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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Dec. 4


Rhodes’ legacy no reflection on scholar

Kudos to Union College graduate, Mr. Tawreak Gamble-Eddington, for being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship for master’s degree studies at the University of Oxford as reported (“Union College student awarded Rhodes Scholarship”) in the Nov. 22 Gazette.
I do find it ironic that his ambition to become an international human rights lawyer will be funded in part by the legacy of Cecil Rhodes, a ruthless exploiter of Africa’s natural resources and native populations.
A product of British colonial culture, Rhodes was so imbued with the concept of White superiority, that as governor of the Cape Colony during the late 1890s he introduced laws that stripped Black Africans of the right to own land or to vote.
According to biographers, he was also a vocal proponent for a despotic system of government, one that had the power of law to compel what he considered inferior races, to perform manual labor.
As a major shareholder in the De Beers diamond mining monopoly, this was certainly motivated by self-interest.
Given that legacy of greed and human exploitation, it is not surprising that some consider acceptance of the scholarship as hypocritical.
To counter that accusation, a previous recipient wrote, “there is no clause that binds us to find good in Rhodes’ character.”
I find it fitting that Mr. Gamble-Eddington will use a Rhodes Scholarship to become a champion of the downtrodden. Once again, congratulations and my wishes that you achieve your goals.
George Milner

Don’t let China take over seed market

On Nov. 23, The Daily Gazette printed an editorial from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (“America’s vulnerability on electric cars: China”) regarding China’s domination of the supply of batteries for electric cars.
The gist of the article was U.S. dependence on Chinese batteries is not an option.
Several years ago, I noticed that the Rochester, N.Y., Seed Company that my family had been purchasing home garden vegetable seeds from for decades had a note on their seed packets saying: “Made in China.”
I contacted the company and was informed that U.S.-sourced seeds were not an option; all the seed was coming from China.
A smaller seed company in Vermont assured me that their seed was grown in the United States and I have been their customer ever since.
Some quick research showed that Chem China has purchased Syngenta, a Swiss company, which was the second largest in the world. Longping High-Teck in China is also among the top 10 seed companies in the world.
This country could tolerate a Chinese battery squeeze on current and future car production.
A Chinese squeeze on seed stock for commercial growers would have an immediate effect on U.S. food prices, and food availability.
Long-term effects on this country would be difficult to imagine and should not be an option.
Michael J. Rozdolski



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William Marincic

Michael J. Rozdolski Good information and you are absolutely correct. It’s not even the fact that they control the seeds it’s what they can do to the seeds as well. We are at that point scientifically where they can genetically engineered seeds to do harm I’m sure.

William so you think the Chinese will sell seeds that will do us harm? Who would benefit from that? Why would they alter seeds to harm us. They buy our crops that are vital to them. Have you been watching the movie that came out came out in the 80’s The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes ? I suggest to you rather being paranoid about the food chain …You should seek help from Trump manipulating your mind rather than the Chinese manipulating seeds …By the way Happy Holidays

It’s a damn shame you and your tribe of clueless warriors continue to turn your backs in denial of the Russian threat. A threat that’s already now well documented and being prosecuted. A threat that’s already a reality (unlike yet another night-terror of the evil Chinese who so far have kept pretty well to themselves)
But that’s what Mr. Trump tells you to do, isn’t it?

William Marincic

The Russians have no money, they only started getting money when Biden gave them the Nordstrom pipeline. China is the largest threat to not only the US but the world but you keep believing RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!

There’s an entire Wikipedia page just for documenting Russia’s influence over Donald Trump and our elections, going back to 1977. There is no rational justification for their influence being a hoax.
Fortunately we don’t have to rely on you people’s diversions.

Of course, when referencing any Wikipedia page you should also look at the “Talk” page, and here you’ll see there’s no contention that Russia’s meddling was a hoax (save for 2 anonymous comments, again denying with no evidence).
China has committed espionage against us, but has not been shown to have attempted affecting our politics or social order.

You sir have been had.


Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.


“I really believe Putin, Putin means it when he said Russia didn’t interfere in the election”

“He said he didn’t meddle. He said he didn’t meddle,” Trump told reporters from Air Force One. “I asked him again. You can only ask so many times. I just asked him again. He said he absolutely did not meddle in our election. He did not do what they are saying he did.”

Washington(CNN) Despite repeated warnings from intelligence officials and his own FBI director that Russia is carrying out a blatant attack on American democracy, President Donald Trump summed up his views at a rally on Monday in very simple terms, “I like Putin, he likes me.”

Chuck, alt-right’s toxic orange God said so. It doesn’t matter what he said, it doesn’t matter when he said it, it doesn’t matter to whom he said it, and it certainly doesn’t matter if it was one of his 35,000 lies. All that matters is he said it. When the orange God speaks his blind loyal disciples listen and believe. Add the Infallible confirmation from the only true news source in the world, Fox hole news, (oops that first word wasn’t supposed to be Fox) sorry, and you, Chuck, may as well be urinating up a mile high rope and expect the top of the rope to get moisture if you expect to change the view of one of these disciples.

Dogs Don’t quack and ducks don’t bark. – No changing some things


Did you read the article you cited in your post? It has nothing to do with fear of China selling “poison seeds” to the United States. Instead, it is a lengthy discussion of the potential dangers of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) which involves modifying the genes of food plants (corn, soy etc.) to make them resistant to pests, require less water, and gain larger productivity in other ways. Stop trying to increase fear and hatred in order to enhance the chances of America turning to autocracy (most terrifyingly under tRUMP or an acolyte) to solve its problems.

William Marincic

Trump wasn’t owned by China, the Biden family is. And yes I read the article, it described the problems that could be caused by China owning all of the seed companies.


Read it again: the main thrust was the danger gmo’s present as a result of mono-crop cultivation, such as soil depletion. It was mainly a description of such problems from the perspective of India. It did not once mention Chinese “plant or seed warfare”. You just have to return to reality. What makes you think “the Biden family is” owned by China? Are you just trying to say Biden’s relationship to China is as fawning as Trump’s kissing Putin’s ring was? You are wrong again. Biden never trusted a foreign head of state over our intelligence agencies. Trump did, accepting Putin’s word over that of the C.I.A. Again, your dear leader, Trump, is, dare I say, ” a Paper Tiger.”

William Marincic

Let’s start with the first fact, China has videos of Hunter Biden with underage girls having sex and smoking cocaine or should I say crack cocaine. Let’s not forget the multiple deals that Hunter Biden has been making with China including the cobalt mines. And let’s not forget the big guys brother James Biden in over his head with China. Why do you think Biden does not hold China accountable for the Covid virus and what they’re doing in Taiwan. Biden says nothing to him of value in his phone calls, I wonder why that is, maybe it’s because China owns Biden and the whole Biden family and because of that he owns America. Take your head out of the sand.

You’re welcome to provide the proof you have that your dreams are real, but until then we’ll assume you’re a raving loon.
In fact, I propose that when they finally give Miss Liberty her due and return her to her intended spot, that you sir are given a megaphone and a milk crate to stand on in her place to let all god-fearing commuters through the circle know about the Evul Libruls and how they’re eating our children, or something.

William Marincic

Anthony no it wasn’t, the main thrust of the article was genetically modified seeds. Responding to the letter written in today’s paper was about the Chinese buying up all the seed companies. China will genetically modify seeds with what we don’t know. What’s the long-term impact on genetically modified foods? We see today more autism, ADHD, And a host of other diseases in our children one and five children have something whether it’s autism and ADHD or a number of other diseases. Why did that happen, is it because of the foods we are eating, is it because of the plastics we are using, what is it from, we don’t know. I would rather not take my chances with genetically modified seeds that are growing our plants that we eat because as I said, the long term affects could be disastrous for our children and grandchildren. And not for nothing China could care less about their own people let alone anyone else. As we saw when they hid the Covid virus from the world causing millions of deaths.

William seek help ! I think you are a missing some kernels short of a full corn cob (William kernels are corn seeds) …By the way Happy Holidays

William Marincic

When I come to this forum all I can do is continue to repeat what President Ronald Reagan said. “ The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so”


You never offer proof of any of your wild accusations. There are far too many Americans taking seriously what Qanon and other ridiculous sources of disinformation spout (Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson etc.). For the first time in my 77 years of life, I seriously fear that I might live to see a dictator ruling this country with the same terrible consequences as have occurred in other dictatorships. It is due to angry, selfish people. Are you one of them?

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