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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 10


Find alternatives to Champlain Express

The state Public Service Commission (PSC) held hearings on Oct. 20 concerning changes to the proposed Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) transmission corridor that would pass through the Capital Region en route from Quebec to Queens in New York City. All speakers were against CHPE as proposed. Rockland County residents, long actively opposing CHPE, once again asked the PSC to respond to their many unanswered written questions about the line and PSC processes.
CHPE is a continuously changing project. Earlier this year, the PSC approved without hearings an increase in CHPE’s capacity from 1 billion to 1.25 billion watts.
Proposed in 2010 by a Blackstone-owned subsidiary, Transmissions Developers LLC, CHPE developers now seek PSC approval for an interconnection in Albany County to power lines from central New York, and to reconfigure the Queens site.
Despite the PSC and CHPE asserting the 25% capacity increase and the two latest proposed changes are insignificant, each is important enough to mandate preparation of a new environmental impact statement.
Why import Quebec government-owned and subsidized power from 1,000 miles away, literally destroy rivers, poison Native peoples and increase greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, damage the Hudson River and its aquatic life, and needlessly export perhaps $1 billion annually to Canada for electricity?
Instead, let’s put New Yorkers to work on appropriately sited and scaled solar and wind generation, energy efficiency and conservation.
Tom Ellis

Seniors grateful to Boghosians for help

In March 2020, the town of Milton took over the Milton Community Center. They had problems with their town hall and had to move all town of Milton offices into the Milton Community Center. This move displaced the senior citizens, leaving them no place to meet or do activities.
While I was looking for a place to meet, Tom Boghosian approached me and offered the seniors a place to meet and do some activities at 15 Treible Ave. in the Hannaford Plaza.
This property is a rental store/gym that the Boghosian Brothers have that was not being rented at the time. We made arrangements to use this rental space, and the Boghosian Brothers let us have this space free of charge! I cannot say enough how much this has meant to the seniors. From November 2020 to the end of October 2021, we used the gym.
They finally found another paying tenant, so we had to move out again. The Boghosian Brothers stepped up and helped the seniors. They opened and closed the building for us and allowed us to use the premises several days a week, again at no charge to us.
I wish to say a very big thank you to the Boghosian Brothers for their generosity to the Ballston Spa area seniors. Their generosity and support prove that there are still good people out there who care about the seniors. Again many thanks to the Boghosian Brothers for their generosity.
Linda Elmer
Ballston Spa
The writer is president of the Ballston Area Seniors.


Glad that council is addressing statue

I am very glad to see the Schenectady City Council is taking on the relocation effort for Lady Liberty back to her original location.
There are many of us that find her current location to be shameful and not at all visible as the mayor seems to think.
If her only purpose in Liberty Park was to be urinated on, what does that say for putting the pride sculpture there?
Let me also say that if I were a voter in Schenectady, the mayor would not get my vote.
Sharon Trumpler



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The Governor will announce a “fix” for the Glenridge Rd. train bridge problem very soon, according to a friend and high ranking official at State DOT.


I hope the courts quickly put to rest the mistaken belief that Trump still has executive privilege so that the bi-partisan Congressional Select Committee can obtain the documents needed for the Jan. 6 domestic violence/insurrection investigation and force those in Trump’s administration and others to testify. I believe there is no one else left to subpoena but Trump himself! Cannot wait.

Remember when Secretary Clinton testified multiple times for over eight hours apiece regarding Benghazi? Yeah, well can you even imagine Donald Trump doing that? Not in a million years. He’s too weak and scared of what he might say.


Right. The Select Committee should not allow Trump to submit only a sworn written testimony written by his lawyers. He needs to testify to show how feeble he really is. It may help “real” republicans to recover their identity and dignity.

Yup, they dragged Hillary in there how many times? 8? Then they got their sound bite to use against her (of course, taken out of context).
45 and his cronies believe they are above the law. 45 has at least 12 felons orbiting him, many of whom he pardoned to protect himself. He’s the biggest con artist, criminal to hold public office. He is a disgrace to our nation. Let’s dare him to go before the Committee.

William Marincic

You mean when Hillary looked into the camera and said what difference does it make now anyways? The question is what would Hillary be doing when she gets called to testify in her trial for the Russian collusion lie.

I remember ex-president trump telling the country the virus was going to magically disappear and not to worry, while thousands of Americans were on the verge of dying from it.
How do you explain that?

William Marincic

I remember that it was President Trump that gave us a vaccine, three vaccines and a plan to administer them and Biden even screwed that up.


You’re going love this one. Great example of what many of us have been saying about Fox and misinformation:
Geraldo Rivera was on “Hannity,” Tuesday, when a conversation regarding Aaron Rodgers allegedly lying about his Covid-19 vaccination status turned personal for the Fox News personality. “You know Sean, in January I lost a beloved nephew Bobby Reed to this disease” Rivera said. “I despise vaccinated people who are smug in their protection who urge unvaccinated people to exercise their freedoms.” Several media outlets have accused Fox News of promoting anti-vax propaganda and misinformation about the disease. When his colleague Sean Hannity suggested viewers be allowed to mislead employers or other people about their vaccination status, Rivera laid into him. “If I’m in your room with my grandchildren who are not vaccinated because they are too young and you lie about vaccine status and you sneeze on my grandchildren,” said Rivera, “that could be a crime. That is absolutely so selfish.”

U.S. consumer prices jump 6.2% in October, the biggest inflation surge in more than 30 years

You prime money in the end you have economic problems! Go Biden

Yes Fred. It’s true. So you don’t expect a global pandemic to negatively effect the supply chain? You must be happy though, that we have a record stock market, unemployment dropped to 4.6, and about tripled jobs created compared to 45s in the same time period. I expect prices to drop along with gas as we work thru this backlog.


I believe Trump left office with zero net job creation whereas Biden has ALREADY created 5 million, despite the pandemic. The stock market is growing higher because private industry foresees greater success in the next six to nine months. When the supply chain catches up to demand, prices will come down along with inflation. People have money and they are spending it driving up everything. Patience. It will all come together. Biden has only been in office 10 months.

If there is a surplus of money and a given amount of goods prices go. Supply problems are not an issue until the amount of money expands faster than the supply of goods

William Marincic

The economy was coming back full steam under Trump, everything that Biden has touched he is turned to crap. He is an unmitigated dumpster fire with a 38% approval rating less than Donald Trump at this time and falling.

I like the thought that Biden proved that running the government on printed money proves to long standing ideas:

1> The Democrats prefer to talk about government transparency will hiding the cost of government programs from the voters.

2> Beyond a certain point the printing of money is always associated with inflation

Fred, hahahaha…can’t respond to my comment so you go back to “printing money”…for the umpteenth time!
Biden is in Baltimore addressing the supply chain right now.

Anyone else seeing this?
I’m reading the online version (not the E-Edition) of the DG, and all the articles in the “Most read” column are from 2008.

And as quickly as it came, it went away.
As it happens I use the Firefox browser with an add-on called “Clear Cache” (highly recommended). Makes clearing the cache very easy, which I do frequently.

So, in the spirit of good Republicans everywhere, “It’s not my fault!”

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