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Letters to the Editor Friday, Nov. 19


Biden’s green plan will be costly for all

The Biden Administration has embraced green energy and formalized the war on fossil fuels, resulting in the costly inflationary spiral.
President Biden promotes infrastructure repair and replacement upgrades. Unfortunately, the first act of his presidency was to cancel the Keystone pipeline interconnect component of our national energy infrastructure.
More serious was the cancellation of permits to develop replacement energy on extensive federal western lands resulting in a national oil shortage.
The nation’s energy components involve wind, solar, hydro, oil, gas, coal and nuclear. One component cannot be quickly eliminated, or substantially reduced, without producing shortages and higher prices.
The nation requires over 10 million barrels of oil every day, which must constantly be replaced to maintain that energy component for price stability.
In a short time, the administration has forced energy companies to aggressively buy energy on the tight international market. The result is higher prices.
Higher fuel costs quickly reflect higher transportation costs, which eventually increases all consumer prices. We see that when filling vehicle fuel tanks, buying heating oil or items at the grocery store.
Unfortunately, the greenies making policy believe the abrupt reduction in oil and gas is a good thing and green energy sources will quickly fill the reduced fossil fuel loss. That belief is wrong.
The reality of current administration energy policy is higher costs for everything in the foreseeable future, a particular hardship for the poor, and those on fixed incomes. One can expect significantly increased requests for state assistance this winter.
Russ Wege
The writer is a retired petroleum engineer.

America needs to leave Trump behind

Despite losing the election, Donald Trump is still “…the most dangerous man in the world” a quote from his niece, clinical Ph.D. psychologist Mary Trump.
Trump’s stranglehold on his cult has intimidated Republican legislators. They are now spineless cowards, lackeys willing to sacrifice our precious democracy rather than risk losing their positions.
Donald Trump is a grotesque human being, deeply corrupt, morally bankrupt, a sociopath. Combined with his utter shamelessness and insatiable lust for power, Trump is a lethal threat to our democracy. The terrorist attack he incited and engineered upon our Capitol was actually an ominous prelude to his ultimate goal, i.e. a violent coup, replacing our democracy with his authoritarian rule.
The fact that 74 million voters support this monster begs the question — is there a crisis of character and values in America? Why are so many Americans willing to support this demagogue — a disgraced, depraved, repulsive, pathological liar who cares only about his power and wealth?
Have wealth, power, and celebrity poisoned our souls? Are they our new gods? Do we really care about family values? Our democracy?
How Americans react to Trump’s craven, seditious power-grab will answer these questions.
Vince Dacquisto

Schenectady Muni needs vital projects

There is a strong chance that we could lose not only the gem of Schenectady but the gem of the Capital District.
Schenectady Municipal Golf Course is in desperate need of new irrigation and finished cart paths.
The course is closed again today, which makes it almost 50 days this season that the course has either been closed or only open to walkers, which is basically the same thing.
If the irrigation system fails, there will be no water for the course and the course will be shut down and it will take much more money for an emergency fix.
It’s time that we deal now with this project so that we have many more decades to play here.
Muni is not only a great course that people come from near and far to play, but a reliable income source for the city. Now that we have a new City Council, let’s make this a top priority. I know that Councilman Mootooveren sees the benefit of completing these projects.
Let’s hope he can get everyone else on board before it’s too late.
William Marincic


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Vince Dacquisto’s logic is weak. Unhappiness with the Democrats’ policies translates into a drift to the available alternative. That is not the same as his support! One should not be surprised that their toleration of BLM riots lessens their popularity quite independently of the available political alternative.

In the end dealing with climate change to produce a sustainable environment can be dealt with by:

1> Decline in the worlds population
2> Decline in world living standards

To start on this path I suggest each household be limited to one automobile. Also all households from the white house on down be limited in size. Finally all legislative meetings should be done on the internet. This change would allow for closing legislative meeting places and end the travel to and from them.

William Marincic

I guess Matt has no comment since I just proved him WRONG again…….

You’re partially right Bill (you happy?). There’s those that believe Bill Gates is trying to reduce the population by promoting vaccines (i.e., the vaccines themselves will kill off certain parts of the population), whereas his actual point is that vaccines will reduce childhood death and therefore will reduce the need for families to have so many children (assuming that many of them will die of preventable disease). It’s hard to tell whether folks on the right are in the first camp (of crazies) or the second camp (of rational thinkers).

But I missed the part where Bill Gates said we can solve climate change by having legislative meetings online.

Fred, you forget these adults take their climate change info from a foul-mouth teenager who is not old enough to vote in this country. Saw her ‘chanting’ outside the climate conference.

I pointed out what must be done for a sustainable climate that allows humans to exist. The fact that price Canadian real-estate is not being driven by Southerners trying to protect their families from global warming tells all that will how seriously the climate change talk is being taken by those with money.

William Marincic

Exactly Fred, if global climate change is what these lefties are saying it is you would think that all of these liberal Americans would be rushing to socialist Canada with it’s cooler weather to protect themselves and their families. After all Kamala Harris said that the people in South America are coming to America because of climate change why aren’t they forcing their way into Canada?


“a foul-mouth teenager” that deserves to grow into adulthood on a planet that will be able to sustain human existence, as it was for us.

Vince Dacquisto–Thank you for speaking to so many concerned Americans. Our democratic republic is hanging in the balance, and I’m afraid it is already lost–we just haven’t seen the end results yet. The gop are already putting trump loyalists in government positions from the bottom up–they are even heralded throughout our Congress. The gop during Nixon’s presidency were true patriots who held him accountable since they were following the Constitution and the rule of law. Add to all that, voter suppression and gerrymandering…and we’re done. So sad.

Trump loyalists aren’t putting anybody anywhere. Remember, there is no voter fraud. American citizens are electing Republicans because they are already fed up with this administration.

Annie–“It’s not just Georgia. In Arizona, Republicans are pushing for control over the rules of the state’s elections. In Iowa, the G.O.P. has installed harsh new criminal penalties for county election officials who enact emergency voting rules. In Tennessee, a Republican legislator is trying to remove a sitting judge who ruled against the party in an election case.

Nationwide, Republican lawmakers in at least eight states controlled by the party are angling to pry power over elections from secretaries of state, governors and nonpartisan election boards.

The maneuvers risk adding an overtly partisan skew to how electoral decisions are made each year, threatening the fairness that is the bedrock of American democracy. ”

Annie–“While GOP-controlled legislatures rush to make it harder for Democratic constituencies to vote, they are also intensifying their control over how elections are run and how votes are counted, after Trump tried to overturn the 2020 election results. Twenty-four new laws have been passed in 14 states this year that will allow state legislatures to “politicize, criminalize, and interfere in election administration,” according to a report released Thursday by three voting rights groups, States United Democracy Center, Law Forward, and Protect Democracy. Overall, 216 bills have been introduced in 41 states to achieve these ends.”
ALL BECAUSE THERE IS NO VOTER FRAUD–you are right about that! Too bad 45 keeps undermining our elections by saying it over and over and over and over.


Thank you Vince for saying what needs to be said with the urgency and passion merited by the dire situation which currently confronts our nation.. Those of you upset with Vince need to take the blinders off and look objectively at the behavior of Trump and those in the GOP supporting him. Are they interested in doing what is best for our country or what they believe, I hope mistakenly, is more likely to keep them in power? Think seriously about Trump’s attitude toward the pandemic, his dangerous medical advice (bleach?), his lies about the election, his admiration and desire to emulate the despots of the world, acceptance of the support of Qanon. white supremacist views and on and on.


Anthony and jclark, I completely agree with you both regarding Vince Dacquisto’s spot on letter. Thank you Vince.

The way I see the situation is, more than trump being the main problem, it’s the naïve, gullible people that are being duped into being led over the cliff. There will always be an Attila the Hun, Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler or donald trump. These people are only individuals, one man. The issue is is not necessarily about their evil agendas, it’s about the masses of people who play into them.

Perhaps some credit to begin to the united states having to become a country without a secure border. Or perhaps the general inflation has something to do with the drift from the Biden world view.


From yesterday late in the day:

November 19th, 2021
Rittenhouse was a 17 yo punk…. And the rioters were the upstanding citizens?

November 19th, 2021
So they deserve to be killed by the 17 year old punk, right?

November 19th, 2021
You call them rioters not protesters, so what do you call the people that stormed the Capital, protesters?

William Marincic

I call the people that broke into the Capital idiots and criminals. Sorry but there was no insurgency, to have an insurgency you need many people conspiring to commit one, that’s why nobody has been charged with insurgency. Sorry to break it to you lefties.

William–you don’t realize that the DOJ started at the bottom and are working their way up? Horn guy just got sentenced to almost 4 years in prison. We are getting more and more information that 45 and his criminal buddies (some IN Congress!) had a War Room set up. This was planned, and the plan was to hang VP Pence (“that’s common sense” 45 said), kill Speaker Pelosi, and whoever else to stop the gov’t from installing a duly elected president. WAKE UP!

William, what a diversion–splitting hairs with the word “almost”–instead of the point I was making.

For you and Annie–What the heck do you think “Stop the Steal” meant? His thugs’ purpose was to stop the process of installing the next president AS 45 and his criminals were literally trying to steal the election!

BTW–the fact that 45 has at least 12 FELONS orbiting him tells us a lot. Bannon is just one of 45s dangerous thugs hell bent on dismantling our form of government. He comes right out and says it. His rhetoric before 2016 election was “scorched earth.” Get your blinders off, please. This is the most serious threat to our gov’t in my lifetime–and this is my 12th president.

William Marincic

Stop the steal meant to audit voting machines and mail-in balots. Sorry to burst your great conspiracy bubble.

William, call it what you will to make yourself feel better, but 45 already lost 60 court cases and some states recounted 3 times! Stop the Steal is the BIG LIE, and they knew it. So those thugs were whipped up to stop the process. The War Room traitors worked together to stop an official government action–which is the definition of sedition. Eastman lied to pence that there were “alternate electors” which didn’t exist. He, Bannon, Miller & others spoke for Pence saying he was fully in lockstep to not certify the election on Jan 5th…turning against his own VP. Then 45 stirred up the crowd on Jan 6th again against his VP, with his family in danger in the Capitol. This was coordinated from the top, and it deeply saddens me that millions of Americans refuse to believe it. It can’t be more obvious.


Wrong Fred, I’m quite capable of defending myself in a battle of knowledge, wisdom, wit, fact,logic and reason. The situation being that I’m compassionate and back off when my adversary is basically mentally unarmed.

Doug Hampton

So yesterdays lesson was to teach you about the definition of infrastructure. Today’s lesson is to define insurgency for you. ” is a movement within a country dedicated to overthrowing the government…..a rebellion”. Pretty accurate if you ask most people. What say you William? I know many righties that think they went too far so I don’t think “lefties” have a monopoly on this 1 event.

William Marincic

Nobody was trying to overthrow any government, do you think a couple of hundred unarmed people were going to overthrow the government in the United States? They were idiots and fools who went into the Capital and those who weren’t idiots and fools had zero clue about the consequences.

Doug Hampton

You never have your facts straight. First off there were over 675 Trump supporters in the Capitol not 200! 2nd It doesn’t matter if either of us thinks they could or could not overthrow the government,they still broke the law in a big way. Last but not least….their intent was to get the vote over turned which would ultimately lead to overthrowing the government. The only leg to stand on is they didn’t carry guns and rifles. It’s a shaky leg but that is the only card they can play.

Doug Hampton

I did a big eye roll when I saw that! I kind of don’t blame him because he comes on here every day and really gets beat up pretty good! He literally defends every right wing talking point without exception. You know he has had enough when he deflects by moving onto another topic. Very predictable. Have a good day!

William Marincic

Doug, first off I don’t defend every right-wing talking point, that is a lie. But as far as right-wing talking points I would say we are in a pretty good position since we just turned a Blue state Red. Wait until 2022 when we totally annihilate your lefty policies.

William Marincic

JClarke I don’t need to know the jury, I know that they spent three weeks on the jury, I know they deliberated for three days I know they saw every bit of evidence so I’m going to assume that they know more than anybody did about the trial and that they came to the correct verdict because they saw all of the evidence, unfortunately for you that your leftist agenda didn’t win this time.

Idiots and fools led there by the biggest idiot and fool. Also, you left out the part when they assaulted police officers, and tried to hang Mike Pence.

Here, I’ll remind you:

Jonathan Karl: “Were you worried about him during that siege? Were you worried about his safety?”

Trump: “No, I thought he was well-protected, and I had heard that he was in good shape. No. Because I had heard he was in very good shape. But, but, no, I think — ”

Karl: “Because you heard those chants — that was terrible. I mean — ”

Trump: “He could have — well, the people were very angry.”

Karl: “They were saying ‘hang Mike Pence.'”

Trump: “Because it’s common sense, Jon. It’s common sense that you’re supposed to protect. How can you — if you know a vote is fraudulent, right?

William Marincic

The jury has spoken…

A breakdown of the Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict
Count 1: First Degree Reckless Homicide – Not Guilty

Count 2: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety – Not Guilty

Count 3: First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety – Not Guilty

Count 4: First Degree Intentional Homicide – Not Guilty

Count 5: Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide – Not Guilt

17 year old with a military-style assault weapon turned loose in a crowd protesting racism, to do as he pleases with it. You must be ecstatic.
One of God’s Christian soldiers, eh?

William Marincic

It was a fair verdict reached by 12 members of a jury. There was video and still photos, he was obviously not guilty. I’m sorry you don’t have your scapegoat to fit your liberal narrative. The next chapter is him suing a bunch of lefty networks just like Nick Sandman, you would think they would learn…..

William Marincic

Ohhhhhh, there is a bigger picture that I don’t see but you do…… Yeah OK ChuckD, if you say so, or if MSNBC says so, or is it Rachel Madcow?

William Marincic

ChuckD, BTW I’m not hiding, I’m stating the truth but I’m sure you know more than the 12 jurors that sat in that courtroom for three weeks and deliberated for 26 hours. You know the truth and they don’t…. Hahahahahaha, clown show.

Figured it was a not guilty verdict. If he was found guilty, every TV show would have been interrupted.

That judge was a JOKE. Rittenhouse blubbered like an iidiot on the stand. He wasn’t such a tough guy then, was he, without his big (illegal) AR 15? Brace yourselves, Americans, for an increase in vigilante justice.

William Marincic

jclark, are you angry that an innocent teenager didn’t get life in prison to forward the liberal lies? Thank God he had 12 honest jurors.


Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp…So nice you can rub your hands together in jubilation because two anti-racist protesters were killed, and one wounded without consequence.

Justice is not always served, your boy trump freely walking the streets is indisputable proof of that.

Vince Dacquisto-Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? Every point right on, and more importantly true and factual as we watched 4 years of him.
Of all the things mentioned in your letter this one is the most baffling one for me. Your a die hard Republican ok, You hate Democrats and liberals ok, 2016 not good choices for candidates ok, but why in 2020 this?
The fact that 74 million voters support this monster begs the question — is there a crisis of character and values in America? Why are so many Americans willing to support this demagogue — a disgraced, depraved, repulsive, pathological liar who cares only about his power and wealth?

After reading the comments today I have come to one conclusion ….William and Annie made the USA’s average IQ drop a full percentage point

William Marincic

Varoma, if we drop another 60 points our IQ will be even with you and the other lefties. We get dumber from just reading the crap that you all post. Thanks for making my case.


“ We get dumber from just reading the crap that you all post.” I guess that means dumber than you already are. “Thanks for making my case” you “very stable genius”.

Does it bother you so much that your opinions are YOUR opinions and you can’t force them on others? When you need to respond with insults instead of discussion, you’ve already lost.

William Marincic

No they just burn down cities and private owned businesses and shoot at police officers with commercial grade fireworks. And murder people in the streets.

William Marincic

jclark, are you angry that an innocent teenager didn’t get life in prison to forward the liberal lies? Thank God he had 12 honest jurors.

I am deeply disappointed that a teenager crossed state lines illegally with an AR15 and got away with it. I will hear what jurors say, but a “not guilty” verdict does not mean innocent. OJ, anyone?


OJ Simpson was also found innocent of two counts of murder. Any comments regarding a black man who sliced a White woman and a White man’s throat walking away.

I’ll just bet William, William, Annie and Fred also thought he was innocent and totally agreed with that group of “12 honest jurors”.

“ Life is not always fair.”

William Marincic

See Lou, you deflect, there was no personal video and drone video of every single instance of Nicole getting murdered like there was during Kyles shootings, if there is please let the authorities know.


DO YOU THINK OJ WAS INNOCENT? Point being all juries don’t get it right. No deflection, just trying to bring up a relevant point.

And what about the Derek Chauvin George Floyd video where you kept defending Chauvin’s innocence in spite a nine minute video of a murder. Apparently some videos don’t tell the story as you want to see it. All on topic no diversion or deflection.

We saw Congress members running for their lives, a gallow for Pence, terrorized young interns hiding in Pelosi’s office as they hunted her down to kill her, and you still don’t believe it!

William Marincic
November 19th, 2021
Really, I must have missed the hanging part, could you send me a video?

Why would your guy be defending Hang Mike Pence Chant then? Yes they were not successful, so your right there is no actual video. And your “news” sources probably didn’t play that chant to often.

I do agree with you, those that entered Capitol were fools and idiots.
It’s called Goggle William in case you think you might have missed something important.

“Kyle Rittenhouse was a juvenile who traveled across state lines on a vigilante mission, was allowed by police to roam the streets of Kenosha with an assault rifle and ended up shooting three people and killing two. These are the simple, tragic facts. His acquittal comes after an ACLU investigation exposing how Kenosha law enforcement used violence against protesters and drove them toward white militia groups, in ways that escalated tensions and almost certainly led to these shootings.

“This complicity, along with the reason for the protests that Rittenhouse took it upon himself to confront — the police shooting of a Black man outside of a family function — highlights that the violence in Kenosha is not an anomaly, but rather endemic to a system built upon white supremacy.

“In Kenosha, we saw the police shoot a Black man in the back — in front of his children. When the community rose up to exercise their First Amendment right to protest, police enabled white supremacist militia members, which helped to spur rank vigilantism. The result of this failure was bloodshed, the loss of lives, and enduring trauma. It is far too easy to overlook the impact that violence in defense of white supremacy has on all of our communities. As we reimagine public safety, we need to create solutions that extend that safety to everyone — including those that have been systematically neglected and preyed upon.”


William Marincic

Actually he worked in Kenosha his father lived in Kenosha and his grandmother lived in Kenosha. Also President Trump offered to send in the National Guard and was refused by the governor of Wisconsin. Finally there was a big defund the police push on and the police were hanging back so it was up to ordinary citizens to protect their city. Nice try at creating a false narrative but that’s what you liberals do all the time.

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