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Letters to the Editor Monday, Nov. 15


Hochul is governor for all New Yorkers

Newly installed Gov. Kathy Hochul got off on the wrong foot with millions of upstate New Yorkers by stating that she is the head of the Democratic Party in New York.
I would like to remind her that she is the leader of ALL New Yorkers, not just Democrats or New York City residents.
If she wants to stay in power, she’d better start acting in all our best interests.
After enduring years of corruption and profound disrespect from Andrew Cuomo (“that’s not who New Yorkers are…”), it’s time to remove his stain. Start by reopening the Indian Point nuclear power station, producing power where it is needed. Without it, New York can’t currently meet its duties under federal Clean Air requirements.
Recognize that nuclear power is a viable source of zero carbon/greenhouse gas power. Support gas-fired combined cycle power plant projects (New York just denied two air permits) as these are the second best option to replace older, dirty plants. Climate change efforts can come at a proper pace, not in one step that hurts so many folks.
Just as “No Farms, No Food” applies, so does “No Pipelines, No Power.” Reinstate the pipelines we need for natural gas to replace coal and oil-fired power plants and home heating systems. Remove the Safe Act. Castrating legal gun owners does nothing to stop the pandemic of gang-related drug violence in our cities.
While you’re at it, fix the St. Clare’s pension fund and restore the Tappan Zee bridge’s name.
Bruce Martindale

Show appreciation to delivery people

I would like to say thank you  to all of our U.S. Postal Service workers and all other delivery people. I realize it is not a perfect system or process. I recognize the fact that the Postal Service and other rates continue to climb and sometimes deliveries are delayed. But I also realize that this is not the fault of the delivery people.
These people work tirelessly on the days when many of us reside indoors and take for granted that we will receive a delivery regardless of the undesirable, horrible weather. Think about that day when it rained all day. Yes, they were out there delivering your stuff. Do you remember the day that the temperature never got above 15 degrees all day? They got your mail to you on that day, too. What about the snowstorm that dumped two feet of snow overnight? They were out there trying to deliver you mail and packages the very next day.
I could go on and on about how much I appreciate the delivery people that endure the difficult circumstances and still manage to get the job done. I do not see these people every day, but when I do, I remind them that they are appreciated.
They work very hard every day to overcome the obstacles placed in front of them. Give them a shout-out when you see them to remind them that they are appreciated.
Eddie Brush

Voters could return Biden if he was a car

You know, all you folks that voted for Joe Biden in 2020 — had he been a car, under New York State vehicle law, you could’ve returned him for being a lemon.
Gerald V. Marmuscak

Honest people will be richly rewarded

While walking on Upper Union Street recently, I dropped my wallet. After searching and backtracking, I made the necessary notifications. I dreaded calling the DMV. I went to bed praying to St. Anthony, hoping the money would be spent wisely.
My daughter called me in the morning. Someone had found the wallet. A person named Willard had found it on the opposite side of the street. Among the paper thrown out, he found a card that contained my daughter’s contact information. Only money was taken.
The Seventh Commandment says, “Thou shall not steal.” Since I dropped the wallet, I question if he is a thief. God will be the judge.
Money, ID, and plastic are needs of this finite Earth. Good deeds, loving and forgiving our neighbor are some of the pathways to eternity. On the final judgment day, the consequences and the impact on others is reviewed. The thief will get a pass.
My Good Samaritan Willard will be eternally rewarded. Willard and his wife were my blessings that day. Willard refused my offer of a reward. He told me to donate it to my church. I did.
Ironically, if the thief had notified me, I would have given him a monetary reward larger than what was in the wallet.
Fran Underhill

People who want to vote will find a way

Who are you to question the voter’s choice to reject these proposals on last week’s ballot?
I believe we have the right to choose, and that is what the voters did. Because it’s not your opinion, that doesn’t make it wrong.
I’m a firm believer that Election Day, with 15 hours of polling time, defeats the excuse, “I can’t get out of work,” song and dance. It’s the lazy man’s tall tale.
And if we’re not out of town or disabled for a legitimate reason, then I see no need for absentee ballots. This system has worked for a long, long time without having to cater to every crybaby. If you want your opinion counted, you’ll make the effort.
Virginia Graney

Biden needs to get control of border

What a disaster — this administration is paying $5 million a day to the contractors to “not” build the wall?
Billions of dollars of wall materials are laying waste at the abandoned construction sites that we have already paid for. Without the wall, there is no control of our southern border.
Clearly, we must stop the tragic illegal immigration. The chaos at the border is harmful to the immigrants, the border state residents and the states that the undocumented immigrants are being flown to.
Biden’s immigration policies are harmful and are burning substantial taxpayers’ dollars.
Have they lost their minds?
With all this going on, there is no sense of urgency to get control of our border by the Biden administration. Now we are told Biden wants to pay undocumented  immigrants compensation around $430,000 per person where a parent and child were separated at our border. These immigrants have broken our laws and put themselves and their children in this perilous situation. The wall and intelligent, controlled immigration policies would put a stop to these terribly inhuman conditions.
President Biden and his administration are proving to be grossly incompetent. He needs to wake up, do his job, and get control of our southern border — now!
Bernard Burns

Tribute to veteran much appreciated

I would like to thank The Gazette for running a picture of the “veteran salutes” in the Nov. 8th edition of The Gazette under Capital Region Scrapbook Nov. 11, 1981.
That veteran was my father, Edmund Baranowski. He was a proud veteran who served in World War II as a staff sergeant in the army. He was awarded a Purple Heart for his bravery. He was commander and past commander of the AMVETS Post 357 and was active in many veterans’ organizations. My husband, Ed, and son, Joe, enjoyed many holiday events with my dad at Post 357. The last words he spoke to me before he passed away was “Remember to display the flag,” and we do that every day.
Cynthia (Baranowski) Morrison
Ed Morrison
Joe Morrison
Burnt Hills



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The infrastructure of New York State reflects the preferences of the voters as assessed by their state representatives. Note that the Federal government does have a responsibility for nonstate infrastructure – Washington D. C.


I think Fred would prefer that NYS citizens have their taxes increased to fix our infrastructure. Brilliant!

Ray is correct fair play requires that we not others pay for what we want!

There are many places in our country that still don’t have clean drinking water–which is pathetic in the United States of America.

That is the result of state and local governments failing the citizenry.

William Marincic

Your right and it’s criminal. The thing to remember about those places like Flint Michigan is that they’ve been run by democrats for decades and they are corrupt and they have robbed from the citizens for decades.

William Marincic

Ahhh ChuckD is triggered. Look Chuck D Flint Michigan is a Democrat city it’s been a Democrat city for decades, because it’s a Democrat city it’s been poorly run and has zero money the state switched over to the Flint River to try to save money because Flint Michigan was so poorly run and they were broke and they were looking for alternatives. Remember when New York City was broke because of how the Democrats ran it, mayor Dinkins and them. Every Democrat city in the country is poorly run, Democrats are tax and spend on their own pet projects and it’s funny how they all get rich like Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders.

William, you’ve never heard of the polluted drinking water in Flint, Michigan, really? How privileged you must be to believe that we all have clean air and water already. Biden signed a bipartisan bill today that is a huge investment in America that will benefit ALL of us. Biden believes in us and the gift our Founders gave us.

William Marincic

A huge investment in democrat cities that have robbed and stolen from their citizens for decades that are corrupt and have been corrupted for decades that’s where the money goes.

Again, with your head where it shouldn’t go:

PolitiFact, 1/9/2020
A Facebook post said that there have been 317 criminal indictments under three recent Republican presidents and only three under three recent Democratic presidents.

The claim is essentially on target for the Democratic presidents, but the comparison to the GOP presidents is overstated, because the numbers of Trump and Nixon administration indictments claimed are greatly exaggerated.

Even so, with a generous count, there were roughly 142 people indicted in the three GOP presidents — far less than 317, but far more than the two under the Democrats.

We rate the statement Half True.

William Marincic

Hooligans, great story from a lefty tree-hugging site. Maybe Biden’s cabinet appointee was spiking some of those trees, wouldn’t that be a hoot.

Yes, because these are the guys we should trust to protect our natural resources…
In 2016, about 400 barrels (64 m3) were released from the original Keystone pipe network via leaks, which federal investigators said resulted from a “weld anomaly”.

On November 17, 2017, the pipeline leaked around 9,600 barrels (1,530 m3) onto farmland near Amherst, South Dakota. The oil leak is the largest seen from the Keystone pipeline in the state. In April 2018, a federal investigation found that 408,000 US gallons (1,540 m3) of crude had spilled at the site, almost twice what TransCanada had reported. That number made it the seventh-largest onshore oil spill since 2002.

In April 2018, Reuters reviewed documents that showed that Keystone had “leaked substantially more oil, and more often, in the United States than the company indicated to regulators in risk assessments before operations began in 2010.”

On October 31, 2019, a rupture occurred near Edinburg, North Dakota, spilling an estimated 9,120 barrels (1,450 m3) where the 45,000 US gallons (170 m3) that were not recovered from the 0.5 acre containment have spread contaminating 5 acres. This occurred while the South Dakota Water Management Board was in the middle of hearings on whether or not to allow TC Energy to use millions of gallons of water to build camps to house temporary construction workers for Keystone XL construction.

Doug Hampton

Thanks for sharing. There is no winning with these guys. When you hit it out of the park they stop replying or just repudiate your source. They never admit they might be wrong or misinformed. If FOX doesn’t say it’s so it simply isn’t so! Nothing is as black and white as they say it is….Gray isn’t in their rainbow!

William Marincic

Here is what I learned after 8 straight days of CNN. Every single guest that is tied to Biden or the DNC says exactly the same thing almost word for word. There is also inflation in Europe, inflation and lack of goods are due to Covid, in order to fix both we need to pass Bidens build back better plan. Newsflash there has been inflation in Europe for decades, for instance, Greece and Italy since 1962 so.
The other thing I learned is Kamala’s office is totally dysfunctional, she is left in the dark and they are looking for ways to get rid of her. SCOTUS was even floated as an idea. Oh yeah, remember how they said no family in the WH, it seems like Kamala’s sister and brother-in-law are major advisors to her in the WH. Shocker right?

Why should the Democrats have to play by a different set of rules? Trump had his entire family in WH positions. That’s what happens when you break precedents and set new ones. Deal with it.

So, clearly you must be confused now about whether to believe CNN, or not, right?
“Fake news” and all that, but that part about VP Harris? Yeah, we’ll accept that. But then how to call them fake? O God, tell me what to do…

Hooligans, That pipeline explanation has been posted and explained to the only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing crowd at least once a month since Jan 21. Somehow you can’t make them understand Canadian tar sands oil that is suitable for refining into heavy crude for export is not responsible for higher gas prices. But thanks for trying.

Bruce Martindale, Your new governor a Democrat sounds very much like our Republican governor here. Seems to cater to only there party voters. Not sure how that becomes a winning political strategy, but in both cases it will probably work sorry to say.

Eddie Brush, Timely letter and thanks for it. Add in all the delivery drivers of groceries, gas, propane, medicine, cars, building products etc, etc Where would we be without them?

Doug Hampton

Did anyone by chance see the piece on 60 Minutes last night regarding Andrew Sullivan? For those that don’t know him, he is a “real” Conservative”. He is all about common sense, saving the Republic, and believes that misinformation and the tribalism is the biggest problem we have. You can see the divisiveness ,misinformation ,and complete tribalism right here in this forum. All we do here is argue with 2 or 3 posters that think by backing Trump that they are supporting Conservatism but that’s really not what it is. Trump is no more than a populist cult supported by fearful R politicians. The R party needs to start backing another horse as soon as possible

Watching a web cam with those thugs for me would only happen once. It would be something you would never un see for the rest of time. Personally if that were to happen I would prefer they be locked away in deep dark place never to be heard from again. And you forget the esteemed Florida resident Mike Flynn. Few other Florida residents also, but won’t mention by name, to upsetting for some on here you know. You know who you are.

But it’d be reality TV that you can bet the former President will want a piece of. If he’s not incarcerated himself (and hopefully with a Resolution Desk cardboard mock-up of his own).

Mike Flynn: talk about jumping the shark.


Voters could return Biden if he was a car

“You know, all you folks that voted for Joe Biden in 2020 — had he been a car, under New York State vehicle law, you could’ve returned him for being a lemon.
Gerald V. Marmuscak”

If trump had been a car he’d be crushed in a scrap yard.

What utter fools these Republicans can be…
Wyoming Republican leaders voted this weekend to no longer recognize Rep. Liz Cheney as a member of their party. The resolution, which does not strip Cheney of any tangible power, passed the Wyoming GOP Central Committee by a narrow vote of 31-29.
The symbolic vote came after roughly nine county Republican parties voted to no longer recognize Cheney, Joey Correnti, chairman of the Carbon County GOP and one of the officials spearheading the effort, estimated. A number of those county central committees passed the resolution with much wider margins than the state committee, with some passing the resolution unanimously.

“The president incited the mob,” she said in an television interview that day. “The president addressed the mob. He lit the flame.”

In the resolution that censured Cheney, the state party without evidence blamed members of the anti-fascist movement (Antifa) and the Black Lives Matter movement for instigating the violence.

William Marincic

Why do you care it’s not your party you’re the party of lying thieves, criminals, drug addicts, prostitutes, rioters and looters.

William Marincic

No that video was talking about Democrats. Who tries to stifle free speech, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all liberal Democrat social media sites. Facebook paid $200 million in support of Joe Biden. You don’t see conservatives rioting and looting, you see democrats. Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people, one was a pedophile, one was a wife beater, and one was a career criminal, what’s the chances, I’ll tell you the chances it was during a riot so the odds were pretty good that he shot thee criminals. All democrats.

William Marincic

That’s funny Lou since your party has a 70% disapproval raying. Lets see who the winners are in 2022, that’s your mandate. Ifr the Republicans are the big winners then I’m on the right side if Democrats are the big winners then you are correct. Want to wager?


William Marincic quote:
“you’re the party of lying thieves, criminals, drug addicts, prostitutes, rioters and looters.

“Lying” – trump lied more than 30,000 times during his presidency.

“Thieves” – Trump (bogus) University. Evil Orange settled for $25 million that he basically stole. – Evil Orange still owes $ millions to contractors he stiffed, including some who built Taj Mahal casino. – Immigrant workers he never paid for overtime.

“Prostitutes” – Stormy Daniels

“Criminals” – 11 Trump associates have now been charged with crimes.
Steve Bannon, Tom Barrick, Elliot Broidy, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Rick gates, Paul Manafort, George Nader, George Papadopoulos, Roger stone, Alan Weisselburg. And that doesn’t include the mob boss himself.

“Rioters and looters” – – January 6, 2021. No more need be said in that department.

TOTAL HYPOCRISY! This is why I continually say:


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