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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Nov. 14


Where is the outrage over insurrection?

A national newspaper recently published a comprehensive investigative report on the Jan. 6 insurrection against the U.S. Capitol.
Where’s the coverage? Imagine if network news or print media covered just the fact that the report exists, no verification necessary.
The report concludes that the then-president watched the riot on TV, taking no action for over three hours, while his terrorist supporters brandished weapons, forcibly broke into the Capitol, attacked police, hunted for congressional representatives and threatened to hang the vice president.
Imagine if we had had a patriot for a president.
When it was suggested that this threat to overthrow a lawful election required an investigation by a bi-partisan commission similar to what investigated the 9/11 terrorist attack 20 years ago, Congress killed it.
Imagine if our elected reps included more patriots than cowards afraid of offending their party president of the United States. Imagine if they cared more for their country than getting re-elected.
The report found that online media had been ‘red-hot’ for weeks prior to the attack, detailing specifics about how to smuggle weapons, where and when to rendezvous for travel and exactly where and when the attack would happen.
The intelligence was there. Where was law enforcement? Imagine the law enforcement response if the media postings had been from a Muslim or other minority group.
Imagine if our law enforcement agencies had been truly committed to protect our government and its citizens from all attacks, both foreign and domestic. Where’s the outrage? As John Lennon once sang: Imagine.
Thomas P. Herrmann

Heed warnings from those who see reality

I watched Sen. Chuck Schumer on TV jumping with joy as the house passed a trillion-plus-dollar boondoggle. Sen. Schumer’s joy reminded me of a Polish saying: It was as if the devil was rejoicing in a soul consigned to hell.
My Polish people have sayings for every occasion. We are living in a time of ‘sayings.’
Listening to the BBC on Sirius Radio recently, the topic was Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky books read like America 2021. It was pre-Russian Revolution in Dostoevsky’s era. The fresh air of a czarist gulag cleared his head. The only book he was allowed was a Bible. In a Soviet gulag, no Bibles, just frostbite and unmarked graves.
If Polish sayings and Dostoevsky do not do it for you, try Solzhenitsyn. Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Poles, knew the face of evil when they witnessed it.
Edmond Day

Trump, rapper show importance of words

Words matter — there are lessons to be learned from the actions of both former President Donald Trump and rapper Travis Scott.
Travis was known for “raging” his audience, which resulted last Friday in unruly behavior to the point eight people died and many were injured.
Trump has been inciting his MAGA mobs for the past six years and it resulted in five people dead and many injured at the Jan. 6 insurrection.
But there is a big difference in actions. Trump knows what is going on in his audience and has even told them to “beat the crap out” of a protester. Travis, amidst all the fireworks, may not have known the havoc he was causing.
Most important, Travis has apologized and paid the funeral expenses for the families.
On the other hand Trump continues to incite his fans with lies and conspiracy theories that he won the election.
Travis also does benefit performances. Trump only benefits himself.
Just ask those cowards who pay to play at Mar-a Lago.
Mary Kuykendall
Ballston Lake

Would it be cheaper to just lower the road?

With so many tractor-trailers hitting the Glenridge Road bridge and the cost of repair, truck removal and extra police for traffic control, would it be less costly in the long run if the road was lowered?
David Faulkner


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There is outrage over the insurrection, except there’s an entire half of our elected officials, save a few rational thinkers, that would rather deny its importance to maintain their jobs and power. You’re right though, if those were Muslims or BLM protestors, I’m sure the Republicans and Fox News would be singing a different tune. The difference being, Democrats would actually want to investigate and prosecute those individuals as well. Republicans are sheep.

William Aiken

“The difference being, Democrats would actually want to investigate and prosecute those individuals as well. ”

Really? Your statement is an example of cognitive dissonance.

If Ashley Babbitt were a BLM supporter, the Capitol police officer who shot her, would have been immediately identified, fired from his job and facing criminal charges. For weeks, the media protected the identity of the officer. Nothing was known about him until we learned he left a loaded gun in the men’ s room at the Capital and faced no penalty.

The Dems showed no sympathy for the shooting death of an unarmed woman, who posed no threat to the officer. He fired his weapon without giving Babbitt a verbal warning. We are living a two tier system of justice. If you happened to be on the outside of the political establishment you’ll face indictment e.g. Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows. While swamp insiders, like Lois Lerner, James Clapper and John Brennan who lied to congress are given a pass by Democrats while the media’s narrative omits facts favorable to the GOP.


Babbit was part of a group attacking the capitol and crossing police lines in an attempt to kill Pence, Pelosi, and other government officials. Are you missing something here?


Did you watch film footage of the insurrection, the beating of police with flagpoles and fists, the battering rams used in an attempt to gain entrance to the halls of Congress, the crushing of a police officer’s head between doors, the shouts of hang Mike Pence, the gallows constructed outside the capitol? All of this because Pence refused to act against the constitution by refusing votes certified by the 50 states, many by Republican secretaries of state, Rathensberg for one? Does the con artist Trump and his gang of ne’er-do-wells, Giuliani, the pillow salesman, and Steve Bannon hold such power over you that you trust them over your own eyes and ears?

William Aiken

A veteran who served this country lost her life over this. There are many unanswered questions. Why are you opposed to having a transparent investigation? Babbitt’s family deserves answers. There’s video of police waving the protesters inside the Capital. So it’s not as cut as dry as you claim. You seem to be saying “there’s nothing here to see folks move on.” When 95% of the media agrees with your narrative, the truth will never come out.

William Aiken

Your post exemplifies the hatred you hold in heart for those who voted for the wrong candidate. Conservatives think you support bad ideas. Lefties believe conservatives are bad people.


Why are you opposed to having a transparent investigation? (Regarding issues involved with the 1/6/21 insurrection). “Babbitt’s family deserves answers. ~ Again I say hypocrisy!

All America, for the sake of democracy, needs a “transparent investigation” regarding trump and his involvement in the storming of the Capital. “There are many unanswered questions” Obviously you’re fine with trump, Bannon and the rest of his criminal cohorts doing everything in their power to STOP ALL AND ANY investigation regarding their involvement on and before 1/6/21 relating to the event.

Truth matters to you William, only if it’s what you want to hear, what you want see, or the way you want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing

The Black Lives Matter leader who threatened “bloodshed” if there wasn’t police reform in New York City stormed out of an interview with Fox News’ Dan Bongino Saturday night after being called a “coward” for refusing to condemn riots.

Aiken: Obviously the idea of a “theory” that applies to a set of facts and behaviors outside of a specific time frame or incident baffles you. But you know that’s what theory’s do. I know once you saw it’s applicability to you and yours you scrambled to deflect.


Hooligans, Bonhoeffer’s Theory of stupidity was spot on regarding relevance to the current alt-right movement. Great find!

Additionally ~ “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

“Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” – Mark Twain. ~~That seems to be the tough one on this forum.

William Marincic

Hooligans, that sounds just like liberals. Turning a blind eye to our southern border where millions are coming across many with Covid and other diseases and then being transported around the country free of charge. That sounds like antifa and BLM rioting, burning down businesses, and looting others while Democrats and liberals say it’s allowed because someone was shot while resisting arrest. More than 500 riots in 2020.


November 13th, 2021
ChuckD, actually most Americans see that trial for what it is, a 17-year-old kid in over his head being attacked and protecting his life. Everyone says why did this kid have a rifle yet nobody asks why did the convicted felon he shot have a handgun!!!!! Your opinion on how anything makes anyone look is worth less than the time it took you to type that drivel.

So typical of the ridiculous right. ~ I wonder what Zachary would be posting if a 17 year old Black “kid” went to the 1/6/21 insurrection with an illegal AR-15 with the excuse of protecting the the cops of possible danger, then was approached and threatened by a few of the enraged trump supporting “peaceful protesters”, (what a laugh that is) then shot and killed two and wounded one. ~ Oh golly gee, it was just it was just “a 17-year-old kid in over his head being attacked and protecting his life.”
Right, I’m sure that’s what he would say.

Above all the hypocrisy of the alt-right is the most nauseating. If it follows or conforms to their way of thinking ANYTHING is fair, if not EVERYTHING is improper and out of line.

William Aiken

Louis, why are you constantly engaging in these racial hypotheticals? They mean nothing in this case and don’t prove anything other than you view everything about this case through the prism of race, even though all the players involved are white. The question you avoid asking is; Did Kyle Rittenhouse act in self-defense when he shot his attackers? The timeline, the video of the incident, and the prosecution’s own witnesses are solid proof KR did act in self-defense. That’s all that matters.

The prosecutor charged Rittenhouse with murder in a complex case in just 48 hours. The ADA, caved to mob justice, who wanted a villain in this story and he willingly provided one in Kyle Rittenhouse. There’s been no scrutiny of the reckless conduct of the ADA, should be charged with prosecutorial misconduct, himself. The judge was correct in admonishing him. When KR is acquitted the whole BLM narrative of the 2020 “peaceful protests:/riots will fall apart and that just drives the left bonkers.


While on the topic of the Rittenhouse trial, I guess you think it’s ok for Judge Schroeder to allow the men Kyle Rittenhouse shot to be called “rioters” and “looters” but not “victims”. ~ He’s forgetting that he’s the judge and not the jury that he is obviously influencing.

How would you feel William if he allowed the men Kyle Rittenhouse shot to be called “victims” but not allowing the protesters to be called “rioters”or “looters”?

William Aiken

The rioters were rioting as evident by their conduct capture on video. One of the rioters killed tried to start a fire and violently reacted when Rittenhouse attempting to put it out. Definitions and actions matter. The rioters were not victims. Only a lefty could make such a mischaracterization as two of them violently attacked Rittenhouse while the third one pointed a loaded gun at him. Judge Schroeder correctly defined the accurate terms based on the rioters actions.


“The rioters were rioting as evident by their conduct capture on video.”

Why do you see and note it there, but not on 1/6/21. More Hypocrisy.

That is why I continually say, only what you want to see, only what you want to hear, only the way you want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing

Aiken: Ashley Babbit was the tip of the spear. She had begun to enter the Senate chambers after the bullet proof glass had been broken. In order to get to that point she had over come the outer defenses of the Capitol where Capitol police had been assaulted, injured and maced. She was with a mob that was seeking to hang the Vice President and to harm members of congress. The officer who fired the shot reasonably believed that he and the members of the Senate were in imminent danger. If she had gained entry to the Senate Chambers others would have followed thus endangering all inside. I know you wish to raise her up as a martyr for the cause but the sad fact is she was an insurrectionist who died because she threatened the lives of others.

William Aiken

She was with a mob that was seeking to hang the Vice President and to harm members of congress.

When you engage in mindreading as you do here. It diminishes your argument.

The officer who fired the shot reasonably believed that he and the members of the Senate were in imminent danger.

In imminent danger from an unarmed 5’3 women? Again your ability to read what was going through the officer’s minds. We will never know since he wasn’t charged in the case. Had he been charged, a trial would have determined the unknown facts. But the officer won’t ever face justice. Thus depriving Ashley Babbitt’s family of justice.


We have eyes!!!! We SAW Babbit breaking into that glass door!

I guess you all just closed your eyes at that point, like you all have done on all of the LIVE Film of that treasonous day.

Aiken: Reasonable inferences mean “conclusions which are regarded as logical by reasonable people in the light of their experience in life.” [Lannon v. Hogan, 719 F.2d 518, 521 (1st Cir. Mass. 1983)]

Based on the facts presented: a mob which has assaulted, injured and maced police officers to gain unlawful entry into the Capitol while screaming “where’s Pence” signifying their intent to hang him and to harm Nancy Pelosi and AOC is at the Senate chamber door. A door which separates the mob from their avowed targets. They break the glass door.
This the 1+2 = 3 moment. It is logical to conclude that anyone entering the chamber through that broken door is intent on harming the occupants. No mind reading. Just reasonable inferences.

William Aiken

A group of eco terrorists stormed the agriculture building to protest climate change. they occupied the building and refuse to leave. Not a peep from the media. You only object to rioting when your political adversaries are the ones rioting. Just look how the DOJ allowed cities to burn in 2020. The DOJ invested more money and resources to hunt down the Jan 6th riots than any other domestic investigation.

The chief problem with Biden’s infrastructure bill is one of ethics. I see no reason why the people in the rest of the country should be taxed to pay for what New Yorkers want. I think that we would all be better off if we assumed responsibility for our government needs rather than exercising our ability to spend other peoples money.


Fred, NYS pays more in federal taxes than it gets back. It is states like West Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama that pay less and receive more back. Ironic, isn’t it?

November 14th, 2021
I think this might be relevant to what is happening now:

This sure is a keeper. What perfect timing to post this as all the usual defenders of any bad behavior and whataboutism fall all over themselves and congratulate each other getting away from the message in the video as fast as they can.
Let me congratulate you for a great message, and make sure you all read the comments posted after the video. I’m sure if they did I know why they jumped into action to discredit it. Well done

President Biden conceded that inflation is at a three-decade high because “people have more money now” as a result of his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus legislation.

The whataboutisms on the border to defend a clear insurrection is hilarious ..Police letting people in the capital is another good excuse to defend the worst president in our history ….You’re not patriots ….you’re traitors to the constitution

William Aiken

The worst President in history? No president has done more to earn that title in such a short amount of time than Joe Biden. Since you bring up the constitution, President, Biden has already snubbed two supreme court decisions that ruled against him. He just ignored them, violating the constitution. There were many leftist judges that overturned Trump’s executive orders. 45 always honored those rulings in following the constitution. He used legal remedies of appeals to challenge the rulings, which often eventually went in his favor. 45 governed quite the opposite of Biden, who’s behaved like a dictator.

William Aiken,
You are clearly and deliberately twisting and distorting what happened on January 6th in defense of a clearly violent attempt to disrupt our elections.
Please explain your rationale for this. And election fraud cannot be one because of the overwhelming amount of legal attention that went into verifying it.
Fraud did not occur.
So, why are you defending them and what we all saw happen?


Because its only about wants he wants to hear, what he to see, and the way he wants it to be. Nothing else matters. Nothing.

William Aiken

I never defended Jan. 6th, despite your repeated claims. I just called it for what it is, a riot. I favor punishing those who are guilty. The endless dragnet and robust resources the Dems have devoted to indicting anyone present at the capital that day has been disgraceful.

Its tiresome how you and Louis manage to never engage in the substance of an issue, such as the double standard of justice where BLM and antifa can burn cities without consequence. Or Bannon and Meadows are indicted while no one from your team ever is. Jan. 6th is all you have to distract yourselves from the catastrophe that is the Biden presidency.

You voted for it. Now own it.

For Pete’s sake. Another one of you spouting “own it”. Marincic did yesterday. Is this something you heard Tucker say?

You’ve already been told that many were arrested for rioting last summer, BLM, “antifa” and right wing agitators. As well, many have condemned the violence, publicly. So please, it’s worn out its welcome. You can find out the truth on your own. It’s not up to others to REPEATEDLY prove your accusations have no substance. What it does though is continue to reinforce your racist angst and serve as a smoke screen for you to avoid addressing the behavior of your own.

Talk about avoiding engaging with the substance. We’re talking about an attempt to overthrow the elections, and all you can summon is to call it a “riot”? And to say Ashli Babbitt was only a 5’3″ woman? Seriously? Like she was all alone and those mean BLM-loving guards shot her. Are you serious? She was an Air force veteran who served four tours over 14 years. She was a trained and experienced soldier, William. She was with a mob who by all appearances were a threat to the lives of those in the Capitol who was forcing her way into the House Chamber
Why comment here if you can’t come up with arguments of substance?
Again, William, why are you defending this insurrection?


“Why are you opposed to having a transparent investigation?” (Regarding issues involved with the 1/6/21 insurrection). “Babbitt’s family deserves answers. ~ Again I say hypocrisy!

All America, for the sake of democracy, needs a “transparent investigation” regarding trump and his involvement in the storming of the Capital. “There are many unanswered questions” Obviously you’re fine with trump, Bannon and the rest of his criminal cohorts doing everything in their power to STOP ALL AND ANY investigation regarding their involvement on and before 1/6/21 relating to the event.

“Give me a specific example of how I twisted anything and I’ll give you an explanation.”

That certainly twists things to be only the way you want to see it. Please Explain why you’re pushing for a Babbitt investigation, but are not for trump


William Marincic

To the lefty’s. There is a man, his name is Ray Epps, he had a bull horn telling people to breach the capital. He went to different groups of people and told them to breach the capital, he went and whispered in other peoples ears to breach the capital. How do we know this, witness testimony. The fun fact here is Ray Epps was never arrested, Ray Epps has been washed from the FBI website even though initially in the first few days his picture was there seeking information on him. The question you have to ask if this is a legitimate investigation, is why wasn’t Ray Epps arrested, why is he not sitting in jail? When you can answer those questions then anything any of you have to say about January 6 I’ll listen to until then it’s all Bull. BTW there’s lots of video on Ray Epps.


The trouble with today’s conservatives, really those who want autocracy, is they believe whatever nonsense they choose to believe, disregarding reality and facts in favor of conspiracy theories promulgated by right wing personalities who are in it for the money and power. Your comment is an obvious example.

William Marnic, Interesting story you provided link to. Believe Justice Department standard comment has ALWAYS been no comment about on going investigations. You know same as the Schenectady PD would say.
I think you missed the part of the story I will post for you also. There appears to be video from the scene of the raid that appears to show him at a line of barricades, crossing that line as others smash down the barricades and topple the police officers behind him. But that video does not extend to the time that rioters actually entered the Capitol building.
It’s not publicly known whether Epps actually entered the Capitol building, and he did not answer questions about it from The Republic in January.
Now I know you would be upset if JD was prosecuting him and had no evidence of him inside, like it does of EVERY other person arrested for being inside or assaulting police. Right?

William Marincic

Florida, whether he was in the capital or not it’s not relevant to what his part in all of this was. There’s video of him with a bull horn telling people to breach the capital, there’s video and witnesses of him telling people to breach the capital. If nothing else he’s guilty of inciting people to riot and to breach the capital. Trump was not there, Trump said peacefully and patriotically go to the capital to make your voice heard and you accuse him of insurrection Ray Epps actually incited people to breach the capital and you want to give him a pass. Typical liberal thinking or lack of.

To David Faulkner: It is impossible to get lower road because Alplaus Kill is right next to underpass railroad bridge. We don’t want to get flood spot on that road in that area in often times. The best way to prevent to raise the Railroad Bridge higher, but it is dilemma from owner of Railroad track doesn’t want to pay construction to raise railroad track unless either State and/or Federal to get involved to pay for construction fund. Other way is height flashing signal system from both ends of Glenridge Road and Maple Avenue near roundabout area with include turn arounds for large truckers in some points. Hetcheltown Road is impossible left turn into underpass railroad bridge, because it is very difficult maneuver to turn into for very large trucks. That all I have my points.

William Marnic,
From the RIGHT WING Tribune.
Seems like corrupt Democrats have been charged and arrested a lot lately.

Below are a few examples:

-Ed Buck, a 64-year-old white millionaire who has spent decades donating serious money to prominent Democrats — including Obama and the Clintons — was arrested and charged with running a drug house. Two young black men have been found dead in the past 18 months inside Buck;s apartment.

-Fall River Democratic Mayor Jasiel Correia was arrested on charges that he conspired to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies seeking to operate marijuana businesses.

-A Democrat superior court judge in Massachusetts was arrested for assault and battery after she attacked her wife inside their home. Judge Shannon Frison allegedly “forcibly grabbed” her wife’s hair while she was holding a young child.

-A Democratic Indiana state representative and firefighter was arrested and charged after impersonating a police officer and trying to buy cocaine while driving under the influence.
We could keep going but you get the point.

I think there send recurring donation button was farther down on the page you had to un click . None of the story lines had date as to when the crimes happened.

And sorry William none were mentioned as entering the Capitol or assaulting police protecting the Capitol, or breaking thru bullet proof glass trying to enter the Senate hallway. Guess because it was all about stupid stuff Democrats did. .

Last night the NYT broke a story the military would probably rather not be public, that an errant air strike (actually 2) killed over 60 women and children in Syria.
This attack happened on March 13, 2019 which by my calculations was during the previous President’s term
Over 60 women and children gathered by a river for cover. Let that set in.
As the war was winding down in Afghanistan, as we know, a suicide bomber took out over 170 innocent civilians and 13 US military trying to assist. Weeks later another errant airstrike took out 13 innocent people.
And our simple rightwing friends were all OVER Joe Biden, as if he was the cause. He wasn’t, any more than Trump was not the cause of this latest disclosure, nor will I try to hang it on his otherwise corrupt presidency. This is on the military.

Take note, sad Trump supporters. These tragedies happen outside the control of the President.

William Marincic

I agree with you that was not the presidents fault that those seven kids got killed. But it is Biden‘s fault that we let go of a perfectly secure airbase and it is Biden‘s fault that we still have Americans in Afghanistan. As much as Biden’s people want to tell you that’s not true there are former military getting those people out or trying to and yes they are Americans and yes Biden left Americans behind enemy lines.

You forget how we got there in the first place. But you blame Biden for…? How about, cleaning up a Republican President’s mess.

William Marincic

One final little tidbit, Black Lives Matter said that there will be blood on the streets if New York City’s Mayor brings back the anti-crime scat squad. Black Lives Matter is not deemed a domestic terrorist organization but parents who protest at school boards concerning their children’s education are labeled domestic terrorists. Do you find something wrong with this? Have liberal Democrats lost what little bit of sense of reality that they have? Rioters, looters and people assaulting others on a nationwide basis are held up and heralded by Democrat politicians while parents complaining at school board meetings are domestic terrorists. Just shaking my head over that one.

Do some homework. Oh, but that would deflate your rage wouldn’t it?

This person does not represent the Black Lives Matter Global Network, and his remarks are to be condemned. This took 18.2 seconds to find.
For Immediate Release, Statement by Kailee Scales, Managing Director of BLM Global Network
June 25, 2020

Today, Donald Trump attributed a quote to a “Black Lives Matter leader” on his social media. We have traced these comments to Hawk Newsome. Hawk Newsome has no relation to the Black Lives Matter Global Network (“BLM”) founded by Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi — and is not the “president” of BLM or any of its chapters. Only BLM chapters who adhere to BLM’s principles and code of ethics are permitted to use the BLM name. The reason for this is simple: unaffiliated uses of BLM’s name are confusing to people who may wrongly associate the unsanctioned group and its views and actions with BLM. As BLM has told Mr. Newsome in the past, and as is still true today, Mr. Newsome’s group is not a chapter of BLM and has not entered into any agreement with BLM agreeing to adhere to BLM’s core principles. The only official chapter of BLM in New York is Black Lives Matter NYC.

BLM Global Network strongly encourages anyone interested in learning about or becoming a part of our movement to seek information from trusted, official sources — such as our BLM Global Network social feeds (@blklivesmatter), our emails, and our official Black Lives Matters website ( — rather than unknown or untrusted sources using BLM’s name.

William Marincic

How nice of them to say that which means absolutely nothing, do you know why it means nothing? It means nothing because this man obviously is in charge of black lives matter group in New York City he had a meeting with the new mayor of New York City, not anybody can get a meeting like that. Smoke and mirrors.

Valid points, and as I’ve made abundantly clear, I’m only a Democrat in name. But your characterization of adults (not necessarily “parents”) assaulting innocent school board members with threats on their lives, via phone or to their faces as simply “concerned” is way out of line, or you’re not getting the whole story. Yes, domestic terrorists is how I’d characterize anyone who behaves as we’ve seen.
It’s one thing to show up and voice your concerns, it’s a whole different story if you act out the way we’ve seen, especially when you’re parroting others who are demonizing critical race theory, or any other night terrors they’re experiencing that have no basis in reality. These aren’t all concerned parents, many are coming in based on social media campaigns.

William, Here is the actual memo link from the AG. Did I miss where he specifically reference parents? If you got the headline from a right wing site , that is how they presented it. Could you point that sentence or statement out to me if I missed it. Thanks, I guess if you were guilty of harassment or violence as we have seen in some instances then you might think they were targeting you.

William Marincic

Florida stop with the semantics, who do you think goes to the school board meetings besides parents that are outraged. And no the memo doesn’t specifically say parents but we all know what the memo means and as far as domestic terrorist the part of the FBI did investigate these issues also investigate domestic terrorists you might want to do a little research.

After posting my comment William I seen ChuckD’s. Seems as if you are 0 for 2 in refuting your remarks. As ChuckD said do some research as he and I did to refute your remarks. Geesh do better.
You know sometimes you do have useful information and facts, but it gets overlooked for all the false and incomplete stuff you post. Opinions are just that not facts.

William Marincic

Florida, there are black lives matter groups all over the country that are not part of the black lives matter nationwide. I don’t believe black lives matter in Schenectady is part of black lives matter nationwide or global. The bottom line is this guy is important enough in the organization that that he represents to get a personal meeting with not only the incoming mayor of New York City but with all of the major news outlets as well so I don’t know what you’re talking about zero for two.

” there are black lives matter groups all over the country that are not part of the black lives matter nationwide”
Source please, and your feelings don’t count. And from now on when you invoke BLM you should make the distinction. The official BLM organization most certainly does not advocate or threaten ‘blood in the streets’, or violence of any kind.

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