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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Nov. 21


Champlain Express will be very beneficial

A letter from Tom Ellis (“Find alternatives to Champlain Express”) in the Nov. 10 Daily Gazette contains assertions the author has repeatedly made about the project that simply are not true.
Let me give you the facts.
The Champlain Hudson Power Express is a 339-mile renewable energy transmission project that will deliver enough clean power to meet 20% of New York City’s electricity needs.
This will remove the carbon equivalent of 44% of cars from New York City streets and do so while creating more than 1,400 well-paying jobs with a commitment to utilizing union labor.
In addition to the enormous environmental benefits it will deliver to New York state, the local benefits to Schenectady County are very real as well.
These include more than $85 million in new revenue that will flow to schools and local governments over the first 30 years of the project.
That figure does not take into account the additional local jobs that will be created during construction, or the additional economic activity generated at local shops and restaurants while the CHPE is being built.
The CHPE has strong support locally and statewide because the environmental and economic benefits are real.
New York is going to need every available source of renewable energy available to meet its ambitious, laudable, clean energy goals.
Having the CHPE in place is a smart way to get there.
Jennifer Laird-White
New York City


AG should look into Cuomo’s spokesman

Isn’t it time for the state attorney general to investigate the mouth of former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s spokesperson, Richard Azzopardi?
This minion is constantly in the news slandering everyone who has investigated his self-proclaimed king of New York.
I’m going out on a limb here, but if Cuomo is found guilty of perjury, shouldn’t Azzopardi be charged with the same crime? After all, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.
When all the dust settles, I hope Cuomo’s convicted Richard Azzopardi can share the same jail cell so he can continue to do his minion duties of his king.
Rick Splawnik

Nisky officials ignore Rexford residents

After the trees in Aqueduct Park were removed as part of the River’s Ledge Apartments construction this spring, a petition was sent to the Niskayuna Town Planning Board and other town of Niskayuna elected officials by 45 residents of the hamlet of Rexford.
It detailed our concerns toward light and sound pollution, as well as loss of natural riverbank habitat and views to our residents.
Though visited shortly after receiving our petition by a Niskayuna Town Board member and town attorney, nothing positive has transpired since.
Our requests for information through the state Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) go unanswered, with deadlines long passed.
To read The Gazette’s Nov. 12 front page article (“Rivers Ledge plans 60 senior apartments”) on the town Planning Board addressing more development at the site without addressing our concerns first shows a total disregard for our petitioned grievances.
Perhaps The Daily Gazette will send the reporter to meet with the petitioners to write a front or any page article on our concerns about the River’s Ledge and Aqueduct Park developments.
Jeff Downing

Time to put attention on America’s future

In his inaugural address, President Kennedy stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”
Though long ago, the admonishment is still relevant.
Past generations of ordinary and extraordinary Americans have molded this country into what it is, the most admired and prosperous country in the world.
Those hard working, determined men and women who built this dream have earned and deserve our admiration and respect. People everywhere continue to dream of living in America.
Contentious public dialogue about past events to defile and replace the heroes and leaders who often sacrificed their lives for the sake of our country is a punch to the gut.
Many of our most heroic, well educated, humble and wise leaders have been marginalized in an attempt to remove them from honored positions in America’s history.
Americans need to regain pride in who we are, where we’ve been, and how we got here. We can all take measures to maintain our greatness without rewriting our past. Embrace American history, good and bad. No amount of manipulation by the media, educational institutions and various levels of government can change what’s happened. It’s done. Move on.
Let’s focus on supporting American business. Insist on buying products made in America. is a great place to find them.
Open dialogue about how to move forward with gratitude for all this country has given us and still has to offer, don’t take a wrecking ball to our past.
Gina Sauter


Kudos to Niskayuna police for response

When I got up at 4 in the morning the other day to go to the bathroom, I looked out my window to see a car parked on our front lawn, lights on, engine running. Dressing quickly, I called the Niskayuna police.
Within a few minutes, two officers showed up. Turns out a neighbor, name unknown to us, fell asleep at the wheel. Other than ruts in our grass, we incurred no significant damage.
We commend the two Niskayuna police officers for a prompt, courteous and professional response.
Ted and Norrine Thompson


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The Democrats wish to increase the Federal income tax deductions for state and local taxes paid. I suggest that they have it backwards, what you do with your money should have nothing to do with your obligation to support the national government. If this change results in some limousine liberals having to sell their second home so be it!

Jennifer Laird-White is VP of External Affairs at Transmission Developers, Inc.
Transmission Developers, Inc. apparently exists solely for the promotion and development of the Champlain Hudson Power Express

To the Daily Gazette:
Doesn’t it present a problem that she doesn’t address that in her letter?
Shouldn’t letter writers with these possible conflicts of interest be identified so the reader understands the source?

In America, it is reasonable to believe that Black people are scary.

Understanding the innate fear of Blackness embedded in the American psyche does not require legal scholarship or a judge’s explanation. This belief shapes public perception, politics and the entire criminal justice system. And it is indeed a privilege only afforded to whiteness.

Only white people’s perceptions are made into a reality that everyone else must abide by.

Researchers have found that Americans perceive Black men as larger, stronger and more threatening than white men the same size. A 2016 paper found that Black boys are perceived as older and “less innocent” by police officers. Black girls as young as five years old are viewed as older, less innocent and more aggressive than white girls. In real life, 35% of gang members are Black, but in Hollywood, 65% of the roles described as “gangsters” are played by Black actors.

The idea of the “scary Black person” manifests itself in every segment of the US criminal justice system. It’s why police are more likely to stop Black drivers, even though – according to the largest analysis of police data in the history of the world – white drivers are more likely to be in possession of illegal contraband. It’s why unarmed Black people are killed by cops at three times the rate of whites, in spite of the fact that most on-duty police fatalities are committed by white men. After controlling for factors that include education, weapon possession and prior criminal history, the US sentencing commission found that federal judges sentence Black men to prison terms that are, on average, 20% longer than white men with similar circumstances.

It’s why 5,000 people responded to (Kenosha Alderman Kevin) Mathewson’s Facebook call-to-arms. It’s why police officer Rusten Sheskey was not charged with a crime for shooting Jacob Blake seven times in the back and the side. Blake’s pocketknife made Sheskey fear for his life, but Rittenhouse was allowed to waltz past officers from the same police department carrying a killing machine during chaotic protests. They did not see the gun-toting teenager as a threat. He is not Black. He was not scary.

Michael Harriot
The Guardian
November 20, 2021

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck –

The Guardian is as far left as Fox is right.

What researchers? What Paper?

Making a statement like “unarmed blacks are killed by cops at three times the rates of whites” – since more whites are killed by cops in every DOJ study I have looked at since the year 2000 – I don’t know where he came up with that statistic.

He should mention the statistics from Chicago and New York illegal gun violence- which pins around 83.6% of the shootings and deaths on African American vs African American violence.

Frankly sick of media and some entities trying to make us hate one another and make our law enforcement officers out to be some racist hate group.

I disagree that the Guardian is far left. I read a lot of different periodicals that run the gamut of slants, and I fail to see how the Guardian could be called “as far left as Fox is right”.

Read the article online and you’ll see those questions you have actually have links to their sources.

Joseph Vendetti


I think their commercials and literature say “the worlds best liberal voice”? So if they see themselves as left but you don’t?

I’m going to plead ignorance on that, Joe. I have no idea what you’re referring to. It’s one of 3 news periodicals I pay for. The other 2 being this paper and the Altamont Enterprise. What I know about The Guardian is it provides quality, balanced news from outside the American news bubble.

About Guardian US

Covering American and international news for an online, global audience.

Guardian US is renowned for the Paradise Papers investigation and other award-winning work including, the NSA revelations, Panama Papers and The Counted investigations.

Also, you’re second paragraph has been discussed and debated here in the past. The key word is “rate”, meaning per capita.

Getting pretty tired of people defending law enforcement’s treatment of people of color as less than human. That’s why there’s a saying, “Black lives matter”.
To spell it out: people of color, specifically Black people are treated as if their lives don’t matter as much as others’. And the statistics bear that out.

Joseph Vendetti


African Americans being arrested and incarcerated more then whites or any other race doesn’t prove that they are treated unfairly, doesn’t prove that they are targeted, all it proves is they are committing more crimes and being caught.

You know children of Single Parent whites, latino, get arrested and incarcerated at a much higher rate then children of an intact family of that race.

So maybe we should stop focusing so much on the race side of things and focus on the underlying cause (single parents) of committing crimes. We need to try and solve why African American households have 8x the rate of single parenting then their white counterparts.


If you had studied the history of racism in America from slavery through Jim Crow and redlining you would understand why African- Americans are at a disadvantage when compared to Whites. The legacy of our treatment of Black people is reflected in the problems so many of them face in America today. Maybe we should study critical race theory in our public schools.

Ok Joe, whatever.
What we do know is Blacks are brutally murdered on a regular basis. We’ve all seen the videos. Your denial is racist.
Am I saying you’re racist? I dont know you from Adam. But your words of denial of what we’ve all seen are racist.

William Marincic

Wow ChuckD unbelievable, Joe is stating common sense you are not. And I’m gonna say the same thing to you then I said to Lou. Doth protest too much. You two are like someone that just quit smoking last month that has to tell everybody about the dangers of smoking. It makes a person wonder what you’re hiding.

Joseph Vendetti


As a parent of two African American young men – frankly its offensive and slanderous of you to toss around a word like racist.

I’ve been the subject of racism for having a mixed race family. But from helping my players at Schenectady navigate middle, high school and always being there for hundreds of African American players that were teammates of my sons – one thing I can assure you of is i’m as far from a racist as Trump was from being a good leader.

If someones opinion differs from yours – the 1st thing you go to is racism?

African Americans yes are shot and killed by police officers (on an extremely rare occasion) and so are Whites, so are Latinos, so are Asians. Most of those are justifiable, some (very few) aren’t and those ppl should be held accountable in our court systems.

I understand Jim Crow, and the GI Bill, etc being racially bias. I also understand that women are still being enslaved and abused so our are disabled populations. We continue to evolve, provide many many programs (HEOP, Affirmative Action, Hubzone, MBE programs) to try and right wrongs of the past.

But until we discover the Root Cause – which in my opinion is the destruction of the nuclear family and mass amounts of single parents in this world as the major driver to being involved in crime, gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy, HIV, gun violence then trying to blame everything on just Race is shortsighted. My opinion.

Joe, if nothing else I want to make two points with you:

First, I clearly did not call you racist. I went out of my way to say I thought your WORDS were racist. There’s a world of difference. Some here I have called racist because they wear it on their lapels.

And second, just as I don’t know you, you don’t know me. And trust me when I say I could easily make very similar claims as you, that because of _____ I can’t be racist. I won’t go into details because I preserve my privacy. It’s not the same as you but I could very easily make the same claim.
I would not, ever, say something like that. I would never hold up my…whatever.. and say “Look! I ____, so therefore I can’t be racist!’. That I have a “get out of jail free” card against being a racist, because I took this or that action. I think that’s bs. Sorry if that offends you.

I have other things to say but need to get to some appointments and mainly wanted to respond to you on your points.


Please Fred, try to make your point more clearly. Read what you wrote and try to state whatever argument you are trying to make in a way that makes sense, even if the point doesn’t.

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