Outdoor Journal: New York State DEC clarifies use of Air Arrow Rifles


I recently contacted the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regarding its rules using Air Arrow Rifles.

It sent me the following: “Under current Environmental Conservation Law and regulations (New York Code of Rules and Regulations — 6NYCRR Section 180.3 Definition and use of firearms, guns, and air guns), air bows do not meet the specifications of a firearm or gun or longbow or crossbow. Therefore, the use of an air bow to take (or not) animals and wildlife in New York is restricted to those instances where taking animals may be done so in “any manner” without further restriction(s). In accordance with Environmental Conservation Law, air bows may be used to take squirrel, skunk, raccoon, bobcat, coyote, fox, mink and muskrat. They can also be used on licensed shooting preserves in some instances.”

I am going to take a few of these with my six-inch barrel l Heritage-like, Matt Dillon-used rifle.

William Schwerd III, 15, of Saratoga Springs was hunting with his father Bill Schwerd Jr. when he took down, at a range of 175 yards, a deer with a 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle. The deer dressed at 140 and carried a non-typical 8-point rack. This was his first buck.

A DEC press release stated that on Nov. 2, Environmental Conservation Officer Lucas Palmateer received an anonymous tip about a subject shooting a deer in the town of Catskill.

In response, the ECO interviewed the hunter, who admitted to shooting the 10-point buck in the woods next to his house. The hunter showed Palmateer the untagged deer hanging in his garage, and Palmateer noticed a kernel of corn in the gut pile of the deer in a garbage can nearby. The Officer requested to be shown the location where the deer was shot and noticed a feeder with corn attached to a nearby tree, in addition to a large bin of pears in the hunter’s driveway used to feed deer.

Palmateer seized the deer and the hunter’s tag and ticketed him for unlawful feeding of whitetail deer, hunting deer with the aid of a pre-established bait pile, failure to tag deer as required, and the illegal take of whitetail deer. The venison was donated to the Venison Donation Coalition.

According to a post on the New York State website, there is a new incentive for those who love to hunt and fish in New York State to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Governor Kathy Hochul announced a program that would put you in the running to win a free outdoor adventure with your shot.

The first 2,000 New Yorkers who receive the first vaccine dose between now and the end of the year are eligible to enter the random drawing. Grand Prizes include a choice of lifetime fishing and bowhunting licenses and deluxe equipment. All entrants receive a subscription to the DEC’s Conservationist Magazine and a tree seedling.

This is great news for anyone on the fence about getting a vaccine in New York State. New York is a great place to hunt and fish. We are blessed with so many great resources that offer great fishing and great hunting around New York State.

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