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Letters to the Editor Friday, Nov. 12


APA must step up to protect Adirondack Park

I thought the purpose of the Adirondack Park Agency was to protect and preserve our spectacular Adirondack Park.
According to The Gazette Nov. 5 article (“Big housing development proposed for a small Adirondack town,”) the APA is considering a large-scale housing development in the town of Jay, with its covered bridge, sparkling streams and wetlands. No!
Mary E. Siegel

Consider problems with going green

Joe Biden’s quick departure from Afghanistan, the problems at the southern border and the closing of the XL pipeline gives one the impression that Biden acts first, and thinks later.
At the height of the covid outbreak, we saw air and auto travel diminish by nearly 80%. I read no articles stating greenhouse gases or global warming were diminishing. However, we are quick to blame global warming on climate disasters. Who is monitoring the science?
Problems with going green: California went green too quickly and had customers shut off air conditioners during a high-demand heat wave. The EU placed windmills along the shoreline, only to find the amount of wind energy expected did not reach expectations, causing major power outages.
It’s nice to think of green energy, but the reality is, it is not a reliable or a predictable source of energy. No green power system should be without a fossil fuel backup. Natural-gas-powered GE turbines are a proven, reliable source under heavier loads. Why kill such a perfected system?
By allowing forests to flourish and using CO2 free, nuclear power plants, plus doing research on liquefaction storage to convert CO2 to O2, we can solve the CO2 problem. All we need is more precious time.
Vince Alescio
Clifton Park

Republicans don’t need Trump to win

Republican candidates don’t need Trump to win. I think Glenn Youngkin’s election for governor of Virginia proves a few facts.
Youngkin distanced himself from Trump during his campaign and won. I think it would be wise for the Republican Party to follow his lead and run on the issues, rather than rehashing that the last election was rigged.
I really think the majority of Americans are tired of Trump and would not vote for him if he were to run. I am sure that the Republicans have qualified candidates that would run.
Bob Kennedy
Ballston Lake

Find alternate spot for Liberty statue

The Statue of Liberty is majestic in New York Harbor; the 8-foot Miss Liberty in Schenectady is a poor reproduction. Her face looks like a doll’s, not a replica of the magnificent, imposing countenance of the original statue.
Liberty Park has been transformed into a place that symbolically and aesthetically represents what we want our beautiful city to be, welcoming diversity.
The statue, given by the Boy Scouts almost 75 years ago, is a wonderful part of our past, but it does not convey the strength and hope for millions of immigrants represented by the original statue.
Perhaps our Miss Liberty should be honored by being in or on the grounds of the Schenectady Historical Society rather than looking like an afterthought in the new Gateway Plaza.
Another possibility might be in our beautiful Central Park, a place where a great many local citizens, including recent and not so recent immigrants, enjoy all it has to offer.
Janet Olin Altschuller


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Joseph Vendetti

My company is abating and demolishing two fossil power plants south of Odessa TX – we have a combined 120 +/- workers on site. Over the last 6 or so months are superintendent, safety officers, and project managers have had to set up night cameras and motion sensors because of the break ins to job trailers, boxes, etc –

Watching this footage – we have a serious issue in this part of the country. It looks like the end of a concert at SPAC with thousands of individuals walking thru our work areas at night. Some stop – break in to trailers and get food, water, some hand & pneumatic tools stolen,

If this is happening near odessa I can’t imagine the #\s closer to the border.

Not sure what you’re insinuating, but just for the record, according to FBI Uniform Crime Data the southern border from the tip of Texas to California has crime rates BELOW the national average. Break-ins and theft are common at unsecured construction sites.

Not sure how you derived that from my comment Bill. I’m not for illegal immigration. But it seemed like Joe was saying that border towns are crime ridden and that it must have been “the illegals” that stole his tools. White people and legal immigrants commit crimes too ya know.

Are you in favor of illegal immigrants being treated as criminals? If not why not? There is always the possibility that you may be able to offer a sound argument as to why the law ought to apply to some and not others

I believe illegal immigrants should be treated according to whatever laws and legal executive orders were signed by Congress and the President.

You missed “… with thousands of individuals walking thru our work areas at night.”

insinuate! Joe stated facts and left the reader to reach their conclusions.

William Marincic

Illegal is still illegal and for the ones that overstayed Visas, I would be willing to give them a pass as they are usually grad students with skills and rarely take money from Govt. programs. The others need to be deported. I consider that fair.

Are you telling us the migration we see at the Southern border are those who over stayed their vises?

Facts: All immigrants (legal and undocumented) pay sales, property, and consumption taxes; many undocumented immigrants also pay income taxes, even though they can’t benefit from most federal and state local assistance programs. Contrary to popular belief, undocumented workers are not (and have never been) eligible to claim social security
benefits. In fact, most undocumented workers will use a false social security number to prove work authorization, therefore paying money into a benefit system that they may never be eligible to use. According to the Social Security Administration, undocumented immigrants account for a “major portion” of the billions of dollars paid into the Social Security system—an estimated $520 billion as of October 2005. Immigrants’ tax payments support both local and state services in addition to the federal government.
One study shows that immigrants, regardless of status, will pay on average $80,000 per capita more in taxes than they use in government services over their lifetime. Undocumented immigrants can receive schooling and emergency medical care, but not welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and most other public benefits. Undocumented immigrant parents cannot receive government benefits in their own right but may be the payees for benefits received on behalf of eligible family members, such as U.S. citizen
spouses or children.
Here’s the rest:

William Marincic

Jclark, FYI, Illegals have children, the children are American citizens so the children get the housing and food stamps while the illegal parents work illegally and in essence, are double-dipping. I lived in both New Mexico and in El Paso Tx. I’m very familiar with what goes on down there as I lived it for 13 years.

Fred–“Are you telling us the migration we see at the Southern border are those who over stayed their vises?”
OBVIOUSLY NOT. You act like there were no migrants when 45 was president, but in 2019 there was a sharp increase. Then because of the pandemic dropped considerably in April 2020. Coming out of the pandemic, a compassionate president that refused to rip babies and children away from their parents forever, along with catastrophic events caused a surge. BTW–45 defunded those troubled countries which caused more to flee.

Joseph Vendetti


All I can say is I looked at a video that was started with a motion sensor. As I said – looks like it was large hundreds if not thousands of ppl trampling thru our job site – which is secured by 8’ fence, locked gates.

There is an issue – never seen that before and now we have ppl onsite 24/7 – have turned over tapes to local police and border patrol – as this wasn’t one or two ppl sneaking into a construction site. You can literally see large, small, medium sized ppl, women and men, women in large groups.


Well, the absolutely great news about the continuation of burning fossil fuels is that it certainly won’t be a problem for humans in the future; With climate change and pollution it won’t be long before we become extinct. Problem solved.

LOUIS RESTIFO, Have you noticed that when we post links to refute or goodness a fact check, the poster of the false information hardly or never responds? Guess they have no answer to the truth or the simple google search refuted there letter or post.

William Marincic

Florida, I read that same article last year, I’m all for a clean environment. I’m not for restricting American and American businesses while the greatest polluters in China gets a free pass for another 10 years.


~Nana-na-nana, 🎶 If he’s doing it so can I, 🎶 nana-na-nana. ~
Perfect way to resolve an issue catastrophe to humanity William.

William Marincic

If people like you Lou were actually honest which is not a trait of any democrat you would insist that China play by the same rules.


Soooo, go for it William. Give Xi Jinping a call and tell him to play by rules that you think are fair, and while you’re at, do the same for the Republican governors and congressional leaders and tell them to play fair as well. It’s all just that easy.

William Marincic

Sooooo let me get this right LOU, America should shut down its factories and we should ruin our economy while China ramps up their economy because they get a free pass on pollution. FYI, that’s why Trump took us out of the Paris accord. DUH

William Marincic

Under Trump we cut our emissions and greenhouse gasses, unless China does the same it won’t matter and China will never do it. Now what?

Why is setting a good example time-limited?
Why do you think China is the only one to benefit from the example we set? You certainly are obsessed with China.

(Here’s a secret: Trump benefited from the entire world shutting down from a pandemic, thereby “cutting our emissions and greenhouse gasses, remember? If you have some secret data that shows anything he did caused a reduction, bring it.)


Again I say; Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

William Marincic

Only what YOU want to hear, only what YOU want to see, only the way YOU want it to be, nothing else matters, nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you present some we will see how well they stand up to public evaluation. When ideas are being discussed offering opinions about others is a public admission to your lack of faith in the ability of your own ideas withstand public attention..

Fred, not once have you disputed facts that I mention. You either ignore it or talk about one of your favorite (ridiculous) comments that have nothing to do with it.
William isn’t much better.


jclark, naming one fact any of us have posted that Fred has been able to dispute with any type of a credible response is similar to finding a needle in a stack. He just loves to blather on for attention.

Bob Kennedy, I hope you’re right. I think we’ve seen the fault lines growing in the Trump-Republican world; there have been noises of a return to a more centrist, less destructive sensibility. It’s still a White Christian male world there, but with at least an acknowledgement that we need to keep this country running and not have to deal with a Presidential pants-wetting, cry-baby.

We’ve been fortunate to witness how Democrats have handled internal differences, and electoral losses. If Republicans could now wake up from their authoritarian dreamworld and come into the 21st century, this country might become great again.

William Marincic

Who Biden, remember now that Camilla the wife of England’s future King can not stop talking about the long and loud fart that Biden let loose while speaking to her. Real classy.

Here is the jist of the article you posted Mr. Marincic,

According to The Mail Online, the wife of Prince Charles is said to have described the president’s fart as “long and impossible to ignore” and she was so stunned by 78-year-old Biden’s flatulent faux pas at the UN Climate Change Conference that she has been chatting about it for days.

“It was long and impossible to ignore. Camilla hasn’t stopped talking about it,” a source told the publication.

It is reported that the president met the Duchess during a reception on Monday (8 November) at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, attended by Prince Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Boris Johnson.

Just hours earlier, the 78-year-old had appeared to doze off during the opening addresses, prompting more questions from his political rivals over his fitness for office.

Fitness for office!!!!!

William Marincic

And the times Trump embarrassed America by farting in front of the future wife of the king is also zero as well as the times Trump has fallen asleep at a climate summit is also zero. BTW the times Trump looked at his watch while the dignified transfer of dead soldiers is also zero Biden is a dumpster fire.

“I hate to lose,” he told reporters. “But I’m also someone who believes strongly in our republic and our democratic processes. Enough votes have been counted.”

Republican Jack Ciattarelli formally concedes to NJ Gov. Phil Murphy. He says his campaign team told him yesterday he could not overcome Murphy’s lead. “And so, I called Governor Murphy today and congratulated him on his reelection and wished him well.”

There’s no widespread fraud, he says.
Ciattarelli flatly says that there is “no proof that this election was stolen.”

This comment is NOT to gloat about a Rep loss, it is about a demonstration of how a Republican can react sanely and with civility to the realities of politics in a democracy.

Meanwhile, in a DC jail holding more than 30 rightwing, White snowflakes who couldn’t act civilly to a loss, the lawyer for Oath Keepers leader Kelly Meggs in a recent court filing urged “the executive/administrative functions of the Court to officially explore with the Bureau of Prisons and the Congress whether any of the trillions of dollars of infrastructure spending may be already allocated or re-programmed under the Impoundment Act to repair and upgrade the D.C. Jail facilities.”

Some say they’re demanding a cold keg of Yeungling once a week. And MAGA beer mugs. Sadly they’re not aware the bill hasn’t even been signed yet.

William and Fred, Here is a fact or two for you about the impact of climate change. You thoughts? Ones we know what your talking about please.
Not only increasing insurance costs, but helping to fuel building replacement costs and infrastructure costs for the damage, but also for new housing, business and infrastructure and anything new needed to keep our country going foreword. Both segments are competing for the same materials and labor. I would bet just in residential buildings alone in the 10 of thousands lost in floods, fires,and hurricanes So I guess we should wait and see if China responds, or ask them to pay for this for us?

William Marincic

Florida, there are just as many disasters. The Dust Bowl,
Prior to the early 1930’s, the Great Plains was a farmer’s paradise. Rising demands for wheat spurred settlers to plow much of the southern plains’ grassy soil to meet this need. The land was eventually exposed to erosion, since grass and tree roots that had held the moist soil in place during dry times were replaced by cash crops. A decade-long drought transformed the loose topsoil into dust, which windstorms swept up and blew eastward, darkening skies as far away as the Atlantic Coast. With most of the area’s crops decimated, a third of the farmers turned to government aid, while around half a million Americans were left homeless.


When thinking about Donald Trump, it’s always important to remember that a) he cares only about himself and b) he is utterly incapable of remorse.

Both of those traits are on display in a recorded answer that the former president gave to ABC’s Jon Karl when asked about the January 6 riot and — in particular — the chants of “Hang Mike Pence!” from some in the crowd.

“Well, the people were very angry,” explained Trump, before adding that “I thought (Pence) was well protected and I had heard that he was in good shape.”

Which is easy for Trump to say! He spent the entire afternoon of January 6 — as rioters were overrunning the Capitol, constructing a gallows outside the building and ransacking various Congressional offices — ensconced in the White House watching the proceedings on TV.

(Trump also, not for nothing, resisted pleas to send a tweet telling the crowd to disperse. And, when he eventually did record a video with that message, he told the mob that “we had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election and everyone knows it especially the other side.” He added that “we love you, you’re very special.”)

What Trump’s interview with Karl makes clear is that he had absolutely no problem with people chanting to murder his vice president. In Trump’s eyes, this was a reasonable response to the fact that people believe the 2020 election had been stolen from him. They, of course, only believed that because Trump and his allies lied about (nonexistent) voter fraud and ballot irregularities for months after the election.

In Trump’s world, whatever his supporters feel is justified. They felt angry. They chanted that they wanted to hang the vice president for not taking part in Trump’s lie. How can he possibly say that what they did was wrong? After all, as he said, “the people were very angry.” Might makes right!


Chuck – Remember the Twilight Zone episode, “To serve man”? It was actually a cookbook by aliens to eat humans. What Trump does is brainwash his supporters to serve him (starting with donations for his legal defense) by feeding them his selfish, uncaring gibberish that they view as strong leadership.

No “To Serve Man” was Biden telling us he was going to unite America and everything would be all better and instead we have what we have. That’s the real story, watch the show again. I’m a Twilight Zone fan, I record it and watch it almost daily.


Hot off the wires:

A federal grand jury has returned an indictment against former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress, the Justice Department announced Friday.
Attorney General Merrick Garland has been under tremendous political pressure to indict Bannon since the House referred the Trump ally to the Justice Department for contempt on October 21.
Without an indictment, critics have said, there’s doubt over how much power the House January 6 committee has to compel cooperation from former White House and Trump administration officials.

Others to follow.

William Marincic

Just like Obama politicized the DOJ with his “wingman” Eric Holder Biden’s handlers are doing the same with Garland. We have already seen it with the school board memo and now the emails. Typical democrat hit squads using the govt. didn’t they learn with Lois Lerner? I’ll tell you in 22 when we have House and Senate you are going to see heads roll. Republicans are fed up with lying, cheating, and politicized DOJ.

Joseph Vendetti

I’ve been in aruba prepping for a project and one of taxi drivers asked me – do we in US mandate all US citizens to get vaccines? Or just health care workers and airline employees? Then he said – do we mandate people that receive “benefit” to get vaccinated? I said what is benefit? He said ppl on gov’t or state pension? Or unemployed? Or ppl unable to work for disability or mental health reasons?

So I am pro vaccine – but it got me thinking why aren’t we mandating everyone to get vaccinated?

William Marincic

Maybe a year ago you might have heard Fauci, Biden, and Harris all say no mandates because they are illegal. Biden tried to do an end-run with OSHA but that too will fail.

Well it hasn’t yet, after how many months?
Why do you continue to dream up horrible things and then publicly express your fears and anger about them?

William Marincic

In a late Thursday night revision to President Biden’s social spending package, Democrats included a provision that would raise the itemized deduction cap for state and local taxes (SALT), a move analysts argue will only benefit high-income earners.

Helping their wealthy donors!!!! Hypocrites!!! Trump had the SALT cap at 10K and took heat while these dems have the cap at 80K

A little triggered, no?
The bill has a long way to go before final. If you’re going to freak out every time there’s a wart exposed you’re in for a rough couple weeks.

William Marnic, That’s your answer, the dust bowl? Guessing you didn’t read the article and went looking for a whataboutism instead. Comparing the dust bowl to West coast wild fires,and droughts, mid country floods,Gulf and East coast hurricanes. Try again for a researched factual answer from the right side of the political spectrum about what is going on with the climate. I know it will be Biden and Democrats fault when you get your property insurance bill so you don’t need no research to know why.

William Marincic

Florida, it’s the exact same cause. Farmers tore up trees to plant crops, people in California tore up trees to build homes it’s no different. Not to mention California will not clear there forests and leave dry dead timber to start the next fire.

Because that’s what Mr. Trump said! So grab some rakes you dirty hippies, and start raking those forests! Like the Norway people do.

Ray, Your post of the released recording from FG about Pence and Williams answer should tell everyone of clear mind and CONSCIENCE what the need to know about both of them.

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