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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Nov. 27


Fight for climate or have nothing left

What good will it do for us to have a balanced budget, a low national debt, no inflation, cheap gasoline, free education and forgiven student debt when we may not survive to enjoy them?
As climate change occurs faster and faster; as wildfires grow in frequency and severity; as storms grow stronger, last longer and do even more damage; as sea level rises higher and higher, we will be facing vastly greater problems than those that now confront us.
Think, for example, about what it will cost us to relocate Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Mobile, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles and Seattle. Those cities and the coastal areas between them will be flooded out by rising oceans in just a few decades unless we take steps now to prevent it.
What will we eat when there is not enough water to grow crops in California, the Southwest, and the Midwest? How much will it cost to rebuild the many towns we lose to wildfires?
Climate change is far and away the most important issue facing us today, but it is being largely ignored by most Americans. Wake up, people! You can’t stop it at the last minute.
We must start now or there won’t be a United States of America left to care about budgets, debt, the cost of gasoline or the inflation rate.
David C. Furman Jr.

Rittenhouse’s mom bears some blame

I’m sure we all know who Kyle Rittenhouse is. I feel sorry for the young man. My question is, what mother in her right mind would drive her young, slightly immature 17-year-old son to a riotous situation with an armed gun?
Did she not care if he got injured? Did she not understand that a person with a loaded gun would probably kill someone?
Did she not think that if he did kill someone that he would be mentally changed for the rest of his life?
I’m not starting a conversation about gun control, but parental control is something that should be addressed. She is just as much to blame for the deaths and maiming of those people as he is. She should have been sitting next to him at the defendant’s table.
Joan Wilmarth

Vaccines are not 100% effective

This SARS-COV2 virus is a novel coronavirus, much like the common cold, but with which our immune systems have little to no familiarity.
For young people, most illnesses are new to their immune systems, so they generally do well against COVID-19.
As an active 62-year-old, I recently recovered from COVID-19 with fewer symptoms than most colds I’ve had. I developed what’s known as acquired immunity and have proof of antibodies similar to ones from those who were vaccinated.
The truth is vaccines are considered the safer option for most people over 60 and those with comorbidities.
For those who have recovered from COVID-19, their acquired immunity is real, and lasts around 18 months.
The COVID-19 and flu vaccines last only about six months, whereas most other vaccines last a decade or longer.
Since no vaccine is 100% effective, then there must be some who get vaccinated and develop little to no immunity to the disease.
As vaccine effectiveness wanes, even more become infected, since SARS-COV2 is no longer novel to their immune systems, their infections are milder.
If someone fully recovers from the disease without medical help, it proves that their immune system was effective. To say that only those who get vaccinated are immune is an obvious lie.
My religious objection isn’t to be part of a lie, so to get vaccinated, while I have immunity, is to be complicit with the government’s lie. Did you wonder why the government asks about vaccine status instead of immunity?
Frank Mueller


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RE: Rittenhouse’s mom bears some blame

One might want to give some credit to those that have promoted the notion that self- defense is acceptable.

Fight for climate or have nothing left
1> With the internet much of the rational for modern cities is gone. Ask yourself what Albany would look like when climate change is taken seriously and all state office work is done from home

William Marincic

Joan Wilmarth Did you watch any of the trial or get any of the facts from the trial? Kyle Rittenhouse worked in Kenosha, his father lived in Kenosha, and his grandmother lived in Kenosha, and his friend that gave him the gun lived in Kenosha. His mother didn’t drive him across state lines to a riot he got there on his own with his sister and friends then went to his friend Dominic Blacks house. How does the Gazette print such obvious lies?

Hiding behind the name of a respectable business is statement that is less than honest. Since a lie is a statement made with the intention to deceive you are claiming to know Bill’s intentions. When you can come out from hiding your name I you will be welcome to join the public discussion. You might first try promoting community welfare by sharing your views of common matters.

Let’s be clear about something: some here choose to remain unnamed because others here can’t be trusted not to abuse that. There are some who’ll try to shut down debate and First Amendment rights with it. We’ve already seen it in action.


No it isn’t, you just did. – That word is a small part of the abuse that an entire race had to and still must endure. Not saying it is about respect and compassion for fellow human beings.

“Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes“

Correction: Lou what your post refers to is your reading of my post. The best that I can say of your reading you do not hide your insults behind a fake name.

I admit to being puzzled as to why you chose to offer insults in lou insight that the community could benefit from

Joseph Vendetti
November 26th, 2021
Term limits will reduce lobbyist strength and make politicians answer to the electorate and do whats right instead of padding campaign accounts for re-election.

Joseph, Sure would help dis function and gridlock. Your statement made me think of something else that is at stake in DC with a election. Political Appointments. Somewhere north and growing of 3,800 happen when we change administrations. How would that effect your business if it switched a percentage every 4 or 8 at the most, and not always for the better. One reason why no one leaves the DC area when changing administrations I would guess. They’ll be back .

Joseph Vendetti


Point well taken. I think we must have congressional term limits. Our Federal gov’t has ground to a halt because no one is willing to compromise because their positions are so strong

William Marincic
November 26th, 2021
Why has the U.S not imposed travel restrictions on Africa like 27 other countries did to stop the spread of this new Covid variation? Is Biden still taking his nappy?

William, Guess you forgot to thank Biden for following your request and haven’t thanked him yet. We’ll wait. Maybe Fox or OAN hasn’t broadcast that news yet. He did restrict travel from there with exceptions and negative tests.

William Marincic

Florida, thank him for what? Doing what he should have done three days ago and doing it immediately instead of Monday? Everything he touches turns to crap.

Bill Nechamen

Mr. Mueller: Your post is factually incorrect. Yes there is some resistance to Covid after recovery, however that resistance has been found to be shorter lived than from vaccines. Scientists are not certain why, but that is what the data has told us. As for childhood infections with cold viruses, actually it’s because there are few antibodies that children get so many colds when their young. We used to remember the typical back to school colds that the kids would always get, as well as the post family holiday reunion colds. That was because all of the various cold viruses had little resistance in young bodies. Fortunately, most cold viruses are very mild.

Vaccinations have shown to increase resistance to the virus even for those who have had and recovered from the disease. And yes, the resistance does wane over time, but more slowly than having had the virus without vaccination. I’m glad your case was mild. Most cases are, however a huge number of cases are debilitating or deadly. Data has shown that people hospitalized or dying from the disease are overwhelmingly unvaccinated. Meanwhile, due to the uninformed stubbornness of about 30% of the population, we are again going to have to ration medical procedures and possibly take another huge hit to the economy.

William, Yes it doesn’t start till Monday, but your were complaining he hand’t done it yet in your post. If you might have been traveler in SA you probably would have been glad you had a few days to get out. Pretty sure they also have to provide negative tests for the few who will travel here.

Fred, NYPost is Murdoch owned.Overall we rate the New York Post on the far end of Right-Center Biased due to story selection that typically favors the Right and Mixed (borderline questionable) for factual reporting based on several failed fact checks. From the Media Research Center.

If your going to post sources, which is a improvement from your usual garbled responses, try to get one somewhere in the middle. That is if you RW’s have any such thing for sources.

William Marincic

Florida, Florida, Florida, any American can fly home, so wrong. As far as RW sources I post more LW sources because the first word out of a liberal’s mouth is that’s from Fox so it’s not true.

Note that they never explain why they continue to watch Fox!

If you log on to Drudge you can access a large number of newspapers. I find that if you want to understand what is going on here try accessing foreign papers.

William Marincic

Florida, please tell me how SS is socialist, I figured out that if I live for 20 years after I retire at 66 and 8 months I will have made $600,000 less than if I had a retirement account that only earned 6%, my 401K is earning 22% so tell me about that socializes social security again? It’s a scam, it didn’t start that way, then the democrats were in charge and started stealing from it. look it up.

William, William, You seem pretty up to date on how SS works. But guess what it’s not just about you and me. SSI. You know what that is? It is how our deductions help others, like the disabled, widows who net 900.00 a month etc, Families where bread winners are deceased. Best friends daughter both had spouses die young and still had young children. Another had husband with Parkinson’s in his 50’s. And rember your wall street friends and Bush wanted to privatize it. Your guess what would be there for us and the ones I mentioned if the wall street vultures had it. Lets be thankful have 401’s and we are earning 22 %. I’m not a bleeding heart liberal but those are just some of the people I know directly that SSI has helped. So what if I have to share some of that Socialist Social Security with the less fortune. I’m getting mine and thanks for your contributions.

William Marincic

SSI I know exactly how SSI works, I have two drug addicted relatives, neither one has worked a single day in their entire life and they get SSI and free housing and food stamps that they sell for $.50 on the dollar to buy more drugs. That’s the problem, SSI needs to end for people that are drug addicted and alcoholics.


Why in the name of God do you keep pushing this issue? Reasons for their choice have been explained several times. A name means nothing, especially so under these circumstances. It’s what an individual says that means everything, so stop acting like a persistent child saying the same thing over and over again. Accept their choice and find something else to complain about.

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