberal NY would you move to a Republican dominated county. That was in 2016, and they based the question on you came from NY therefore must be liberal. They had no idea what my politics were. I had no answer, as had never been asked such a question. before. Now registered as NPA , about 30% of Florida voters are.

RE signs. It’s been said by some that’s another reason they don’t believe FG lost, because there were a lot more signs for him and boat parades to.

BILL WEMPLE November 9, 2021
| |

As for Campaign signs, I fail to understand why there were so many posted in my town where nearly all the candidates were running unopposed. Seemed like an extreme waste of money and now these signs are just filling up landfills with plastic boards.

FRED BARNEY November 9, 2021
| |

Someone should tell Mike the except for the government’s ability to draft males slavery, in this country, was abolished generations ago. If we are going to since in judgement of those long dead it should be pointed out that the decedents of those who were exported as commodities have higher life expectance than the decedents of their abusers.

jclark124 November 9, 2021
| |

Sensible, positive letters today, thank you all!

William Marincic November 9, 2021
| |

Michael Boehm I’m pretty sure everyone knows slavery is wrong. But telling a Black child that they will never succeed because of White people is also wrong. Telling a White child that they are an oppressor is also wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right.