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Letters to the Editor, Thursday Nov. 18


Solar project wrong for Duanesburg

I have been uncomfortable with the Oak Hill Solar Project in the town of Duanesburg from their initial plans, which did not show the Biggs property that adjoins the project and that the Biggses were not notified of the project for months.
The Biggs property, which has been in their family for generations, is very well kept, consists of a home, barns and out buildings on 100 acres within 530 feet of the solar project.
The Oak Hill Solar Project kept adding to their plans, i.e. adding acreage and height of solar panels. Now they want to add four 53-foot containers of lithium batteries to the project, which will be hazardous to the neighbors and first responders in case of a fire or explosion.
I know that the town Planning Board is charged with making decisions for the benefit of the residents of our beautiful town and not for a money-hungry corporation that doesn’t care about our rural town or our quality of life.
Therefore, I have faith in them to vote against this misguided project at the meeting on Thursday (Nov. 18).
Hopefully, the next solar company proposing to do business in the town will be honest and upfront with their plans and work with the residents of the town.
Leonard M. Van Buren
Quaker Street

Stefanik voted no on infrastructure

Legislation just passed Congress and was signed by the president to repair, maintain, expand and upgrade our aging highways, roads, bridges ($110 billion), public transit ($39 billion), Amtrak’s Northeast corridor ($66 billion), internet access ($65 billion), electric grid ($65 billion), electric vehicle charging stations ($7 billion), airports ($25 billion), drinking water and wastewater ($55 billion).
It’s the biggest single investment in urban and rural public services in several human generations.
From Ballston Spa to Plattsburgh, from Saratoga Springs to Malone, throughout the North Country, tens of millions of dollars will flow to local roads, facilities and services we all need and use daily.
For all the good this legislation will do for people in her district, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik voted against the legislation.
Yet, in the year to come when ground is broken on public projects funded by the bill, will Ms. Stefanik show up with a hard hat and microphone to claim credit, applaud the investments and the good paying jobs that come with them?
Count on it.
David Gibson
Ballston Lake

Leaders should be supportive of hemp

It’s claimed hemp produces less deforestation and captures carbon emissions. It also uses little to no pesticides.
Hemp suppresses weeds and can grow in most climates. It’s good for farmers if we support it.
It’s claimed hemp helped the United States in World War II. Medicines are made from hemp, and it’s been helping humanity since 8,000 B.C.
Our leaders aren’t fond of hemp. Other leaders are failing too, though. I don’t notice environmental leaders talking about hemp much. This is shocking.
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson supported hemp.
They were right and today’s leaders are wrong.
Not supporting hemp is one of our leaders’ great failures.
Colin Yunick


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Stefanik voted no on infrastructure

What she voted no on is local improvements that people wanted if they could use other peoples money to make them.

In your view, how would roads get improved? Who should pay for my street to get paved? Should it just be the people that live on that street? Should it be all the people that live in the neighborhood? the city? the county? the state?

At what point of funding a road improvement does it become “using other people’s money”?

Genuinely interested in your answer and the logic used to arrive at that conclusion.

Doug Hampton

Historically infrastructure had bipartisan support. Yes it is boring but everyone benefits and everything wears down. Sounds simple or it should be simple but not in these very divisive times. Lincoln and then Johnson after Lincoln was assassinated led the reconstruction efforts after the Civil War. Then much later in the 1950’s Eisenhower launched the Interstate Highway System. So this bill today is very much needed, but because the 2 parties and their supporters are like 2 boxers in a ring, everything becomes a political football and nothing can be agreed on. If we can’t agree on boring old infrastructure , then what can we agree on?


I doubt Stefanik’s reason for voting no was because she feels that locals should pay for their own infrastructure upgrades. She voted no because Trump told her to. She doesn’t care about her constituents, only to please him and the GOP (more than 200 of them voted no).

Doug Hampton

That is correct and also it gives Biden an accomplishment. This is where we as a country are at. It’s sadly a bitter Boxing match……Try for the knockout , if you can’t get that, win on points. If Biden gets this done and people are happy with stronger bridges and safer internet etc and the economy improves because of all the new jobs, then his chances or the D candidate has a greater chance to win in the next election. There should be nothing controversial about infrastructure.

William Marincic

Liberal Newsweek says less than 6% of the infrastructure bill goes to roads and bridges.

I thought Newsweek was fake news Bill, now you’re quoting it to support some kind of point about infrastructure? You realize there’s more to infrastructure than just roads and bridges right? Freight trains, ports, telecommunications, public transit, airports, waterways, the electric power grid, etc. All things that support the flow of goods and people and are important to a supposed first world country that cares about remaining competitive in a global economy. Seriously, how do you not get any of this?

Fred, guess you don’t realize the republicans are split because of 45’s influence and attacks. Before the Insurrection, Stefanik voted with 45 only about 78% vs Liz Cheney’s 93%. After the Insurrection, Stefanik sold her political soul for 45 and was elevated to Cheney’s position. (Liz Cheney is “not a real Republican”…really?) 45 constantly attacks those who DARE to cross him, so Stefanik and too many others stay in lock step with him–whose continued goal is to divide this nation…always US against THEM. Whereas Biden miraculously got through a bipartisan Infrastructure bill that 45 couldn’t be bothered with.

William Marincic

Matt I said liberal Newsweek I didn’t say fake news Newsweek, you must also have trouble reading.

I believe property owners should be allowed to use their land as they see fit within the bounds of zoning laws and local legislation. The Oak Hill project looks like a good project that will provide the property owner with financial compensation, help diversify and decentralize our energy grid, and have minimal environmental impact on the community. The project looks well designed with the solar arrays set back from the road and visually shielded from the street and neighbors with buffers of trees and vegetation.


People who rally to stop a land owner from doing, within the law, as he sees fit to do with his property have an option; Purchase the property, pay the taxes on it, then watch the grass grow, so it’s aesthetically pleasing for them to view.

You do not own property – you rent it from the government. If you do not pay your rent (property taxes) you are evicted and the government reclaims its property!

Doug Hampton

In the interests of fairness and accuracy I did a little research of my own including Newsweek and I included FOX Business. Not even close but you see this is what Trump does….I think he threw out 11% others 6 to 7 and most Trump followers for some crazy reason trust his word and do no digging of their own. First of all it depends on what you call infrastructure….it’s more than roads and bridges….airports,train stations, water,internet and a whole lot more. Take a little time and research it for yourself. And you will see that this is a much needed bill and the only way you could vote against it is pure political motivation.

So William Marinic, I’ll do a whatboutism to your Hunter movie. Have you ever seen any of the pictures of Don Jr where he looks like he just got his crack snort? How about these names Bin Laden or Caryle Group? The Bush family maybe?
Per Raymond, Isn’t America wonderful? I’ll add who we elect from either party?
I think George Washington may have been our last president who only had the baggage of owing slaves as his conflict.

William Marincic

Sorry but you are welcome to go back to Gazette letters when GWB was President, he was hammered by me, I was never a fan.


Gotta love this one:

“Kyle Rittenhouse, who could face a lifelong prison sentence if he’s found guilty of homicide after fatally shooting two people during last summer’s protests, might have a job offer from a Republican in Congress if he’s acquitted.
Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida said his office may ask Rittenhouse, 18, to consider working on Capitol Hill.
“Kyle Rittenhouse would probably make a pretty good congressional intern,” Gaetz said during a Wednesday night appearance on Newsmax. “We may reach out to him and see if he’d be interested in helping the country in additional ways.”

I wonder if Gaetz is thinking the “additional ways” Rittenhouse would be “helping the country” is by killing a few more protesters he’s not in agreement with. – If that doesn’t work out perhaps he could work with Rep. Gosar and consider putting a hit on AOC.

What’s wrong with these people?

William Marincic

Lou, the district attorney’s main witness said in court that Rittenhouse only shot him after he pointed his loaded handgun at him. Did you see the video of the one guy he killed, you know, the one that was slamming him on the head with a skateboard, or how about the video of the other guy he killed trying to kick him in the face while down and trying to steal his rifle. Facts never matter to libs, even if they have them on video.


One time only:

A) You completely missed the main point…Gaetz / Gosar.

B) Rittenhouse was a 17 year old punk looking for trouble with illegal possession of a killing weapon.

C) “Facts never matter to libs, even if they have them on video.” Yes they do, the facts of 1/6/21 videos speak for themselves and they greatly matter to us “libs”.

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” ~ Isaac Asimov.

I have my doubts you have any windows to clean. Goodnight William

William Marincic

I got the point, your point is that he’s not qualified to work from Matt Gaetz because he’s a killer that went to Kenosha to cause trouble and then end up killing people. The truth is that he worked in Kenosha, his father lived in Kenosha, his grandmother lived in Kenosha. He only fired his gun when he was attacked no other time. So he is quite qualified to work for Matt Gaetz. You watch too much liberal news because they were looking for a scapegoat and he’s not a scapegoat he’s an innocent victim.


You call them rioters not protesters, so what do you call the people that stormed the Capital, protesters?

Lou, You have to wonder or maybe not if William even reads what is posted. He immediately deflects and does his whataboutism. My point about the Bushes was that EVERY Presidential administration has baggage, some more than others.You know ones who had unpaid Presidential advisors who received many Chinese patents and reportedly made $640 million while being unpaid advisors. But Hunter, but Hunter.


Well Florida, Trying to reason with these guys is shear madness. Attempting to stay on topic to what is relevant on a line of posts is like expecting to find symmetry in a bowl of spaghetti. – Combine that with their persistence that is equal to a swarm of mosquitoes in a swamp and the situation becomes exasperating. The incessant disruption of sequence of relevant thought is like constantly being tripped while running a marathon. They just don’t, and apparently never will, understand what they’re doing.

The new American White Trash:
Robert Gieswein is member of the Three Percenters militia group who’s accused of assaulting police officers at the Capitol after traveling to Washington from Colorado “prepared for battle,” according to media reports.

In a handwritten letter to U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan filed in court on Thursday, Gieswein wrote that he read a recent Vice News article about the “Patriot Wing” of the DC Jail, where he is housed with other hardcore perpetrators of the Jan. 6 insurrection.

“I am not an expert in anything, but I do know it’s not healthy to spend every day in here like it’s Groundhog’s (SIC) Day, with people with the same viewpoint, in the same situation, because we are all portrayed by much of the media as one type of person,” Gieswein wrote. “It is natural in this environment for the conversation to turn to January 6, and for us to look to each other for strength.”

Gieswein added that he does participate in nightly singalongs of the national anthem that take place in the Patriot Wing — because it helps him remember that he loves his country.

“And I am saying nothing against the other men in here,” he wrote. “Still, most of us do share a lot of the same views, and it’s easy to get stuck in your bubble in this environment. … Outside, I could choose to seek out other perspectives.”

Look for Fred and William to sympathize with him. Is a different tack than the food is bad. So he joined the 3 % and now says he would look for alternatives if released?
Bo ho. Another one doesn’t accept responsibility or his mother is to blame.

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