Outdoor Journal: Field reports from the opening days of deer hunting season


The first deer report of the season was by Steve Baker of Rotterdam. He got a 180-pound, 13-point buck taken Nov. 16 in the afternoon in Schenectady County. Baker got his buck with a 10-point crossbow.

Ashley Chamberlain of Pecks Lake wrote to me about her first crossbow hunting story. She said hunting season was right around the corner, and the thought on her mind this year was figuring out what she was going to shoot. It was at that moment she stumbled upon the weapon of choice — the crossbow. This choice was going to prove the most successful indeed.

Her husband Clarence knew her birthday was fast approaching and, therefore, gifted her with a beautiful Killer Instinct brand crossbow with all the accessories to make for a successful first crossbow deer hunt.

Later that week her, husband booked a one-day hunt in Saratoga on a preserve called Easton View Outfitters, which is an hour drive from Pecks Lake. Their guide set them both up on watches with a guaranteed kill. Upon her watch, she sat waiting for a good six deer to approach for her to take a shot at.

There she sat waiting, and nothing came. She was frustrated.

Then around noon, a young female approached. She knew she had a clear shot at 20 yards, and she was right within that range. She took her shot. The deer was down. Upon examination, she had doubled lunged her, thus delivering the lethal shot. She said her first crossbow hunt was a great success.

Tim Blodgett from Schuylerville shot his buck last week. He was up in a tree stand with his Elite Synergy Bow, all settled in. Around 2 p.m., he spotted a buck about 100 yards out. But it was standing behind a large tree. He gave a small whistle, and the buck came around.

Tim was ready and settled to draw and at about 15 yards brought him down. The buck was an 8-pointer weighing about 175. Nicely done Tim.

From the Buck Fever website, i had a piece on a local business owner Rick Milham, a Guilderland High School graduate. He was an excellent football player and he was a standout on the volleyball team. He now owns Buck Fever, a synthetic deer lure. It is a New York-based company, and the product is made by New York residents. For more information, go to https://www.buckfever.com.


Want to target the biggest fish through the ice this winter? Check out the new Vibratina Baits. Their built to bring in those big walleyes, lake trout, etc.
I think I will be seeing if they work while I am in Florida fishing in February and March, but I will be awaiting those ice fishing reports from up North, especially if that new bait works like it says.


For those of you that do some small game hunting, the New York state Air Gun Regulations allow air gun hunting for squirrels. I have sent several squirrel tails to Mepps for trading for their fishing fly’s. I use a Gamo Wild Cat Whisper Air Gun, and have been very pleased with its accuracy. Air guns are allowed for small game in Florida, also.

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