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Saratoga Regional YMCA to save up to $13,500 in electricity by enrolling in community solar program

The Malta Branch of the Saratoga Regional YMCA is seen at 8 Medical Park Road.

The Malta Branch of the Saratoga Regional YMCA is seen at 8 Medical Park Road.

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The Saratoga Regional YMCA has enrolled in a company’s community solar program through which it subscribes to a solar farm in Pendleton, in an initiative that promises to offset up to 90% of its annual electricity usage.

The YMCA’s 900 kilowatt subscription will save the agency up to $13,500 a year through the discounted rate it pays for community solar credits applied to its National Grid bills, realizing more than $250,000 in savings over the course of its contract with Nexamp, the company said in a news statement.

Community solar farms generate clean energy that is fed to the grid, earning credits that are allocated across the subscriber base and billed at a fixed discount to create customer savings. 

“We support more than 25,000 members in the region, offering a wide variety of services focused on overall wellness for families and individuals of all ages,” said John Pecora, chief financial officer for the Saratoga Regional YMCA. “As part of our mission, we recognize the importance of a healthy environment and the role of clean energy in making that possible. Enrolling in a community solar program provides us with the dual benefit of saving money that makes our budget go further while also participating in the growth of much-needed clean energy on the grid.”

Four of the five Saratoga Regional YMCA buildings will receive credits through the program.

The 6-megawatt community solar farm in Pendleton, like the dozens of other solar farms in New York and hundreds of solar farms across the country owned and operated by Nexamp, serves both commercial and residential customers.

“Just as the YMCA serves all residents without discrimination, community solar is making the benefits of clean energy accessible to all,” said David Wells, Nexamp’s director of community solar in New York. “We’ve seen that as more and more nonprofits learn about the advantages of the program and how easy it is to get started, they realize how well it fits with their missions. It’s equally about saving money, saving the environment and helping communities invest in a cleaner, more resilient energy grid for the future.”

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