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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Dec. 1


Consider one-lane traffic under bridge

Why not lower the roadway where it goes under the railroad bridge?

If there are concerns by doing this that the bridge footings might be compromised, an alternative would be to change the traffic flow under the bridge to one lane, monitored by simple traffic lights, to allow for continued two-way traffic with no bridge impediments.

Surely there is an engineer within the state’s resources that could design this proposal.



Dems are cause of mayhem in America

Tis the holiday season, and our beloved president Joe (Oil Can) Biden has given the American people fifty million barrels of our reserve oil supply.

Don’t count on it for your holiday shopping. It takes months to process through the system. This is to ease high oil prices that he created. Like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

You can go so far with this climate control bologna. It will take years to complete. China, Russia and India aren’t doing it. It hurts everybody, even those who voted for him.

Democrats are the cause of this mayhem in America. Look at all the trouble in Democratic-controlled cities and states.

Big government, higher taxes, socialism, that’s what is in store for us if you allow these idiots to control your lives.

What happened to the great America I once knew?

Clifton Park


Grateful for poem honoring veterans

Wow! Thank you, Kevin Teaney, for that great tribute/ poem to our veterans (“Thank you, vets, for all you’ve done”) that was published in the Nov. 11 Gazette.

There are many of us out here that share your feelings, but do not have the gift of putting to words as you did.

Freedom is truly a gift, whether to vote, to speak, to decide, just being able to choose what we want to choose. Your poem should appear in newspapers all over our United States of America.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying what so many want to say because we feel but we just don’t do. That was your job. Well done.



Republican Party is not what it was

Do you consider yourself a Republican? I hate to break this to you, but in Congress, in red states, and in many other districts (like Elise Stefanik’s), there is no longer a Republican Party.

The party of Lincoln, who freed the slaves, has been taken over by the party trying (successfully) to prevent those slaves’ descendants and all other non-Whites from voting because the last thing this party wants is democracy.

I call it the Retrumplickin Party. This is the party fraudulently spreading the Big Lie, of cowardly congressmen putting their allegiance to Trump ahead of their vow to the Constitution for fear of losing their jobs.

This is the party of hate, of insurrectionists who stormed our Capitol, killing guards and hunting down members of Congress in an attempt to undo a lawful democratic election.

This is the party of unhinged politicians like Paul Gosar, who posted a violent cartoon showing him killing a colleague, and of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a conspiracy theorist who is an embarrassment even to Gosar.

It is the party of the White supremacist terrorists who roam our streets brandishing assault weapons and of the NRA who support them.

It is the party of the far right evangelists who worship a man who worships only himself.

What once was the party of civility and collaboration is now the party of obstructionists with total allegiance to a psychopath who would be dictator.

Is this your party? If not, perhaps you might want to reconsider.


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EDWARD HEDLUND: “What happened to the great America I once knew?” Ask trump, then look in a mirror for further cause of her decline.


God guns and country!

No big deal this time, only 3 killed and 8 injured at Oxford High in Michigan.

“Just a thought for all you God-fearin’, gun-lovin’, Bible-thumpin’ 2nd Amendment patriots. If it turns out Heaven’s a gun-free zone, what’s plan B???”- Quentin R. Bufogle

Willam to answer your question from the previous day…Pointing out the lies you post that you get from Fox News, Newmax and QAnon or pull out of the sky is contributing to this page…If you don’t like my comments I suggest you use your google machine a little better and research your posts …By the way Happy Holidays


Edward Hedlund writes that attempts to control the climate are “bologna”. Notice the absence of a serious and factual discussion of climate change. Instead of discussing the fact that human activity is causing climate change with obviously detrimental consequences, glacial melt, rising sea levels, wildfires, and increasing numbers of more intense storms, Mr. Hedlund dismisses the entire issue as “bologna.” He dismisses attempts to reverse human activities impact on climate because some nations won’t participate. After all shouldn’t we follow the example of the countries he mentions: India, China, and Russia? It might be a better idea as the most powerful and influential country in the world, for America to lead the way toward development of renewable energy and cleaner ways of transportation and production of goods and services. He resorts to name-calling to defend his views: Democrats are “idiots” and “socialists” because they want to provide publicly funded day care to make it easier for parents with children to work and because they want to extend medicare coverage to include hearing-aids. Need I write more?
The Daily Gazette deserves credit for running Mr. Lewis’ letter as counterbalance to Mr. Hedlund’s rant. Notice that Mr. Lewis uses facts and logical analysis to make his point that the G.O.P. no longer exists as the part it once was.

William Marincic

Anthony I saw especially like that part about white supremacists with A.R. 15‘s running around brandishing weapons. I’m pretty sure that Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty, I’m also pretty sure that he’s going to be a very very rich young man because of news media and others calling him a white supremacist.

William Marincic

RICHARD W. LEWIS, JR. I’m just curious how a liberal Democrat can tell us anything about the Republican party? I can tell you everything about the Democrat party because I was a liberal Democrat for 30 years.

Doug Hampton

So with that logic one can only know something about a party in which they are registered? That is perhaps the silliest logic I have ever heard. Does that mean that if one is a Catholic they can’t presume to know anything about other religions? Hey I was a Republican for over 40 years until Trump came along. Does that mean that I can stop having knowledge about the other party because I made a change? As usual William , your simplistic view of the world is just so clear and apparent. Furthermore the writer nailed it! The Republican party is not at all the party of Lincoln or Eisenhower or Reagan or Bush! It is still sadly the party of Trump!

William Marincic

Doug and the others I don’t believe so, I don’t believe it’s a simplistic way to look at the world. When you have a mindset of a Democrat you look at things totally different than if you have a mindset of a conservative. After Bill Clinton I realized that the Democrat party did not hold my values of family, law and order, and the constitution. I look at things totally different now that I’m a Republican, I look at things what’s best for my family my children and grandchildren and for the country as a whole. So you might wanna mock me and say it’s a simplistic way to look at things but it’s actually not.

It’s Republicans who refuse to abide by the decision of our courts, who assaulted the Capitol and elected officials, who continue to try to subvert the will if the majority, who openly scoff democracy. How in the hell do you square your “family values” and “law and order” sentiments with that?
I have no recollection of your ever coming to the defence of the Capitol police who were savagely beaten by your fellow “patriots”.

I call BS.

Doug Hampton

You completely missed the point as usual. You don’t have to buy into a complete philosophy or join a different party to fully understand the opposite view. In fact you need to know the opponents views better than your own if you wish to be a successful candidate. There is a reason why the Independents have the most registered voters , most people have some Conservative views on some issues and some liberal views on others. The centrist position is the majority in this country. Just be careful with your broad brush comments as they are just so careless, reckless, and inaccurate. So if you need to keep labeling and calling people negative names, keep doing it, but just know that all you are doing is revealing your willful ignorance


What you wrote makes about as much sense as Mr. Hedlund’s letter. You often express your views on socialism. Were you ever a socialist? By your logic, if you weren’t, your views on socialism shouldn’t be considered.

William you must have been a very poor Liberal Democrat…Peoples views don’t change much over time ….I suspect you were DINO …”Democrat In Name Only”

Bill Wemple

Mr Hedlund’s response cracks me up for what he is proposing is basically putting the bridge back just like it was was for last several decades. I don’t recall too many issues with trucks hitting the bridge when it was one lane with traffic lights for last 50+ years or more, before some Traffic engineering genius(s) decided to widen it. Need a rallying cry: Make the Bridge Small Again!

“Look at all the trouble in Democratic-controlled cities and states”. What trouble are you referring to? Republican-controlled states, especially in the South, consistently lead the state rankings in having the highest rates of violent crimes and murder, being the least educated, and having the lowest per capita GDP. They’re also grifters, taking in more federal tax dollars than they contribute.

It’s hard to not know that today is a Very Big Day for our Republican and right-leaning citizenry: they believe they’ve gamed the Supreme Court enough to overthrow Roe v. Wade in appeasement of their god-figure, and today is the day they put their plan into action, today is the day they’ve been fixated on for the past 50 years.

Forget about whatever nonsense they said about limiting the power of the US government. That’s all on hold while they try to wrest a woman’s control over her own body from them. They have decided they and their god know better, and they will have all women of any faith follow their instructions. No matter that all legitimate polling shows the majority of Americans disagree, and only roughly 20% want to reverse Roe (see Just as it’s no matter to them that they can’t seem to win a popular vote for President, yet they believe they should still run this democracy. We already have a real-world example of this kind of rule and it goes by the names Taliban and Sharia Law, but the lack of self-awareness in these people prevents them from seeing the parallels.

These people live in a dimension detached from Earth 1 reality. Where the rule of their god overrules the will of the people. These people seem incapable of seeing the world as anything other than A or B (or indeed, Black or White). If you’re a right-leaning, or Republican voter likewise disgusted by what’s happening (and polling shows you’re out there), vote Democrat if only to put this corrupt, quasi-Christian movement behind us (and maybe get your party back). Democrats are far from perfect, but at least we know what their intentions are, and they do stand for the welfare of *all* Americans.


Chuck, I agree completely with equating the Taliban with the current American Republican fascist party. I have often told my white evangelical Christian relatives that to see an image of the Taliban all they had to do was look into their mirrors and their hearts. Needless to say, communication between us has pretty much ended.


Trump has been exposed again for his poor negotiating (or lack thereof) “skills”. According to Thomas Friedman of the NY Times, who noted the following:

“The judges have voted and the results are in: President Donald Trump’s decision to tear up the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 — a decision urged on by his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu — was one of the dumbest, most poorly thought out and counterproductive U.S. national security decisions of the post-Cold War era.

Moshe Ya’alon was the Israeli defense minister when the nuclear agreement was signed, and he strongly opposed it. But at a conference last week, he said, according to a summary by Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, “as bad as that deal was, Trump’s decision to withdraw from it — with Netanyahu’s encouragement — was even worse.” Ya’alon called it “the main mistake of the last decade” in Iran policy.

Two days later, Lt. General Gadi Eisenkot, Israel’s top military commander when Trump withdrew from the deal, offered a similar sentiment, which Haaretz reported as “a net negative for Israel: It released Iran from all restrictions, and brought its nuclear program to a much more advanced position.”

It sure has. The International Atomic Energy Agency recently reported that Iran has amassed a stock of enriched uranium hexafluoride that independent nuclear experts calculate is sufficient to produce weapons-grade uranium for a single nuclear bomb in as little as three weeks.

Thanks, Donald. You showed them!

Up until Trump walked out of the Iran deal negotiated by President Barack Obama — even though international inspectors said Iran was still adhering to it — Iran’s breakout time to produce enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon was one year, and Iran had agreed to maintain that buffer for 15 years. Now it’s a matter of weeks. It would still take Iran a year and half or two years to manufacture a deliverable warhead, U.S. officials believe. But that is cold comfort.”

(LAWRENCE) O’DONNELL: I want to go in the minutes that we have to this issue that we`re now seeing in Israel, officials who were working with Benjamin Netanyahu at the time and mouthing all of that utter nonsense about the Iran nuclear deal now fully admitting oh, yes, we`re much worse off now that Donald Trump took the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal.

(BEN) RHODES: We heard this at the time, Lawrence, from some Israeli security officials that they understood that the deal was actually in their interests and rolled back Iran`s nuclear program and put it under international inspection.

What you have here is essentially the dog that caught the car in the sense that Netanyahu got what he campaigned on for his own political purposes which was to withdraw from the nuclear deal. Because of that withdrawal, as everybody warned, Iran has resumed its nuclear program.

And make no mistake about it, Lawrence, what we are seeing with Iran`s nuclear progress, and if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, nobody will be more responsible than Donald Trump and Bibi Netanyahu and some of the folks in the Gulf who wanted this confrontation with Iran and got rid of a nuclear deal that had this problem solved, that had this program on lockdown. And so we have a situation where for purely political reasons, because they like to have Iran as an enemy, they like to fearmonger about this issue.

They got rid of something that internationally had been welcomed in solving the problem. And now here we are in this situation where Iran is alarmingly advancing their nuclear program and it is much harder to get back into the deal because Trump tore it up once and the Iranians don`t have confidence that the U.S. can stick to an agreement going forward.

Justice Sotomayor today, via C-SPAN:

“The sponsors of the House bill in Mississippi said they are doing it because we have new [conservative] justices,” Sotomayor charged. “The newest ban Mississippi has put in place, the six-week ban, the Senate sponsor said, we’re doing it because we have new justices on the Supreme Court.”

“Will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the Constitution and its reading are just political acts?” she asked. “We won’t be able to survive if people believe that everything, including New York v. Sullivan — I could name any other set of rights, including the Second Amendment, by the way. There are many people who believed the court erred in seeing this as a personal right as opposed to a militia right.”

I’d just like to add: if you’re an open-minded person truly concerned about our democracy and all its citizens, I highly recommend Maddow’s run-down of what appear to be the only three action items of the Republican agenda for the past several decades. Keeping the top earners and business satisfied, gaming the system to keep a semblance of White, male, Christian control and this today, controlling and implanting their Christian “morals” over women.



Just a short rebuke to Mr EDWARD HEDLUND’s letter. A quick rundown of the currant cast of some from the Republican party. And reinforcement for Mr Lewis letter.
Seen this on twitter other day and thought it worth saving. Seems appropriate to post it today.
For clarity: Donald Trump is a criminal, gangster and fraud. Mike Flynn is a traitor. So is Meadows. JFK Jr is dead. Pence is pathetic. Fox News is NOT news. Mitch McConnell is an obstructionist. Bannon is a destructionist. Ashli Babbitt was a terrorist. And DeJoy (Post Master General) deserves deJail.


No explanation needed.
Democrats are clear about the issues. They’ve already put into place or are working hard to pass (and, in states when they can, delivering) the following to voters:
Medicare for all seniors with expanded coverage for dental, vision and hearing

Medicaid for all low-income working people

Unemployment insurance to save all families when the economy hiccups

A cleaner environment for everybody

Good-paying union jobs for all workers

A $15/hour minimum wage for all working people

Free or low-cost college and trade school for everybody

Free universal pre-K for all children

Paid sick and family leave for all workers

Less expensive prescription drugs for everyone

Rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure so all can use it

Meanwhile, in addition to opposing all of the above, Republicans are promising their white voters they will:

Stop teaching the history of Black and Native peoples in schools

Build a wall on our southern border to stop Brown people from entering

Change voting laws to cut back on hours and locations in Black neighborhoods, making for multi-hour waits to vote

Push “School choice” so white families can send their kids to all-white schools

Put in more tax cuts for 99% white billionaires and 90%+ white-male-run giant corporations

Defend white supremacy militias (or at least promise to ignore their threats and crimes)

Loosen gun laws so we’ll have more and deadlier weapons of war on our streets

Promote hate and fear of Muslims and other mostly non-white religions and minorities

Reduce criminal penalties for injuring or killing protesters with cars

Eliminate criminal penalties for intimidating people with open-carry guns

Privatizate Social Security and Medicare so bankster donors can scam and suck retirees dry

Attack any programs that push America toward racial equality of opportunity, income, or wealth as “anti-white discrimination”

Thus, we find the answer to the question about why Republicans are choosing the path they’re on: they believe pandering to racists and inflaming racism, homophobia, and religious intolerance will win them elections.

Maybe William can enlighten us as to why he thinks none of this true for either party. I’ll wait.
For Fred it won’t matter we don’t know what he is usually talking about. My guess is he doesn’t either.


You have put the issues so concisely and clearly. Where are the Trump supporters responses to your post and Matt’s, Ray’s, Chuck’s, Doug’s, Guy’s and Louis’ posts? The right is uncharacteristically quiet. Can we hope they are beginning to see where their support for the Retrumplican party is leading us and the world?

Some say they’re home clutching their pearls and rosaries listening to the SCOTUS hearing.
I don’t know if they are, but many are saying so.


Sounds about right to me. The wealthy, bigoted, and deluded hoping to achieve one of their most sacred goals, beginning the process of putting women in their god-ordained place. It won’t end with the denial of a woman’s right to control her own pregnancy. We could be heading for a real life version of Atwood’s horrifying Gilead

William Aiken

Build a wall on our southern border to stop Brown people from entering.

This is a lie propagated by President Obama. 44 repeatedly use this line to roil race relations, while a complicit, fawning media never asked him to clarify this statement, or asked why he believes this falsehood or asked him to cite an individual politician, who believes this crap. The desire to have a secure border doesn’t make anyone racist, its common sense. Obama successfully divided the nation along racial lines with this line.

William A. so when Trump came down his golden escalator and said we must keep the Mexican Rapists and Criminals out is was because Obama Said it? Can you please cite where Obama said that. …By the way Happy Holidays

William Aiken

Unlike Obama, Trump clarified his remarks stating there were some good people among the group he was referring to. And it’s a fact that some who illegally cross the southern border are rapists. 45 is accurate with that statement. Perhaps you weren’t paying attention during the Obama era. But he made the racism charge quite often against those who wanted a secure border. I invite anyone to fact check me on this.

We hear the dog whistles, William.
Maybe you don’t, but they’re there. Everyone knows what his intentions are (were).


There were good people among those chanting “The Jews will not replace us”? I guess you can be a fine person and still be anti-semitic according to tRUMP and you.

No one in their right mind thinks Democrats are trying to divide the country, or “roil race relations”. What most people see is a derivative of the Southern Strategy, and White racists desperately trying to flip reality to hide their weakening hold on to their diminishing privilege.

William Aiken

Chuck, Don’t overreach when many can plainly see Democrats have made race a focal point of their platform. Identity politics takes people and divides them into group categories by race and gender. The Stacy Abrams wing of the Democrat party embraces Identity politics as a political strategy. She even boasted that IP is a winning strategy. The progressive Dems like AOC & the squad have rejected MLK jr’s “I have a dream” and replaced that iconic motto with racial equity.


Page A8 in today’s Daily Gazette has a “Paid Advertisement” that is selling something that the alt-right bloggers on this forum may want to
look into purchasing.


William, Still waiting for you analysis of my post about the currant Democratic agenda vs the Republicans agenda. I’ll post it every few days for you in case you missed it or are researching your answers trying to find a worthy Republican agenda.

Thom Hartman is also a good source with the same reporting that Rachel does. His daily newsletter/rant is free.


William and Fred and a few others. A new very fine Trump endorsed candidate if you want to move to Pennsylvania . You can give donations though I’m sure, don’t forget to un check the forever donation box. Tell me he wouldn’t fit right in with the currant and wannabes.

Where to begin with Dr. Mehmet Oz, who’s been sued by olive oil companies for libel, sued and scolded by lawmakers over alleged “miracle” weight loss supplements (take your pick), violated American Medical Association guidance by assessing the health of former president Donald Trump—who tapped the TV doctor for his sports, fitness, and nutrition council—and even aired an episode of his hour-long show granting legitimacy to conversion therapy? Well, let’s start with his campaign announcement.

In a Washington Examiner op-ed published Tuesday, Dr. Oz claimed he’d detail why he’s running for a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania. As with his atrocious run as the least-watched Jeopardy! guest host, the man clearly missed the mark. Aside from the headline, there is no mention of the state at all. The brunt of the piece focuses on just how offended Dr. Oz is about being called out for his bull—t COVID-19 claims and how he could’ve done a better job handling the pandemic.


“Dr.” Oz is a particularly revolting piece of human garbage. Well, maybe “Dr.” Phil is a contender for top man on that awful list.

William I recall Trump saying there were some “Very Fine” White supremacists in Charlottesville…not at the southern border. Close your eyes and pretend Joe Biden said what Trump said or Obama ..How would you feel about then? ou reaction would be correct if a democrat said it …You have willful ignorance for Trump a usual … By the way Happy Holidays

William Aiken

Guy pay close attention to the lawsuits that are coming from Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team. Biden lied about Trump’s Fine Peoples comments. Then he made the mistake of putting them in a campaign ad where he also smeared Rittenhouse as a white supremacist. At the time candidate Biden didn’t have the protection afford a President. Biden will have answer for his malice. He will pay fo rit just like the media defendants in the Nick Sandman lawsuit.

And to quote Trump from his Charlottesville Press Conference, “I’m not talking about White Nationalists or Nazi, because they need to be condemned totally.” How could 45 have been any clearer? The FPH is the most debunked conspiracy during the Trump administration. That you continue to believe it, tells me you need a news source outside of CNN or MSNDC.

William Marincic

Bill it’s a waste of time you can’t get through to lefties like them. I won’t even talk to that person anymore I’m done even responding to him. They say the same things over and over again. I’m so sick of hearing about the fine peoples hoax and I’m so tired of hearing about how Trump is a racist and I’m so tired of hearing about January 6 as if those people have anything to do with the Republican Party.


You and the other William are truly living in an alternate reality. The Orange con man,liar, cheat, racist and phony was heard in film footage all around the world saying there were fine people among the torch carrying, white supremacists chanting “Jews will not replace us” at Charlottesville in 2017. Please explain how an anti-Semite can be a fine person. Stop evading by saying this was a hoax; it clearly was not. You are tired of hearing about an attack (look at the film footage) on the U.S. capitol encouraged by a pathetic cry-baby loser? You think you’re tired of hearing the same thing over and over? I advise you not to read through your narrow-minded posts.

William Aiken

“I’m not talking about White Nationalists or Nazi, because they need to be condemned totally.”

Trump uttered these exact words in a matter of seconds following his fine people’s comment. How can you ignore his clarifier and continue to misquote him, crediting him with statements that he never said? I suggest you watch the Charlottesville press conference in its full context(see Below) and not rely on the edited version put out by the fake news media that has brainwashed you.

William A. he was dancing in that video ….There were to violent attacks by the people on the left. He talk about who had the permit but forgets to leave out the person who took out the permit was a White Supremacist … People on the left that were there weren’t carrying torches screaming jews will no replace us …But I like how Trump tried to switch the conversation to infrastructure week lol…It took Biden to pass infrastructure ……..!!!!!……Happy Holidays by the way William


It was an obviously insincere attempt to retract his true feelings after realizing being so obvious about them would cause him harm.

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