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Letters to the Editor, Friday Dec. 3


Try new strategies for fighting covid

Why are we being bombarded with vaccination propaganda while success stories in other nations are being censored or ignored?
Current stats from Uttar Pradesh in India are staggering, as follows. UP has a population of 241 million people, of whom approximately 20% are fully vaccinated. UP’s  total covid cases for the period of Nov. 10-23 was 124. Compare this with the Indian state of Kerala, population 35 million with 52% of its people fully vaccinated. During the same time period, Kerala had 82,356 cases. Why the huge difference?
UP used a system of early intervention at a time when its population was only 5% fully vaccinated, by aggressively treating covid in its early stages using kits containing antibiotics, supplements and vitamins.
Figures don’t lie, it worked. Kerala, on the other hand, used the United States’ recommendations, which forgo early intervention and rely solely on the vaccinations.
When one looks at what is going on in our country, there is something very wrong with our approach.
Why does the Biden Administration continue to ignore these successes and try to jam a one-size-fits-all agenda down our throats? We should be using all available effective methods to combat this pandemic.
Jim Shear

Wind, solar also harm environment

Frank Wicks’ Nov. 17 letter (“Don’t bank on trees to rescue climate”) oddly for a college professor leaves out the facts on carbon storage and trees.
And he is misleading on the environmental impact of wind and solar on all of us.
Here are some of the facts he is leaving out:
According to Penn State Extension and the U.S. Forest Service trees store carbon in their trunks, roots, limbs and leaves — they are the very best capture of carbon on Earth.
And wind and solar use rare earth minerals now being mined off the ocean floor creating devastating effects for everyone.
The panels end up in landfills where their dangerous chemicals leach into the land, water and food chain.
According to Climate News, Wil S. Hylton in the Jan./Feb. 2020 issue of The Atlantic warns about the impending launch of “history’s largest mining operation,” which threatens to deliver what could potentially amount to a type of final death blow for the health of our saltwater terrain.
And that is a death blow for you and me.
According to Stop These Things, wind and solar panels pose waste issues. Wind and solar also use huge tracts of land and result in further deforestation. Wind and solar farms require new lines to be laid and result in no closing of traditional power plants.
The only way is to use less.
Beth R. Jacobs

Where was justice in Rittenhouse case

Frankly, I have real difficulty listening to some legal experts explain the Rittenhouse verdict as understandable and expected given the apparently monumental task of overcoming the claim of self-defense.
These experts contend the behavior displayed by Rittenhouse did not reach the level of “provocation” needed to nullify a self-defense plea.
What the verdict says to me is that a wild-eyed 17-year-old can possess an AR-15 military assault weapon, load up, appoint himself a vigilante amidst civil strife, engage in confrontational behavior and proceed to use a killing weapon to defend himself against two unarmed protesters.
In doing so, he killed both men as well as injuring a third who was armed with a handgun.
Was there not one shooting in which the jury could have found Rittenhouse guilty of at least a lesser included charge? Or have we embraced such an extreme gun culture that one’s use of an AR-15 is accepted as reasonable in most any confrontation, even if the victims are unarmed and the defendant is at least partially responsible for the confrontation?
Robert K. Corliss



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Florida2015 December 4, 2021
| |

Jim Shear, Where and how did the people of this Uttar Pradesh in India find and afford the supplements and vitamins. Since you didn’t mention the supplements by name I am guessing maybe some of the Donald Trump methods, bleach, sunlight, or ones provided to veterinarians?
Maybe I can get other posters on here to contribute to a go fund me page for airfare for you and a guest(William or Fred maybe Annie) to that area for an extend stay and you can report back to us weekly how it’s going.

Florida2015 December 3, 2021
| |

Senates (Republican side so there is no confusion) reaction to the above mentioned gun violence in Michigan. Surprised???? He is running for election I believe.

LOUIS RESTIFO December 3, 2021
| |

Along with Aiken’s insults the chain of responses were removed, therefore I’m reposting my response which may be an explanation for some of my future comments.

Yes, I have resorted to some snark, sarcasm, humor and absurdity in response to brain knotting insanity. – For me, there is no point in refuting erroneous comments with fact, logic and reason when the recipients of this information close their eye, put their fingers in their ears and loudly sing out Mary had a little lamb, while thinking to themselves, “what irritating, irrelevant, inaccurate, redundant statement shall I now post.”

ChuckD December 3, 2021
| |

Everybody gets a gun!
2nd Amendment rights, y’know! A gun for everyone!

Just think if those students and teachers all had guns, how much safer they’d have been. How much safer we’d all be! But don’t worry, we’ll soon be able to identify future mass shooters and murderers so they… who knows…we’ll just be more careful with them. Science will figure it out! But not the fake science that gives us fake vaccines meant to track and control us! The other, good science. It’s on Facebook!

Prosecutors are seeking charges against the parents of a teen accused of gunning down his classmates at Oxford High School earlier this week, according to court records filed Friday.

Online records for 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills show four counts of involuntary manslaughter are being sought against both James and Jennifer Crumbley.
Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard previously said Crumbley’s father had purchased the 9mm Sig Sauer SP 2022 gun used in the shooting just days earlier. He has also said Crumbley and his parents met with school administrators the day before and day of the shooting to talk about the teen’s behavior.

LOUIS RESTIFO December 3, 2021
| |

Evidently someone cried to the teacher. ~ A number of posts that, in my opinion, we’re not inappropriate were removed. Apparently sarcasm gets taken down while flat out lies that are interpreted by the ignorant as fact are all right to keep up under the pretense that they are opinion.

William Marincic December 3, 2021
| |

When unemployment runs out and they still don’t have a job they are not counted anymore. That is how it works, it doesn’t mean they found a job.

Bill Nechamen December 3, 2021
| |

Mr Shear: Figures lie when the inventors of those figures lie. Antibiotics don’t work against viruses. That is basic biology. Having done a quick google search of your claims, I could find no evidence other than that the regional government promoted the use of Ivermectin and that nobody, not even the manufacturer of the drug, Merck, approves the drugs use for Covid. The drug is an antiparasitic drug, which is useless against a virus.

While I support the Gazette’s editorial policy of printing all letters that are submitted, I do wish the would add some fact checking. The kind of misinformation that Mr. Shear is parroting is literally killing people.

FRED BARNEY December 3, 2021
| |

You could have chosen to enlighten the community instead of supplying another example of bad manners.

Guy Varoma December 3, 2021
| |

“The Three Stooges” an appropriate name ! Thanks for the laugh Louis …Hey William lets hear some praise for Biden with the unemployment rate dropping to 4.2 % ! Let’s hear you crow like you did for Trump ! By the way happy Holidays William

LOUIS RESTIFO December 3, 2021
| |

Regarding today’s letters, it could have been better than one out of three.

Thank you Robert K. Carliss for the logic expressed your letter regarding the Rittenhouse travesty.

RAYMOND HARRIS December 3, 2021
| |

So true.

FRED BARNEY December 3, 2021
| |

“… have we embraced such an extreme gun culture that one’s use of an AR-15 is accepted as reasonable in most any confrontation”

1> I saw someone carrying a gun that he should not have been carrying I would call a cop. Of course, I would do that after I got a safely out of sight.

2> Were to those who chose to attack an armed man sober and drug free?

William Aiken December 3, 2021
| |

Robert did you watch the trial or did you rely on a media that prejudged Rittenhouse as white supremacist and lied when they reported that KR brought a gun across state lines(it was in Wisconsin the whole time.) If the latter informed your opinion on the verdict, its easy to understand why you believe justice wasn’t serviced. You and millions of others were intentionally misled. Perhaps you’re take will change when discovery takes places in the many lawsuits to be filed against a dishonest media for malice.

William Marincic December 3, 2021
| |

Biden when he was on the campaign trail and when he was elected he said “I’m not gonna shut down the country I’m going to shut down Covid”. But he also said then, if you have 200,000 deaths from Covid you shouldn’t be president, which is what he said about President Trump. Joe Biden has more deaths with a vaccine than President Trump had without a vaccine. I don’t hear the media all over Biden, the Biden administration blames everything on Covid, inflation,lack of goods, jobs, crime, it’s all COVID fault. It takes a real dumpster fire to have more people die with a vaccine than without.

Joseph Vendetti December 3, 2021
| |

Mr Corliss:

I’m not a fan of the verdict but am a supporter of our process. The jury sat and listened to the case presented by the prosecutor & defense team.
There were hundreds of witnesses and pieces of evidence they saw. They had instructions from the judge. They performed their civic duty (which isn’t easy). They came back with a unanimous verdict.

Violent protests, vigilantes, motorists running thru a parade — all terrible events that shows we as a society are not anywhere near as civilized as we think.