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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Nov. 16


Easy solutions for bridge, busy road

Regarding Glenville, the “talk (joke) of the town bridge.“ Drive four posts in the ground, fix a crossbar on each lower than the bridge height that makes a loud noise when struck and turns on a stop light. Install one on each side of the funny bridge. One day of easy work for two of Glenville’s talented highway workers. Voila, problem solved. Geesh — at least six other concerned citizens have suggested the same solution for more than a year now.
What a great advertisement for the town fathers (your tax dollars at work). What else can’t (won’t) the town do?
Oh, I know, enforce existing laws that forbid commercial traffic on Church Road.
This old disabled vet and my neighbors would love to be able to again use our road to get some fresh air with some degree of safety.
Make Glenville great again.
Jack Osterlitz

State’s moral views hurting economy

New York has once again proven to be unfriendly to business, again to its detriment. The article (“Gunmaker moving HQ out of N.Y.”) in the Nov. 9 Daily Gazette detailed Remington Firearms’ plan to move its headquarters from Ilion, N.Y., to LaGrange, Ga. There the company plans to invest $100 million in private money and create 856 jobs.
The Central New York area will thus be denied a $100 million private (not public) investment in plants and machinery, plus 856 jobs in an area of the state whose economy can best be described as woeful.
Why? Because rather than support investment in a local, home-grown manufacturing concern, ex-Gov. Cuomo and his minions in Albany expressed righteous indignation towards the products that have been manufactured there since 1816. For a company to be in business for 205 years and counting, somebody must appreciate their product line.
But not to worry. New Yorkers and customers worldwide will still be able to purchase those same products.
The only difference is that they’ll be supporting the tax base, employment and economy of LaGrange, Ga., rather than Central New York.
I hope the politicos in Albany are happy with their “moral high ground.”
It will not however, produce any revenue toward annual operating budgets now or well into the future, as it most assuredly will in LaGrange, Ga.
Don’t complain to me about high taxes in New York.
Mark Bowers


Become advocate for renewable power

I’m responding to the Oct. 17 article (“Fall festival highlights importance of town’s agricultural land”) in The Gazette regarding solar and agriculture.
Credible scientific knowledge informs us that fighting climate change is critical now. From my perspective as a former small farmer and current owner of solar panels, it is past time when people can decide that ruining a view is more important than saving the planet.
Renewables can exist on farms. Crops can be grown under renewables; bees can make honey and animals can graze near and under them. Where there’s a will there’s a way. We are beyond having a choice.
Check out these websites: and
In addition to installing renewables on farms there are acres of rooftops, parking lots, businesses, municipal buildings, homes, schools, hospitals, malls, etc., which when properly sited, could be solar sites.
Both the state of New York and the federal government offer incentives for wind and solar, including community solar. Zoning law changes could require new buildings to be energy efficient. Energy efficiency is another opportunity to meet our state goals. It’s time to look at all the options.
The alternative to renewables is fossil fuels. Not only would their extraction ruin your view-shed, but it would also hasten the ruin of our beautiful state and we would not be able to meet our climate goals. Write or call Congress and become an advocate for your future.
Florence Carnahan


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If Glenville can’t get the State DOT to close this road to commercial trucks then they should look into actually suing the state to close this road if possible. Also perhaps confiscate\impound any trucks and their loads after they hit the bridge until fines are paid and restitution made for costs to Glenville PD and the town for these crashes if possible. When trucking companies are impacted by loss of revenue they’ll start re-routing their drivers elsewhere themselves. If these companies have some high cost deliverables sitting in an impound lot losing money because of some driver’s stupidity the situation should improve quickly.


In my opinion the solution to this bridge situation isn’t rocket science. ~ Fast food drive-through windows as well as car washes have warning systems for vehicles that may be higher than the facilities can accommodate. – Overhead garage doors bounce back up if a laser beam is crossed while the door is going down.

How about two vertical post in front of the bridge with a laser beam projected across them at the required height. If the beam is broken a signaling system alerts the driver to not proceed.

Truckers talk to each other. They tell each other about best shortcuts to save time and money. Once followed a truck on my way home taking same route as me from Exit 12 of Northway all the way to Glenville via secondary roads like Spring Road not rated for semi-trailers. Truck was using this route to get to Thruway because the road was recently re-paved and was faster to get to Exit 26 than going down Route 67 to Amsterdam, etc. Does not matter there was signage the whole way stating these roads not rated for tractor trailers.
Only until you start penalizing drivers, (or the companies that pressure them to cut corners) to hit them where it really hurts, will you stop this nonsense. After a couple trucks get impounded and fines levied, they’ll start telling each other to avoid this route entirely. Time for Glenville to start recouping losses from this ignorance.

William Marincic

Florence Carnahan when a person spends almost a half of million dollars on a piece of property for the view that his home will have of a river and valleys and then finds out through the newspaper that a solar farm will be placed across the road from his home completely blocking his view with zero notice is a problem.

Ground mounted solar panels are like 12 feet tall. Doubt they’re blocking much view of anything, but just admit you don’t like them because they’re “clean” and “green”. Did the person who owns the half a million dollar property have to get his neighbor’s permission to build his house so he doesn’t block their view? Or do you think he just built it? Do the farmers that worked their land their whole life get a choice about what they get to do with THEIR land so they can enjoy retirement?

William Marincic

The home was already on the property, if it were you I’m pretty sure you as well would be angry. The part that makes him most angry is that he was never contacted nor did he have a chance in a public hearing to make his views known. If you spent your complete life savings to retire on a piece of property and seven years later this happens I’m pretty sure you would feel the same, not to mention the value of his property just dropped by half.

First off, there is no evidence that solar farms substantially decrease property values. Certainly not by half, what are you nuts!? Secondly, power has to come from somewhere Bill. He has electricity at his house does he not? Where do you think that comes from? Does it just magically get created by the electricity fairy? No, its comes from a power plant or solar farm in someone ELSE’S community! So now those communities should shoulder the inconvenience, so your buddy can enjoy his views unimpeded by *gasp* some benign solar panels? Also, it could be worse, the farmer that leased that land could have sold it to a housing developer and he could have 30 new neighbors and traffic to complain about. I wouldn’t feel the same because I live in reality not my own perfect world where I get to dictate what everyone else around me gets to do with their property.

Likely the same people who build their dream McMansion out in the country then start complaining about the smells coming from a 200 year old farm.


If I understand your imaginary tale, what would preclude another home from being built where the solar farm would be blocking the half million dollar property view of the river and valley (which is not so expensive these days)? Your faux person selected the wrong side of the road to build!

I don’t like to do this, but one commenter here continues to feel free to drop distortions and outright lies in these forums. He’s been outed as a repeated whiner about his comments being axed, apparently thinking he can spew whatever he wants. He’s also an outspoken supporter of a movement that strives to overthrow the US government, and whatever he expresses here should be taken in the context of a traitor.
Yesterday was a big day for him judging by the slanderous comments he made here and elsewhere in this paper’s website. A veritable firehose of disinformation. One had to do with the horrific situation in Flint, MI and their public water supply, a situation spurred and executed by a Republican governor. We know this to be the truth.

After a criminal investigation that stretched close to two years, prosecutors in Michigan on Thursday announced 41 counts — 34 felonies and seven misdemeanors — against nine officials who once worked in the highest echelons of state government. Along with the former governor were his trusted advisers, top medical officials and two emergency managers who had been tasked with guiding Flint out of financial distress.

Later, a special task force appointed by the Republican governor was established and indicated it was the fault of that Republican governor and his administration.
In testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform:
“Let me be blunt,” the (Gov. Rick Snyder, R) says in his opening statement. “This was a failure of government at all levels. Local, state and federal officials — we all failed the families of Flint.”

The final report can be read here:

As I pointed out yesterday, Politifact fact-checked a FB posting making claims about the number of criminal indictments attributable to political party and their activity. Their findngs are rep[osted here. Republicans seem far more prone to breaking the law then Democrats.

PolitiFact, 1/9/2020
A Facebook post said that there have been 317 criminal indictments under three recent Republican presidents and only three under three recent Democratic presidents.

The claim is essentially on target for the Democratic presidents, but the comparison to the GOP presidents is overstated, because the numbers of Trump and Nixon administration indictments claimed are greatly exaggerated.

Even so, with a generous count, there were roughly 142 people indicted in the three GOP presidents — far less than 317, but far more than the two under the Democrats.

Paragraph one: Right on. Won’t make one bit of difference to that person. Maybe, hopefully to others who high five his comments as truth and factual will at least pause and maybe check for themselves for facts and truth.

The rest of your post? From the one mentioned above in particular. Crickets
Thank You

Louis, Your solution to the bridge collisions. Way to much common sense, and cheap besides, There going to wait till bridge finally gets dislodged then spend several million fixing it, then maybe your warning lights will be installed.

William Marincic

The same way you believe what comes out of the Biden crime family’s mouth. I haven’t heard you or anyone say anything about Hunter Biden the crackhead son that married his brothers wife. The whole families crooked but we don’t hear any of that from you lefties. Imagine if Trumps son was Hunter Biden what we would hear about in the news on an hourly basis.

William Aiken

Did you believe these consequential lies by Joe Biden?:
The Southern border is secure. (Biden’s policies have destabilized the border)
We won’t leave a single American behind in Afghanistan.(hundreds remain there)
None of my military staff objected to my exit plan for Afghanistan. (Contradicted by Austen and Milley)
Georgia’s election law mark a return to Jim Crow. (Never cited a specific fact)
President Trump called Nazis fine people. (45 publicly and clearly denounced Nazis)

The last two of these Biden lies are designed to divide the nation along racial lines.
Biden: You ain’t Black if you vote for Trump. Biden is an old school racist. How do you give him a pass on his long history of racist comments? Can you give an answer that doesn’t include TRump?

Point me to a policy of Trump that is counter to conservative values. 45 is Pro Life, Pro religious freedom, Pro American Jobs, Pro American freedom are policies that conservatives support. All your arguments are based on emotion, not policy. It’s policy that affects people’s daily lives, not his twitter feed.


“conservative values” You must be talking about white supremacy, racism, suppression of the browning of America and no regard for the Constitution or law.

William Aiken

Louis Obama ushered in identity politics with an obsession with race. It worked for a awhile, but when you have the media claiming Winsome Spears, is a mouth peice for white white supremacy the left as overreached again. I P is a losing strategy! But be my guest and continue to embrace it. Maybe after the shallacking the GOP sends to the Democrats in 2022, your eyes will open. It must suck holding contempt for half the country, painting them with your racist brush. We’re passed 2016.

Doug Hampton

Donald Trump became Pro Life in 2019. Donald Trump knows nothing about true Conservative philosophy…..NOTHING! Go read and learn and stop using FOX as your chief source of information! Donald Trump is a smart man in terms of telling people what they want to hear. My pollster/campaign friends tell me that saying you are pro life as an R politician gets you roughly 25% of the vote almost guaranteed because pro lifers tend to vote on that 1 issue. I believe that people lead by their actions not their words. What has Trump ever done in his life to ever make you or anyone believe that he believes in family values! He tells his followers that he loves America, he believes in family values, he loves guns, and that he believes in religious freedoms. Trump wouldn’t know what a church even looks like if it was right in front of him yet you and many others take him at his word, even though his entire life he didn’t believe in any of these values! Gimme a break!

William Aiken

Who cares if he became pro-life late in life? Ask any pro-lifer and they’ll tell you Donald Trump is the most pro-life President we’ve ever had. Much to your dismay, Trump has is beloved by his conservative supporters. He established a bond with his audience that has proven to be unbreakable despite historical (and Failed) efforts to take him out. Biden has no supporters, only Trump haters. Have you seen Biden’s approval rating in the latest Rasmussen poll?

Doug Hampton

One last thing. I don’t dislike TM but I didn’t think he was a great choice in 2021 in this political environment. Furthermore his entire campaign was saying that a vote for Youngkin was the same as supporting Trump. He never really said what he was planning on doing or what he believed in. It was a poor campaign and Youngkin played his cards perfectly. Hopefully the Dem’s are paying attention and learning from their mistakes. They need to drastically improve their messaging!

Mark Mahoney

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