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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 24


Lower road, raise bridge as solution

New York State DOT promises to give truckers an excuse for striking the Glenridge railroad bridge. “They were confused and distracted by intense flashing lights and didn’t see the bridge clearance signs.”
Lower Glenridge Road by two feet and raise the bridge by a foot and you will solve the problem.
Still, the DOT proposal will not solve the problem.
Changing the relative elevations of bridge and road to provide 14-foot 2-inches clearance is the only reliable solution.
Brian Gain

We’re losing sight of what’s important

Interesting times these. We were so sure we were an exceptional country … a “City on a Hill.” We were ‘’Tough on Crime.” We were likened to a ‘’Thousand Points of Light.” It was only recently “Morning in America.” Yet, for all our bravura and self-acclaim, here we are — losing sight of the tenuous threads of a democracy in an era where corporate news outlets as well as monetized online connectors profit on our divisions.
Like children, we’re arguing the fine points of whether smashing public buildings is a criminal act or an act of patriotism. (Who smashes something to show their respect for it?)
In our efforts to prove the rightness of our opinions, we’re losing sight of the real threat. Our sense of community is shredding and with it our power toward unified action. It’s a very useful old tactic — divide and conquer.
It was useful in ancient Rome and it’s useful to the wealthy 1% who benefit from our divisions today. Our choices are global domination by a wealthy few or a now-weakened tenuous link to an imperfect democracy that has its faults, but still has some representatives holding out for the needs of the working class.
We don’t have the time or luxury of divisions. We’d better hold on to being Americans together in support of the crucial needs of those who have been hit hardest.
Joanne Mann

Do more to stop impaired driving

A recent article about former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III’s intoxicated driving crash offered a wakeup call. With so many health and safety risks that are difficult to prevent 100% of the time, as our justifiable concern about covid and our ongoing efforts to prevent or cure cancer and heart disease, we have lost sight of impaired driving.
Ruggs was driving 150 mph with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of twice the legal limit, crashing and killing a 23-year-old woman after her vehicle burst into flames. This is a recurring 100% preventable issue that takes the lives of over 10,000 people every year, averaging one every 52 minutes.
Alcohol and other drugs, whether legal, over the counter, prescription or illegal, can impair our ability to drive safely.
Marijuana does impair safe driving performance, namely tracking, motor coordination, visual functions and tasks requiring divided attention. Cannabis is legal in New York. Local dispensaries and bars will have high potency edibles and concentrates that for frequent users can stay in the body over 30 days.
What is successful? New York has a bill to raise the threshold for DWI to 0.05% BAC. University of Chicago studies found that a 0.05% BAC limit would prevent 11% of fatal alcohol-related crashes each year saving about 1,800 lives.
The Utah Highway Patrol found a 7% drop in arrests 0.05-0.08. after Utah’s 0.05 BAC limit was passed. Utah’s brew pubs, nightlife and the tourism industry has not been hurt.
By never driving impaired with alcohol or other drugs, we can prevent impaired driving related injuries and deaths by 100%.
Renee’ Barchitta


Mainstream media to blame for our woes

If it wasn’t evident before the Rittenhouse trial, it sure is now: lies are all lies.
CNN and MSNBC would not know the truth if it hit them in the face. Who is responsible for the non-stop hate, racial unrest, fear and influencing elections based on lies? It is the major news media outlets; we know who they are.
Who is truly responsible for the mess we are in now? Unchecked inflation, oil dependency, the horrible debacle in Afghanistan, four years of non-stop Russian collusion, the incitement of violence? The mainstream media.
Don’t forget Facebook, Twitter, etc. They are never held accountable for all the lies and omission of the true facts, even as Kelli saying “Let’s Go Brandon” when we all heard what is really being said.
CNN says protests are peaceful as buildings burn in plain sight. Maxine Waters can order you to find every Republican you can and get them wherever they are, but be a parent at a board meeting and you are a domestic terrorist.
Nick Sandmann, Jewell, Rittenhouse all convicted by the press, all wrong. The FCC should sue them all for pushing lies on the American people to push their agenda of Marxism.
Rittenhouse did not kill any Black people, did not carry a gun across state lines (He picked it up at a friend’s house in Wisconsin.) and is not a White Supremacist. Look out Biden for calling him that and the press was happy to repeat that lie over and over again. One big lie after another.
Denise Crisci


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William Marincic

Thank you Joanne and Denise for your two on point common sense letters. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’m thankful that my Grandfather emigrated to the United States, the greatest country in the world, no it is not perfect but it’s getting better. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to friend and foe.


Dear Denise
You must have missed the LIVE coverage of the 1/6/21 insurrection on CNN & MSNBC…..those are called FACTS Denise, not lies.
Apparently you also missed the federal judges declaring no fraud, cheating or misconduct in Pres Biden’s win over Trump….. again, FACTS, on ALL legitimate mainstream media.

William Marincic

Diane I’m pretty sure she missed it on CNN and MSNBC nobody watches those fake news programs at least very few people watch them. There is a reason that Fox News has the viewers that it does it’s because they are fair and balanced they don’t have an agenda they report the news. You came back and deflected, can you dispute anything that Denise said in her letter?

Doug Hampton

We’ve been over this before but I will give you another chance to learn something. FOX has the ratings that they do because it’s the only cable news source for the right leaning folks like yourself. As you have said many times previous CNN and MSNBC along with all the network news are fake news and lean left so logically FOX is getting 100% of the Conservative viewers. As far as fair and balanced, come on now, even you should know better than that! They have a point of view just as does CNN and MSNBC….that’s the honest and fair perspective.


The entire letter is a poorly organized series of unfounded and meaningless generalizations peppered with inaccurate and biased statements. Quote, ‘Maxine Waters can order you to find every Republican you can and get them wherever they are.” To whom does the pronoun “you” refer? Once whoever they are “get them” what is Maxine Waters ordering them to do to their captives? They are not hard to find. For example Ted Cancun Cruz and Josh Fistpump Hawley can be easily found in the U.S. Senate. There has never been an easy retreat from war. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was no more, probably far less a debacle, than the withdrawal from Vietnam. The important point is lost on you: We are no longer losing troops in a war that can’t be won. Inflation is far from unchecked; Jerome Powell, appointed by Trump, has been re-appointed by Biden because he has so aptly handled monetary policy as head of the Fed. Rittenhouse can not be convicted by the press, nor can anyone else. In fact,he was acquitted after a trial presided over by an obviously biased judge. Biden has just released 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserves. It will take a while but will be reflected in lower gas prices.


Let’s get something straight with you right-wingers. Fox’s popular programs in the evening are NOT deemed to be news. Why the FCC doesn’t require a disclaimer is beyond me and a disservice to the public. I can find no television news program that offers all sides of an issue in the same program, but at least CNN and sometimes NPR tries to offer opposing views from multiple guests on some of their shows. Using right-wing views of Tucker Carlson and the others as real news is misinforming the public. They pedal conspiracy theories which most of you buy as the real thing. I don’t know why people believe this crap, but they do. Again, I call for a war on Lies and Misinformation and a new fact verifying commission to deal with it.


You are so right Ray. But read what Fred had to say today. How does one reason with people who make such meaningless statements and believe they have stated something of importance?


Thanks Anthony. I generally ignore Fred since whatever you say, he’ll respond with something irrelevant to the topic just to get you to respond. You know, an endless circle jerk. I’m getting bored with the other Trumpers too who rarely say anything factual and we try to provide the data to disprove them. Louis has a great saying for them. Keep the faith man.


Thanks guys for consistently posting factual, logical, reasonable, fair, insightful, intelligent comments and rebuttals on this forum. Sadly some closed minded individuals with deaf ears are the the recipients of your posts.

I’ve said it many times Anthony, but in the event it was before you came on board, what I believe the saying Ray is referring to is…Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

William Aiken

No one can definitively declare that no fraud took place when there was never an investigate of the claim. The judges ruled not to take the case. Since their rulings, the left have it as spun it as fact that their rulings showed no fraud took place in 2020. That narrative is another falsehood by the media. Until an investigation and examination of the evidence is done, no determination of election fraud can proven or not proven.

Please, either provide specific instances of all those courts’ conspiracies against your trump, or take your vapid whining to a Parler group.

I predict you can’t which is exactly why all those courts tossed those cases: what you people seem to think is “evidence” turns out to be hearsay and bad feelings.

And before you go whining to the moderator about being picked on, this is a voice of frustration over all of you who seem to be literate, educated people who should know better, but instead spew your beliefs in unicorns, gnomes and how your Trump couldn’t have lost the election.

William Aiken

Chuck D you require a source for any claim that goes against your anti-Trump narrative. Do your own research that shows the investigation by the courts that shows no voter fraud took place. . It doesn’t exist because it never happened, no hard often you and your leftist cohorts repeat this lie.

William Aiken

The entire motive behind pushing Trump’s “Big Lie’ is to weaken him as a candidate. This is the lefts only card to play. They are in such a leftist bubble they don’t realized the Big Lie is losing it’s pizzazz. Yet you keep clinging on to it. You can’t praise anything Sleepy Joe has done the past 10 months?

All Trump has to do is run a campaign on his track record as president. He’ll smoke whoever the Dem challenger is in 2024. The longer Biden governs with his America Last agenda, the deeper the hole he digs for his party. The grave will be complete by the time he leaves office.

Hey man, you’re the one who brought up your doubts about whether the election was fair so don’t try to pass it off as other’s issues.
60 times it was shown and the challenges rejected, yet you have the temerity to continue the doubt. If you’re going to keep bringing it up, let’s see your cards.

William Aiken

Chuck D you hitched your star to Biden and you pay the price of electing an empty vessel, whose been hijacked by the AOC wing of your party. The Dems kept Biden under tight wraps in his basement. Bashing Trump when he’s not on the ballot isn’t going to get a single Dem elected in 2022.

It’s funny to me when those on the right complain about the “mainstream media” and Facebook, when Fox News has the highest ratings among cable news AND Dan Bongino/Ben Shapiro et. al. are consistently the most shared accounts on Facebook every single day. News Flash: Fox News IS the mainstream media, and they helped get Trump elected and supported him on every single decision he made. At least the other networks criticize Biden and frequently ask difficult questions of the current administration. Fox News was a lap dog for Trump, and any anchor that dared question him was fired.

William I was just wondering that since you claim to be 12 1/2 % black do you watch the BET ( Black Entertainment Channel ) 12 1/2 % of the time? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Agree Joanne that we need to come together, and folks need to accept that Joe Biden is our rightfully and fairly elected president for our democracy to function going forward. Hopefully people on the right will stop questioning his legitimacy and dividing our nation.


lies are all lies.
CNN and MSNBC would not know the truth if it hit them in the face.

Denise Crisci: Absolutely no reason to read your letter beyond the first few lines. – CNN and MSNBS but no mention of Fox.

The wrong directional potholed road you’re going down has been repeatedly travel on to the point of exhaustion. The view is always the same. Pun intended.

Biden’s release of 2.5 days worth of oil from the strategic petroleum reserves is a fine example of posturing substituting for substance

William Marincic

Actually Fred it’s less than two days of oil because 18 million barrels are going to India and China. We are giving our strategic oil to China. Not to mention we are giving our cobalt mines to China thanks to Hunter Biden, China will be in charge of what they give us for electric batteries. It’s amazing how that works, Biden says the federal fleet will be all electric vehicles and his son Hunter Biden works a deal where he gets 30% of the share along with John Kerry’s stepson and their partner is the Chinese government. Nothing to see here.

At least be consistent Bill. Ivanka had 18 patents fast-tracked in China, Kushner was selling EB-5 visas to Chinese investors in his American real estate properties. Foreign officials were staying in Trump’s DC hotel. Nothing to see here.

We are not “giving” it.
Fact: these were deals that had already been made, and America (contrary to what donald trump would say or do) doesn’t go back on deals.
Why are gasoline prices high right now?

Overall inflation recently reached a three-decade high, and one of the most visible prices Americans see every week is at the gas pump.
At the root of the price increases for gasoline, as with so many other products, is the coronavirus pandemic. Since the initial economic wallop from the virus in the spring of 2020, demand for gasoline has risen steadily as business activity has increased. Yet supply hasn’t been able to recover as quickly, thanks to delays in restoring drilling capacity, higher transportation costs, and sluggish production increases.

There’s a reason the price jump has been so big. During the pandemic, when travel and commuting was sharply curtailed, the demand for gasoline declined significantly, and so did the price. So year-over-year figures compare today’s prices to an unusually low level a year ago, exaggerating the jump, said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum, a center-right think tank.

William Aiken

I was concerned that the jury might have voted not guilty. Alan Dershowitz laid out the law on citizen’s arrest at the time of Aubrey’s death. He explained the defense’s argument. He showed there was a legal path based on the law for a not-guilty verdict. After hearing AD’s explanation, the question for me was did the defendants abuse the law. I think the jury made the right call to determined they did abuse the law and will be held accountable.

William, Interesting take on connections from Hunter and Kerry’s kin. Please provide some sources for there stories, I would like to pass them on if they have ANY truth to them. Thank You.

From a opinion writer at Bloomberg. Observations about Robert Murdoch share holders meetings and what is said in one and not others. Sure makes you use the old story line “follow the money”. Goes to some of the posts today I think.

William, I did follow up on your mention about oil going to India and China. This link is to the story in Fox Business. If you bothered to read it, you would see why 18 million barrels were going to them, AND Congress had already approved the sale.
My personal opinion is only very few people and God may know how the global market works and should reserve there opinion on who did what and when or not comment at all, which is my position.
I do agree with you on Aubrey verdict. Should be presented as “cold blooded murder” as a verdict. What a father and son duo taking down that unarmed man. The neighbor should be reserved for a special place for filming it all, and not in a good way, but thank goodness he did was “smart enough” to not delete it when he realized what a great event he had witnessed and filmed. Gotta love some of these southerners who still have confederate plates and flags on there cars,trucks and boats.

It needs to be part of this tragic story that this prosecution nearly didn’t happen at all. It took 3 months for anyone in Georgia to bring themselves to act on this. Southern justice:

Original story: On Feb. 23, three men in a truck followed Ahmaud Arbery while he was jogging in a Georgia neighborhood near his home, then shot him to death. Cellphone footage of the killing emerged on Tuesday and strongly indicated that the men, who are white, murdered Arbery, who was black. But none of them have yet been arrested. Three different state prosecutors have now declined to send Arbery’s killers to jail. The district attorney currently assigned to the case said Tuesday he would ask a grand jury to decide whether criminal charges are warranted, but a grand jury cannot convene until at least mid-June due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Update, May 7, 2020, at 6:40 pm: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, a state-level law enforcement agency, arrested Greg McMichael and his son, Travis, charging them with murder and aggravated assault and booking them in the Glynn County Jail.


News Flash: A jury Wednesday found three White men charged in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man, guilty on multiple murder counts, as well as other charges.

The verdict, delivered by nine White men, two White women and one Black man, came after more than 11 hours of deliberation spanning two days. It followed eight days of testimony, involving 23 witnesses.

Arbery’s parents appeared alongside civil rights stalwarts outside the courthouse following the verdict. They praised the prosecution and supporters who joined the family in their fight for justice for their son, whose killing drew national outrage and helped cast a spotlight on other racially driven crimes around the country.

Travis, the shooter, was convicted on all nine counts. His father was convicted of eight and the “filmmaker” was charged with three counts. Justice has been served.


More good news: A jury awarded more than $26 million in damages yesterday after finding the White nationalists who organized and participated in a violent 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, liable on a state conspiracy claim and other claims. But the jury in the federal civil trial said it could not reach a verdict on two federal conspiracy claims. The violence during the Unite the Right rally turned the Virginia city into another battleground in America’s culture wars and highlighted growing polarization. It was also an event that empowered White supremacists to demonstrate their beliefs in public rather than just online.

Could it be that the South is turning a corner on racial justice when you combine it with the Aubery case? Time will tell, though i have my doubts. Just glad to see some more Trump supporters going to jail.

Good grief William. I gave you the link read the story and you will have your answer.
And we didn’t give them anything they are buying it.

Why would we give China and India oil from our national reserves?

William Marincic

Florida I read the story and I’m saying again why would we sell oil to China and India out of our national reserves that we use for emergencies? When we replace that oil it’s going to cost us more money so it doesn’t make sense to sell it to anyone.

Joseph Vendetti

I wish everyone could take a step back and realize the left pits us against the right and right pits us against the left. That way each is guaranteed pretty much 1/2 the US.

I truly believe we all have much more good in us then bad. Especially around these holidays I want to believe most if not all want a better America, want people that can’t work, can’t buy things, can’t fend for themselves be provided for. We need certain aspects of Socialism that will provide for ppl that can not. I don’t look upon Social Security and Medicare as Socialistic because every week we are paying into those systems that we may or may not use.

It is very visible that everyone that contributes on this forum cares! While we may all have different centers and ideologies you are passionate. That in itself says something about you which is positive.

Guys and gals – we have the best country on earth, please don’t forget that. We aren’t perfect. We are and should always strive to improve- but in comparison we are heads and shoulders better then China, Russia, India, Canada, the UK, and other European Countries.

Tell a loved one you love them, hug them and may everyone have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Lower road, raise bridge as solution: No way is for lower road because Alplus Kill is next to underpass railroad bridge. We don’t want flood spot in that area. Yes, it is for raise the bridge higher, but the problem is with railroad company does not want to pay for it. I think the best way to get governments involved to pay for raise of the bridge or detour for the larger trucker route signs for shortcut route.

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